How Old Was Itachi?

How old was Itachi? Itachi was 17 years old at the beginning of part one. It is admirable that he devoted his life to his brother and the Konoha village. 1 He died when he lost his life while engaged in combat with his cherished sibling, Sasuke. Itachi is one of the most recognizable characters from the Naruto Movie. Itachi died at least in the manga and anime when he was almost 22 years old. Itachi went away at the age of 21. Itachi was 21 years old when he passed away if you divide their ages by two.

History Of Itachi.

  • When he was seven years old, Itachi finished his first semester of study at the [Warrior Academy and qualified in his class. At the age of 8, having completed his Sharingan, he entered Team Two under the leadership of (Yuki Minazuki). He joined the Anbu Corps at 11 years of age.

  • He was 12 years old when his dearest friend, Shisui, went away., Itachi acquired the Mangekyo Sharingan. When he was13, he was promoted to the position of Anbu captain and given responsibility for eliminating the Uchiha Clan.

  • At age 21, Kisame and Itachi moved out to catch the creature Yonbi. It is incredible to watch Itachi and Sasuke fight. While using his abilities over his brother, Itachi appears awkward and inexperienced.

The character of Itachi.

A mythical figure from the [Naruto Manga] series is named Itachi Uchiha (Japanese: Hepburn: Uchiha Itachi). Masashi Kishimoto is the man behind this animated series. He is Sasuke Uchiha’s older brother, and it was he who killed every member of their clan, saving only Sasuke. Additionally, Sasuke’s opponent, Akatsuki, represents a terrorist organization. In the second chapter, Itachi joins a terrorist organization, where he assaults ninjas and turns into a tail creature before fighting Sasuke in a one-on-one fight. In most of the series’ video games, Itachi is an intriguing character.


Uchiha Itachi is one of the strongest characters in the entire series. He used to be curious about peace because he was reared during the conflict. In addition, he has best-selling books. Those are based on the events of his life.

Main Characters Of Naruto

  1. Naruto Uzumaki
  2. Sasuke Uchiha
  3. Sakura Harun
  4. The Hokage
  5. Orochimaru
  6. Itachi Uchiha

Chart Of Naruto Facts

For accessibility, some of the included Naruto characters’ ages and birthdays are below.

Name Age Birthday
Naruto Uzumaki (Part 1 ,2): (12-17) Oct10
Sasuke Uchiha (Part 1,2): (12-17) July 23
Kakashi (part 1): (26-27) Sep 15
Orochimaru (part 1): (50- 54) Feb 10
Itachi Uchiha (Part 1,2): (17-21) June 9

Major Causes Of His Death

Both complicated and straightforward situations caused Itachi’s death. Itachi was much weaker because of an unidentified lung condition, but Sasuke was more extensive and powerful than him and won the fight. Some people assumed he died because his small blood vessels swelled.

Who Is Sasuke?

Naruto’s comrade, foe, and rival is Sasuke 1. While Sasuke and Naruto are both orphans, Sasuke is a remarkable prodigy with actual genetic abilities that make him a natural-born superb Ninja. Two of the series’ main plotlines include his friendship with Naruto and the circumstances of his parents’ deaths.

Did Sasuke Actually Murder Itachi?

In a sense, Sasuke didn’t kill Itachi. To pass away during the battle due to an unexpected sickness, Itachi assisted Sasuke in becoming the village hero, giving him more strength to bring back his tribe. Itachi intended to persuade Sasuke to gain more power so that he might appear to be a threat to Leaf Village.

Relationship Between Kakashi And Itachi.

Kakashi and Itachi were members of the ANBU Black Ops before Kakashi rose to Team 7 leader, and Itachi joined the Akatsuki.

Although not much is known about the ANBU beyond the fact that they wear masks, possess a horrifying and diabolical skill set, and carry out covert operations, it is evident that Kakashi and Itachi’s interactions with one another while working for the ANBU affected both of them.

Abilities Of Itachi Uchiha.

  • Itachi was incredibly talented, so let’s find out about his skill. Itachi Uchiha’s skills: As we read before, Itachi was very gifted. One of the most skilled and powerful Genjutsu practitioners in the entire series was Itachi.
  • He defeated Kakashi with just one glance. He was able to utilize the Mangekyo Sharingan fully. Sasuke originally learned Susanoo from him and advised him to become good at it.
  • His one eye could cast Amaterasu, and it could also manipulate fire. Additionally, he could use prohibited Jutsus like Izanagi and Izanami, which aided Konoha during the war. Even after his passing, he prevented Leaf Village from falling victim to Kabuto’s reanimation Jutsu. So

More About Itachi’s Life.

