Definition of Draft:

  1. The act or process of attracting something, especially a vehicle or agricultural implement.

  2. Freight: (1) The vertical distance between the ship's watt line and the lowest point of the nail. (2) The depth of water in which a ship sinks depends on the load. Maximum draft (also called deep freight) occurs when a ship lands on the pimple line. Most boats have parallel horizontal lines on each side of the bow (bow) and hard (hard) to mark each leg of the air flow. It is also written as a draft.

  3. Refers to beer or other beverages that are stored and served in watts or tanks, not in bottles or cans.

  4. It refers to an animal that is accustomed to pulling heavy loads

  5. Written orders to pay a fixed amount by check.

  6. Negotiation: An exchange bill, a payment order that pays a certain amount directly from one party (drawers) to another (drawers) to a third party (recipient) or before a certain date (in the case of drawing requests). Is written to (In case of hourly draft) If documents and / or boarding passes are submitted, it is called a draft document without this document, a clear draft. Also known as draft alternatives.

  7. Recruitment

  8. Cool air flow in a room or other narrow space.

  9. Take advantage of reduced wind resistance when approaching other vehicles.

  10. Initial version of the letter

  11. A fishing fish suffocated.

  12. Drinking or breathing alone

  13. Photos or pictures

  14. Select (single person or group of people) and take them somewhere for a specific purpose.

  15. The depth of water that the boat needs to swim.

  16. Prepare a draft (document).

Synonyms of Draft

Current, Picturize, Jigger, Bag, Quaff, Contrive, Arrangement, Crosshatch, Written music, Charcoal drawing, Type, Play, Literary artefact, Current of air, Rough draft, Songster, Duty, Tractive, Rough outline, Brief, Rough sketch, Requisition, Siphon off, Topical outline, Dram, Indraft, Delineation, Lap, Paper, Slurp, Enrollee, Crayon, Short score, Black and white, Concoct, Abbreviation, Heavy demand, Compulsory military service, Call, Drafting, Matter, Time draft, Enroll, Insistent demand, Rough in, Pattern, First draft, Doodle, Submersion, Blueprint, Abridgment, Extraction, Draw from, Conspectus, Write, Penscript, Portion, Script, Note, Chiaroscuro, Towage, Trainee, Copy, Snort, Levy, Draw up, Plot, Prospectus, Fix, Brainchild, Recruiting, Bank check, Draw off, Nonnegotiable demand, Notice, CD, Orchestral score, Siphon, Silver-print drawing, Peg, Phlebotomize, Tracing, Exchequer bill, Crosscurrent, Cheque, Mainlining, Heave, Inductee, Boot, Holograph, Reading matter, Narcotic shot, Record, Manufacture, Call for, Graph, Projection, Literature, Make, Screed, Scrip, Limn, Paint a picture, Skeleton, Composition, Make out, Exhaust, Lucubration, Drafted man, Engross, Dropping, Compose, Postal order, Ground plan, Induct, Summon, Pull, Mobilization, Attraction, Scroll, Rush, Instrumental score, Scumble, The written word, Enface, Due bill, Submergence, Transcript, Write down, Pen-and-ink, Color, Detach, Form, Promissory note, Music roll, Press, Songbook, Part, Swill, Pencil, Tribute, Call up, Draw, Transcribe, Head wind, Printout, Finished version, Shade, Time bill, Heaving, Letter of credit, Chalk out, Summons, Abrege, Debenture, Demand draft, Sight bill, Hymnbook, Trade acceptance, Sight draft, Silhouette, Following wind, Recruitment, Suck out, Sinkage, Fall wind, Inhalation, Drayage, Trace, Undercurrent, Acceptance bill, Wind, Bleed, Popping, Acceptance, Extortion, Nonfiction, Updraft, Monsoon, Taxing, Voucher, Jetstream, Production, Draft off, Pump out, Hatch, Booster dose, Induction, Hit, Forge, Katabatic wind, Document, Synopsis, Haul, Plan, Tablature, Inscribe, Piece, Tugging, Adumbrate, Ultimatum, Contribution, Devise, Deck, Round of drinks, Working drawing, Literary production, Libation, Downdraft, Pandect, MO, Drawing, Muster in, Piano score, Snifter, Blank check, Edition, Drug packet, Certificate of deposit, Tug, Brouillon, Shape, Shot, Figure, Edit, Overdose, Skin-popping, Make a recension, Pencil drawing, Characterize, Let blood, Beverage, Detach for service, Esquisse, Scrive, Inrush, Daub, Spoil paper, Sign on, Gargle, Chalk, Charcoal, Thumbnail sketch, Tot, Drink, Paint, Demand for, Gulp, Money order, Sign up, Invent, Lute tablature, Traction, Mobilize, Sheet music, Drain, Delineate, Overview, Rough out, Demand bill, Diagram, Movement of air, Typescript, Blackmail, Final draft, Superscribe, Pump, Impress, List, Musical notation, Conscription, Musical score, Certified check, Music, Tug-of-war, Conscript, Condensation, Elevation, Booster, Printed matter, Original, Swig, Warrant, Scratch, Wet, Pen, Tint, Impost, Booster shot, Opera, Abstract, Parchment, Commandeer, Edited version, Fair copy, Letter, Raise, Epitome, Line, Flow of air, Hymnal, Poem, Displacement, Chart, Check, Bang, Libretto, Stream, Order, Strain, Sketch, Negotiable instrument, Broach, Venesect, Drench, Stencil, Table, Hauling, Precis, Piece of writing, Bill of exchange, Requirement, Engrossment, Head, Jolt, Score, Essay, Drag, Shortened version, Tenderfoot, Computer printout, Fabricate, Compend, Rewrite, Literae scriptae, Rough copy, Bill, Text, Air current, Indent, Sip, Design, Put in writing, Music paper, Selectee, Push the pen, IOU, Article, Block in, Notation, Pastel, Rush order, Treasury bill, Pulling, Cartoon, Extortionate demand, Certificate, Revise, Suck, Raw recruit, Capsule, Spot, Rubric, Tractive power, Imposition, Rookie, Note of hand, Recruit, Exaction, Flimsy, Vocal score, Bill of draft, Vignette, Commercial paper, Haulage, House plan, Checkbook, Copy out, Empty, Fiction, Portray, Demand, Survey, Potion, Opera score, Let out, Digest, Bank acceptance, Syllabus, Join, Recense, Manuscript, Lug, Project, Tap, Opus, Impressment, Sup, Draft call, Fashion, Block out, Write out, Ebauche, Enrollment, Version, Muster, Pulling power, Autograph, Rough, Selective service, Enlistment, Recension, Towing, Round, Enlist, Milk, Profile, Picture, Inspiration, Claim, Review, Drop, Dash off, Draftee, Spill ink, Tax, Scribe, Stream of air, Line drawing, Call-up, Pipette, Writing, Injection, Depict, Work, Guzzle, Condensed version, Transcription, Bumper, Prepare, Let, Nip, Potation, Enlistee, Ichnography, Inflow, Formulate, Study, Tail wind, Sinopia, Outline, Decant, Dose, Abbreviature, Warning, Frame

How to use Draft in a sentence?

  1. The first draft of the party's manifesto.
  2. When a ship has a long journey ahead of you, you should make sure that it can carry its own luggage and not too much luggage.
  3. The project targeted 25 million men.
  4. The engineers misunderstood the project and the big tanker went into the water and the captain sent a signal to reduce the pressure.
  5. The ship's captain was concerned about the design when he found out that the cargo he was carrying was too heavy.

Meaning of Draft & Draft Definition