Kakashi Real Face

Kakashi Real Face

When did you see Kakashi's real face? 3

Any picture that shows Kakashi's real face is just fan art. You haven't changed Kakashi's real face yet. If you remember Naruto's episode 101, Sasuke and Sakura tried to figure out what was behind Kakashi's mask. And finally he tells them that under the mask ... there is another mask! Haha =] The only evidence we have is that Aimee [Ramin Bar Girl] saw Kakashi's face and reacted when he quickly ate her ramen.

As mentioned earlier, Episode 101. It's funny, you'd love to see this XD.

The most famous episode is 101, as people say that Team Seven tries to see what is hidden behind Kakashi's mask. However, the mask turned out differently. XD

In Shippoden, Naruto could see Kakashi's face in Episode 30 (I forgot, but then Team 7 and Team went back to Konoha and Kakashi was included in each). Because when Kakashi woke up, the blanket covering his face came off. However, Sakura was mad at Naruto because of it.

We haven't seen your real face yet. = _ =

There is an incident where Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke try to take off Kakashi's mask. The arc itself is called Inmask Kakashi and episode number 101.

Every plan (Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke) to buy Ramin to force him to take off his mask while the strange ways of eating fail.

Finally, Kakashi agreed to take off his mask, and showed another slightly lighter mask below.

Technically, they haven't changed their faces.

This is the great secret of Hatke Kakashi.

= D.

The real Kakashi

I forgot the episode number, but it is said that you must see, it is necessary to know. Kakashi Sensei is a real face.

Kakashi Real Face