How To View 8mm Film Without Projector

How To View 8mm Film Without Projector

Can I watch old 8mm family movies with a projector of any size? 3

Are there any portable devices I can use to watch 8mm movies?


I know I can transfer them to video or DVD, but there are many of them and I want to see a preview of who I want to transfer to.

When the 8mm and Super 8 were released, there were tools for watching and editing movies. You have two functions like a projector, but instead of presenting an image on the screen, you have a small screen between the functions of watching movies. Most of them are animated manually, so you can step through the movie frame by frame if you need to. A tool for cutting and pasting movies directly in front of the screen. You can always buy splicing tape from a good PTO distributor. I haven't seen a Spotter in any retail store for 20 years, but you can find it on eBay or perhaps in the Used Appliances section of the New York PTO, such as 42nd Street PTO. There is almost no demand for them, so you do not have to pay too much. They are easy to use. A little trial and error will make you an expert at any time. Try the Virgin Lead or other movies you don't care about!

If you have a lot of movies, it will take a long time to edit, but once you're done, you can move things to DVD for the whole family to enjoy.

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Can you watch old 8mm family movies with any size projector?

Are there any portable devices I can use to watch 8mm movies?

8 mm movie movie viewer

There are many companies that will use Image Dial to convert VHS or DVD.

Find a sales department to replace, just send to your film company. This is probably the easiest solution. Companies like Dial Transfer Systems and iMovieD will charge you around 10 cents per foot. Because the Super 8mm film rotates at 15 feet per minute, it costs about $ 1.50 per minute.

How To View 8mm Film Without Projector

How To View 8mm Film Without Projector

Over the years, part of my business has been moving regular 8mm and 16mm slides into VCRs! Get ready to release it on some kind of video media and spend a lot of money to watch it. And you can record by hand on the big screen! My suggestion is to cut or correct the over-exposed or damaged footage; You can save a lot of money by converting them to video formats! Remember that you will be charged for the image, even if it cannot be used. For example, if you have a lot of small 3 inch diameter rolls, a 3 minute film is worth it. If you have a big roll, 400 feet per roll is 30 minutes! So it is better to cut off wrong order, it can make a lot of money !!!!! And yes, there are services for watching your movies! But beware, they are not cheap and can be hard to find. When I own my business, I charge up to $ 45 per unit and up to $ 90 per unit! She had a DIY store in which I asked her to pick up luggage and move around! As you can see, it can grow fast!

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Take them to your local PTO lab. Most labs have an external service provider that can transfer your 8mm to DVD. Cost will vary, but my actual work is 29.99.

Take it to the camera shop

You can convert it to VCR or DVD.

How To View 8mm Film Without Projector