Definition of Chapter:

  1. The governing body of a religious community, especially a cathedral or a knightly order.

  2. A local branch of a society.

  3. A main division of a book, typically with a number or title.

  4. A period of time or an episode in a persons life, a nations history, etc.

  5. Main division of a book or text. As a unit, a chapter is complete in itself but is intimately tied to the other chapters through the theme or plot of the work.

Synonyms of Chapter

Governing body, Council, Assembly, Convocation, Convention, Synod, Consistory, Section, Division, Part, Portion, Segment, Component, Bit, Branch, Division, Subdivision, Section, Department, Bureau, Agency, Lodge, Wing, Arm, Offshoot, Subsidiary, Satellite, Council of Nicaea, Council of Trent, Lateran Council, Vatican Council, Affiliate, Arm, Article, Back matter, Basis, Book, Branch, Branch office, Burden, Case, Classis, Clause, Column, Concern, Conciliarism, Conclave, Conference, Congregation, Consistory, Convention, Convocation, Diocesan conference, Division, Ecclesiastical council, Ecumenical council, Essence, Fascicle, Focus of attention, Focus of interest, Folio, Front matter, Gathering, Gist, Head, Heading, Installment, Issue, Living issue, Livraison, Local, Lodge, Main point, Matter, Matter in hand, Meat, Motif, Motive, Number, Offshoot, Organ, Page, Paragraph, Parochial church council, Parochial council, Part, Passage, Phrase, Plenary council, Point, Point at issue, Point in question, Post, Presbytery, Problem, Question, Rubric, Section, Sentence, Serial, Session, Sheet, Signature, Subject, Subject matter, Subject of thought, Substance, Synod, Text, Theme, Topic, Verse, Vestry, Volume, Wing, Period, Time, Phase, Page, Stage, Episode, Epoch, Era

How to use Chapter in a sentence?

  1. Land granted by the Dean and Chapter of St. Pauls Cathedral.
  2. A tragic chapter in European history.
  3. We will deal with this in chapter eleven.
  4. The local chapter of the American Cancer Society.

Meaning of Chapter & Chapter Definition