Definition of Discovery:

  1. The action or process of discovering or being discovered.

  2. Pre-trial disclosure process during which several legal devices can be employed by any litigating party to obtain relevant non-privileged information from the opposing or non-opposing party/parties. These devices include depositions, examinations of witnesses, inspection of documents, and interrogatories. If any party is unwilling to cooperate, the court may subpoena the party or the documents, or (after failure to make discovery) dismiss the action or enters a summary judgment.

  3. The compulsory disclosure, by a party to an action, of relevant documents referred to by the other party.

Synonyms of Discovery

Finding, Locating, Location, Uncovering, Unearthing, Apocalypse, Ascertaining, Baring, Bonus, Breakthrough, Buried treasure, Coinage, Conception, Detection, Determining, Development, Disclosing, Disclosure, Discovering, Espial, Exploration, Expose, Exposition, Exposure, Find, Finding, Foundling, Gravy, Idea, Innovation, Introduction, Invention, Laying bare, Leap, Manifestation, Neologism, New phase, Novelty, Origination, Patefaction, Recognition, Removing the veil, Revealing, Revealment, Revelation, Showing up, Showup, Strike, Stripping, Treasure trove, Trouvaille, Trove, Uncloaking, Uncovering, Unearthing, Unfolding, Unfoldment, Unmasking, Unveiling, Unwrapping, Waifs, Waifs and strays, Windfall, Windfall money, Windfall profit

How to use Discovery in a sentence?

  1. A party has inherent right to be present at the examination for discovery of the opposite party.
  2. The discovery of the body.

Meaning of Discovery & Discovery Definition