Definition of Twitter:

  1. A series of calls or shorter, higher tones.

  2. Post posts on the Twitter social media application.

  3. A social networking site that allows users to post short messages that other users can see. These messages are called tweets and can be up to 140 characters long. Users find many different uses for Twitter, including basic communication between friends and family, the ability to post events, or as a customer relationship tool for communicating with companies' users. Twitter was founded in 2006 and has between 4 and 5 million users in 2008. After Facebook and MySpace, Twitter is the third most popular social networking site.

  4. Makes a connection (of birds) that consists of repeated vibrations of light.

Synonyms of Twitter

Jump, Embroilment, Moil, Trembling, Rout, Vibrate, Chirr, Disquietude, Clack, Unrestful, Excitement, Simper, Drum, Discomposure, Chirruping, Tremolo, Peeping, Tweet, To-do, Chorus, Call, Carol, Rattle, Chirp, Pitapat, Foofaraw, Pant, Snigger, Sing in chorus, Tweedle, Pitter-patter, Crow, Giggle, Bobble, Toss and turn, Dither, Trill, Tingle with excitement, Ballad, Trepidity, Peep, Nerviness, Tremble, Have the fidgets, Didder, Wriggle, Hurly-burly, Ragger, Psalm, Foment, Jitters, Snicker, Jigget, Chipper, Tweeting, Babble, Hubbub, Caw, Chip, Hymn, Quack, Brouhaha, Twittery, Trilling, Quaver, Gabble, Swell, Kidder, Chat, Quivering, Ebullition, Flusteration, Quiver, Whistle, Ado, Nervy, Fret, High-strung, Lather, Chitter, Bluster, Swell with emotion, Chitter, Bump, Shock, Wobble, Trepidation, Jostle, Warble, Intone, Chirping, Tumble, Cheeping, Warbling, Heaving, Twitteration, Disquiet, Fermentation, Chant, Throbbing, Jog, Spooky, Go pitapat, Titter, Heave, Pip, Cock-a-doodle-doo, Gobble, Conturbation, Chittering, Squawk, Turbidity, Jumpiness, Rictus, Solmizate, Fever, Scold, Gossip, Tizzy, Jaw, Disturbance, Fuss, Josher, Jounce, Chatter, Chaffer, Agitation, Commotion, Jittery, Flap, Trilling, Upset, Tingle, Pipe, Get high on, Jiggle, Run on, Squirm, Warbling, Sol-fa, Feverishness, Throb, Quake, Vocalize, Fluster, Flip out, Sing, Tweet, Shake, Descant, Seething, Shaking, Turmoil, Chuck, Chirp, Maelstrom, Tic, Glow, Cheep, Choir, Roil, Coo, Bounce, Quaking, Nervosity, Hoo, Jerk, Malaise, Do-re-mi, Chitter, Thrill to, Jumpy, Joggle, Jig, Honk, Gaggle, Unease, Peep, Boiling, Quavering, Perturbation, Tremor, Persifleur, Chirm, Flutter, Gas, Twitch, Banterer, Shiver, Unrest, Chirrup, Thrill, Prate, Cheep, Bobbery, Roll, Twist and turn, Row, Stew, Toss, Goosey, Fidgetiness, Pucker, Turn on to, Bustle, Disorder, Jar, Chatter, Ribber, Writhe, Falter, Restlessness, Freak out on, Flustered, Nervousness, Tumultuation, Troll, Chirping, Fidgets, Trill, Grimace, Bob, Anthem, Croak, Bother, Shakes, Churn, Inquietude, Jolt, Tumult, Tweedledee, Twit, Sing, Pother, Warble, Chirk, Seethe, Gab, Whirl, Jollyer, Flurry, Flustration, Peep, Warble, Hum, Roulade, Cuckoo, Trill, Shivers, Cronk, Swivet, Ferment, Intonate, Jactitate, Guggle, Have an ague, Croon, Chirrup, Cluck, Wiggle, Chirrup, Panting, Have the shakes, Lilt, Hustle, Cackle, Cheep, Tweet, Turbulence, Roaster, Prattle, Dithers, Chirp, Fume, Palpitation, Boil, Stir, Minstrel, Fidget, Palpitate, Serenade, Yodel, Shudder, Hoot, Fidgety, Flutteration, Swirl

How to use Twitter in a sentence?

  1. Many dynamic bloggers are currently tweeting more.
  2. It is pleasant and peaceful to hear the birds chirping and the river flowing.
  3. His words were interrupted by a weak electronic Twitter.

Meaning of Twitter & Twitter Definition