How to Write the Best Instagram Captions to Give Voice to Your Photos?

Instagram is a visual platform and they should speak for your brand. That is because pictures are worth a thousand words. Stunning and jaw-dropping photos and videos on IG will help you gain more likes, followers, and popularity on this social media platform. It will generate brand interest, what you sell, and show the human angle of your business.

The hard work behind stunning visuals continues when you edit your images and finally, add a catchy and relevant caption to the visuals. Perfect IG captions will tell your followers what the photo is about, its background story. Writing the description of the photo does make a great caption. You can add some humor or an interesting story behind the image and write that in the caption to pique the audience’s interest.

According to an article published on, a good caption has context, displays your brand persona, keeps the audience delighted, and make people take some action after seeing your Instagram photo and caption. So here are six useful tips to write the best IG captions:

1. Prepare a few drafts

When writing captions for your Instagram photos or videos, you need to avoid rushing into the process. Sit with a pen and piece of paper, prepare a few drafts of the caption, ask for feedback, brainstorm a little, and then choose the best caption. Take your time if necessary.

Though chronology and promptnessare essential on IG, a lot depends on the post theme or topic. For instance, if you are posting travel photos based on your itinerary, it calls for posting according to date and time. You would like to post in real-time what is happening and which places you are exploring now in a proper sequence. Then, this does not apply to all IG posts.

Thankfully, you have Instagram algorithms and engagement levels depend more on chronology. The post visibility will depend on aspects such as likes, comments, and things like that. Therefore, you need to take some time off your busy schedule to draft and finalize the best caption for your visuals. Write something interesting that will make your followers happy and delight them to the extent that they share your post with their friends, thus encouraging engagement.

2. Add a call-to-action

The ideal way to improve shares of your IGphotos or videosas well as engage your audience is to includea certainkind of call-to-action (CTA) in your post captions. It is as simple as that. Itimplies the use of action verbs to askusers to take some actionand not scrolling lazily through the posts. The experts in the industry believe that action verbslead toincreased shares on social media than adjectives and nouns. It also applies to Instagram.

For instance, you may say, "double-tap if you find the photo stunning or humorousor something like sharing your Instagram story with me in comments.

Asking a question in the caption also helps many times. You can motivate your followers by posting a question about your photos or videos and you will reply to their questions. Responding to user questions boost engagement, make your followers happy, and make it looks like a conversation. It takes the conversation forward, to be candid, which is good. Look up Blastup and read more about writing great captions and increasing real likes.

3. Front-load captions with the essential stuff

Did you know that the maximum permitted character limit of an Instagram caption is 2,200 characters? It means that your caption will get truncated in the users’ feeds past 3-4 lines of copy or text. Then, that does not imply you will keep the captions extremely short for people to see the entire caption without the need to click on them, leaving @mentions, hashtags, or irrelevant details in the end. That is why you need to write important things towards the front of the caption.

4. Use not more than 4-5 hashtags

Though Instagram allows you to include 30 hashtags, that does not mean you use all of them, making your post look spammy. Use 3-4 relevant and best hashtags for increased visibility. Hashtags are perfect for reaching out to your followers and users, who are not in any way connected. Then, they like the same topics and discussing them. They may like the same brands, products, and things like that.

Use hashtags in moderation and a series of them to attract more people to your Instagram post. Using too many hashtags will make people notice you, but they think that you are making a lame effort to gain visibility. Therefore, use 3-4 hashtags, not more. Use the hashtags after the end of the caption. Avoid listing them until the end of the caption.

5. Feel free to use emojis

Emojis are nothing but cartoon-like visuals or emoticons used by smartphone users. These emojis add some fun and persona to your Instagram captions and even brands use these to build engagement. Even the serious brands are using emojis and therefore, you must stop hesitating to use them in your captions.

There are many ways to include emojis in your IG posts. Start using them at the beginning of a post and see the results. You can also add emojis in the middle of a sentence to replace words. For example, if you have posted about a spicy pan-fried chicken, use the chili emoticon instead of the text. You are also free to include emojis at the end of your post just like a punch line.

6. Keep your captions concise

Based on the target group you want to reach out to, use short captions not more than a couple of words, or one sentence. For example, if you own a restaurant, describe the dish briefly, keep it to the point, and include the key ingredients. If you are posting something you are unsure of, especially the brand voice, keep the caption short. Use a punch line to make your point.


Experiment with IG captions when you post images or videos, but make sure you keep the text relevant, meaningful, interest, and concise.