Diminished Value

Diminished Value,

What is The Meaning of Diminished Value?

  • Definition of Diminished Value: Real or perceived decrease in the market value of the vehicle as a result of the damage caused by the accident.

Literal Meanings of Diminished Value


Meanings of Diminished:
  1. Made small or small

  2. Indicates or contains an interval that is a symmetry unless related to the perfect interval or the same interval.

Sentences of Diminished
  1. The role of local government is less

  2. One-fifth less

Synonyms of Diminished

contracted, bare-bones, skeleton, shortened, concise, cut short, pruned, curtailed, condensed, abbreviated, cropped, decreased, cut, clipped, diminished, stripped down, trimmed, pared down, compressed, lessened, shrunk


Meanings of Value:
  1. Respect that something should be worthwhile, valuable or useful.

  2. Principles or principles of a person's behavior decide something important in life.

  3. A numerical quantity defined by an algebraic term, quantity, quantity or number.

  4. The relative duration of the sound represented by a note.

  5. Defining financial value (something)

Sentences of Value
  1. Rhythm values ​​are quarter notes, eighth notes, and a minimum, and the first choir uses only the basic finger pattern.

  2. In either case, the order references depend on the previous usage and the value of the word.

Synonyms of Value

assess, service, importance, standards of behaviour, efficacy, precious, sense, point, profit, effectiveness, rules of conduct, assistance, worth its weight in gold, moral principles, avail, moral values, use, usefulness, significance, good, evaluate, gain, worth, moral standards, benefit