How many dogs are in the world

How many dogs are in the world? There are more than 900 million dogs in the world. It is a question that may be difficult to answer because there are few countries where the population of dogs is unregistered and uncounted. However, there are some figures of countries where dog population is counted. A dog is an animal that is very loyal and people around the world love to keep dogs in their homes as family pets. The number of dogs in North America is about 73 million while in Europe it is 43 million. In Australia, there are about 4 million dogs while in China, it is about 110 million.

:arrow_right: The population of pet dogs around the world:

Many countries in the world have enacted pet registration rules. So it is easy to find the population of pet dogs as compared to the global population of dogs.

:dizzy: North America:

The number of dogs estimated in the United States is about over 73 million. About 42 million people in the United States have kept dogs in their homes maybe one or two in number. Canada also has a large number of dogs kept by households which are estimated at 6 million.

:dizzy: South America:

The statistics about the number of dogs in South America is very rare. This is because the population of dogs in South America is unregistered and uncounted. Brazil has the highest number of dogs among the South American states. The population of pet dogs in Brazil is about 30 million. In Argentina, the number of pet dogs is about 6.5 million while in Columbia, it is about 5 million.

:dizzy: Europe:

Western Europe has about 43 million pet dogs. France has the biggest number of pet dogs which is estimated at 8.8 million. While in Poland and Italy, there are about 7.5 million pet dogs. In the united kingdom, the pet dog population is about 6.8 million. While in Eastern Europe, Russia has the highest number of pet dogs which is about 12 million. The number of pet dogs in Ukraine is about 5.1 million.

:dizzy: Oceania:

The statistics about the population of pet dogs in Australia are also very limited like in South America because the number of dogs here is unregistered and uncounted. In Australia, the number of pet dogs is about 4 million.

:dizzy: Asia:

The number of dogs in Asia is unknown because there is no registration of dogs in most Asian Countries. So the statistics about the population of pet dogs in Asia are scarce. Among the Asian countries, China has the highest number of pet dogs which is about 110 million. The city of Beijing alone is estimated to have about 1 million pet dog population. The population of pet dogs in India is about 32 million while in Japan it is about 9.5 million.

:dizzy: Africa:

Among the African states, South Africa reports about 9.5 million population of pet dogs. The WHO estimated that there are 78 million owned dogs and 70 million stray dogs in Africa.

:arrow_right: How many free-range dogs are in the world?

Those dogs that are not contained are called free-range dogs. They may be stray dogs, federal dogs, village dogs, street dogs, or wild dogs. The stray dogs are different from feral dogs in the sense that stray dogs were socialized before becoming free-range dogs. The feral dogs are raised without socialization. The total number of stray dogs estimated by WHO is about 200 million while the free-range dogs are about 75-85 percent of the global population of dogs.

:arrow_right: Oldest living dogs in the world

Dog name Breed Birth date Departure date Age
Bluey Australian Cattle Dog 7th of June, 1910 14th of November, 1939 29 years
Snookie Pug 1st of Januray, 1991 12th of October, 2018 27 years
Otto Dachshund-Terrier cross 14th of February, 1989 14th of January, 2010 20 years
Piccolo Mutt 1st of October, 1987 26th of December 2010 23 years
Chanel Dachshund 6th of May 1988 28th of August 2009 21 years
Pusuke Siba lnu mix 1st of April 1985 5 December 2011 26 years
Abby Labrador 26th of February 2001 Living 20 years
Lady Wire Hair Dachshund 1st of June 1999 9th of October 2019 20 years
Willie Jack Russell Terrier 21st of May 1994 4th of September 2014 20 years
Cocoa Poodle 1st of August 2001 Living 20 years

:arrow_right: Countries with most pet dogs in the world

:dizzy: France:

France is estimated to have a ratio of dogs in comparison with humans of about 17 to 100 which is considered one of the highest in the world. The population of dos estimated in France is about 75 million. A large number of the citizens of France claimed that they love their dogs like the member of their family. There are also special dog grooming houses in most of the towns in France. In France, there is no licensing system for dogs, and the dogs which were born after 1999 have to wear microchips that mention their identity number. It is also estimated that around 100000 dogs are left annually by their owners which are then moved to local pounds to be euthanized.

