Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin is a well-known American reality show star. She is also a career woman who showed up in “Iron Resurrection”. However, reality shows to air on the Discover MotorTrend TV network. Amanda and her husband, Joe Martin, repair and restore cars. Then, using Iron Resurrection, show them to people. Joe Martin is the proprietor of “Martin Brother Customs.” As a result, Amanda is a co-owner of the company.

Amanda Martin

Who Is Amanda Martin?

Amanda Martin probably never imagined she would be a reality T.V. star. But life has a kinda funny method of pulling people on unexpected rides. In 2016, Amanda became widely known as one of the stars of the reality T.V. series Iron Resurrection. As a result, she appeared on it alongside her hubby, Joe.

The Martins and their custom car-building business are the focus of the show. They aspire to just provide their customers with the most visually appealing and high-quality work possible. It didn’t take long for Amanda to become a fan favourite. Besides, viewers admired her knowledge and dedication. Amanda always handles the difficulties of being thrust into the spotlight with grace.

Characteristics Details
Full name Amanda Jill Keathley
Height 5’7” (1.87 metres)
Birthday December 11, 1973,
Nationality American
Famous for Wife of Joe Martin
Age 60 years
Marital status Married
Zodian sign Scorpio
Mother Name Sandi Klapp Nafziger
Father Name Not known
Sister name Sandra Keathley & Wendi Keathley
Weight 47 kgs
Ethinicity American
Qualifications bachelors
Color of eyes Blue
hair colour Black
Occupation None
Net worth $ 900 k
Religion Christianity
Brother name Zack Keathley

Amanda Martin was born on Tuesday, December 11, 1973, in Red Oak, Texas, USA. Amanda, on the other hand, has the surname Keathley. Her late father’s name was Zachariah J Keathley Jr. Her mother’s name is Sandi Klapp Nafziger. She is a U.S. citizen. Zack Keathley, Sandra Blank, and Wendi Blank are her three siblings.

Physical Status:

Amanda Martin is a slim and fit woman. As a result, she exercises regularly to maintain her body and remain slim and fit. Not only that, but she also maintains a healthy diet.

Amanda’s height is approximately 5’8" (172 cm or 1.72 m). However, she weighs approximately 65 kg (144 lbs). Her body measurements are approximately 35-24-33.

Amanda has lovely brown eyes and blonde hair. She is a stunning lady. She also regularly posts photos to her Instagram account.


Amanda Martin is a television personality, entrepreneur, and former top banking executive. According to sources, Amanda Martin was born on December 11, 1973, in Red Oak, Texas.

Relationship And Personal life:

Joe is also a mechanic and enjoys cars a lot. Amanda and Joe have the best relationship of any Hollywood celebrity, with the perfect life.

Amanda Martin has a long and strong relationship with her wife. According to Joe, the reason is that they share a passion for automobiles. Joe and Amanda respect each other. Another reason for Amanda and her husband’s long marriage. Also, make room for anyone who requires it.

Amanda Martin, Joe Martin’s wife, is also a co-owner of the car company Martin Bros Customs. The company exists because Joe and his siblings joined forces. However, to establish a car company overseeing all automobile problems.

Amanda Martin, a co-owner of Martin Bros Customs, has also launched her T.V. show, Iron Resurrection. She is not only capable of managing his car dealership and reality television show. She is, however, an excellent actor.


Joe Martin’s wife posts a slew of photos of her husband on her Instagram account, especially regarding “Iron Resurrection” behind the scenes. Joe Martin, Amanda Martin’s husband, was born on the sunny morning of April 16, 1969, in Illinois, USA.

He is, however, 47 years old as of 2021 and will turn 48 in 2022. Winning the Discovery Channel World Championship in the “Biker Build-Off” competition was a significant turning point. Or a watershed moment for Joe Martin, who wins in 2004.

Inspiration By Winning Moments:

His winning moments influenced him to become a mechanic. However, it inspired him to start his own car company. Amanda Martin devotes all of her time and energy to their husband. They were so close that they used to go to bed at the same time and in the same place. Then you get up in the morning to go to work.

On the other hand, Joe Martin has been attempting to create something extraordinary since winning the Discovery Channel World Championship. Then he decided to create useful and appealing vehicles out of vehicle wreckage obtained from another company. Moreover, her husband, Joe Martin, was lucky enough to marry a car enthusiast.

