Definition of Drawing:

  1. An instance of selecting the winner or winners in a lottery or raffle.

  2. Graphic illustration of geometry, dimensions, layout, location, and design of an arrangement, building, circuit, component, product, etc. Also called line drawing.

  3. A picture or diagram made with a pencil, pen, or crayon rather than paint.

  4. Process of pulling a metal bar, rod, or wire through the hole of a die to alter its finish, shape, size, and/or mechanical properties.

Synonyms of Drawing

Adductive, Alluring, Alphabet, Appealing, Art, Aspiration, Attracting, Attraction, Attractive, Attrahent, Avulsion, Bewitching, Bingo, Black and white, Bleeding, Bloodletting, Blueprint, Broaching, Brouillon, Captivating, Cartoon, Charactering, Characterization, Charcoal, Charcoal drawing, Charming, Chart, Chiaroscuro, Choreography, Class lottery, Composition, Conventional representation, Copy, Crayon, Cupping, Cutting out, Dance notation, Delineation, Demonstration, Depiction, Depictment, Deracination, Design, Diagram, Disentanglement, Doodle, Draft, Draft lottery, Drafting, Dragging, Drainage, Draining, Drama, Drawing out, Drayage, Dredging, Drilling, Ebauche, Elevation, Emptying, Enchanting, Enucleation, Eradication, Esquisse, Evolvement, Evulsion, Excavation, Excision, Exemplification, Expression, Exsection, Extirpation, Extraction, Extrication, Fascinating, Figuration, Figure, Grab bag, Graph, Graphic artist, Graphic arts, Graphics, Ground plan, Haulage, Hauling, Heaving, Hieroglyphic, House plan, Ichnography, Iconography, Ideogram, Illustration, Imagery, Imaging, Interest lottery, Keno, Letter, Limning, Line drawing, Logogram, Logograph, Lottery, Lotto, Magnetic, Magnetized, Map, Milking, Mining, Monochrome, Musical notation, Notation, Number lottery, Numbers pool, Outline, Painting, Pastel, Pattern, Pen-and-ink, Pencil drawing, Phlebotomy, Photography, Pictogram, Picture, Picturization, Pipetting, Plan, Plot, Portraiture, Portrayal, Prefigurement, Presentment, Pressing out, Printing, Printmaking, Profile, Projection, Pull, Pulling, Pulling power, Pumping, Quarrying, Raffle, Realization, Relief-carving, Removal, Rendering, Rendition, Representation, Ripping out, Rough, Rough copy, Rough draft, Rough outline, Schema, Score, Script, Silhouette, Silver-print drawing, Sinopia, Siphoning, Skeleton, Sketch, Sketching, Squeezing out, Study, Sucking, Suction, Sweep, Sweepstake, Sweepstakes, Syllabary, Symbol, Sympathetic, Tablature, Table, Tapping, Tombola, Tontine, Towage, Towing, Tracing, Traction, Tractive, Tractive power, Tug-of-war, Tugging, Unrooting, Uprooting, Venesection, Vignette, Withdrawal, Working drawing, Wresting out, Writing, Sketch, Picture, Illustration, Representation, Portrayal, Delineation, Depiction, Composition, Study, Diagram, Outline, Design, Plan, Artists impression

How to use Drawing in a sentence?

  1. Crowdsourcing verification for the architecture drawing s has saved us thousands of dollars in wages, and the results are more precise!.
  2. My friend was drawing a picture in the other room, so I went in there to see what it was and how he was doing.
  3. You may want to try to market your product with a drawing if you know of a really qualified artist that can create what you want.

Meaning of Drawing & Drawing Definition