Definition of Communications:

  1. Means sending or receiving information such as telephone lines or computers.

  2. All means of transportation (roads, railways, streams, canals, air, sea) by which people interact or have physical contact.

  3. Exchange or exchange information through speech, writing or other means.

  4. Means of transport or means of transportation such as roads or trains.

  5. All symbolic or verbal means of communication (newspapers, mail, email, telephone, television, radio, etc.) through which people and machines communicate and exchange information. See also conversation.

Synonyms of Communications

Public print, Reporting, Passing on, Media, Conveying, Transmission, Book publishing, UPI, Magazine publishing, Publishing industry, Presenting, Divulgence, Journalism, Publishing, Communication theory, Communications network, Fourth estate, Imparting, Public press, Radio, AP, Communications industry, Conveyance, Communications medium, Telecommunication, Wire communication, Radiotelephony, United Press International, Wireless, Services, Radiotelegraphy, Electronic communications, Associated Press, Divulgation, Fleet Street, Reuters, Links, Disclosure, Information theory, Radiocommunication, Connections, Relay, Handing on, Print medium, Routes, The press

How to use Communications in a sentence?

  1. At school, when my friends were studying mathematics, I studied communication because I wanted to graduate in this area.
  2. Television is an effective means of communication.
  3. Satellite communications
  4. A city that offers excellent road and rail communications.
  5. Today, digital and physical communication are positive forces in our society, accelerating our information age and enabling personal communication that may seem impossible at the time, even if sometimes at the individual level. Satisfaction also seems exaggerated.
  6. Communication with the firm is great, as we have established a new relationship with the head of the legal department.

Meaning of Communications & Communications Definition