Amanda Helps Her Husband:

As a result, Amanda Martin was the one who helped him with business matters. Joe, her wife, and her brother Martin collaborate to build a large automobile company. Martin Bros Customs, a name that emerged from the Martin brothers’ collaborative effort, is without a doubt. Amanda Martin’s blood and sweat are abundant.

Aside from that, Joe would scour Texas for vehicle and bicycle wrecks. And I was in charge of getting them to their workshop. In comparison, they transformed them into stylish vehicles.

Idea Of Amanda’s husband:

While Joe, Jason, and others worked on the mechanical and heavy work in the workshop. Amanda’s Martin would then oversee the overall operation of the completed vehicle. Amanda’s husband’s idea was to channel their efforts into a television show.

They also teach people how to do car maintenance at home. They contacted various channels to accomplish this.

However, each channel turned down Amanda’s husband, Joe’s request to demonstrate their efforts. After several requests and appeals to the velocity channels, season one of “Iron Resurrection” premiered in April of 2016. Amanda Martin and her husband are currently living in Johnson City in peace. Furthermore, the show “iron resurrection” records in their workshop.

:white_check_mark: Summary:

Martin Brother Customs is owned by Amanda Martin and her husband, Joe Martin. Where they and their crew members look for old and inoperable vehicles. Before being sold, the vehicle is repaired, redesigned, and made reusable.

Career and Net Worth of Amanda martin:

Amanda Martin was born in the United States in Red Oak, Texas. She finished her education at Red Oak High School in Texas. Further, her passion was in the finance and banking industries. As a result, her career began with a job at “Well Fargo.” A multinational finance company headquartered in Plano, Texas. She began working for this company in March of 2007.

She was there for about four years. Then, in December 2011, she was promoted to VP, Branch Manager. However, she left her position as Branch Manager at Well Fargo. Pioneer Bank later hired Amanda in Austin, Texas. It is a community bank and one of the most well-known banks in the United States.

Promoted As Product Manager:

She held several positions there. For the first two years, she worked as an Assistant Vice President at Pioneer Bank. Amanda was then promoted to the position of Vice President of Deposit Operations.

She was repeatedly promoted solely based on her experience and expertise in the banking and financial sector. She remained as Vice President of Deposit Operations for an additional two years. As a result, she was promoted to Product Manager.

Looking For Another Opportunity:

After a while, she left the job. Because she no longer worked as an employee and was looking for another opportunity. Then she went to work for her husband’s company, Martin Bros Customs. Joe Martin, Amanda Martin, and Joe’s brother Jason Martin collaborated on this venture. They have another business partner, a family friend named Jayson Arrington. He is primarily in charge of marketing.

Martin Bros Customs’ crew members design and customize everything from cars to other vehicles. Such as motorcycles and trucks. Joe Martin, her husband, has received numerous awards in the automotive industry. This company customizes and designs various cars and vehicles.

Net Worth:

Amanda Martin Iron Resurrection currently has a net worth of $700,000. Aside from that, her husband’s net worth is significantly greater than hers.

:white_check_mark: Summary

Amanda Martin has made a lot of money from her website. She and her husband, Joe Martin, frequently wear tank tops and hats on stage. Amanda Martin previously worked as an expert in banking jobs. Her passion for cars, however, led her to leave that job. And concentrate on reality shows and her husband’s business, “Martin Bros Customs.”

Interesting Fact About Amanda Martin:

:arrow_forward: Amanda Martin adores dogs. As a result, her Instagram page is filled with photos of her dog breeds.
:arrow_forward: In addition to the custom martin company and the T.V. show “Iron Resurrection,” Amanda Martin’s company has a website that includes all types of vehicles they make from car wreckage.
:arrow_forward: Before marrying her mechanic husband, Joe Martin, Amanda Martin had a lifelong passion for cars and metal. However, this can be seen in one of Amanda Martin’s Instagram posts. Where he shared a photo of her with his sibling and cars.

Joe’s Martin Cars For Sale:

The company website of Martin Bros Customs can find Joe Martin cars for sale. Martin Bros Customs also sells men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. As well as headbands and accessories. Joe’s Martin cars are created through collaborations with well-known car companies in America, such as:

  • House of Kolor
  • USC
  • SATA
  • Backpack
  • Lincoln Electric
  • Classic industry
  • Lone star
  • Story frosty
  • Vp racing
  • Colmer
  • Inger sol mart.

“EPOC DESIGN GROUP” designed the company website of “Martin Bros Customs.” Specifically for the sale of cars made at Joe Martin’s workshop.

