Definition of Career:

  1. Move quickly and uncontrollably in some directions.

  2. A profession that is used at a critical stage of life and provides opportunities for development.

  3. A person's whole life and his actions, especially those related to his profession. Careers usually consist of jobs, diplomas and long-term jobs, rather than being attached to a single position.

    Although in some cultures and economies employees retain their jobs throughout their careers, there is a growing tendency for employees to relocate more frequently. For example, an individual's career may include a legal profession, although an individual may work in many different legal companies and different areas of law in his or her lifetime. See also professional scale.

Synonyms of Career

Step, Ascending, Plunge, Accomplished, Stumble, Occupation, Craft, Business, Line, Scoot, Job, Hie, Scamper, Line, Progression, Flux, Stride, Rolling on, Climbing, Speed, Day job, Forwarding, Flight, Line of work, Trade, Sideward motion, Bolt, Scour, Labor, Sphere, Furtherance, Rush, Trend, Regression, Traject, Position, Forward motion, Plunging, Bolt, Reel, Coached, Post, Course, Backing, Random motion, Axial motion, Reflowing, Racket, Walk, Speed, Gait, Falter, Wing, Pitch, Profession, Haste, Totter, Driftage, Charge, Way, Scramble, Mounting, Wallow, Progress, Conversant, Ascent, Hump, Careerism, Sinking, Flounder, Vocation, Handicraft, Fly, Passage, Hump it, Toss, Refluence, Roll, Line of work, Flash, Pelt, Skedaddle, Sway, Descending, Advancing, Race, Scurry, Practice, Primed, Scuttle, Chase, Lifework, Prepared, Job, Walk of life, Mystery, Hurry, Upward motion, Run, Retrogression, Subsiding, Number, Employment, Zoom, Backward motion, Rolling, Tumble, Race, Specialization, Descent, Brownian movement, Flow, Finished, Streak, Downward motion, Initiated, Furthering, Step on it, Hurtle, Career building, Careen, Tear, Trajet, Rising, Make haste, Scud, Angular motion, Oblique motion, Stream, Dash, Stagger, Seethe, Dash, Clip, Careen, Ebbing, Blunder, Radial motion, Metier, Thrash about, Lick, Set, Forwardal, Employment, Go like the wind, Skilled, Pitch and plunge, Rock, Swing, Struggle, Toss and tumble, Scud, Wallop, Scurry, Occupation, Livelihood, Onward course, Shoot, Run, Dart, Gallop, Toss and turn, Drift, Pursuit, Work, Reflux, Current, Headway, Calling, Whizz, Technical, Profession, Hurtle, Buzz, Shoot, Go-ahead, Fling, Blast, Trained, Advance, Travel, At concert pitch, Cannon, Progressiveness, Stampede, Flounce, Art, Post, Sternway, Fly, Specialty, Initiate, Line of business, Professional, Onrush, Ongoing, Tread, Promotion, March, Advancement, Vocation, Rate, Practiced, Walk of life, Zoom, Welter, Game, Backflowing, Soaring, Mission, Hasten, Calling, Lurch, Rush, Hare, Pace

How to use Career in a sentence?

  1. Like his father, he was destined for a career in engineering.
  2. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult for most people to find work and start their career in this business.
  3. After graduating from college and learning everything you need to know about this subject, you can finally start a career and get a job that provides a comfortable lifestyle.
  4. Many employees are risking their careers by using their employers' computers and online networks for personal gain and other unacceptable practices, such as accessing inappropriate websites.
  5. The car came across the road and over the fence.

Meaning of Career & Career Definition

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