:dizzy: Romania:

It is estimated that there are 4 million dogs in Romania. There was a massive rural-urban migration in the late 1980s which leads to dogs abandoned in the streets due to which the dogs were subjected to mass slaughter.

:dizzy: Argentina:

The people of Argentina are very interested in pets. An increasing number of their population take interest in pets. It is estimated that there are about 10 million pet dogs in Argentina. A large number of apartments in Argentina permits pet to be kept in homes.

:dizzy: India:

It is estimated that there are about 10 million dogs in India. In most Asian countries, the population of dogs is unregistered. In India, there are many stray dogs. Most of them survive on the steels. Harming dogs in India is considered illegal after the Animal Birth Control Rule 2001 which clearly states that the dogs should not be killed to reduce their population. The rights of dogs to live and survive are however respected in India.

:dizzy: Japan:

There are about 12 million dogs in Japan according to the statistics. The population of Japan is largely attributed to work centered lifestyle. Besides this fact, they still have an interest in pets rearing.

:dizzy: The Russian Federation:

It is estimated that there are about 15 million dogs in Russia. There is a huge population of dogs in Russia. The dogs include pet dogs as well as stray dogs also. The research shows that many of the dogs in Russia today are the descendants of the ancient Russians whose population was curtailed during the Soviet era. Their furs were used for making caps and were used in scientific experimentation. Russia has adopted very great laws for protecting the rights of animals. Most of the pets in Russia are licensable.

:dizzy: Philippines:

The Philippines is the fourth country that has undesirable deaths caused due to rabies-related deaths in the world. The estimated population of dogs in the Philippines is about 12 million. There are about 30 million estimated dogs in China, 35 million dogs in Brazil, and about 80 million dogs in the United States of America.

:arrow_right: Important statistics on dogs in America:

About 3.3 million dogs enter shelters each year in America. In 2011, this number was about 3.9 million. About 670,000 dogs are euthanized each year. About 1.6 million dogs are adopted in the United States of America each year.

:arrow_right: Ecology of dogs:

One should note that dogs are one of the largest distributed carnivores on land. But this does not mean that they will fight with other carnivores for resources which is due to their relationship with human beings. The animals such as wolves are known to kill dogs if they are found together. However, the population of dogs killed by wolves is relatively low. The other animals can also harm dogs such as big cats and Coyotes.

:arrow_right: Prominent Dog breeds or groups:

The most prominent dog breeds or groups into which dogs can be divided are as follow;

:dizzy: Companion Dogs:

As it is clear from its name that these dogs are great companions of human beings. They are typically 4 to 40 pounds in weight if they belong to this group. Interacting with people and staying indoors is one of its characteristics belonging to this group. Dogs belonging to this group cannot live alone for a long time. The most well-known dogs in this breed are Affenpinscher, American Eskimo, Bulldog, Boston Terrier, and French Bulldog.

:dizzy: Hybrid Dogs:

When two or more dogs are crossed with each other, they form hybrid dogs. It is a genetic crossing and the resulting dog has high chances of size, temperament, and look. They are also called designer dogs. It is the best choice for families that are interested in dogs. Most of the well-known dogs that belong to this group are Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, and Maltese Shih Tzu, etc.

:dizzy: Terrier Dogs:

The word Terrier is a Latin term which means Earth. Therefore, the dogs belonging to this group are known as Earth Dogs. They are very playful dogs and they love getting for a dogfight. They are very protective dogs. They have a harsh and dense coat with a fashionable appearance and they came in all sizes. They can be trained in the early stages if not then they have very little tolerance for other animals and strangers. They can be made human-friendly in the early stages. Until these dogs are properly trained, adult supervision is necessary. They are independent, dominant and very enthusiastic, and fun to have around. The most well-known terrier dogs are American pit bull terrier, bull terrier, Border terrier, and Australian Terrier.

:dizzy: Hound Dogs:

Hound dogs are hunter dogs that first observe and then chase with the help of scents. These are very dangerous and brilliant dogs. They do not like to get ordered around and in case if they obey, they need a reason to follow. These dogs have qualities that are very different from other breeds. They are very vigilant dogs and are used by the law-enforcement authorities. They are energetic, trusting, and reliable dogs and are the best choice for pet lovers. The most well-known hound dogs are the Afghan Hound, American coonhound, and Azawakh, etc.

