Definition of Frustration:

  1. Undoing of a plan or project, or prevention of the performance of a contract, usually by events, occurrences, or forces beyond anyones control. In contracting, frustration is the result of force majeure.

Synonyms of Frustration

Ambivalence, Ambivalence of impulse, Annulment, Bafflement, Balk, Balking, Betrayed hope, Blasted expectation, Blighted hope, Blow, Buck-passing, Buffet, Cancellation, Check, Checkmate, Circumvention, Comedown, Conflict, Confounding, Confusion, Counterbalancing, Cruel disappointment, Dash, Dashed hope, Decompensation, Defeat, Disappointment, Discomfiture, Disconcertion, Disillusionment, Dissatisfaction, Elusion, Emotional shock, Evasion, External frustration, Failure, Fallen countenance, Fiasco, Fizzle, Foil, Foiling, Forlorn hope, Getting around, Getting round, Hope deferred, Invalidation, Letdown, Mental shock, Mirage, Neutralization, Nullification, Offsetting, Outguessing, Outmaneuvering, Outwitting, Passing the buck, Psychological stress, Rebuff, Repulse, Reversal, Reverse, Rout, Setback, Sore disappointment, Stress, Tantalization, Tease, The runaround, The slip, Thwarting, Trauma, Traumatism, Undoing, Upset, Vitiation, Voiding

Meaning of Frustration & Frustration Definition