Definition of Cover:

  1. A recording or performance of a previously recorded song made especially to take advantage of the originals success.

  2. Finance: Ability to service debt obligations out of an income or cash flow.

  3. Play a higher card on (a high card) in a trick.

  4. (of a sum of money) be enough to pay (a bill or cost).

  5. (of a male animal, especially a stallion) copulate with (a female animal), especially as part of a commercial transaction between the owners of the animals.

  6. Short for cover charge.

  7. Securities trading: Amount of the net asset value underlying a stock or bond issue.

  8. Extend over (an area).

  9. Record or perform a new version of (a song) originally performed by someone else.

  10. Futures trading: To buy back a contract sold earlier.

  11. A thing which lies on, over, or around something, especially in order to protect or conceal it.

  12. Aim a gun at (someone) in order to prevent them from moving or escaping.

  13. Put something on top of or in front of (something), especially in order to protect or conceal it.

  14. Physical shelter or protection sought by people in danger.

  15. A place setting at a table in a restaurant.

  16. Disguise the sound or fact of (something) with another sound or action.

  17. Cover can also be used without context to simply mean the act of protecting overall portfolio value, as in providing cover against market volatility.

  18. Insurance: Contract of insurance (insurance policy).

  19. Deal with (a subject) by describing or analyzing its most important aspects or events.

  20. The term cover in the context of finance is used to refer to any number of actions that reduce an investor’s exposure. The term cover is different from coverage, which, in the world of finance, refers to insurance coverage in addition to referring to the financial ratios that measure a company's margin of safety in servicing its debt and making dividend payments.

