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Shannon Messenger is an author from the United States. She is the author of the New York Times bestselling middle-grade series Keeper of the Lost Cities; Unlocked, the ninth book in the series (dubbed “8.5”), reached number 8 on USA Today’s list in 2020. She also published the Sky Fall series for young adults. Simon & Schuster was the publisher of her books. Shannon Messenger graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, where she discovered, among other things, that she enjoys watching movies than creating them. She studied theatre, screenwriting, and film making before realizing her true destiny was writing children’s stories. Her books have been included on state reading lists, published in a lot of different countries, and translated into different languages. She has a variety of cats and lives in Southern California.

Name Shannon Messenger
Gender Female
Birth day 10th November 1981
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Resident Of Southern California
Family Life Lives with a variety of cats
Graduated from the University of Southern California
Significant Works author of Keeper of the lost cities series and Sky Fall series
Genre Fictional

Shannon Messenger

Shannon Messenger Books

Shannon Messenger wrote (Kotlc) Keeper of the lost cities series like Exile, Nightfall, Everblaze, Neverseen, Lodestar, flashback, and Legacy. Sky fall series like Let the sky fall, Let the storm break, Let the Wind Rise, and Let the sky fall trilogy are other books of Shannon Messenger.

The Keeper of the Lost Cities

The Keeper of the Lost Cities series is a New York Times best-selling upper-middle-grade fantasy series. In 2013, the first book in the series was a young teen recommended read by the Association for Library Service to Children. Shannon Messenger’s three-week tour to support the seventh book in the series, Flashback, had the first printing of 150,000 copies, and each event attracted audiences of 200–700 people.

Sophie Foster, a twelve-year-old high school student with the power to read minds, is the lead character of the series. As of November 2019, the book has been continued in eight books, with one book released each year. In the fall of 2021, at least two more books in the series will be published. Shannon Messenger was given but did not sign, a contract for the tenth book. Kotlc books in order are:

  1. Keeper of the Lost Cities (October 2, 2012)

  2. Exile (October 1, 2013)

  3. Everblaze (November 4, 2014)

  4. Neverseen (November 3, 2015)

  5. Lodestar (November 1, 2016)

  6. Nightfall (November 7, 2017)

  7. Flashback (November 6, 2018)

  8. Legacy (November 5, 2019)

8.5 Unlocked (November 17, 2020)

Keeper of the lost cities book 9 will be published soon. Unlocked is the 8.5th book in the collection. It would be a change from the previous books’ writing style, with chapters switching between Sophie and Keefe’s points of view. For Disney, Ben Affleck will direct a film adaptation of Keeper of the Lost Cities. On August 25, 2020, an illustrated and annotated trade paperback version of the first book was published.

Sky Fall Series

Vane Weston, seventeen years old, is the leader of the Sky Fall series, a young adult fantasy series. Vane discovers that he is a sylph or a wind spirit. He is engaged to be married to Solana, the heir to the throne, but he falls in love with Audra, his bodyguard. As the last Sylph with the ability to communicate with the Westerly Winds, Vane must use them to defeat Raiden.

The series is a trilogy.

  • Let the Sky Fall (2013)

  • Let the Storm Break (2014)

  • Let the Wind Rise (2016)

More About Shannon Messenger

Shannon Messenger liked English classes at school and even won a few ribbons at the school’s writing competitions. Her true love as a child, though, was painting. She wished to be a Disney animator when she grew up (it combined everything she loved: princess, Disneyland, and art).

She also went to college intending to pursue a career in painting. But, finally, she realized that her hands didn’t really draw the way she wanted, especially when drawing from imagination. She still had the feeling that what she wrote on the paper was just quite as cool as what she had in her mind. So she took a break from her art classes and enrolled in a class called “Broadcast Writing and Production”.

Her professor also seemed to believe she wasn’t half-bad at it and advised her to try a career in screenwriting. As a result, she became a film major at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. However, by the time she graduated, she realized that Hollywood wasn’t for her. She did the smart thing after leaving Hollywood and got a normal day job to cover expenses. She moved to a lovely suburban home. Adopted a couple of adorable cats. Life was wonderful in several aspects, but she gradually discovered that something was incomplete.

She couldn’t help herself from making up stories in her mind, and she wished to spend time watching them happen on the paper. She concentrated on grade school because she felt the most passionate about reading at this phase of her life. The book’s written edition is currently draught 20! When a Simon & Schuster publisher wanted to buy it, she was extremely happy.

In the fall of 2012, Keeper of the Lost Cities was published into the world. Since then, new books in the series have been published every year. The first part of the Sky Fall trilogy is now complete, so you can read it all.

You can find her online at Shannon Messenger’s website If you’d like to join her, she’d be pleased to do so! The following is a list of sites where you can find her. You can find her on Shannon Messenger Facebook page and Shannon Messenger Instagram.

