Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

In the final battle, Sasuke does not die in Boruto against Isshiki and Momoshiki. Sasuke lost his Rinnegan and has managed to survive with his life.

Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

Does Sasuke Die in Boruto? Will Sasuke save Naruto in Boruto? No, it is yet not confirmed about the death of Sasuke. He is still alive and he has fewer scenes in the series. He is weak and powerless in the series so there are chances he may die.

You can see the “does Sasuke die in boruto” type of question circulating on the Internet now. We are here to deal with these questions with the best possible answers using proper evidence and theories.

Does Sasuke die in Boruto

What type of character is Sasuke

Sasuke is one of the strongest and most brave characters in Naruto and also he is one of the strongest members of the Uchiha Clan. Yet, in the fourth ninja war, his involvement helped in defeating Madada, Obito, and Kaguya. These were the most powerful villains in the Naruto series. In the Boruto series, Sasuke has a short role on screen but his appearance has a lot of importance. His part in the Shin Uchiha episodes, Time Travel Arc, and Boruto and Sarada Training episodes have been crucial in attracting viewers to the Boruto Anime.

Does Sasuke Die?

Does Sasuke die in Boruto? You have seen in the past episodes Sasuke was shown in a weak state. However, this is due to Sasuke having a little chakra. During the time travel arc, you saw that Sasuke was hopeless against Isshiki. This situation occurred when Sasuke went against Momoshiki along with Naruto.

Sasuke might die because you can see him really weak in the current series. The past few times, Sasuke has not defeated enemies he hasn’t been on par with Naruto and has failed miserably. He has been shown weak, so we can think he must die. Sasuke is too fragile which means he can not fight with the enemies alone, and his Rinnegan is now gone which indicates Sasuke’s death.

Is Sasuke’s Death confirmed?

Is Sasuke’s death confirmed? Not yet. Now, Naruto is unconscious, and Boruto is back in the right senses. But you can see Sasuke is afraid after he saw his condition in Naruto. And you can see Sasuke is helpless, He may now sacrifice his life in the event of an attack.

Sasuke’s death in Boruto

  • We all know that Sasuke and Boruto have common things. But looking at how things are going, there might be a chance that Boruto inherits Sasuke’s character.

  • In the very beginning of Boruto, the clash between Kawaki and Boruto showed Sasuke’s headband and overcoat on Boruto. This was obvious proof that he was appearing like Sasuke. But to think that this is how he gets it is unimaginable.

  • Kishimoto has played his cards right and created an amazing story. The best part is that all story was designed from the very beginning. Naruto is shown good and Sasuke has a bad role, and here is the ideology he accepted from the start of the series. Sasuke was the one who selected the dark path, whereas, Naruto struggled through it.

  • The same is predicted to occur in the Boruto series. Yet, the big question here is, Was Isshiki/Momoshikki in possession of either Boruto/Kawaki during the main Boruto event on the destroyed Stone faces. That would reverse this entire theory and place major questions on who dies, either Naruto’s Death or Sasuke’s Death may be confirmed.

Will Sasuke Die

Will Sasuke die or not? If Naruto dies, Sasuke will use his Rinne rebirth jutsu on him. In the novel, it is yet confirmed, that Sasuke has mastered Rinne-re -birth and he will use it using his mind.

Now, there is no possible means of getting back his rinnegan. Sasuke gives a lot of sacrifices in this series and his death puts a positive impact on this series.

Chances of Sasuke Death

What are the chances of Sasuke dying? Now you suppose, Naruto is alive but he is helpless. In such a case Sasuke would fight with the enemy by himself and give his life and provide some time to Naruto. At the start of Boro, we saw Kawakii and Boruto with stone faces. Also, Buroto wore Sasuke’s coat, and shinobi headband, and held his sword. Kawaki appears like the enemy of Sasuke. These factors are saying that Sasuke might die.