Synonyms of Cover

Offset, Counterbalance, Balance, Cancel out, Make up for, Pay back, Pay, Pay for, Be enough for, Fund, Finance, Make up, Have enough money for, Provide for, Mask, Disguise, Obscure, Hide, Stop something being overheard, Muffle, Stifle, Smother, Extend, Spread, Continue, Range, Unfold, Unroll, Be unbroken, Sleeve, Wrapping, Wrapper, Covering, Envelope, Sheath, Sheathing, Housing, Jacket, Casing, Cowling, American plan, European plan, Smyth sewing, A la carte, Abri, Account for, Accouple, Accumulate, Act, Admit, Afghan, Agglutinate, Air cover, Air raid, Air support, Air-raid shelter, Alibi, Altar carpet, Altar cloth, Alternate, Amass, Ante, Ante up, Antepast, Antimacassar, Apology, Apply paint, Apply to, Arm, Armor, Articulate, Assemble, Assimilate, Associate, Asylum, Atone, Attire, Awning, Back, Backing, Baldachin, Ball, Band, Bang, Bar, Barricade, Batten, Batten down, Be gravid, Be intimate, Be knocked up, Be pregnant, Be with child, Beach umbrella, Becloud, Bed linen, Bedaub, Bedclothes, Bedcover, Bedding, Bedizen, Bedsheet, Bedspread, Befog, Begild, Besmear, Bespread, Bet, Bet on, Bibliopegy, Bind, Binder board, Binding, Blanket, Bless, Blind, Block, Block up, Blockade, Boards, Boil, Bolt-hole, Bomb shelter, Bombing, Bombproof, Bond, Book cloth, Book cover, Book jacket, Bookbinding, Bookcase, Bracket, Breed, Bridge, Bridge over, Broil, Brood, Brush on paint, Buffalo robe, Bulwark, Bung, Bunker, Bury, Button, Button up, Cache, Calcimine, Call, Camouflage, Canopy, Cap, Carpet, Carry, Carry young, Case, Casemaking, Casing-in, Casserole, Caulk, Cave, Cement, Centerpiece, Cerecloth, Cerement, Chain, Champion, Chink, Choke, Choke off, Choke up, Chrismal, Ciborium, Clap, Clap together, Cloak, Clock, Clog, Clog up, Close, Close up, Cloth, Clothe, Clothes, Cloud, Coat, Cohabit, Collating, Collating mark, Collect, Color, Combine, Come together, Comfort, Comforter, Command, Commit adultery, Compass about, Compensate, Compensate for, Complete, Complexion, Comprehend, Comprise, Concatenate, Conceal, Concealment, Congest, Conglobulate, Conjoin, Conjugate, Connect, Constipate, Constrict, Contain, Contour sheet, Contract, Cope, Copulate, Copyright, Cork, Corner, Corporal, Count in, Counter, Counterbalance, Counterpane, Couple, Course, Couvert, Cover charge, Cover story, Cover up, Cover-up, Coverage, Covering, Coverlet, Coverlid, Covers, Covert, Coverture, Cowl, Cowling, Cozy, Cranny, Cross, Crown, Cubby, Cubbyhole, Culinary masterpiece, Culinary preparation, Curtain, Cushion, Cyclone cellar, Dab, Dam, Dam up, Dark corner, Daub, Deal with, Deck, Deep-dye, Defend, Defense, Defray, Den, Dessert, Device, Diddle, Dip, Disguise, Dish, Dissemble, Distemper, Distract attention from, Ditch, Do, Do a hitch, Do a stint, Do a tour, Do penance, Do time, Doily, Dossal, Double, Double-dye, Drape, Drapery, Draw the curtains, Dress, Dry run, Dugout, Dust cover, Dust jacket, Dye, Earth, Eclipse, Eiderdown, Emblazon, Embody, Embrace, Enamel, Encircle, Enclose, Encompass, Enfold, Engild, Engulf, Enlist, Ensconce, Enshroud, Ensure, Entree, Entremets, Envelop, Environ, Envisage, Excuse, Expiate, Extend, Extend over, Eye, Facade, Face, Fade, Fallout shelter, False front, Fanon, Fast-dye, Fasten, Feint, Fence, Fend, Fill, Fill in, Fill in for, Fill out, Fill up, Film, Fingerstall, Fitted sheet, Floor, Floor covering, Flooring, Fold, Fold up, Folding, Footband, Fornicate, Foul, Foxhole, Fresco, Frig, Front, Fry, Funk hole, Gamble, Garb, Gather, Gathering, Gestate, Gild, Give and take, Glaze, Gloss, Gloss over, Glue, Gluing-off, Go, Go out, Go over, Grain, Grill, Ground, Grow over, Guarantee, Guard, Guise, Handle, Hanging, Harbor, Harborage, Hard binding, Hatch, Have a go, Have sex, Have sexual relations, Have tenure, Haven, Hazard, Headband, Help, Helping, Hide, Hideaway, Hideout, Hidey hole, Hiding, Hiding place, Hold, Hold office, Hole, Hood, Housing, Hue, Illuminate, Imbue, Include, Incorporate, Incubate, Indemnify, Ingrain, Insure, Inundate, Jacket, Jalousie, Jam, Japan, Join, Keep, Keep a watch, Keep from harm, Keep under cover, Key, Knot, Lacquer, Lair, Lame excuse, Lap robe, Latch, Lay, Lay a wager, Lay down, Lay on, Lay on color, Lay over, Lay together, Layer, League, Lee, Library binding, Lid, Lie, Lie on, Lie with, Light shield, Linen, Lining, Lining-up, Link, Lock, Lock out, Lock up, Locus standi, Lump together, Main dish, Make a bet, Make amends, Make compensation, Make good, Make it with, Make love, Make out, Make safe, Make up for, Mantle, Marquee, Marquise, Marry, Marshal, Mask, Masquerade, Mass, Mate, Measure, Mechanical binding, Meet a bet, Merge, Milk run, Mission, Mobilize, Mount, Muffle, Nestle, Niche, Niggerhead, Nook, Number among, Obduce, Obfuscate, Obscure, Obstipate, Obstruct, Occlude, Occult, Occupy, Offset, Operculum, Ordinary, Ostensible motive, Overcast, Overgrow, Overlay, Overlie, Overpass, Overshadow, Overspread, Pack, Padlock, Paint, Pair, Pall, Parasol, Parget, Parlay, Parquet, Pass, Pass over, Pass through, Patchwork quilt, Patent, Patrol, Pave, Pavement, Pavilion, Paving, Pay back, Perambulate, Peregrinate, Pererrate, Perfect binding, Piece together, Pigment, Pillow slip, Pillowcase, Place, Plastic binding, Plate, Play against, Pledget, Plug, Plug up, Plumb, Plunge, Ply, Police, Poor excuse, Port, Portion, Preservation, Pretense, Pretension, Pretext, Prime, Protect, Protection, Protective custody, Protestation, Provide for, Public motive, Punt, Purdah, Put on, Put together, Put-off, Put-on, Quilt, Range, Range over, Re-up, Reach, Reach out, Receive, Recess, Reckon among, Reckon in, Reckon with, Recompense, Reconnaissance, Reconnaissance mission, Reconnoiter, Rectify, Reenlist, Refuge, Register, Relieve, Repay, Retaliate, Retreat, Ride shotgun for, Roast, Robe, Roll into one, Rounding, Rug, Run, Run riot, Saddle stitching, Safeguard, Safekeeping, Safety, Safety zone, Sanctuary, Scarf, Scour, Scour the country, Scout, Scramble, Screen, Screw, Scum, Seal, Seal off, Seal up, Second helping, Secret place, Secrete, Secure, Security, See, Self-service, Semblance, Serve, Serve time, Service, Serving, Set, Set right, Sewing, Shade, Shader, Shadow, Sham, Sheathe, Sheet, Sheeting, Shellac, Shelter, Shield, Show, Shroud, Shut, Shut the door, Shut up, Shutter, Shuttle raid, Side dish, Side sewing, Sign up, Signature, Sit, Sit in, Slam, Sleep with, Slip, Slipcase, Slipcover, Slop on paint, Slur over, Smashing, Smear, Smoke screen, Snap, Soft binding, Solder, Sortie, Span, Spell, Spell off, Spile, Spiral binding, Splice, Spread, Spread over, Squeeze shut, Stain, Stake, Stalking-horse, Stamping, Stanch, Stand in, Stand pat, Stapling, Stash, Stay, Stench, Stick together, Stipple, Stop, Stop up, Stopper, Stopple, Storm cave, Storm cellar, Straddle, Strafing, Strangle, Stratagem, Stretch, Stretch out, Stuff, Stuff up, Submerge, Substitute, Subterfuge, Sunblind, Sunshade, Superimpose, Superpose, Surfacing, Surround, Swaddle, Swarm over, Sweep, Tablecloth, Tailband, Take charge, Take in, Take into account, Take into consideration, Take over, Take turns, Take up, Tape, Tarpaulin, Teem over, Terra firma, Tester, Thrust out, Tidy, Tie, Time off, Tinct, Tincture, Tinge, Tint, Tipping, Tone, Top, Track, Training mission, Transit, Travel, Travel over, Travel through, Traverse, Trench, Trick, Trimming, Umbrella, Undercoat, Undercovert, Underwrite, Unify, Unite, Varnish, Veil, Veiling, Venetian blind, Vestment, Voyage, Wager, Wash, Watchful eye, Weld, Whitewash, Window shade, Wire stitching, Wrap, Wrapper, Wraps, Yoke, Zip up, Zipper, Put something on top of, Place something over, Place under cover, Shelter, Protection, Refuge, Hiding, Concealment, Housing, Sanctuary