Shannon Messenger is the author of the New York Times bestselling Keeper of the Lost Cities middle-grade series. Unlocked, the series’ ninth book (dubbed “8.5”), reached number eight on USA Today’s chart in 2020. She also wrote the Sky Fall series for teenagers.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of questions about Shannon Messenger and her work in people’s minds. Some of the answers to frequently asked questions discussed below:

1. Will, there be the 10th book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series?

It seems that book 10 will be the series’ final part. In November 2021, Book 9 will be published. As with the previous books, cover art will be created by Jason Chan.

2. Is Sophie a big admirer of Keefe?

He’s Fitz’s best friend, but he has a special bond with Sophie, and it’s not just that he enjoys teasing her. His Empath ability helps him to sense her emotions, allowing him to understand her in ways that no one else does.

3. Will, there be a movie version of Keeper of the Lost Cities?

The announcement for the movie version of ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities’ was made in January 2021. Unfortunately, the makers are yet to decide on a release date for this upcoming film. The unknown is the ninth and final book in the series, and it will be released in November of 2021.

4. What is the recommended age for Keeper of the Lost Cities?

This is one of my favorite book series, and highly recommended it to everyone aged 9 and up! About the fact that the lead character is a twelve-year-old girl, adults will enjoy this exciting, descriptive book. Two characters are forced to marry and spend a lot of time avoiding each other, while others taunt them about their relationship. Sophie’s quest for her biological parents takes up a large part of the book.

5. How many pages is flashback by Shannon messenger?

Flashback is the book of the Keeper of lost cities series and it has 880 pages. Its publisher was Aladdin and published on 10th August 2019. Recommended age for this book is 8-12 years.

6. Did Shannon Messenger always want to be a writer?

No, at the growing age, her main focus was art, and all her dream jobs were drawing-related. But the more she studied art, the more frustrated she became. She’d imagine these huge, complex scenes and they never came out on the page the way they looked in her mind. But when she tried taking a writing class in college just for fun, finally the things she was picturing came across. From that moment on she was hooked, but it took her a few more years to figure out that she wanted to write books instead of screenplays.

7. Why did Shannon Messenger always write for kids?

When she was trying to figure out what she wanted to write, she thought about her favorite books. She realized that if she was going to take the time and effort to write a book, she needed to reach that part of herself. So she started thinking about what books she would’ve wanted to read when she was younger.

8. Does Shannon Messenger follow back on Instagram?

Just like with Twitter, she only follows people she knows. She loves interacting with readers, but the safest way to do that is for you to follow her not the other way around. Also, as it says in her Instagram profile, she doesn’t use the DM feature, so if you send her anything direct she’ll never see it.

9. What is her favorite middle-grade book or series?

Ella Enchanted, by Gail Carson Levine, The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley, The Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan, The Aru Shah series by Roshani Chokshi, and The Tristan Strong series by Kwame Mballa are her favorites.

10. How long she has been writing?

She didn’t really start writing until college, and even then, she only wrote scripts. It wasn’t until after she graduated and realized that she didn’t enjoy working in Hollywood that she decided to try writing a book. She spent a few years playing with different stories until she got the idea for Keeper of the Lost Cities in 2008. The keeper was the first book she ever finished writing. And twenty drafts later, it was published in October of 2012.

11. Is Shannon Messenger married?

Yes, she is married and lived in Southern California with her husband and cats.

12. What is Shannon Messenger’s email?

If you’d like to mail her something or want to contact her you can send it to:

Shannon Messenger
c/o Aladdin Publicity Department
Simon & Schuster, Inc.
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

13. How does she come up with her character’s name?

She has read an incredible number of baby name books and sites about anyone who does not have children. She likes how the name’s meaning hints at something about the character. When she can’t think of anything else, she’ll actually rely on “a name she just likes.” However, the rest of her characters’ names have a sense that has something to do with the character in some way.

14. Does she base her characters on people she knows?

No, but she has to make awful things happen to her characters on occasion because if they were based on people she knows, they’d be angry. However, she finds it more inspiring when the characters sound like these young, interesting people she gets to spend time with, so she works hard to get into their backstories and make them as unique as possible.

15. What is the total number of books in the Sky Fall series?

Sky fall is a trilogy, and all three books have been published (Let the Sky Fall, Let the Storm Break, and Let the Wind Rise), so you won’t have to wait to find out how it concludes. You can read the whole series in one sitting if you like.


Shannon Messenger is a well-known American author. Exile, Nightfall, Everblaze, Neverseen, Lodestar, flashback, and Legacy are part of Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities series. Shannon Messenger’s other books include the Sky Fall series, which includes Let the sky fall, Let the storm smash, Let the Wind Rise, and the Let the sky fall trilogy. Shannon Messenger enjoyed English lessons in school and even won a few awards in literary contests. Painting, on the other hand, was her true love as a teen. When she grew up, she wanted to be a Disney animator (it combined everything she loved: princesses, Disneyland, and art).

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