We can predict about avenge Boruto and as Sasuke did Buroto will do the same. However, it is common that when a master dies in the Nuroto series, students become stronger to avenge their masters. In the case of Boruto, he always assumes Sasuke as his master and has been on many explorations with him. He was trusted by Sasuke and trained in numerous means. So we might see Boruto coming next to the footsteps of Sasuke when all of this is around.

Chances of Reanimation Jutsu

One must know that the reanimation jutsu is important in the Naruto verse. The person who maintains it will have the power to build an entire army of elite shinobi who can only be locked and not killed. Taking Sasuke’s Death into concern, he would be an enormous deal for the caster of the Jutsu( cough cough Orochimaru ). The opportunities of this occurrence are pretty much slim to none. But if it were to occur shortly it would emotionally crack Naruto when he fights with him.


Does Sasuke die in Boruto? He is alive. With the predictions, there are chances he may die. Whenever he appears he is weak. His power is depleting and also missed his Finegan. And Naruto became powerful when Jiraiya died. But now, it is not finalized due to limited information and infinite possibilities. So, after the release of more chapters is maybe confirmed about the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sasuke die in Boruto? Nowadays people are searching for this question on the Internet and it is evolving all around. So, here are some frequent answers.

1.Will Sasuke dies in Boruto?

There are chances that he may die. You can see he is powerless and helpless. Losing his powers he may die but the series is creating suspense.

2. Why does Sasuke appear weak in the Boruto series?

Sasuke is powerless and lost his rinnegan. He is in search of getting back his rinnegan so he might become powerful.


Does Sasuke die in Boruto? No, he is still alive. With the predictions, there are chances he may die. Whenever he appears he is weak. His power is depleting and also missed his Finegan. And Naruto became powerful when Jiraiya died. But now, it is not finalized due to limited information and infinite possibilities. So, after the release of more chapters is maybe confirmed about the situation. If you have any further questions about does Sasuke die in boruto, write your query in the comment section.

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Does Sasuke die?

Sasuke did not die in Naruto or Naruto Shippuden. It was Naruto who died in the latest Bolt Manga of the new generation. There was no mention of Sasuke’s death. Sasuke will be Boruto’s teacher.

Did Naruto and Sasuke die?

Are Naruto and Sasuke still alive? They both died in the 4th great ninja war, Sasuke died after fighting Uchiha Madara and naruto died when the nine tails were extracted from his body. then they both met individually rikodou sennin alias sage of the six paths, where he gave them powers and brought them to life.

What episode does Sasuke die in boruto?

Sasuke died in chapter 363.

When does Sasuke join the Akatsuki?

When does Sasuke become a member of the Akatsuki? Although not an official supporter of Tobi’s Akatsuki, Sasuke has been with the organization for quite some time after Itachi’s death. He performed several missions for Tobi, including capturing the Eighttail Jinchūriki.

Naruto Sasuke’s death

Upon arriving at Madara, Madara noticed him, noticed Sasuke floating in the air with some sort of technique, had a brief discussion with Sasuke, and then stabbed him through an important ■■■■■ in his stomach. Sasuke bleeds cold and dies.

Sasuke headband Boruto

As you probably already know, Boruto put a slash on his headband because he cheated during the middle-aged exam. Boruto then became a ninja when he tried to save his father Naruto along with the other four shadows and Sasuke. Before passing through Sasuke’s Finnegan Portal, he put the headband back on and I was like a ninja!

Why does Sasuke become evil?

Sasuke becomes “evil” after learning of the sacrifices his beloved brother Itachi made to keep Konoha safe. Until then, Sasuke had believed Itachi had killed his entire clan to test his own power and to eliminate threats to that power.

What episode does Sasuke appear in boruto?

Sasuke appeared in Boruto in Episode 54.

