Definition of Collection:

  1. Banking: (1) presentment of a check or draft for payment and, subsequently, receipt of its amount in cash or as a credit entry. (2) Transfer of delinquent or past-due accounts to a collection agency (or a special department set up for the purpose) for full or partial recovery of the amount.

  2. Foreign trade: Process through which the global banking system acts on behalf of an exporter (or seller) to collect cash payment or a time draft from the importer (or buyer) in return for documents required for taking delivery of the ordered goods.

  3. A group of things or people.

  4. The action or process of collecting someone or something.

  5. General: Process of recovering amounts owed to a firm by its customers.

Synonyms of Collection

Group, Crowd, Body, Company, Troupe, Assembly, Assemblage, Gathering, Throng, Festschrift, Abundance, Accumulation, Agglomeration, Aggregation, Album, Alms, Alms fee, Amassment, Ana, Analects, Anthology, Aquarium, Assemblage, Assembling, Assembly, Assortment, Back number, Backlog, Band, Beauties, Body, Boiling, Bringing together, Budget, Bunch, Burnt offering, Call-up, Canon, Canvass, Census, Charity, Chrestomathy, Clippings, Clump, Cluster, Collectanea, Collected works, Collecting, Colligation, Collocation, Colluvies, Combination, Commissariat, Commissary, Company, Comparison, Compilation, Complete works, Concourse, Concurrence, Confluence, Conflux, Congeries, Conglomeration, Congregation, Contribution, Convergence, Copy, Cornucopia, Corpus, Corralling, Crew, Crowd, Cumulation, Cuttings, Data, Data-gathering, Delectus, Dole, Donation, Donative, Drink offering, Dump, Edition, Ex voto offering, Excerpta, Excerpts, Extracts, Florilegium, Flowers, Fragments, Fund, Garden, Garland, Garnering, Gathering, Gleaning, Gleanings, Group, Handout, Heap, Heave offering, Hecatomb, Hoard, Holdings, Holocaust, Human sacrifice, Immolation, Impression, Incense, Infanticide, Ingathering, Inventory, Issue, Junction, Juxtaposition, Kit, Larder, Libation, Library, Library edition, Lot, Mactation, Mass, Material, Materials, Materiel, Medley, Menagerie, Miscellanea, Miscellany, Mobilization, Munitions, Museum, Muster, Number, Oblation, Offering, Offertory, Omnibus, Omnium gatherum, Outfit, Party, Peace offering, Photograph album, Piacular offering, Pile, Pittance, Plenitude, Plenty, Printing, Provisionment, Provisions, Quotation book, Rations, Raw data, Repertoire, Repertory, Rick, Rodeo, Roundup, Ruck, Sacramental offering, Sacrifice, Scapegoat, School edition, Scrapbook, Self-immolation, Self-sacrifice, Series, Set, Solicitation, Stack, Stock, Stock-in-trade, Stockpile, Store, Stores, Subscription, Supplies, Supply on hand, Survey, Suttee, Sutteeism, Symposium, Thank offering, Tithe, Trade book, Trade edition, Treasure, Treasury, Trove, Variety, Volume, Votive offering, Whole offering, Zoo

How to use Collection in a sentence?

  1. A rambling collection of houses.
  2. Over the years I have allowed many bills to go unpaid, so I get a lot of calls from many different collection agencies.
  3. The collection of maple sap.
  4. I had a really big collection of action figures that I got when I was younger and saved until I was an adult.
  5. It is always a hassle when customers do not pay their bills and our company has to send their information to a collection agency.

Meaning of Collection & Collection Definition