Proven skincare routine for teenagers

Let’s admit! Teenage years are the worst. Acne, blackheads, oily skin, and together with hormonal complications just make it worse. You attempt every remedy your friend tries for herself, all to no avail. Because different skin types react differently.

So do the following and do not listen to the un-called-for advice.

Cleanse carefully.

For oily skin, gel or foaming cleansers are the ultimate choice. The cleansing ritual may be practiced twice a day, followed by removal of make-up before you dose off. For dry skin, use milky cleansers and a moisturizer will do. If you’re sporty, you might as well wash your face pre/post-exercise.

Control oil.

Controlling oil is a realistic goal. You just have to do the following:

  • Use salicylic-acid cleanser.
  • Use oil-free primers.
  • Blot oil with specialized tissues.


Scrubbing is extreme, you think it gets rid of blackheads, it doesn’t! So exfoliate with a gentle product, once or twice a week would do.

Get the right acne products.

Firstly relax! It’s normal. However a toner and a medicated acne gel is a way to go!

Don’t share makeup.

Funny thing! You use your friend’s make-up brushes? Well, obviously you do. Stop it now! Germs get transmitted this way inducing acne.

Keep hands clean.

Don’t let anyone or even yourself, touch your face. Just like make up brushes, hands are germ-carriers. Wash your hands and then do your makeup. Wash your hands and then apply serums.

Choose to spray hair products.

Surprisingly hair products too induce acne. Most people complain about acne around their hairline. Hence, spray hair products are a good alternative and carry fewer chances of breaking out.

Skip the toothpaste and other old wives’ tales.

“Toothpaste was made for something as strong as your teeth, whereas, your skin is sensitive. It worsens the condition and makes you allergic to different ingredients. Close your fridge, and buy highly reviewed products from the market.

Wear sunscreen.

UV rays from the sun make you tan, grow fine lines, and makes your skin age. In solution to this, you would want to use a sunscreen to maintain a younger looking skin. Foundations with up to spf 40 is a good idea. Just wear it year-long.

Find the best sunscreen for face

Avoid tanning beds.

In the world trending with tanning beds and sun-bath, you need to set clear choices. It is highly risky and can lead to early wrinkles or even skin cancer. Hence, opt for a healthy bronze glow with a self-tanner.

Talk to a doctor.

Thoroughly research your acne kind first. And then visit a dermatologist for a better guide. Red painful and scarring pus-filled pimples or lumps may never leave you! Prescription cleansers, acne medication, and a proper skincare routine as guided by your doctor may be of great help for you. Just remember, get all your queries addressed and leave no doubts. It’s a matter of skin.

Skincare routines for teenagers hold vital importance. We usually place our focus on the aging skin, but not on the young skin that will age tomorrow. A healthy routine for skincare is a gem to have in hand always.