Sasuke will die in boruto

Sasuke’s death might actually be true depending on how the show unfolds today. … In Boruto Chapter 53, Sasuke lost his Rinnegan, which means he can no longer use his OP Jutsus. He is frail now and cannot defeat any enemies on his own as he has no arms, no chakra, and his Rinnegan is gone.

Sasuke’s death episode

Sasuke died in Chapter 363.

Does Sasuke die in boruto manga?

Naruto lies lifeless and Boruto is sane again. But Sasuke is really worried in the end after seeing Naruto in this state. Since Sasuke is currently powerless, he can only sacrifice his life in the event of an attack.

Death of naruto and Sasuke

They both died in the 4th great ninja war, Sasuke died after fighting Uchiha Madara and naruto died when the nine tails were extracted from his body. then they both met individually rikodou sennin alias sage of the six paths, where he gave them powers and brought them to life.

Will sasuke give sarada his rinnegan?

Will Sasuke hand over his rinnegan to Sarada? The only people who can unlock Rinnegan are SSoP himself and someone with Chakra Indra and Ashura, his sons who are known to be reborn many times). Sarada is an Uchiha, not a reincarnation of either, no, there is no way to awaken Rinnegan other than a transplant.

When does Sasuke appear in boruto?

It will certainly appear if the film adaptation. If you are looking in-depth. “Sasuke and Boruto” (サ ス ケ と ボ ル ト, Sasuke in Boruto) is episode 54 of the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

How did Sasuke die?

Arriving in Madara, Madara noticed this and sort of hung Sasuke in mid-air with some sort of Jutsu, then stabbed him in a vital ■■■■■ in his stomach after having a brief conversation with Sasuke. Sasuke bleed out and died.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Did Sasuke really die?

Sasuke did not die to Naruto nor to Naruto Shippuden. It is Naruto who died in the latest next-generation Boruto manga. There was no mention of Sasuke’s death. Sasuke becomes a Boruto teacher.

2. Who Kills Sasuke?


When Itachi murdered the rest of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke was depressed not only by the loss of his family but also by what Itachi told him: that he had never loved Sasuke.

3. What happened to Sasuke in Boruto?

In the chapter, fans will see that Sasuke who was stabbed in the eye by Boruto will lose his power. In the previous chapter, Momoshiki took control of Boruto and used him to stab Sasuke in his left eye which has Rinnegan. This is when Sasuke reveals to Boruto that he cannot use his Rinnegan.

4. In which episode did Naruto die?

On the verge of death

“On the verge of death” (死 の 際, Shi no Kiwa) is episode 414 of the anime Naruto: Shippūden.

5. Who is Naruto’s brother?

Itachi Uchiha

6. Who is the 8th Hokage?


Shikamaru has all the qualities of a leader and his skills are unquestionable. According to Asuma Sarutobi, Shikamaru has become an excellent Hokage. Shikamaru could definitely be the 8th Hokage if needed.

7. Is Kurama ■■■■?

Naruto’s partner, Kurama - the Nine-Tailed Fox, died in Chapter 55 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga due to overuse of the chakra when Naruto and Kurama used Baryon Mode against Isshiki Ohtsutsuki. Naruto is shocked and completely devastated by Kurama’s involvement.

8. Who killed the screw?

Death of Neji Hyuga-How does Neji Hyuga die in the Naruto series? Neji’s death was during the Fourth Great Ninja War Ark. He was killed by 10 tails ■■■■■■ multiple wood-releasing projectiles (like spears), and 10 tails were under the control of Obito and Madara.

9. Why did Boruto stab Sasuke’s eyes?

Kagutsuchi allows him to control Amaterasu while his left eye is throwing Amaterasu. That is, Sasuke lost his Finnegan, so he should not be able to cast his Amaterasu Omikami. It makes his Kagu-tsuchi useless.


Does Sasuke die in Boruto? No, he is still alive. With the predictions, there are chances he may die. Whenever he appears he is weak. His power is depleting and also missed his Finegan. And Naruto became powerful when Jiraiya died. But now, it is not finalized due to limited information and infinite possibilities. So, after the release of more chapters is maybe confirmed about the situation.