How to use Cover in a sentence?

  1. The band played covers of Beatles songs.
  2. The sirens wailed and people ran for cover.
  3. I still liked going into stores and buying the CD of the band because I really liked cover art and the band I liked had some of the best.
  4. In the world of finance, cover is the act of reducing exposure in investing, by taking an action that limits a liability or obligation.
  5. A working stallion who has covered forty mares this season.
  6. The busiest time is in summer, with up to a thousand covers for three meals a day.
  7. The grounds covered eight acres.
  8. A sequence of novels that will cover the period from 1968 to the present.
  9. Other artists who have covered the song include U2.
  10. The ploy will fail if the ten is covered.
  11. Covering is different than closing a position, in that with covering, an investor might choose to keep a position open, but just have enough stock on hand to compensate for any risk.
  12. You must be able to cover all that you owe or else you may get a bad credit rating affecting your future borrowing power.
  13. There are grants to cover the cost of materials for loft insulation.
  14. A seat cover.
  15. We were able to cover any potential losses in the agreement which is exactly what our business partners needed to hear.
  16. Louise laughed to cover her embarrassment.
  17. She raised her gun to cover Klift.
  18. The table had been covered with a checked tablecloth.
  19. Often, the way an investor limits liability is by placing an offsetting trade that counters the potential risk of one already placed.

