Top 5 EHR for Family Practice

What is an EHR?

The term EHR stands for electronic health records which as you might have guessed, are software which help store health records but that is not all they are limited to. These days EHRs can do almost anything; from patient billing to managing the schedule for various patient appointments and so much more.

There are so many EHRs in the market that at times it can be tricky to find the best family practice EHR. However, we have compiled a list of 5 of the best EHR for family practice that you can employ at your family medical practice. So let us dive into what these medical EHR software are!

5 EHRs That are Great for Family Practices


This EHR is from one of the best EHR companies in the business right now and has been around for quite a while. AdvancedMD is cloud based so you can essentially access it from anywhere in the world. Apart from this the software is suitable for practice of any size. So if you need a software for a small practice or a big practice; or you are small right now but have plans for expansion then this software will work out well for you. While this software is one of the best EHR for small practices it can also adjust to your scale pretty easily!


This is another software which ranks among the best electronic health records and has consistently performed well in the past. The price for this EHR isn’t too exhorbitant and can be afforded by most practices. It is compatible with every operating system including mac, linux, windows and more. Like we said it ranks as one of the best electronic health record and hence is recommended and purchased by a lot of practices.


While AthenaOne happens to be one of the best rated EMR systems it isn’t for everyone; mostly because it isn’t compatible with certain operating systems apart from Mac and Windows. Like most of the best EMR systems available in the market today, this software also has cloud based capabilities which allow you to access your EHR from anywhere in the world. This software is very flexible and can be used remotely which makes it one of the best options available in the market today.

Kareo Clinical EHR

Kareo is another very popular name and one that you will have probably come across a lot if you have been on the search for EMRs. The reason we include Kareo in our list for best EHR for family practice among other things is that this software is great for small and medium sized practices. It is in fact among the best EHR for small practices and used by a lot of small and medium sized medical practices since this EHR is from one of the best EHR companies and it is a name a lot of people trust.


One of the best things about PrognoCIS is the fact that it is on the lower end of the pricing scale for EHRs. It is definitely always present whenever someone is compiling a list for the best electronic medical record and it is because of the various features it has which are incredibly helpful to practices of all sizes but especially smaller ones. The software caters to practices of all sizes; from small practices to bigger ones, the software can cater to them all. According to user reviews as well, this software is amazing and possibly one of if not the best EHR for family practice and medical practices in general.

Which EHR Should you Invest in?

Now you are probably wondering that out of all of these is the best EHR software. Well, that depends on you and your needs. Running a medical practice means that you probably have certain things you want to be able to cater to and think about. The best course of action to choose the best EHR for family practice that is well suited to you is to make a list of all the features you wish to have in your EHR and then cross reference them with a list of features each of these EHRs have. Since most of the best EHR software have similar features, it will not be pretty easy to compare and choose since the difference will be pretty minute. So making a list will help you decide which is the best EHR for your particular set of needs as opposed to which is a good EHR generally. Another way to get a good EHR which serves as the best EHR software for you is to consult a professional. You can ask a consultant who knows all EHRs inside and out what EHR would be best suited for your particular needs.


Even as a small family practice, there might be certain things you want catered to which other practices might not assume are important to them thus you might need expert advice as to what is a good software for your practice. Rest assured, whichever software you go with from this list, you will be happy with since these are some of the best in the game!