Definition of Association:

  1. Gathering of people for a common cause or purpose.

  2. Relationship between two data items where one is dependent on, or causes, the other.

Synonyms of Association

Anschluss, British Cabinet, Sanhedrin, US Cabinet, Accompaniment, Accord, Accordance, Addition, Adjunct, Advisory body, Affairs, Affiliation, Affinity, Agglomeration, Aggregation, Agreement, Alignment, Alliance, Amalgamation, Approximation, Assemblage, Assembly, Assimilation, Association by contiguity, Association of ideas, Bench, Blend, Blending, Board, Body of advisers, Bond, Bonding, Borough council, Brain trust, Cabal, Cabinet, Cahoots, Camaraderie, Camarilla, Cartel, Centralization, Chain of thought, Chamber, City council, Clang association, Closeness, Co-working, Coaction, Coadunation, Coalescence, Coalition, Cochairmanship, Coincidence, Collaboration, Colleagueship, Collectivity, Collegialism, Collegiality, Collusion, Combination, Combine, Combined effort, Combo, Common council, Community, Companionship, Company, Complicity, Composition, Comradeship, Concert, Concerted action, Concomitance, Concordance, Concourse, Concurrence, Condominium, Confederacy, Confederation, Conference, Confluence, Confraternity, Congeries, Conglomeration, Congress, Conjugation, Conjunction, Connectedness, Connection, Consilience, Consociation, Consolidation, Consortium, Consortship, Conspiracy, Consultative assembly, Contiguity, Contrariety, Contribution, Controlled association, Cooperation, Cooperative, Copartnership, Copartnery, Correspondence, Cotenancy, Council, Council fire, Council of ministers, Council of state, Council of war, County council, Court, Current of thought, Dealings, Deduction, Deliberative assembly, Diet, Directory, Disjunction, Divan, Ecumenism, Embodiment, Encompassment, Engagement, Enosis, Federalization, Federation, Fellowship, Filiation, Flow of thought, Fraternalism, Fraternity, Fraternization, Free association, Freemasonry, Friendship, Fusion, Group, Guild, Having a part, Homology, Hookup, Identification, Inclusion, Incorporation, Inmost thoughts, Integration, Intercourse, Intimacy, Involvement, Joining, Joint chairmanship, Joint control, Joint ownership, Joint tenancy, Junction, Junta, Kitchen cabinet, League, Legislature, Liaison, Link, Linkage, Linking, Marriage, Meld, Melding, Membership, Mental linking, Merger, Mutual attraction, Nearness, Negative transference, Organization, Package, Package deal, Pairing, Parasitism, Parish council, Partaking, Participation, Partnership, Positive transference, Privy council, Propinquity, Proximity, Rapport, Relatedness, Relation, Relations, Relationship, Saprophytism, Secret thoughts, Sharing, Similarity, Simultaneity, Social circle, Social class, Society, Sodality, Solidification, Sorority, Soviet, Staff, Stream of consciousness, Suffrage, Symbiosis, Sympathy, Synchronism, Syncretism, Syndicate, Syndication, Syneresis, Synergy, Synesthesia, Synod, Synthesis, Thoughts, Tie, Tie-in, Tie-up, Train of thought, Transference, Tribunal, Unification, Union, United action, Voting, Wedding

How to use Association in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes a few businesses may create an association if they think teaming up can lead to greater profits for them.
  2. Finding themselves in an unfamiliar culture, recent immigrants commonly gather into an association for mutual support, for advice from older immigrants, and social interaction.
  3. Having a good association at the top of your company will allow you to handle most any problems that arise.

Meaning of Association & Association Definition