Definition of Encounter:

  1. Unexpectedly experience or be faced with (something difficult or hostile).

  2. A meeting with a health care provider, where the insured receives any type of service.

  3. An unexpected or casual meeting with someone or something.

Synonyms of Encounter

Meeting, Chance meeting, Brush, Rendezvous, Olympic games, Olympics, Accost, Action, Advance, Affront, Alight upon, Altercation, Approach, Appropinquate, Approximate, Appulse, Argument, Assail, Bang, Bang into, Battle, Be exposed to, Be subjected to, Bear down on, Bear down upon, Bear up, Blunder upon, Bout, Brave, Breast, Bring before, Bring forward, Bring to bay, Bring up, Brunt, Brush, Bulldozing, Bulling, Bump, Bump into, Cannon, Carambole, Carom, Carom into, Challenge, Chance upon, Clash, Clash with, Close, Close in, Close with, Collide, Collision, Collision course, Come, Come across, Come among, Come closer, Come forward, Come into collision, Come near, Come on, Come up, Come up against, Come upon, Competition, Concours, Concuss, Concussion, Conflict, Confront, Confront each other, Confront with, Confrontation, Contend with, Contention, Contest, Crack up, Crack-up, Crash, Crash into, Cross swords with, Crump, Crunch, Dare, Dash into, Defy, Derby, Disagreement, Discover serendipitously, Dispute, Draw near, Draw nigh, Duel, Endure, Engage, Engagement, Envisage, Experience, Face, Face with, Fall across, Fall among, Fall foul of, Fall in with, Fall upon, Feel, Fight, Fight hand-to-hand, Foul, Fray, Front, Gain upon, Game, Games, Go, Go through, Grapple with, Gymkhana, Hammering, Happen upon, Have, Hit, Hit against, Hit upon, Hurt, Hurtle, Impact, Impinge, Impingement, Join, Joining, Joust, Knock, Knock against, Know, Labor under, Lay before, Light upon, Match, Matching, Mauling, Meet, Meet head-on, Meet squarely, Meet up with, Meet with, Meeting, Narrow squeak, Narrow the gap, Near, Near thing, Near-miss, Onslaught, Pass through, Pay, Percuss, Percussion, Pitch upon, Place before, Present to, Proximate, Put it to, Quarrel, Rally, Ramming, Rencontre, Run, Run across, Run into, Run smack into, Run up against, Run upon, Run-in, Scrap, Set before, Set-to, Shock, Sideswipe, Sidle up to, Skirmish, Slam into, Sledgehammering, Smack into, Smash, Smash into, Smash up, Smash-up, Smashing, Spend, Stand under, Stem, Step up, Strike, Strike against, Struggle, Stumble on, Stumble upon, Suffer, Sustain, Take on, Taste, Test, Thrusting, Tilt, Tournament, Tourney, Trial, Tumble on, Turn up, Undergo, War, Whomp, Wrestle with, Experience, Come into contact with, Run into, Come across, Come up against, Face, Be faced with, Confront, Be forced to contend with

How to use Encounter in a sentence?

  1. She felt totally unnerved by the encounter.
  2. We have encountered one small problem.

Meaning of Encounter & Encounter Definition