Location And Timings Of Workshop:

Martin Bros Customs’ workshop is located at 128 Martin Bros Lane, Johnson City, Texas. And the workshop is open from 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Furthermore, car sales at Joe Martin Worksop are halted on Saturday and Sunday. Apart from purchasing your vehicle from Joe Martin’s sales workshop.

Tee shirts with rusty, licensed plates and sketched logos. Additionally, hats are available at Joe Martin’s workshop. You can buy felxifir martin bros hat in black, white, red, and grey. However, you can also find some maxing designs for hats and truckers. For example, Flexi fits martin bros trucker hat in black and white.

Amanda Martin, Joe Martin’s wife, is in charge of preparing the car for sale. And she only paints and supervises cars. At the same time, Martin Bros Company crew members are in charge of overseeing and getting their hands dirty. Moreover, Joe Martin automobiles are widely available in the United States.
Amanda Martin, the star of Iron Resurrection, is currently missing.

Filming Five-Season:

The former banker and her husband are filming season five of Iron Resurrection. However, other cast and crew are also working.

Loves Of Dogs:

She enjoys spending time with her two adorable dogs when she is not working on cars.

Moreover, Hazel, Dolly, Blue, and Flea are their names (who have their own Instagram account). The Martins enjoy rescuing dogs, so perhaps they will soon have some new additions to their home.

AMANDA MARTIN Photographs:

In her youth, the wife of Joe Martin had two passions: cars and music. Amanda enjoyed posting car photos on her Instagram. Amanda Jill Keathley is a dedicated and intelligent woman. She knows well what she wants out of life, aside from Amanda Martin’s stylish and well-kept profile.

There are some really good photographs of Amanda Martin. These pictures tell us not only about her love for cars. But also about her creativity with her cars.

1. Sofa Made Of Automobiles:

Anyone who sees your sofa made of vehicle parts. It can tell you have a passion for automobiles. Above all, transforming an old vehicle into a car is a feat. That deserves to be acknowledged. However, this could also be one of the great ideas for incorporating a car sofa into her “Iron Resurrection” series. Her photograph of a sofa made of cars has received the most likes on her Instagram profile.

2 . Biggest Car Marketer:

Amanda Martin is not only a fan of featuring some amazing works of her cars in her tv show “Iron Resurrection.” But she is also the most aggressive marketer of those cars. Amanda Martin also employs some marketing techniques. However, to increase sales for Joe Martin and her ■■■■■ venture, Martin Bros Custom.

Also, given Amanda Martin’s previous marketing job at Pioneer Bank, doing the marketing job is not a big deal. Also, Amanda Martin’s social media is filled with some additional information about her reality T.V. show “Iron Resurrection.”

She encourages her Instagram followers to share great marketing tips. This act can help her sell cars and participate in reality television shows. She also shares some surveys on her profile to help boost Joe Martin’s car sales. Amanda also posts five or more photos of her cars per week.

3. A Successful Woman In The Shadow Of A Successful Man:

There is no doubt that a strong woman supports every successful man with excellent marketing skills. This is also true for Joe Martin, who has her wife, Amanda Martin, who is incredibly good at selling cars. Amanda Martin also appears on the reality television show Iron Resurrection.

Amanda Martin is a true car enthusiast and Joe Martin’s devoted wife. It is very exciting for Amanda Martin to wake up and go to her husband’s car showroom.

She is a motivation to many people, especially those who are hesitant to pursue a career in the field, in addition to being a car enthusiast. It was difficult for Amanda Martin to leave her secure finance career behind. And to relocate to her husband’s showroom.

Joe Martin also benefited from his wife’s excellent marketing and financial knowledge in propelling his company to new heights. Without a doubt, Amanda Martin exemplifies the adage “behind every successful man is a successful woman.” Many photos on her Instagram account show her standing right behind her husband while he works.

Personal Life Details
Full Name Amanda Jill Keathley
Known For Acting & Co-owner of Martin Bros Customs
Birth sign Saggitarius
Mother Sandi Klapp Nafziger

Amanda Martin’s Appearance, Body Measurements, And Children:

Amanda Martin, a hardworking lady, is not only a workaholic but also has a striking appearance. She also has a curvy face and ideal body measurements. Her measurements are 21-34-25, and her waist size is 32. She also has a shoe size of 6.

Amanda Martin, Joe Martin’s wife, is a car enthusiast who enjoys wearing baggy clothes on weekends. In her showroom, Amanda Martin usually wears pants and a tank top. Amanda Martin wore a hat designed by her husband, Joe Martin, on the show Iron Resurrection.