:dizzy: Herding dogs:

These types of dogs are from a working group. They are very intelligent and vigilant. They also control groups and crowds of animals. They are great watchdogs to look and take care of someone’s property and this character is embedded in their nature. You have to get ready for a bite or two if you want to keep it as a pet. They are household dogs and they also grow very taller about a foot in height. They love and give proper attention to the owner and his family. The most well-known herding dogs are Australian kelpie, Basque Shepherd Dog, and Australian Shepherd.

:dizzy: Working dogs:

Working dogs are those groups of dogs that can survive in any environment. They are reliable, big-sized, and very courageous dogs. They are very great companions and can survive in a low-temperature environment. They may be used for various purposes such as hunting, watchdogs and water rescues, etc. Though they are family dogs proper training is necessary. They are best suitable for large families where they can involve in numerous activities. They may not be friendly with anyone such as strangers and kids. The most well-known working dogs are Akita, Alaskan, Bernese mountain, and black Russian Terrier.

:dizzy: Sporting dogs:

This group of dogs helps hunting dogs with their chasing. Some of the prominent features of these dogs are therapy, rescue, and assistance. They can be trained very easily as they love to attach with people and love to play sports. It is necessary to train these dogs in the early stages. They are thickly coated and have a curly coat that prevents them from getting hurt. They also help and guide other dogs in adverse weather conditions. The well-known sporting dogs include American water spaniel, Barbet, Brittani, and Bracco Italiano.

:dizzy: Non-sporting:

Non-sporting groups are a diverse form of dogs that are categorized into this group because they don’t get fit in other categories. This group contains a variety of dogs and their characteristics do not match with each other. They may come in different shapes and sizes that make them unique and brilliant in their way. The most common non-sporting dogs include American Eskimo, Bichon fries, Boston terrier, Bulldog, etc.

:dizzy: Toy dogs:

This type of group represents a smaller number of giant breed dogs. They are small in size and are best suited as lap dogs. They are great companions of people. They love their owner and his family. They enjoy being moving apartments or houses and love to attach with people. They are attention seekers. Toy dogs are perfectly suitable for you if you have children at your home because they do not need any training.

These dogs are quick learners and are best suitable for you if you first-dog owner and do not have any experience of how to keep dogs. The well-known toy dogs are Affenpinscher, Brussels griffon, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Chihuahua.

:dizzy: Mixed breed dogs:

When one type of pure breed dog is crossed with another breed then the result is mixed breed dog. These types of dogs have predictable nature and temperament. They also have some behavioral issues. They also tend to have a longer life. The well-known mixed breed dogs include Labradoodle, Peekaboo, Schnoodle, Yorkipoo, Maltipoo.


How many dogs are in the world? There are a lot of dog breeds in this world. They are unique in their characteristics and have different sizes and characteristics. Some are herding dogs while some are working. Some are oy dogs while some are mixed breed dogs. Each breed has its characteristics and functions.

:arrow_right: Most popular types of Dogs:

:dizzy: German Shepherd:

The German Shepherd dog origin is from Germany. This is a group of a new breed and got originated in 1899. They are developed for herding sheep and are also known as working dogs. These dogs are very well trained and are very intelligent, clever, and courageous. It is also the top 2nd ranked breed in the United States and 4th most famous in the United Kingdom. The male breed of German Shepherd is about 60-65cm in height and the female breed is about 55-60 cm. they are double coated and are mostly in tan/black or red/black. The life span of a German Shepherd is about 10.5 years.

:dizzy: Bulldog:

The bulldog got originated from the United Kingdom. They are also called the British bulldog or the English bulldog. Their average life span is about 7 to 10 years. These dogs are very sensitive to heat. The height of this breed is about 12-16 inches. The male bulldogs weigh up to 53-55 pounds and the female weighs up to 49-51 pounds. They are grown as pets. They also need exercise.

:dizzy: Golden Retriever:

The Golden retriever dogs are originated from the United Kingdom, Scotland, and England. They are very kind, loyal, intelligent, and clever. The female of this breed varies in height up to 55-57 cm while the male up to 58-61 cm. the weight of a male is about 29.5-34kg and female weigh up to 25-32kg. They are used as guide dogs. Their lifespan is about 11-12 years.

