Definition of Engagement:

  1. Banking: Assumption of payment responsibility by an advising bank in reference to a letter of credit.

  2. A formal agreement to get married.

  3. Employment: Part or full-time involvement as an advisor, consultant, or employee.

  4. General: Accord, covenant, or promise involving mutual obligations.

  5. A fight or battle between armed forces.

  6. An arrangement to do something or go somewhere at a fixed time.

  7. The action of engaging or being engaged.

Synonyms of Engagement

Olympic games, Olympics, Absorbed attention, Absorption, Action, Affair, Affiance, Agreement, Allurement, Alternation, Application, Appointment, Arrangement, Assignation, Association, Attempt, Banns, Banns of matrimony, Bargain, Battle, Berth, Bespeaking, Betrothal, Betrothing, Betrothment, Billet, Blandishment, Blind date, Booking, Borscht circuit, Bout, Briefing, Business, Cajolement, Cajolery, Circuit, Coaction, Coaxing, Cochairmanship, Combat, Commission, Commitment, Complementary distribution, Complicity, Concentration, Concours, Concurrence, Condominium, Conflict, Conning, Contemplation, Contest, Contract, Contribution, Cooperation, Copartnership, Copartnery, Cotenancy, Covenant, Date, Deal, Deep study, Deep thought, Derby, Double date, Effort, Embarrassment, Employment, Encounter, Engagement book, Engaging, Engrossment, Enlistment, Enmeshment, Entanglement, Enterprise, Espousal, Exhortation, Fight, Game, Games, Get-together, Gig, Go, Gymkhana, Handfasting, Having a part, Hiring, Hortation, Immersion, Implication, Inclusion, Incumbency, Inducement, Intentness, Interaction, Interchange, Intercommunication, Intercourse, Interlacing, Intermeshing, Interplay, Intertwining, Interview, Interweaving, Interworking, Invitation, Involution, Involvement, Jawboning, Job, Joint chairmanship, Joint control, Joint ownership, Joint tenancy, Joust, Lobbying, Marriage contract, Marriage proposal, Match, Matching, Meditation, Meet, Meeting, Mesh, Meshing, Monomania, Moonlighting, Obligation, Obsession, Offer of marriage, Office, Opening, Operation, Partaking, Participation, Partnership, Persuasion, Place, Plan, Playing engagement, Pledge, Plight, Plighted faith, Plighted troth, Position, Post, Preaching, Preachment, Preengagement, Preoccupation, Profound thought, Program, Project, Promise, Proposal, Proposition, Quid pro quo, Rally, Rapt attention, Recognizance, Relation, Rencontre, Rendezvous, Reservation, Retainment, Run, Sales talk, Salesmanship, Second job, Seesaw, Selling, Service, Sharing, Single-mindedness, Situation, Snow job, Soft soap, Solicitation, Spot, Stand, Station, Studiousness, Study, Suasion, Submersion, Suffrage, Sweet talk, Taking on, Task, Tenure, Test, Tilt, Tit for tat, Tour, Tournament, Tourney, Trial, Troth, Tryst, Understanding, Undertaking, Vacancy, Vaudeville circuit, Venture, Verbal agreement, Visit, Voting, Wheedling, Word, Work, Working on, Battle, Fight, Clash, Confrontation, Encounter, Conflict, Struggle, Skirmish, Dogfight, Affray, Attack, Assault, Offensive, Betrothal, Betrothment, Marriage contract, Appointment, Arrangement, Commitment, Meeting, Tweetup, Interview, Consultation, Session, Participation, Participating, Taking part, Sharing, Partaking, Involvement, Association

How to use Engagement in a sentence?

  1. When you apply for a job, it is often said one is seeking an engagement with the company or place of work.
  2. Sometimes in a business engagement you may have to take on something you really dont want to do if you think it can help out later.
  3. The couple decided to get married and the groom to be gave his soon to be wife the biggest engagement ring he could afford.
  4. Britains continued engagement in open trading.
  5. The wars most significant engagements were fought to keep these sea lanes open.
  6. A dinner engagement.
  7. Shed broken off her engagement to Paul.

Meaning of Engagement & Engagement Definition