What Episode Does Kakashi Die

What episode does Kakashi Hatake die? It was the 159th episode of Naruto “ pain vs Kakashi”, where he dies fighting with the pain during an assault arc.

Kakashi Hatake is a character of fiction manga anime Naruto plotted by Masashi Kishimoto. Kaskashi was also one of the member Hatake clan and a wise character in the Naruto.

He always was kind and thoughtful for his Team 7 students Naruto, sasuke, and sakuro.

What Episode Does Kakashi Die:

Kakashi Hatake who is one the primary character of Naruto Shippuden Manga animated series, and thoughtful personality dies in 159th episode fighting with pain.

Yes, Kakashi Hatake dies in the 159th episode of the 8th season titled as “ pain vs Kakashi” originally aired on May 6, 2010, while its english version aired on March 2, 2013.

According to the anime, Kakashi Hatake dies in the 159th Episode of season 8 fighting with the Nagata, who is one of the alias of Pain is a fictional character created by Masashi Kishimoto, whose only aim is to capture the tailed beast around the whole shinobi world.

You all would be thinking that how does a good teacher and fighter dies so easily. Well, if you have watched the episode you would see that Kakashi Hatake uses his every move to kill pain but somehow pain manages to stop him.

As, Kakashi uses his all chakra and powers to attack on pain and his alias, but pain somehow manages and charge Kakashi with cool mind.

As both of them didn’t want to lose or die, they tried each move and all of their chakras. At the end, Kakashi tries to make shadow clone and try to emerge from the other side by fooling the pain deva path, although at the same time pain realizes that the Kakashi Hatake trapped by him is just a shadow clone, them he strips a nail from the wood and fly it towards the head of the original Kakashi, resulting in the death of kakashi.

Above discussion tells us that how Kakashi Hatake die in the 159th episode of Naruto, named as Kakashi vs pein.

Kakashi no doubt tries his best to defeat the pain, but somehow he dies in the episode 159.

Who is Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake, who is the character created by Masashi Kishimoto, playing his role in Naruto Shippuden Manga animated series. In the series, Kakashi hatake is the mentor and teacher of team 7, consisting of the main character, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Harura and Sasuke Uchiha and others.

Kakashi Hatake thinks sasuke uchiha as his son, sasuke is the one who gets Rinnegan in his left eye from Mangekyō sharingan.

Kekkei genkai and clan

He has got kekkei genkai from Mangekyō sharingan and sharingan, that are way much powerful.

As he has got the kekkei genkai from Mangekyō sharingan and sharingan who belongs to Hatske clan. So, it’s obvious that he is also a member of Hatake clan.


His father name is Sakumo Hatake

Voiced by

The main fictional character of Naruto Shippuden is voiced by three actors named as,

  1. Kazuhiko Inoue

  2. Mutsumi Tamura

  3. Dave Wittenberg

2 of them have voiced Kakashi Hatake in japanese language, which are,

  1. Kazuhiko Inoue

  2. Mutsumi Tamura

While one of them voiced Kakashi Hatake in english version, who is Dave Wittenberg.

Ep 159: Pain vs Kakashi

Everything we need to know, about how and When does the Kakashi Hatake die, is discussed below,


Pain vs. Kakashi” (ペインvsカカシ, Pein tai Kakashi) is episode 159 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Kakashi takes part in battle against the Deva Path, endeavoring to hit it with his Lightning Cutter. Utilizing his Rinnegan, Pain can upset Kakashi, who loses center and in this manner is unfit to strike Pain. Utilizing the Deva Path’s Shinra Tensei capacity, Pain repulses Kakashi, causing an explosion.

In the midst of the rubble, Kakashi arises, and continues to utilize his Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang to assault the Deva Path, albeit the assault is hindered by the appearance of the Asura Path. Utilizing his Banshō Ten’in method, Pain pulls Kakashi towards the Asura Path’s edge, piercing him and apparently slaughtering him.

The skewered Kakashi ends up being as a matter of fact a Lightning Release shadow clone, while the genuine Kakashi surfaces from the rubble. He is joined by fortifications, comprising of Chōji, Chōza and Shitō Akimichi of the Akimichi family, just as three other shinobi.

Chōji and Chōza utilize their Partial Multi-Size Technique to pound the Asura Path as the other three endeavor to take out the Deva Path, just for Pain to utilize its Shinra Tensei to repulse and thusly execute them. Kakashi understands that the Deva Path has a re-energize time of five seconds among assaults, and chooses to exploit the stretch by endeavoring to kill Pain with his Lightning Cutter, just for the Asura Path, who is as yet ready to move, to shield the Deva Path with its body. Needing to exploit the stretch again, Kakashi tosses a chain underground and utilizations his Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique to assault Pain, however the Deva Path counters with Shinra Tensei to repulse Kakashi. Kakashi utilizes the chain to tie Pain while Chōji and Chōza utilize their Double Human Bullet Tank to pulverize the Deva Path. Nonetheless, Pain figures out how to repulse both Akimichi faction individuals, with Chōza protecting Chōji with his body.

Knowing that the caught Kakashi isn’t a shadow clone, Pain’s Deva Path utilizes a nail from a wooden board and flames it at Kakashi’s head, apparently murdering him. The Deva Path at that point leaves, ignorant that Chōji is as yet alive. Chōji sees his dad’s body and cries, grieving his dad’s passing. Kakashi, who is scarcely alive, orders Chōji to grieve later and to accept the open door to report the Deva Path’s capacities to Tsunade, who is diverting her chakra alongside Katsuyu to mend the injured. As Chōji runs, the Asura Path, who is as yet alive, fires a rocket at him, aiming to slaughter him. Kakashi drains his excess chakra to actuate his Mangekyō Sharingan, utilizing its Kamui capacity to twist the rocket away; the Asura Path understands that Kakashi had utilized Kamui to twist away the nail that was terminated at him before. Kakashi at that point bites the dust from his injuries and absence of chakra, anxious to see Obito, Rin and Minato in eternity, despite the fact that he winds up experiencing his dad, who requests that Kakashi share his story.