:dizzy: Poodle:

These dogs are mostly available in France and Germany. They are very active, intelligent loyal, and alert dogs. They are well-trained dogs and their height ranges from 35-45cm. They also won awards in 1966 and 1982. They are available in multiple colors. Their life span is about 12-15 years.

:dizzy: Shih Tzu:

These dogs originated in China. The other names for this dog are Chinese Lion Dog and Chrysanthemum Dog. They are small in size. The female is about 1-8lbs and the male is about 8.8-18lbs. the height for both males and females is about 7.9-11 inches. They are available in different colors like red, gold and brindle, etc. they are intelligent, loyal, and very gentle dogs. Their life span is about 10-16 years.

:dizzy: Pug Dog:

Pug dogs originated in China and were well popularized when migrated to Europe in the Sixteenth Century. They are very strong and aggressive dogs and are suitable to grow in houses. These dogs have a lazy type of nature. Their height is about 30cm. their life span is about 12-15 years.

:dizzy: English Mastiff:

The breed of these dogs was originated from England. They are also called Mastiff or old English Ma tiff. It has a beautiful and smooth coat. These are very affectionate, calm, dignified, and protective dogs. The height of these dogs is about 70-91 cm. the weight of males of this breed is higher than the female. Their life span is about 10-12 years.

:dizzy: Border Collie:

This breed was developed for herding livestock of sheep at borders. These are energetic, acrobatic, athletic, and smart dogs. They are also called Scottish sheepdog. Most of their expiration occurs due to cancer or cerebral vascular afflictions. Their lifespan is about 13-16 years. The height of a male is about 48-56 cm while weight is about 13.6-20.4kg. the height of the female breed is about 46-53 cm and the weight is about 12.2- 19kg.

:dizzy: English Spaniel:

This breed was originated in England. This dog is also known as English spaniel. It is a good-natured dog with sporting dog characteristics. It is a friendly dog and can tolerate kids, dogs, and other pets. It is about 38-43cm in height. The male weight of this dog is about 13-16KG. The female weight is about 12-15KG and height about 36-41CM. their life span is about 12-15 Years.

:dizzy: Pomeranian:

It was named after the region Pomeranian in Europe. It is also named Deutscher Spitz. It is a spitz-type breed dog. It is in height of about 20cm and weight is about 1.9-3.5 KG. these dogs are very intelligent, active, sociable, extroverted, and friendly dogs. Their lifespan is about 12-16 years.

:dizzy: Australian Cattle Dog:

This dog got originated in Australia as indicated by the name. This dog has multiple names such as red heeler, blue heeler, cattle dog, and Queensland heeler. Its weight is about 15-22KG for both males and females. For males, its height is about 46-51cm and for a female dog, its height is about 43-48cm. It contains a short and double coat. It can be seen in varieties of colors such as blue and red. It is also known as a “wash and wear” dog and is well trained and well-groomed. Their life span is about 11.5 years.

:dizzy: Bull Terrier:

This dog was originated in England. Its other names are English Bull Terrier and Bully Gladiator. These are independent and stubborn dogs. For males, its height is about 45-55cm and its weight is about 22-38 kg for males. It has a short and dense coat. It can be found in different colors such as white, fawn brindle, etc. These are not pet tolerated and may kill them. Their life span is about 10-15 years.

:dizzy: Boston Terrier:

These dogs got originated in the United States. Its other names are Boston Bull Terrier,Boston Bull, Boxwood, and American gentleman. It has straight ears and is compact with a short tail. It is ranked as the 23rd most popular pet breed in the United States. Its height is about 9-15 inches. Their life span is about 11-13 years.

:dizzy: Chow Chow:

This breed of dog originated in China and is also known as “Fluffy Lion-Dog”. Its other names are Tang Quan and the dog of the Tang Quan. These dogs can also be found in front of Buddhist temples and places as guardians. These dogs are mostly kept as pet dogs. These are very loyal, independent, quiet, and reserved dogs. It has a thick coat. Its height for both males and females is about 17-20 inches. The weight of a male dog is about 55-70 pounds and of a female dog is about 45-60 pounds. Their life span is about 9-15 years.

