Definition of Paint:

  1. The rectangular area marked near the basket at each end of the court; the foul lane.

  2. A piebald horse.

  3. Solution or suspension (emulsion) of pigment, binder, and mineral solvent (or water) that on drying forms an adhering film on the surface it is applied for protection and/or decoration.

  4. Depict (someone or something) or produce (a picture) with paint.

  5. Display a mark representing (an aircraft or vehicle) on a radar screen.

  6. A colored substance which is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating.

  7. Cover the surface of (something) with paint, as decoration or protection.

Synonyms of Paint

Portray, Picture, Paint a picture of, Depict, Delineate, Draw, Sketch, Represent, Catch, Catch a likeness of, Colouring, Colourant, Tint, Dye, Stain, Pigment, Wash, Colour, Zanzibar copal, Adorn, Air brush, Anime, Apply, Apply paint, Array, Art paper, Base, Bay, Bayard, Bead, Beautify, Bedaub, Bedeck, Bedizen, Begild, Bejewel, Beribbon, Besmear, Bespangle, Blazon, Bring to life, Brush, Brush on paint, Buckskin, Calcimine, Calico pony, Camera lucida, Camera obscura, Canvas, Carouse, Cartoon, Catch a likeness, Chalk, Character, Characterize, Charcoal, Chart, Chestnut, Chromogen, Clown white, Coat, Coat of paint, Coating, Cold cream, Color, Color filter, Color gelatin, Colorant, Coloring, Colors, Compact, Complexion, Copal, Copaline, Copy, Cosmetics, Cover, Crayon, Crosshatch, Dab, Dandify, Dapple-gray, Dash off, Daub, Dead-color, Deck, Deck out, Decorate, Deep-dye, Delineate, Depict, Describe, Design, Diagram, Diamond, Dip, Distemper, Dizen, Doll up, Doodle, Double-dye, Draft, Draw, Drawing paper, Drawing pencil, Dress, Dress up, Drier, Drugstore complexion, Dun, Dye, Dyestuff, Easel, Elemi, Embellish, Emblazon, Embroider, Enamel, Engild, Engrave, Enrich, Evoke, Express, Exterior paint, Eye shadow, Eyebrow pencil, Face, Facing, Fast-dye, Feather, Fig out, Figure, Filigree, Film, Fix up, Fixative, Flag, Flat coat, Flat wash, Floor enamel, Flounce, Flower, Foundation, Foundation cream, Fresco, Fur, Furbish, Garland, Garnish, Gem, Gild, Gilding, Gilt, Give words to, Glaze, Gloss, Grace, Grain, Gray, Greasepaint, Grizzle, Ground, Gussy up, Hand cream, Hand lotion, Hatch, Hit off, Hue, Illuminate, Imbue, Ingrain, Interior paint, Japan, Jewel, Lac, Lacquer, Lay figure, Lay on color, Limn, Lip rouge, Lipstick, Live it up, Make merry, Make whoopee, Makeup, Map, Mascara, Maulstick, Medium, Mudpack, Nail polish, Notate, Oil paints, Oils, Opaque color, Ornament, Outline, Paint a picture, Paintbrush, Painted pony, Palette, Palette knife, Parget, Pastel, Pellicle, Pencil, Picture, Picturize, Piebald, Pigment, Pigments, Pinto, Plume, Portray, Powder, Powder puff, Prank, Prank up, Preen, Prettify, Prime, Prime coat, Primer, Priming, Primp, Primp up, Prink, Prink up, Print, Puff, Radium paint, Redecorate, Redo, Refurbish, Register, Render, Represent, Revel, Revetment, Ribbon, Roan, Rouge, Rub, Scale, Schematize, Scratch, Scratchboard, Scum, Scumble, Set forth, Set off, Set out, Shade, Shadow, Shellac, Show, Siccative, Sketch, Sketchbook, Sketchpad, Skewbald, Skin, Slop on paint, Smarten, Smarten up, Smear, Sorrel, Spangle, Spatula, Spray gun, Spruce up, Stain, Stencil, Step out, Stipple, Stump, Surface, Symbolize, Take a rubbing, Talcum, Talcum powder, Tempera, Thinner, Tinct, Tinction, Tincture, Tinge, Tinsel, Tint, Titivate, Tone, Trace, Trace out, Trace over, Transparent color, Trick out, Trick up, Trim, Turpentine, Turps, Undercoat, Undercoating, Vanishing cream, Vanity case, Varnish, Vehicle, Veneer, War paint, Wash, Wash coat, Whitewash, Whoop it up, Wreathe, Write, Colour, Apply paint to, Decorate, Tint, Dye, Stain, Distemper, Whitewash, Emulsion, Gloss, Spray, Spray-paint, Airbrush, Roller, Coat, Cover

How to use Paint in a sentence?

  1. We had a sign on our truck that said three guys that paint and it made us all laugh because we loved to reference stuff.
  2. I painted a woman sitting next to a table lamp.
  3. The ceiling was painted dark gray.
  4. You should shop around and look for the best price on any paint you need to buy for your business to save money.
  5. A paint mare.
  6. A can of paint.
  7. Sometimes waiting for a project to pan out can feel as slow as waiting for paint to dry but you must be patient.

Meaning of Paint & Paint Definition

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