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Cover means,

  1. The definition of Cover is: (1) Insurance contract. (2) Get insurance. (3) Included in insurance coverage.

  2. Insurance coverage if you agree to pay cash in the event of an incident, such as: B pets being injured or property damaged.

  3. A simple definition of Cover is: Scope of insurance contract protection.

  4. Meaning of Cover: to ensure.

Meanings of Cover

  1. Put something in front of (something) or in front of it, especially to save or hide it.

  2. Scattered (one area)

  3. Cover (a title) by describing or analyzing its main features or events.

  4. (Amount of money) will suffice (receipt or expenses)

  5. Hiding a sound or action (something) with another sound or action.

  6. The purpose of a gun is to prevent someone from moving or fleeing.

  7. Record or play a new song (s) that was originally played by someone else

  8. Interacting with (female animals, especially by Stalinists), especially in the context of commercial transactions between animal owners

  9. Play one high card in one round.

  10. Something that sits on top of, or around, something specifically to protect or hide it.

  11. Physical protection or protection sought by people at risk.

  12. Recording or performance of previously recorded songs to increase the success of the original song.

  13. Place it on a restaurant table.

  14. Summary for protection fee

Sentences of Cover

  1. The table is covered with a checkered tablecloth.

  2. 8 hectares of land

  3. A series of novels from 1968 to the present

  4. Subsidies are provided to cover the cost of roof insulation materials.

  5. Louise laughed to hide her embarrassment.

  6. He took up arms to cover Clift

Synonyms of Cover

camouflage , bark , fig leaf , semblance , coverlet , wrapper , case , disguise , put-on , dress , shroud , drop , varnish , binding , facade , caparison , smoke screen , marquee , clothing , screen , front , hood , tegument , stopper , wraps , canopy


What is Cover?

  1. The definition of Cover is: (1) Insurance contract (2) Take insurance. (3) Included in insurance coverage.

  2. Insurance coverage if you agree to pay cash in the event of certain events, such as: B. Pets are injured or property is damaged.

Meanings of Cover

  1. Put (something) in or in front of it, especially to protect or hide it.

  2. Extender (one area)

  3. Deals with (topics), explains or analyzes critical aspects or events.

  4. (One amount) will be enough to pay (fee).

  5. Obscuring a sound or reality (something) with another sound or action.

  6. Aim at (someone's) gun to prevent it from moving forward or fleeing.

  7. To have sex with (male animals, especially Stalin) (females).

  8. Anything that is inside or around an object, especially to protect or hide it.

  9. Protection or protection is sought for people at risk.

  10. Liability, loss or accident insurance coverage.

  11. Recording or performing songs previously recorded by other artists.

Sentences of Cover

  1. A series of novels covering the period from 1968 to the present.

  2. Subsidies are provided to cover the cost of roofing insulation equipment.

  3. Louise smiled to hide her embarrassment.

  4. He picked up a weapon to cover Clift.

  5. Another artist who covered the song is U2.

  6. A hardworking horse that has raised 40 horses this season.

  7. The siren sounded and we ran for our safety.

  8. Your policy covers loss due to closure.

Synonyms of Cover

dusting, blot out, indemnity, embed, deposit, immerse, skin, skim, insurance, swathe, indemnification, tuck, house, defence, crust, thickness, topping, assurance, sink, veneer, surface, coating


What is The Definition of Cover?

Insurer protection if you agree to pay cash in the event of certain incidents, such as: B. Pets are injured or property is damaged.

Meanings of Cover

  1. Put something on or in front of (something), especially to protect or hide it.

  2. Extender (an area).

  3. Dealing with (topics), describing or analyzing the most important aspects or events.

  4. Obscure a sound or reality (something) with another sound or action.

  5. Associating with (male animals, especially Stalins) (females).

  6. Play high card (high card) in one round.

  7. Anything that is inside, on or around an object, especially to protect or hide it.

  8. Attempts are made to protect or protect people at risk.

Sentences of Cover

  1. Subsidies are provided to cover the cost of roofing insulation materials.

  2. Tactics will fail when ten is covered.

  3. The siren rang and we ran for our lives.

  4. The band plays Beatles songs.

  5. Summer uptime with 1,000 blankets three times a day