Definition of Publisher:

  1. A person or company that prepares and issues books, journals, music, or other works for sale.

  2. Individual or corporation responsible for the printing and distribution of digital or printed publications. Publishers also handle the marketing efforts for the publications and usually are not the creator of the material. Publishers simply serve as the intermediary between the author of the publication and the consumer market.

Synonyms of Publisher

Adviser, Announcer, Annunciator, Authority, Bibliognost, Bibliographer, Biblioklept, Bibliolater, Bibliomane, Bibliomaniac, Bibliopegist, Bibliophage, Bibliophile, Bibliopole, Bibliopolist, Bibliotaph, Bibliothec, Bibliothecaire, Bibliothecary, Book agent, Book collector, Book printer, Book publisher, Book salesman, Book-stealer, Bookbinder, Bookdealer, Booklover, Bookmaker, Bookman, Bookseller, Bookworm, Cataloger, Channel, Chief librarian, College editor, Communicant, Communicator, Copy editor, Curator, Dictionary editor, Editor, Editor-in-chief, Enlightener, Executive editor, Expert witness, Gossipmonger, Grapevine, Informant, Information center, Information medium, Informer, Interviewee, Juvenile editor, Librarian, Library director, Managing editor, Monitor, Mouthpiece, Newsmonger, Notifier, Permissions editor, Philobiblist, Press, Printer, Production editor, Public relations officer, Radio, Reference editor, Reference librarian, Reporter, Source, Spokesman, Television, Teller, Textbook editor, Tipster, Tout, Trade editor, Witness

How to use Publisher in a sentence?

  1. The publisher had to call the author every day for months to ensure the novel would be completed and ready for the press by the due date.
  2. The publisher produced a high quality print that was our new pamphlet to be distributed at the trade show next week.
  3. The publishers of Vogue.
  4. The publisher for the new textbooks increased their rates five percent, and they cited the reasoning for this due to the higher cost of raw materials.

Meaning of Publisher & Publisher Definition