Katsuyu reports to Tsunade that Kakashi has kicked the bucket, making Tsunade briefly stop her method so she could vent her indignation and disappointment out. As Chōji conveys the Deva Path’s profile and capacities, Tsunade expresses gratitude toward him and reveals to him that Chōza is as yet alive, and to carry him to the clinic. Chōji inquires as to whether Kakashi is alive also, just for Tsunade to leave


Since his youth, Kakashi was exceptionally autonomous and fearless, now and again in any event, seeming presumptuous and stooping. Regardless of that, Kakashi was discerning and natural, rapidly understanding the circumstance for what it was. After his dad’s demise, Kakashi turned out to be more harsh, detached and cold toward others, observing all the principles exactly, chastening any who resisted them and being willing to desert his friends to complete missions. Be that as it may, he came to lament this demeanor after Obito addressed him on how comradery was a higher priority than any mission and Obito’s obvious demise came to make Kakashi name his Chidori as a method fit for ensuring companions. The passing of Rin at his own hands left Kakashi much more scarred, experiencing PTSD, having bad dreams about her demise, developing discouraged over any notice of her, and being not able to utilize Chidori as it was the method he slaughtered her with. After some time, Kakashi comes to acknowledge that Rin decided to kick the bucket, so his blame rather turned out to be more about his wrecked guarantee to Obito to protect Rin. This reality causes Obito’s obvious demise to gauge all the more intensely on him, intensifying the lament he feels about what his character was even hours before Obito apparently kicked the bucket. Kakashi feels that, had he thought often about collaboration and companionship similarly that Obito did, Obito’s “demise” may have been stayed away from. Figuring it would facilitate his agony, Minato persuaded Kakashi to join the Anbu. During his time in the Anbu notwithstanding, Kakashi acquired a standing for his inhumanity. This, notwithstanding, presented to him no comfort and just served to add to his developing haziness as Kakashi kept on killing numerous without blinking to lash out, which did nothing but bad for him. The demise of Minato, viably leaving him the clear sole overcomer of his old group, served to additional Kakashi’s melancholy and murkiness, feeling that he flopped the entirety of his colleagues. Eventually he turned out to be awful enough that Hiruzen made him resign.

As a grown-up and now a Jonin, Kakashi got focused on collaboration and consistently puts partners’ prosperity over the mission’s: he accepts objectives can be cultivated all the more viably together, requesting help when he needs it, giving assistance when it is mentioned of him, and lauding partners when they merit it. A maltreatment of one’s partners is the solitary thing that can makes Kakashi cast aside his typically aloof disposition, making him assault without leniency or his standard feeling of sportsmanship. He anticipates that his prospective students should show this equivalent commitment to collaboration, which none until Team 7 had the option to do; in spite of the high disappointment rate, the Third Hokage concurs with Kakashi’s decision to require it.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQS)

Here are the following questions asked frequently about the article what episode does Kakashi Hatake die,

Q. Is Tsunade dead in Boruto?

No, Supposedly, Tsunade is as yet alive. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Tsunade resigns as the fifth Hokage, and she may have proceeded with her custom with leaving Konoha after the Second Shinobi World War when she resigned as a Shinobi .

Q. Does Kakashi really die in Episode 159

Kakashi Hatake really dies in 159th episode of Naruto Shippuden, during the fight with pain. The reason of his death was to use all his chakra during the fight. After the death he meets his father, while Naruto convince Naguto to stop the fight and help him get back Kakashi.

After pain gets convinced, Kakashi gets alive again, and become the next Hokage in the last of the season.

Q. Kakashi going to die?

Kakashi really dies, but apparently becomes alive again thanks to Naruto’s effort. Naruto after the death of kakashi convinces pain to get Kakashi back to life and all the people who dies during the fight.

While, he and his team 7 would do the reconstruction of the place where all the damage happened.

As deal, pain does what naruto says, bringing back all the people back to life along with Kakashi. while, Naruto does what he promises.

Q. What episode does Kakashi become Hokage?

Kakashi Hatake becomes the Hokage in the 219 episode of season 10, titled as Hokage Hatake Kakashi. This is the episode in which Kakashi is asked by Tsunade to replace him as Hokage.

Although, he never thought to be in such position that includes such unnecessary responsibilities that are out of his interest. Despite he agreed when Tsunade asked him.

Kakashi holds the Hokage position for a very long time. After the fact Naruto and hinata also got married.

Tsunade chooses to venture down and Kakashi is next. He was almost Hokage before Tsunade woke from her unconsciousness, and he’s the jounin with the most association with Naruto and Sasuke.


What episode does Kakashi die?, Kakashi Hatake dies in the 159th episode of season 8 in Naruto Shippuden Manga animated series.

Although, he gets back to life by pain who kills him after making a deal with Naruto.

Kakashi was the tracher of naruto, hashirama, and sasuke. And also the member of Hatake clan.

Kakashi belongs to the Kekkei genkai of Mangekyō sharingan and sharingan.

Kakashi dies really in episode 159 by the hands of pain. The reason of his death became his ultimate loss of chakra during the fight.

Kakashi dies fighting with pain and his alias until last breath of his life.