Definition of Study:

  1. Research, investigation, identification and systematic understanding of aspects or factors related to an activity, event, trend, situation, etc. Often, a report is prepared at the end of the study that summarizes the results and may include step-by-step recommendations for further action.

  2. Something or someone that is a good sculpture or an example of something.

  3. Detailed study and analysis of a topic or situation.

  4. Pay close attention to what you see or read.

  5. Commitment to time and attention to acquiring knowledge, especially through books, on an academic subject.

  6. Works that were used or designed for reading, writing or scholarly work.

  7. I work for practice or as an experiment.

  8. Dedicate time and attention to study (academic subjects), especially through books.

  9. Try to get a result (result) or consider (a person or their desires).

Synonyms of Study

Remembrance, Investigation, Academic specialty, Homily, Specialty, Conning, Retrospection, Purpose, Wistfulness, Scientific education, Attend to business, Pore over, Commentary, Application, Resolution, Dialogue, Joint discussion, Play with, Colloquium, Heed, Intentness, Scan, Speculation, Look over, Disquisition, Run-through, Think over, Mental labor, Advisement, Miss nothing, Parrot, Musing, Rote, Discuss, Town meeting, Survey, Social science, Handle, Thoughtfulness, Discussion, Area, Main office, Inspect, Shop, Research, Pap test, General education, Course of study, Work, Cartoon, Refresher course, Sake, Report, Abstraction, Delineation, Observe, Serodiagnosis, Executive office, Excursus, Lucubrate, Paragraph, Recall, Orchestration, Take the measure, Mammography, Graph, Screed, Recollecting, Con, Liberal arts, Master, Reminiscence, Paper, Treat, Trio, Grinding, Analysis, Mind, Boning, Castle-building, Fantasy, Technicology, Piece, Clinical diagnosis, Reason the point, Weigh, Learn verbatim, Tract, Swot up, Quality control, Deep thought, Point, Scholarship, Test, Effect, Discourse, Thesis, Fit of abstraction, Recite, Discourse, Immersion, Workroom, Exercise, Muse on, Studio, Idea, Field, Scrutiny, Research, Walter Mitty, Electronic music, String quartet, Perpend, Work at, Peruse, Woolgathering, Toy with, Look at, Score, Variation, Physical diagnosis, Pure science, Monomania, Function, Airing, Nude, Deliberate, Silver-print drawing, Knock around, Recalling, Aleatory, Creation, Note, Strive, Review, Monitor, Urinalysis, Comment upon, Muse, Art, Treatise, Electroencephalography, Work, Speculativeness, Aspiration, Work of art, Cabinet, Debate, Doodle, Library, Pay attention, Pensiveness, Talk over, Brainchild, General studies, Canvassing, Examine, Tractate, Debating, Sanctum sanctorum, Canvass, Read, Nocturne, Statue, Regard, Repeat by heart, Profound thought, Depth of thought, Piece, Studiousness, Eye, Reflection, Etude, Den, Think about, Chew the cud, Reason, Incidental music, Dream, Chiaroscuro, Evaluation, Absorbed attention, Sweat, Air, Reflectiveness, Review, Pastiche, Learn, Critique, Thresh out, Swat, Peer at, Science, Scrutiny, Wide reading, Swot, Brouillon, Desideratum, Pipe dream, Charcoal drawing, Smear, Know by heart, Pastel, Brown study, Deliberate upon, Inspection, Obsession, Rapt attention, Single-mindedness, Will, Enquiry, Adaptation, Engrossment, Consideration, Seminar, Mooning, Memorizing, Get by heart, Subdiscipline, Core curriculum, Dig, Book work, Sift, Focus on, Stargazing, Invention, Resolve, Muted ecstasy, Bemusement, Field of inquiry, Trance, Contemplation, Talk about, Oral examination, Rap session, Trivium, Crayon, Biological diagnosis, Article, Daydreaming, Cytodiagnosis, Animus, Chambers, Perlustration, Design, Absorption, Revolving, Intent, Sweat blood, Daydreamer, Technology, Old master, Department of knowledge, Read, Extensive study, Keep under surveillance, Investigate, Black and white, Exposition, Deal with, Exchange of views, Brainwork, Learning, Commit to memory, Reflect, Discourse about, Curriculum, Inquiry, Repeat, Examination, Arena, Paper, Academic discipline, Seek, Go over, Have by heart, Perusal, Place of work, Overhauling, Special article, Ticket office, Applied science, Reason about, Drawing, Prospectus, Loft, Give heed, Ruminate, Workplace, Quadrivium, Desire, Workroom, Rumination, Talk, Pass over, Endeavor, Technical