Does Sasuke Die in Boruto? In Boruto, Sasuke does not die. In the final battle against Isshiki and Momoshiki, Sasuke lost his Rinnegan, but he managed to keep his life. When Momoshiki took control of Boruto’s consciousness, he even lost his Rinnegan.


:boom: Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

Sasuke, a descendant of the Uchiha clan, is a naturally gifted Genin-level Ninja. The Sharingan ability of the Uchiha Family, one of Konohagakure’s most influential families, was well-known, and it was responsible for a substantial amount of the village police force.

:boom: Sasuke

Only the Uchiha clan’s brothers Itachi and Sasuke are still alive. Itachi’s younger brother, the son of a Konohagakure police captain. Itachi was a child prodigy who learned the Sharingan at eight.

Rose threw the ranks to Chain at the age of ten and eventually became an ANBU captain at the age of thirteen. Consequently, the Uchiha family took a particular interest in Itachi, seeing him as a genius whose work would strengthen the family’s community links.

Therefore, save for rare inquiries about Sasuke, Sasuke’s father was more interested in Itachi’s work than Sasuke’s school life.

:boxing_glove: Itachi The Aspiring Ninja

Sasuke regarded Itachi as a role model and aspiring ninja, but Itachi seemed kind yet aloof. Despite his vow to spend quality time with Sasuke, he appeared to be breached due to his job obligations.

After involving Itachi and other Uchiha clan members, relations between Itachi and Sasuke’s father worsened. Itachi’s behavior becomes more strange, distancing him from the rest of the Uchiha family.

Sasuke’s father unexpectedly chooses to spend time with him while practicing Katon: Gkakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique). Finally, Sasuke astounds his father by successfully performing just before him.

Sasuke eventually gets his father’s favor and the right to wear the clan’s insignia on his back as a sign of maturity. He’s also advised not to follow Itachi’s path.

:boxing_glove: Mangekyo Sharingan

One day, he witnesses his whole tribe massacred by Itachi, who meant to test his “capacity.” Mangekyo Sharingan subjected Itachi to even more psychological torment after confronting him in their own home.

Itachi claims that his hate towards Itachi may help him grow as a person. “You must loathe, dislike, and live unpleasantly to kill me.” The only alternatives are to flee and cling to life. Then come to me one day when we have the same eyes.


:boxing_glove: Rookie Genin

Sasuke excelled in every subject in the Ninja school, ultimately becoming the top student and Rookie Genin of the year, spurred by his goal to equal and eventually kill Itachi.

Because of his excellent looks, ability, and pedigree, he is the most popular student in class, particularly among the girls. His popularity stems from adoration rather than personal relationships or close friendships, which he doesn’t seem to have sought throughout his Academy years.

At that time, he had scorn for Naruto, with the minor traces of rivalry, intrigue, and identification in the air. The revival of his clan and “a particular guy,” his brother, Itachi, whom he murdered in a vengeance-seeking passion, are the two things that intrigue him, as indicated in his presentation to his Genin team.

These ambitions molded his character, making him egotistical, level-headed, disinterested in learning about the world, and bent on retribution at any costs, spurred by his sorrow and the constant acclaim he received. He had a hard time adjusting his demeanor until he met Naruto.

:beginner: Summary

The 3rd eyes of Kaguya and Madara have the same Rinnegan as Sasuke’s. One can only be one since Madara’s, and Kaguya’s third eyes are identical. This Rinnegan with Sharingan tomoe has been a one-eyed monster from the beginning.

:boom: Boruto’s Sasuke

Sasuke has lately gone out on duty to find out the truth about Otsutsuki, which puts his life in jeopardy due to his previous hazardous experiences.