  • Itachi is the younger brother of Sasuke. He is talented in Ninja. He trained as a ninja at seven and mastered the Sharingan by 8.
  • Danzo, the Third Hokage, and the village elders knew that Itachi was an undercover agent. Itachi joined the Akatsuki to operate as a double agent for the Leaf Village. Itachi’s ability to enter the Akatsuki and fuel his brother’s fury helped both parties.
  • Although Itachi Uchiha was partially blind, his vision was relatively poor. People could only make out a hazy representation of Itachi’s vision when he was engaged in combat with Sasuke. His excessive use of the Sharingan has resulted in blinding eye conditions.

More about Naruto.

  • Naruto yearns to be respected for his fighting skills. He becomes friends with Sakura Haruno, a classmate, and develops a rivalry with the extraordinarily gifted Sasuke Uchiha. Although Sasuke’s talent frequently irritates Naruto and prevents him from being treated with the utmost respect by his coaches and classmates, the two eventually get close.
  • During the birth of her kid, when Naruto’s mother was most vulnerable, the head of a rogue ninja group attacked her. The assailant succeeded in opening Kushina’s creature, and the ensuing rampage devastated the Uzumakis’ ancestral town. The battle claimed the lives of both of Naruto’s parents, with his father giving his life to halt the creature’s destruction. He locked a piece of the ■■■■■ into his son as a result.


The main character of the anime series based on a Japanese manga is Naruto. The demon fox that had been imprisoned inside of him caused him to be despised by the people. He met many good people later in the series who strengthened him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 How old are Kakashi and Itachi?

Itachi is around six years older than Sasuke and eight years younger than Kakashi (dated by the Uchiha Massacre when Sasuke was seven and Itachi was 13).

Q.2 Is Itachi more senior than Obito?

Since they shared a household with the Uchiha, and Shisui should only be 4–8 years older than Itachi, who is nine years younger than Obito, they ought to be acquainted if Shisui were his sibling.

Q.3 How come Akatsuki waited three years?

Instead of pausing their mission and picking it back up later, they carried on behind the scenes. Naruto was the last person in line when they were supposed to catch the tail ■■■■■, and they also had to get ready for sealing beats and location assurance, among other things.

Q.4 How come Kisame was so devoted to Itachi?

Kisame was fully aware of his flaws and limitations and knew Itachi was more than capable of making up for them. As a result, he was utterly obedient to Itachi because he would only act on his instructions or with his permission.

Q.5 Why didn’t Sasori become older?

When he destroyed the Kazekage puppet, Sasori revealed the source of his youthful appearance: his human puppet body, rigged with many weapons and poison-laced traps. Eventually, Sakura dismantled his puppet body but missed his core, allowing him to put himself back together.

Q.6 What is the age of Gaara?

Gaara is 17 when Naruto Shippuden’s final arc begins, but due to his birthday, he is 20 when Naruto’s last moments take place.

Q.7 Can Itachi defeat Pain?

In his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Itachi could combat Naruto Uzumaki in a way that Pain could not. He was also able to disable Nagato Uzumaki, and it is clear from this that he could have engaged Pain in combat and defeated him.

Q.8 Is Hinata older than Naruto?

Naruto and Hinata were both 17 at the time of the fourth SWW. They are currently 32 and 31 years old, respectively. Boruto was discovered to be 12 years old. It has been established that Himawari and Boruto are two years apart.

Q.9 Who is his wife, Gaara?

Gaara meets Hakuto of the Hki family, the woman the Suna Council has chosen for his marriage match.

Q.10 Who did Sasori adore?

The term “SasoSaku” ( SasoSaku) describes the romantic connection between Sasori and Sakura Haruno.

Q.11 Which anime character is the fastest?

During combat, it is still quite powerful. Much faster than the speed of sound, Killua may travel at speeds exceeding 550 mph. Additionally, he moves the fastest in the anime.

Q.12 Who has the highest IQ ever?

There is no clear winner, but Albert Einstein is not it. Unlike Einstein, William James Sidis, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Marilyn Vos Savant all had higher IQs. According to, Sidis was a kid prodigy whose IQ was believed to range from 200 to 300.

Q.13 Who is Saitama’s match?

One of the primary foes in the popular anime Bleach is Baraggan Louisenbairn. He is an Arrancer in the Aizen’s army, and his powerful spiritual abilities may easily defeat Saitama. Senescence, which allows him to slow time close to Saitama, is his most lethal attack.

Q.14 Is Saitama a flyer?

Saitama is a flyer. Saitama is a flyer. He can move quickly and jump incredibly high, everyone else has said. He cannot fly.

Q.15 How does Naruto fly?

Naruto gains the ability to fly just before the original series ends. Combining his skills with the power he gained from the Sage of Six Paths, he can soar through the air.


We will discover Itachi’s personality. One of the well-known Naruto characters is Itachi. This well-liked figure was first introduced as a villain, Sasuke’s enigmatic vanished brother.

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