Definition of Demonstrate:

  1. Take part in a public demonstration.

  2. Clearly show the existence or truth of (something) by giving proof or evidence.

  3. Give a practical exhibition and explanation of (how a machine, skill, or craft works or is performed).

  4. Show, display. This term is often used when showcasing an object, device, or procedure as an example to people, entities, or businesses. For example, high-tech companies will sometimes demonstrate the proper way to use their new products before releasing it to the mass public.

Synonyms of Demonstrate

Account for, Adumbrate, Advertise, Affect, Afford proof of, Air, Allegorize, Approve, Argue, Ascertain, Attest, Audit, Balance, Balance the books, Beef, Bespeak, Betoken, ■■■■■, Blazon forth, Body forth, Boggle, Boycott, Brandish, Breathe, Bring forth, Bring forward, Bring home to, Bring into view, Bring out, Bring to notice, Broaden the mind, Call in question, Call to mind, Catechize, Challenge, Check, Check out, Cinch, Cite, Cite a particular, Civilize, Clarify, Clear up, Clinch, Complain, Connote, Crack, Cry out against, Dangle, Decipher, Demonstrate against, Demur, Demythologize, Denote, Describe, Determine, Develop, Direct, Disclose, Display, Dispute, Divulge, Document, Double-check, Dramatize, Edify, Educate, Elucidate, Emblazon, Embody, Enact, Enlighten, Enter a protest, Establish, Euhemerize, Evidence, Evince, Example, Exemplify, Exhibit, Explain, Explain away, Explicate, Expose, Expose to view, Exposit, Expostulate, Expound, Express, Figure, Fix, Flash, Flaunt, Flourish, Follow, Follow from, Foreshadow, Furnish evidence, Give a for-instance, Give indication of, Give instruction, Give lessons in, Give reason for, Give sign, Give the meaning, Give token, Go to show, Ground, Guide, Have a case, Highlight, Hold good, Hold up, Hold water, Holler, Howl, Illuminate, Illumine, Illustrate, Image, Impersonate, Imply, Incarnate, Indicate, Inform, Instance, Instruct, Inventory, Involve, Itemize, Kick, Make clear, Make good, Make out, Make plain, Manifest, March, Mark, Materialize, Mean, Mirror, Nail down, Name, Object, Open the eyes, Overhaul, Parade, Particularize, Perform, Personate, Personify, Picket, Point to, Popularize, Prefigure, Present, Press objections, Pretypify, Proclaim, Produce, Project, Protest, Prove, Prove to be, Prove true, Put forth, Put forward, Quote, Raise a howl, Rally, Rationalize, Realize, Reeducate, Reflect, Remonstrate, Remove all doubt, Represent, Reveal, Roll out, School, Scruple, Set, Set at rest, Set forth, Set right, Settle, Settle the matter, Shadow, Shadow forth, Sharpen the wits, Shed light upon, Show, Show forth, Show how, Show signs of, Show the way, Signalize, Signify, Simplify, Sit in, Solve, Speak for itself, Speak volumes, Spell out, Sport, Spotlight, Squawk, State a grievance, Strike, Suggest, Symptomatize, Take stock, Teach, Teach a lesson, Teach in, Teach the rudiments, Tell, Tend to show, Throw light upon, Token, Trot out, Trumpet, Trumpet forth, Unfold, Unlock, Unravel, Vaunt, Verify, Wave, Yell ■■■■■■ murder, Give a demonstration of, Show how something is done, Show how something works, Reveal, Bespeak, Indicate, Signify, Signal, Denote, Show, Display, Exhibit, Express, Manifest, Evince, Evidence, Be evidence of, Be an indication of, Bear witness to, Testify to, Protest, Rally, Hold a rally, March, Parade

How to use Demonstrate in a sentence?

  1. Computerized design methods will be demonstrated.
  2. Their shameful silence demonstrates their ineptitude.
  3. Thousands demonstrated in favor of the government.

Meaning of Demonstrate & Demonstrate Definition

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