Full Sail University Vs Los Angeles Film School

Full Sail University Vs Los Angeles Film School

Cell University or Los Angeles Film School? 3

Hey, I'm about to enter my senior year of high school in August, so it's time to apply to college. I fell in love with cinema, camera operations, editing, scripts, characters, everything. Everything is clear, so of course I will learn more after high school, I have the password of the media phone that I have given every year in high school since I was a student, so I know what to do. I am and I have a lot of experience. I just want to go to the next level and build my career. Please do not mention USC or UCLA, it is very difficult to get in and they say students are out of state so I am less likely to go there because I live in Pennsylvania. I know that Cell is a great scholar and is quite famous for his film acting. But that's a lot of money for one person and I have to put a lot of money into debt. The film capital of the world, and there are so many jobs that you won't have to move after school and it won't be easy to find networks and jobs after school? I know that what everyone in the film industry is saying is not a degree. This is the time when you can and do meet people. And scol film is cheaper, costing $ 48,000 for a 2-year science film student and $ 80,000 for a bachelor's degree. Did anyone here go to a school and give me advice and counsel? I would really appreciate it, I really wonder what the best decision would be.


The cell is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Therefore, job opportunities are much lower than in Los Angeles.

Hello Bob!

I am impressed with the amount of research you have done to ensure that you have chosen the right score for your future goals. It seems that you already know that the whole purpose of the sale is to teach you how to sing Preuction, then Auction and finally Postuction behind the scenes of the film industry process. Although I know it's hard to imagine going to school and transfer after graduation, I know that more than 70% of all Cell students are from other states, so you'll be surrounded by people who Understand the sacrifices. I can't talk to other movies or educational programs at school. Cell Professional Development is a multifaceted application. You can find more information here: http: //www.llsail.edu/yourcareer/careerdevelop ... In addition, our graduates have achieved great things in their industry. You can watch some of the stories of our film graduates and even read Gary Rizzo, who won an Oscar for his voice work on Inception, here: http://www.llsail.edu/grads/gradprofiles/ movie ...

SAIL is a non-profit vocational school. You are not regionally recognized, so not all employers really recognize your qualifications and it can be difficult for you to transfer your course to another school. You have a mix in the film industry, some like it, others think it's perfect. The best film schools in the United States are the University of Southern CA, UCLA and NYU. Other items include Florida State, Northwestern, Syracuse, Texas Austin, RISD, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Scale of the Arts, Michigan and Arbor. By the way, U focuses on Colorado cinematography. You will be a regular student there, so you will get the lowest tuition fee, which can save you a lot of money. By not dropping out of film school with too much debt, you have the financial freedom to pursue a film career after graduation, instead of leaving the industry to pay off your student debts. As long as you go to a decent movie show (and Colorado is fine), it doesn't matter where you study. Your portfolio and your internship are the most important thing you have done. Wherever you go to school, be sure to watch some of the student movies on campus. When a film company is filming near you, offer even more to gain experience. Do an internship at a real film company. See where all this is going.

Use this site - it's a guide to job opportunities and can provide a good overview of the work area.

You don't need a degree, you need perseverance and I need it. Learn more about the student debt crisis and you won't borrow anything.

Never assume that a Dotto LA student will hire you after you graduate. If you really want to work in film and video in Los Angeles, you need to take a look at all the small businesses that can offer you a job to do anything ... and your food chain. Can improve.

Videos and movies, in that sense, are like being a professional driver ... you have to pay your debts or be very lucky.

When it comes to education, communication is a field that deals with a lot of things, including film and video ... remember that too. Find a corner on w to join and move on.

If your heart takes you there, you will find your way.

I have been running my video auction business for twenty years.

Good luck always!

Full Sail University Vs Los Angeles Film School