That Particular Part

That Particular Part,

What Does That Particular Part Mean?

Meaning of That Particular Part: Key terms in the General Property Debt Rebate (PD) and some forms of general coverage that invalidate coverage of damage to work performed by the insured contractor (or on behalf of) the work. The language does not include coverage of the specific part of the property being worked on. The goal is to eliminate the defective work itself and to compensate for the damage caused by the work done. The term is defined by the courts as a single asset that, although consisting of several parts, is in itself an independent, autonomous, and explicitly unitary unit of property.

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Meanings of That:
  1. It is used to indicate a particular person or thing that the speaker is observing or listening to.

  2. It refers to something specific that was mentioned, known or understood.

  3. It is used to distinguish something or something and to give them a distinctive feature.

  4. Make references to specific people or things you are talking about that are important to understand or know.

  5. Includes a sub-clause that expresses a claim or speculation.

  6. Wish or regret

  7. It is used to indicate the specific person or object that the speaker is observing.

  8. This "who", "who", "who" or "when" is used to introduce a definition or limitation clause, especially a clause for identification.

Sentences of That
  1. Look at the boy there

  2. I was living in Mysore at the time

  3. I always envy people who bake their own bread.

  4. Where is your son

  5. He said he was satisfied

  6. I will not go that far


Meanings of Particular:
  1. A unique work, contrary to universal features.

  2. A description

  3. It is used to distinguish a member of a particular group or class.

  4. Especially big or severe

  5. Emphasize that there must be something right or appropriate in every difficult thing.

Sentences of Particular
  1. In Chapter 19, I first reviewed the various explanations for discrimination and asked if we really needed to include something universal and specific in our advertising.

  2. He is wrong on every point

  3. The process appears to be discriminating against a particular group of companies

  4. Cashiers should be careful when handling or checking money

  5. Cleaning is very special

Synonyms of Particular

fastidious, specification, especial, feature, item, meticulous, singular, particularity, fussy, demanding, point, dainty, outstanding, discriminating, detail, certain, aspect, painstaking, notable, regard, thing


Meanings of Part:
  1. Somewhat partial (often used to differentiate between different parts of an object)

  2. A part or class of an object, such as an object, activity, or period of time that combines with other parts to form a whole.

  3. A role played in a drama or movie, the role of an actor or actress.

  4. Partnership makes someone or something else an action or situation.

  5. talent

  6. The scalp line that appears in a person's hair when combed in opposite directions on both sides.

  7. (Of the two things) they become distant from each other.

Sentences of Part
  1. The city is now part of a landfill, part of a consumer paradise

  2. Divide the circle into three equal parts

  3. Painting is part of the story

  4. He played many important roles

  5. He played a key role in ending the uprising

  6. Some of your hair is white and straight

  7. Smiling lips

Synonyms of Part

persona, somewhat, half, portrayal, province, segment, office, to a certain extent, to a certain degree, work, responsibility, task, concern, fragment, to a limited extent, job, relatively, bit, role, depiction, position, scrap, to a limited degree, function, chunk, up to a point, partly, slice