education, Essay, Play around with, Close study, Diagram, Embassy, Exercise of memory, Review, Involvement, Studying, Intendment, Esquisse, Fix on, Stabile, Learn about, Be obsessed with, Studio, Determination, Be abstracted, Excogitate, Rough outline, Postmortem, Give an examination, Arrangement, Examination, First approach, Weighing, Restudying, Take stock of, Research paper, Buzz session, Check over, Electrocardiography, Charcoal, Concentration, Work, Reading, Submersion, Treatment, Legation, Introductory study, Engagement, Descant, Stacks, Still life, Take up, Looking back, Differential diagnosis, Deep study, Domain, Opus, Grind, Aleatory music, Mull over, Rote memory, Exploration, Nisus, Tuition, Aim, Pasticcio, Sinopia, Art object, Rough draft, Lesson, Sketch, Swotting, Deliberation, Natural science, Research, Dissertation, Wade through, Term paper, Humanities, Laboratory diagnosis, Examine, Pass under review, Visitation, Flashback, Concentrate on, Consider, Swatting, Minor, Memoir, Preoccupation, Technics, Regard studiously, Speculate, Analyze, Dialectic, Digital examination, Chamber orchestra, Province, Motive, Consulate, Overhaul, Desideration, Digest, Symposium, Set an examination, Go into, Turn over, Daydream, Survey, Controvert, Cram, Sonata, Commitment to memory, Autopsy, Museum piece, Labor, Learning, Struggle, Remembering, Open discussion, Subject, Haunt, Consider, Masterpiece, Program music, Library, Office, Lessons, Plunge into, Vet, Dissertation, Tracing, Harmonization, Home office, Virtu, Headwork, Counsel, Melancholy, Sonatina, Composition, Hindsight, Watch out, Preliminary study, Restudy, Proseminar, Headquarters, Exchange views, Retreat, Classical education, Draft, Logical analysis, Masterwork, Ventilate, Run over, Rough copy, Absence of mind, Observe, Ventilation, Pipe-dreaming, Fantasying, Work-up, Outline, Piece of virtu, Branch office, Atelier, Forum, Check, Bric-a-brac, Size up, Watch, Take heed, Field of study, Line drawing, Bone, Major, Panel discussion, Look at, Look lively, Check up, Overlook, Size, View, Check out, Pencil drawing, Cramming, Air varie, Reconsideration, Be taught, Production, Recollection, Open forum, Get letter-perfect, Survey, Chancery, Inquiry, Theme and variations, Meditate, Pay heed, Booking office, Grotesque, Morceau, Diagnosis, Look out, Analysis, Monograph, Be alert, Check up on, Disquisition, Academic work, Brood, Branch, Chew over, Biopsy, Scrutinize, Be tutored in, Learning by heart, Sail loft, Practice, Chamber music, Sphere, Vignette, Mobile, Uroscopy, Course, Drill, Chancellery, Reverie, Theme, Musefulness, Ambition, Memorize, Box office, Look sharp, Pandect, Discipline, Concern, Causerie, Inspect, Logical discussion, Closet, Learn by heart, Conference, Interpretation, Elective, Feature, Absolute music, Take care, Intention, Ology, Plan, Contemplativeness, Memorization, Abstractedness, Nachtmusik, Ebauche, Ponder, Education, Anatomic diagnosis, Fixed purpose, Meditation, Striving, Dreaming, Read up on, Schooling, Brooding, Office, Article, Kitsch, Meaning, Retrospect, Classic, Proposal, Corporate headquarters, Moonraking, Rap, String orchestra, Introspect, Ricercar, Scrutinize, Elucubrate, Lucubration, Prolegomenon, Talk of, Silhouette, Investigation, Pen-and-ink, Postmortem diagnosis, Be determined, Instrumental music, Electromyography, Physical examination, Project, Keep an eye on, Pondering, Strain, Contemplate, Essay

How to use Study in a sentence?

  1. He sat on the edge of the bed, reading in confusion and agony.
  2. He lowered his head to study his plan.
  3. I've never been better at dates and names, so I knew that in order to perform well in history, I needed to read chapters many times and memorize my knowledge, even though I hated reading so much. Is.
  4. If you can sketch a preliminary study of the company's product, you can see how you can turn it to your advantage.
  5. Study english
  6. He studied biology and botany.
  7. The third bedroom is used as an office.
  8. Of these, about two dozen large oil paintings have been studied.
  9. I can't go out with my friends tonight because I have to stay home and study for the exams I'm going to take.
  10. A study with samples from 5,000 children.

Meaning of Study & Study Definition

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