How To Delete Hotstar History

How To Delete Hotstar History

How can I clear Hotstar history and cache?

| Bye! Clear the app cache and restart your phone, it should help. Click Settings> Applications> Hotstar> Clear buffer and clear data.

In this context, how can I delete my episode diary?

Click on your profile at the bottom of the screen. Click on the episode you want to permanently delete.

Tap the icon in the top right corner of the screen, then tap UninstallAlso, you may be wondering how do I remove my download from Hotstar?

Tap My Movies. Select the My Saved Movies tab. At the top right, tap Manage. Tap the trash can icon next to the captured footage you want to delete.

How can I log out of all Hotstar devices in this regard?

If you go to Settings, you can exit the Settings. To access the settings, there is a sign in on the left side of the screen when you log in to Hotstar sites. You should go there to log in, so you need to log out from there.

How do I delete the Netflix watchlist?

Scroll to My Profile and tap View Activity. You should see a list of all the movies and TV shows you’ve seen in chronological order. Click the X button to remove a specific app from all your devices.

How can I restore an application?

Reset all app settings at once

How do I delete all data from an app?

You can do it with this method.

How do you remove characters from the episode?

You can remove them from the characterization screen with the DELETE key. You can only delete the LAST episode of your current script and only if it has NOT been published or shared. To delete an episode, open it and click the DELETE button in the top right corner.

How do I get rid of repeated episodes?

I want to clear my progress and restart my app from scratch. - Episode. To play a story:

How do I restart the episode?

If you tap the 3 dots in the lower right corner at the end of an episode and while playing an episode, you will see the Replay option in a pop-up menu. When you hit the Replay button you will see the option to start a new game.

How do I delete game data on iPhone?

Delete game data from your iCloud account

How can I restore an iPhone app?

How to restore iOS apps

How do I restart a game on iPhone?

Make sure you have deleted the games you want to save.

Can I use Hotstar on multiple devices?

Quora user, has a premium account on Hotstar to watch GOT. At this point, you can only have one authority per user. You can view content on multiple devices, but not at the same time. But they are working on multiscreening across multiple devices.

How many devices can Hotstar Premium use?

Hotstar introduced the VIP membership option which allows users to get original content from the Hotstar, STAR network including Indian Premier League, ICC CricketWorld Cup, etc. for Rs 365 per year, Indian Express reports. VIP subscribers can watch STAR programs before they air on TV at 6am.

How can I contact Hotstar customer service?

Hotstar toll-free number 18332122120.

How do I log out of Facebook on all devices?

To log out of Facebook on another computer, phone or tablet:

How can I download Hotstar videos permanently?

Open the video application and click on the Hotstar symbol.

How do I delete downloads on iPhone?

Follow these steps:

How do I delete downloads on an iPad?

Touch and hold the item you want to delete. When prompted to confirm, tap Remove Download or Remove Download. If you see Remove from Library, add the item via Apple Music. Tap Remove from Library to remove it from all your devices and iCloudMusic library.

Can you download movies from Iflix?

iflix, a leading internet service provider in Southeast Asia, has introduced a new feature for its app called Download and Watch Offline. As the name suggests, subscribers can now download some of the thousands of TV shows and movies to their devices and watch them offline. To download the app, click here.

How do I remove recently watched Netflix?

Log into your Netflix account, move the mouse pointer to your profile icon and click on your account. In the My Profile section, click View Activity. Here you can delete all the programs you have seen so far and, if you wish, delete an entire series from your story. Done!

Is Netflix following what you watch?

Netflix actually offers accessible previews of everything you’ve ever seen, yes, even up to the first title you’ve released. All you have to do is log into Netflix and log into your account. At the bottom of the menu you will find a message with the title ViewingActivity.

How To Delete Hotstar History