Bleach Filler

Bleach Filler

Bleach: Docs R episode filler? ۔

I started to see that now I am in episode 17.


I am Indian Bleach, and I know what is Episodian Filler and what is not.

You need a list of two installments, filler and two installments that I don't have:


Shyami's reserves: history history Beginning to provide history, then (no filler) could be better. It's going to be a little bit right. I don't eat anymore. It's going to be a lot later.

Episode: AP goes from 1 year to P20.

Sociedad del Alma: History entry. Could this also be (NO FILLER)? This story or mobile phone is already starting to get cold. That's a good story.

Episode: Episode 21 to Episode 63.

Bonus: (It's a saga) Absolutely, but take the usual prostitution.

Episode: Going from AP64 to AP109. Be or install 109 Semi-Filler.

Arinkar and the Wizard: (Not Filler) A story of law.

Follow: Go to AP 110 to 143.

HUECO MUNDO: (Not FILLED) In ​​my opinion, one of the sagas but Ra's which is in Jewel.

Episode: Nos. 144 to 167

New Captain's Saga Loves Shoshuke: (It's a filler saga) Very accurate, but exactly the same. (I'm in this saga)

Episode: Different episodes 168 to 189. This saga is followed by the saga (Hyuko Mando which goes from EPI 190 to © 203).

Touch the pendulum: (Personage Sagari or Pedo Dos).

Episodes: Some episodes 206 to 212.

Saga Das Zampaktan: (Fill with Saga). It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Installments: 23 o 255 in every 230 episodes.

Winter Cancel: (not filled) Sounds like an anime mels story.

Installments: Up to 226 episodes per 213.

Gotti Invasion Army 13 Saga: (This is a filler saga) * A very good saga filler t. (To recommend it)

Episode: Episode 317 starts and ends at 342.

Now yes, these stories are not mobile phones but manga, but two, namely, or (alternative to Shyam's disappearance) and ki (saga of two thousand years of ■■■■■■ war).

ESP help !!!

BO class !!

Hmmm, by the way, I suggest you take a look ... at your discretion.



Flat files may be requested.

Captain or Lady:


A lot of people say that, as a predecessor, I don't AC, eat a good story.

Rebellion, Zanpakuts.


Mailer Saga Filler, who has a good fight against the owners and Zanpactus ...

Or 13 Division ■■■■■■■ Squad.

317341 (Chapter 342; Half full)

This is a media story, not an old issue in R, I'm the same because you were the latest and I wasn't in the mood to read the manga.










So we do 63.

Basements filled after AP 63 can be deserted.

1 to 500.

Bleach Filler