:dizzy: Newfoundland:

These dogs got originated in England. It is a giant working dog. These are found in different colors such as brown, black, grey, and land seer. These dogs work, especially for fishers. These dogs are well famous for their amazing strength, loyalty, and giant size. Its nicknames are Newf and Newfie. Its height and weight for both males and females is about 75cm and 60-70 kg. it has a thick and straight coat. Their lifespan is about 8-12 years.

:dizzy: Basset Hound:

It got begun in France and Great Britain. This is a short-legged variety canine of the dog family. Its epithets are basset and quiet young doggies. The heaviness of guys is 55-75 pounds and females 45-65 pounds. The stature of guys is 12-15 inches and female 11-14 inches. Their sense functions admirably for a dog. These are typically bicolours and tricolors. Its jacket is smooth, close, and smooth. Litter size is 6-8 little dogs. Life expectancy is of around 11-12 years. These are dedicated, tireless, delicate, loving, and good-natured.

:dizzy: English Springer Spaniel:

English springer spaniel has a place with the group of Spaniel. It is utilized for flushing and recovering games. It’s extremely a friendly, volatile variety. Also, It is ready, dynamic, insightful, bright, and mindful. The heaviness of females is 18.1-22.7 kg, and the male weight is 20.4-25 kg. The tallness of a male is 48-56cm, and the female statue is 46-51cm. The life expectancy of this canine is 12-14 years.

:dizzy: Alaskan Malamute:

It got started in the United States Alaska. It is an enormous type of homegrown canine. Its take is very cargo due to this strength and perseverance. The heaviness of the male is 55 kg, and the female is 38 kg. The stature of the female is 61cm and the male 70cm. Its jacket is a thicker and twofold coat with a rich undercoat. It is by and large found in dark, sable, dark, or red and white. The size of a litter is 4-10 doggies. The life expectancy of this variety of canine is as long as 16 years.

:dizzy: St. Bernard:

It got begun in Italy and Switzerland. Different names are St.Bernhardshund, Alpine Mastiff, and Bernhardiner. It has a moniker, holy person. The normal load of the breed lies between 65-120 kg and tallness is 70-90 cm. The coat is smoother and unpleasant. It is delicate, quiet, and amicable. The life expectancy is of around 8-10 years.

:dizzy: Scaled down Schnauzer:

This kind of canine has a place with a little canine and got started from Germany. Another name is Zwergschnauzer. Its weight is around 11-18 for guys and 10-15 for females. Smaller than expected Schnauzer’s tallness is 14 creeps for a male and 13 crawls for a female. Its jacket is brutal and wiry when and stripped. It exists in dark, silver, white, and so on Litter size is 3-8 little guys. The life expectancy is of 12-14 years.

:dizzy: German Shorthaired Pointer:

This one is begun in Germany. It is a medium-sized sort canine that was created in the nineteenth century for chasing. Also, It has hearty and solid legs that can rush and turn rapidly. It is strong, wise, helpful, teachable, and tender. Its tallness is around 62-66cm for guys and 58-63 for females. Weight for the female is 20.4-27.2 kg and 24.9-31Kg for guys. The life expectancy is of 12-14 years.

:dizzy: American Eskimo Dog:

This canine got started from Germany. It is a variety of examination canines and relatives of Spitz. It is a toy-size canine sort. Its tallness is 23-30 cm, and the mass of the canine is 2.7-4.5kg. It is saved, ready, keen, defensive, and agreeable. The life expectancy of this canine is 13-15 years.

:dizzy: Bernese Mountain Dog:

This is called German Berner Sennenund. It is an enormous estimated variety of canines and exceptionally steadfast, dependable, warm, and keen. Male tallness is 64-70cm, and female statue is 58-66cm. The heaviness of the female is a day and a half and for male 39-50 kg. The size of the litter is 5-7 up to 15. The life expectancy is of 7-8 years.

:dizzy: Airedale Terrier:

It got begun in the United Kingdom. Different names are a waterside terrier, Bingley terrier. Its epithets are Airedale and lord of terriers. It is utilized for chase otters, war canines, police canines, and guide canines. The heaviness of the male is 50-60 pounds, and the female weight is 40-45 pounds. Its tallness is around 22-24 crawls for a male and 22-23 creeps for a female. Its jacket is broken. The size of the litter is 9 cups. The life expectancy is of 11.5 years.