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He returned to Leaf and rejoined with Naruto after recuperating from his final fight with Jigen, and they started to monitor Kawaki’s status. Sasuke saw something in Boruto and chose to stay and speak to him.


:boxing_glove: Harsh Battles

Boruto’s new Karma was to be used by the instructor and pupils, but Sasuke warned Boruto that he had to be prepared to die. Naruto was willing to die in this battle, according to Sasuke, which is why he forbids him. Boruto accepts Sasuke’s headband and borrows it while plotting to send Isshiki away.

Later, the two go to battle, with Sasuke pulling all the strings, surprising Naruto. Sasuke employs his techniques against Isshiki in the other realm, and he is one step ahead of him.

:boxing_glove: Death Scenes

He also spared Boruto from death while Isshiki was suffocating him. Isshiki defeats Sasuke during the battle, but he continues to fight with Naruto’s support, sharing plans to defeat Isshiki. Sasuke also employs Chirodi, but Isshiki’s body fails due to his seeming invincibility.

Everyone will perish if Sasuke and Naruto were vanquished, Kawaki reasoned. But Naruto would have none of it, and he took on his news form to confront Isshiki and defend Boruto and Sasuke.

:boom: Naruto’s Byron and Reinengan

Later, they used Naruto’s Byron mode to fight Isshiki, and Sasuke lost his Reinengan when Momoshiki possed Boruto. Sasuke hasn’t died yet because he lost Rinnegan in the last fight against Isshiki.

In the many arcs of Boruto Naruto Next Generations till the current Kawaki’s turn, Sasuke has escaped several deaths. Many battles will emerge and play a significant part in Sasuke’s life, yet he continues to survive the end.

His death is still a long way off. Borruto anime has given hints about what the upcoming episode would be about. This is seen after each episode’s conclusion, where we can see what the following episode will be about. So, for now, we’ll have to wait and watch how the action unfolds in the next episodes.


:beginner: Summary

Sasuke is given the name Sasuke in honor of the famous Sasuke. The paper fan that serves as the Uchiha clan’s symbol is “uchiwa,” pronounced “Uchiha.” Ancient Japanese people used uchiwa for ceremonial reasons and protected warriors from archery.

:boom: Rinnegan, Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke was hailed as a prodigy for his ninja ability as a boy, and he is still well-known for it now. On the other hand, his trademark, Sharingan, distinguishes him from the rest of Naruto’s companions.

His Sharingan provides him with more than just the capacity to do genjutsu with only his eyes. When his eyes matured into the Mangekyou Sharingan and later the Rinnegan, he had access to a plethora of new abilities.

As part of Sasuke’s Sharingan’s growth, the Rinnegan developed with him. He only received one Chakra because Hagoromo Otsutsuki only gave him half of his Chakra as part of a process to seal Kaguya. Even if the seal he received had been used, his Rinnegan would not have faded away.

This post is about Sasuke’s Rinnegan, and I’ll go over everything you need to know about it. I’ll go into greater detail about whether he could gain it naturally or as a consequence of some other event or scenario.

You’ll learn how his Sharingan became a Rinnegan and what caused his Mangekyou Sharingan to evolve, among other things. We’re going to divulge a lot of storyline information. So go at your own risk if you choose to read on!


:boxing_glove: Uchiha family

As a member of the Uchiha family, Sasuke was born with the Sharingan. He must first cope with his emotions to unlock them. When presented with certain situations, the Uchiha experience tremendous bursts of emotion as a consequence of their unique eye chakra.

This is why the Sharingan is known as the “eyes that reflect the ears,” as Tobirama Senju described to Sasuke. Sasuke developed the Rinnegan via Hagoromo, unlike Madara, who stole it back from Obito after Nagato’s death.

He has been able to progress his eyes from the Mangekyou Sharingan to the Eternal Sharingan with the assistance of a massive supply of Chakra that is part-Senju. The story of Sasuke’s Sharingan’s development into the Rinnegan is also addressed on this page.

