Definition of Relationship:

  1. Relationships between variables, such as relationships, or intermarriage.

Synonyms of Relationship

Similarity, Common ancestry, Patrocliny, Relatedness, Brothership, Rapport, Ancestry, Sympathy, Connection, Nearness, Affinity, Assemblage, Paternity, Patrisib, Tie-in, Matriliny, Linkage, Liaison, Enation, Filiation, Sistership, Deduction, Fraternity, Junction, Connectedness, Disjunction, Approximation, Contrariety, Ties of blood, Fatherhood, Proximity, Sibship, Motherhood, Closeness, Brotherhood, Kindred, Blood, Combination, Patrilineage, Affairs, Accord, Blood relationship, Affiliation, Relation, Cousinhood, Association, Maternity, Tie, Matrocliny, Kinship, Propinquity, Addition, Cousinship, Matrisib, Homology, Link, Intimacy, Adjunct, Contiguity, Patriliny, Consanguinity, Sisterhood, Linking, Common descent, Relations, Alliance, Intercourse, Cognation, Agnation, Mutual attraction, Matrilineage, Union, Dealings, Bond

How to use Relationship in a sentence?

  1. Companies for mutual benefit must maintain a close working relationship for the company or merger of the company.
  2. Companies for mutual benefit must maintain a close working relationship with the company or merge the company.
  3. There is an inverse relationship between lower prices and higher sales. The lower the price, the more people are willing to buy.

Meaning of Relationship & Relationship Definition


What is The Definition of Relationship?

A simple definition of Relationship is: Describes how an individual or organization deals with life insurance or fixed income contracts. The most common relationships are insurance, owner and payer.

Meanings of Relationship

  1. The way two or more concepts, objects or people are connected or the state of connection.

Sentences of Relationship

  1. This study examines the relationship between unemployment and political attitudes

Synonyms of Relationship

correlation, correspondence, parallel, tie-up, interrelation, interconnection