Significant Deviation

Significant Deviation,

Significant Deviation: What is the Meaning of Significant Deviation?

  1. The definition of Significant Deviation is: Deviations from the courses that travel workers usually take to promote their employers' business. A significant deviation leads an employee to leave the job relationship and go beyond employee compensation coverage. Minor deviations, such as stopping an employee at a coffee shop for lunch, are important and will not take the employee out of the work relationship.

Literal Meanings of Significant Deviation


Meanings of Significant:
  1. Bigger or bigger to get attention

  2. It has a special meaning that indicates something.

  3. Related or useful

Sentences of Significant
  1. Significant increase in sales

  2. In times of stress, your dreams come true

  3. Like accents, radiation and food groups were statistically significant predictors.

Synonyms of Significant

remarkable, worthy of attention, of importance, outstanding, noteworthy, important, consequential, of consequence, notable


Meanings of Deviation:
  1. Deviate from prescribed courses or accepted standards.

  2. The difference between a measure and a fixed value, such as an average.

  3. The deviation from the ship's compass needle due to the iron in the ship is due to the adherence to the direction of the ship.

Sentences of Deviation
  1. Standard deviation

  2. Significant deviation from meaning

  3. In 1819, Barlow began working on the problem with the ship's compass deflection due to the presence of iron in the hill.

Synonyms of Deviation

turning aside, fluctuation, variableness, irregularity, inconsistency, digression, discrepancy, veering, deflection, oddness, difference, abnormality, aberration, departure, divergence, freakishness, alteration, variance, variation, anomaly, straying