If you haven’t completed the series yet, there are a lot of significant events that caused Sasuke’s Sharingan to evolve into the Rinnegan. To prevent spoilers, if you haven’t finished the series yet, there are a lot of critical events that drove Sasuke’s Sharingan to develop into the Rinnegan.

:beginner: Summary

Aside from Amaterasu, he can do genjutsu with his right mangekyou and Amaterasu with his left mangekyou, both of which are placed in his Rinnegan. So, unlike Hagoromo, Madara, and Obito, he has a one-of-a-kind rinnegan.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The following are the most often asked questions concerning Sasuke,

:one: Is Sasuke die?

Although there are signs that Naruto and Sasuke may die in the future, Sasuke does not die in the series. But keep in mind that in the Naruto series, an important character is killed in the same arc and moment when Sasuke lost his Rinnegan.

:two: In Boruto, do Naruto or Sasuke die?

Unfortunately, Naruto is killed in combat. Instead of dying, he suffers a fate worse than death, as the evil Isshiki wishes for him to suffer psychologically for derailing his plans.

:three: What is the reason for Boruto’s killing of Sasuke?

Boruto, who Momoshiki had entirely possessed, stabbed Sasuke in the eye, robbing him of his ability to utilize the rinnegan. He can’t absorb any chakra that Sasuke fires at him either, since charging Boruto’s Chakra would wake him up, sending Momoshiki “back to sleep.”

:four: Will Sasuke be resurrected in Boruto?

Boruto has wholly embraced its brand-new anime storyline, and fans have just had a taste of what’s to come. The anime just began its “Chunin Exam” arc, and Boruto recently welcomed a new chapter in the tale by bringing Sasuke Uchiha home.

:five: Is Sasuke changed in Boruto?

Sasuke’s life seems to have remained mostly unchanged at the start of Boruto. It took a long time for Sasuke to be redeemed. Sasuke’s life seems to have remained primarily unchanged at the start of Boruto. He’s still on the road, and he’s still away from the village for long periods.

:six: What happens to Sasuke in Boruto?

Momoshiki/Boruto stabbed Sasuke in the left eye with a dagger, knocking him out and leaving him writhing in pain. Momoshiki explains in Chapter 54 of Boruto’s manga that his goal was Sasuke’s Space-Time Jutsu abilities, which he has done successfully.

:seven: Who was responsible for Naruto’s death?

In Anime #640-677, the Fourth Shinigami War arc, Obito Uchiha killed Naruto by trying to separate him from Kurama.

:eight: What episode did Naruto die in Boruto?

Despite Naruto’s valiant efforts against Isshiki, the story suffers a severe setback when its most strong hero is killed in Boruto Episode 218. WARNING: This article includes spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 218: “Partner,” which is now available to watch on Crunchyroll.

:nine: Was Boruto the one who stabbed Sasuke in the eye?

Boruto stabbed Sasuke in the Rinnegan, in his eyes, rather than in the eye. Boruto smashes Sasuke in the left sight in episode 54 of Boruto because Momoshiki Tsutsumi was controlling him, according to Comic.

:keycap_ten: Who was responsible for the death of Sasuke Boruto?

Isshiki smacked Sasuke about there. When Momoshiki gained Boruto’s mind, he even lost his Rinnegan. The triumph of the Leaf Village faction was shown in Chapter #54.

:necktie: Conclusion

Sasuke’s death has a 90% probability of occurring. According to the current information, his power has been depleted over the past few arcs, and he has lost his rinnegan. When Jiraiya Sensei died, Naruto had also grown immensely strong. He decided to become Hokage to get revenge on him.

Boruto, meanwhile, needs a painful event for his mindset to alter. Boruto, who is very similar to Sasuke, will become someone who will avenge him if Sasuke dies. Even the most recent anime opener hinted at Kawaki’s resemblance to Naruto and Boruto’s resemblance to Sasuke.

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