Definition of Broadcasting:

  1. Transmission of programs or information via radio or television.

  2. Send messages or banners to large areas (or all connected devices) without a specific target. Unlike limited broadcasts, broadcasters use a rifle approach to disseminate information. See also Multicast and Unicast.

Synonyms of Broadcasting

Strewing, Mixing, Peppering, Resetting, Federal Communications Commission, Diffraction, Publication, Periodical, Reforestation, Issue, Evaporation, Splay, Circulation, Book, Retimbering, Spreading abroad, Vestigial transmission, Tone control, Radiobroadcasting, FCC, Diffusion, Volume control, Distribution, Semination, Attenuation, Expansion, Setting, Dissemination, Spreading, Promulgation, Volatilization, Insemination, Bruiting about, Radiation, Planting, Scatterment, Bruiting, Broadcast, Dilution, Scattering, Publishing, Shotgun pattern, Bandying, Sprinkling, Dissipation, Spread, Fade-out, Ventilation, Standard broadcasting, Divergence, Seeding, FM broadcasting, Evulgation, Airing, Issuance, Spattering, Transmission, Fragmentation, Dispersion, Telecasting, Transplantation, Dispensation, Circumfusion, Propagation, Sowing, Display, Printing, Dispersal

How to use Broadcasting in a sentence?

  1. Advertising managers show potential customers how they can increase their sales and profits faster by using a good broadcast program.
  2. He is great on the radio and we always watch the games he plays every day.
  3. As soon as my new HD capture device and software is sent via email via Amazon, I'll start streaming on

Meaning of Broadcasting & Broadcasting Definition

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