:dizzy: Affenpinscher:

This sort of variety of the canine got started from Germany. Its monikers are affen, monkey canine, and affie. This Dog has a place in the seventeenth century. More modest in size of around 12-13 inches and comes in grovel dim, red, and dark and tan tone. It was made to eliminate rodents from pens, storehouses, and kitchens. Furthermore, It is fun-loving, carefree, obstinate, inquisitive, and dynamic. Its stature is around 23-30 cm. The life expectancy is of 12-14 years.

:dizzy: Beagle:

This canine starts in the assembled realm, England, Great Britain. It is principally reproduced to perceive fragrances ending up being an ideal chasing canine and appreciate the organization of others. Lemon and White, White and tan, tricolor, chocolate, and white, red and white are a few tones where you can discover this canine. A beagle at the tallness of 13 inches and under gauges 20 pounds, and the canines at 13-15 inches stature weigh around 20-30 pounds. Beagle is a cordial, happy, and inquisitive canine with a future of 10-15 years.

:dizzy: Fighter:

This canine begins from Germany and is otherwise called German fighter and Deutscher fighter. A short-haired variety that has a smooth coat firmly wrapped to the body is a fighter. The tones in which you can discover this canine have groveled, mottle with a white underside and feet. The male fighter remains at the stature of 23-25 inches, weighing 65-80 pounds. Female stands at the tallness of 21.5-23.5 inches, gauging 15 pounds not as much as its male partner. It is a brilliant, dynamic, and carefree canine with a future of 10-12 years.

:dizzy: Rottweiler:

This canine begins from Germany with epithets like Rott, Rottie. There are unmistakable shading markings on this canine and come in dark, clear-cut mahogany that doesn’t cover more than 10% of its body. The male Rottweiler remains at the stature of 24-27 inches, weighing 95-135 pounds, and a female stands at the tallness of 22-25 inches gauging 80-100 pounds. It is prevalently known for its steadfast, adoring, and friend gatekeeper nature. The future of this canine is 9-10 years.

:arrow_right: Frequently Asked Questions:

:one: What number of canines bite the dust a year?

About 6.2 million canines bite the dust every year, 3.8 million in homes, veterinary clinics, and under the wheels of a vehicle, and an extra 2.4 million in covers.

:two: Which nation has the most canines?

• France (7.4 million) France has 17 canines for every 100 individuals, perhaps the most elevated proportion on the planet, and a canine populace of about 7.4 million. …

Argentina (9.2 million) …

• India (10.2 million) …

• Philippines (11.6 million) …

Russia (15.0 million) …

• China (27.4 million) …

• USA (75.8 million)

:three: What number of canines are brought into the world in a day?

He then, at that point declared that 1.2 million doggies are conceived each day, which is multiple times the number of people.

:four: Which nation has no dogs?

There are no homeless dogs in the Netherlands, which is the reason the nation is hailed as having annihilated the issue.

:five: What is the most extraordinary canine on earth?

1. Norwegian Lundehund. Tracing back to the Ice Age, the Norwegian Lundehund is perceived as perhaps the most uncommon canine on earth because of its extraordinary qualities which aren’t shared by some other variety.

2. Lagotto Romagnolo

3. Azawakh

4. Otterhound

5. Mudi

:six: Who claims the most dogs on the planet?

The most dogs at any point claimed by one individual, there were 5,000 Mastiffs possessed by Kubla Khan.

:seven: What was the first dog?

The archeological record and hereditary examination show the remaining parts of the Bonn-Oberkassel dog covered close to people 14,200 years before the primary undisputed canine, with questioned remains happening 36,000 years prior.

:eight: Which dog has the briefest life expectancy?

The Dogue de Bordeaux has the most limited life expectancy of any variety on this rundown, living only five to eight years. Before arriving at adulthood, the variety is known to have a troublesome beginning, with a higher stillbirth than most different dogs.

:nine: Will dogs ever live more?

Despite the contrasts among felines and dogs, the two pets are living longer than at any other time. Dogs’ future has multiplied in the previous forty years, and housecats now live twice the length of their wild partners. The reasons can to a great extent be credited to better medical care and a better eating routine.


How many dogs are in the world?
There is a vast population of dogs in this world. Different breeds have different characteristics and functions. People around the world have a lot of love and respect for dogs. They love to keep dogs at their homes and gave them proper rights and prevention. The population of dogs in this world is about 900 million.

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