Definition of Comprise:

  1. To constitute; represent. These five people comprise the entire staff of this tiny company..

  2. Consist of; be made up of.

  3. To be composed of; contain. His proposal was comprised of many suggestions of how the two companies would benefit from this partnership..

Synonyms of Comprise

Accouple, Accumulate, Add, Add up to, Admit, Affect, Agglutinate, Aggregate, Aggregate to, Amalgamate, Amass, Amount to, Articulate, Assemble, Assimilate, Associate, Assume, Band, Blend, Bond, Bracket, Bridge, Bridge over, Bring, Call for, Cement, Chain, Clap together, Coalesce, Collect, Combine, Come to, Come together, Complete, Compose, Compound, Comprehend, Concatenate, Conglobulate, Conjoin, Conjugate, Connect, Consolidate, Contain, Copulate, Count in, Couple, Cover, Embed, Embody, Embrace, Encircle, Enclose, Encompass, Enfold, Entail, Envisage, Fill, Fill in, Fill out, Flux, Form, Fuse, Gather, Glue, Hold, Implicate, Imply, Include, Incorporate, Integrate, Interblend, Interfuse, Internalize, Involve, Join, Keep within, Knot, Lay together, Lead to, League, Link, Lump together, Make, Make one, Make up, Marry, Marshal, Mass, Meld, Melt into one, Merge, Mix, Mobilize, Mount up to, Number, Number among, Occupy, Pair, Piece together, Presume, Presuppose, Put in, Put together, Receive, Reckon among, Reckon in, Reckon up to, Reckon with, Reembody, Require, Roll into one, Run into, Run to, Shade into, Solder, Solidify, Span, Splice, Stick together, Subsume, Surround, Syncretize, Syndicate, Synthesize, Take, Take in, Take into account, Take into consideration, Take up, Tape, Tie, Tot up to, Total, Tote up to, Unify, Unite, Unitize, Weld, Yoke, Consist of, Be made up of, Be composed of, Contain, Take in, Embrace, Encompass, Incorporate

How to use Comprise in a sentence?

  1. The country comprises twenty states.

Meaning of Comprise & Comprise Definition