According to some sources, Amanda and Martin have three children. One of Amanda Martin’s children has been diagnosed with cancer. But their health is now stable due to Amanda’s nurturing nature. All of Amanda Martin’s children are said to be car enthusiasts like their parents. Amanda Martin has brown eyes with long and silky brown and black hair.

Amanda Martin’s Likes, Dislikes, and Hobbies:

Likes, dislikes, and different hobbies of Amanda Martin are given below:

  1. Amanda Martin enjoys designing cars and researching car parts in his spare time.
  2. Amanda Martin’s favourite cars are R.C. cars that travel at [60 MPH.
  3. Amanda Martin enjoys eating Italian cuisine and wearing tight clothes to work.
  4. Amanda martin’s hobbies include taking pictures of cars, spending time in the showroom, and playing with her dogs.
  5. Amada’s Martin enjoys seeing amusing things, as evidenced by her Instagram feed. On August 10, 2020, she shared the [top 5 memes that made her laugh aloud]. Some of Amanda’s favourite memories
  6. Amanda Martin’s favourite singers include Mike Portnoy, Derek Sherinian, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thali, and Jeff Scott Soto.
  7. She also stated in an Instagram post that she likes Budnik wheels in all-wheel categories.
  8. Moreover, Amanda prefers to have her hair done at a well-known salon in America known as “hair by CeCe luxe.”


Amanda Martin, born in the nineteenth century, is a very forward-thinking woman. She increased her sales by using her Instagram account. She has also used surveys and questionnaires from her Instagram audience to ask what type of content they want to see in the reality T.V. show “Iron Resurrection.”


Some frequently asked questions about “Amanda Martin” are as follows:

Q1: How seasons are of Amanda martin’s Iron resurrection?

There are four seasons of iron resurrection. And each episode is of 30-40 minutes. The first episode of iron resurrection is named "Texas two-step. " And was aired on April 13, 2016. Some of the famous episodes of Amanda martin’s iron resurrection are:

Famous Episodes of Amanda’s Iron Resurrection Released Dtae
Cat-Eye Cruiser September 12, 2017
Instant Classic September 11, 2018
Mint Condition September 18, 2018
Flaming '56 September 25, 2018
Chop Top - Part 1 October 2, 2018
Some Assembly Required March 11, 2020
Racin Vega April 1, 2020

Q2: Who owns martin custom brothers?

Joe Martin founded Martin Bros Customs. An award-winning mechanic who lives in Dallas. Joe is used to creating chic designs on his cars. And he is selling them with the help of her wife’s marketing skills Amanda Martin. Joe also contributes some creative abilities to the car she designed.

Q3: Who is the person who walked away from the Iron Resurrection show?

Shorty was a fantastic cast member on the show Iron Resurrection. They recorded the show in Austin, Texas, and Shorty was living in Dallas then. Shorty travelled for three hours to reach the recording location. Then, Shorty decided to leave the show. The reason is due to increased travel time and episode length.

Q4: Who are Joe Martin’s two brothers who appear in Iron Resurrection?

Joe Martin’s brothers’ names are “Joe and Jason Martin” in Iron Resurrection. In addition, some of the net worth from the show “iron resurrection” ended up in the pockets of Jason and Joe Martin. Aside from that, Jason Arrington, also known as Shag. A most important crew member of the show. Jason is seen in the show, along with Amanda Martin, collecting car wreckage.

Q5: What is Amanda Martin’s husband, Joe Martin’s, net worth?

Joe Martin is a talented mechanic living in Texas and working at his dream job. Aside from that, Joe Martin owns a website called “martin custom bros.” Where many shirts designed by Joe Martin are displayed for sale, he is also a regular on the show “iron resurrection.” It is estimated that Joe has approximately $75,000 US in his name. Due to his amazing services and work.

Q6: How many children are Amanda Martin?

As of 2021, there are three children of Amanda’s Martin. Two are girls while one is a boy. The younger child of Amanda martin is said to be diagnosed with cancer. Amanda Martin is responsible for keeping her private life apart from the shows and buzz world of media.

Q7 Why did Cato abandon Iron Resurrection following Shorty?

Cato left the Iron Resurrection primarily because his wife was promoted at work. And relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, his workshop, “Cato custom upholstery,” relocated to Georgia.

Q8: Who is Amanda Martin’s wife?

Joe Martin is Amanda martin’s husband. They are both coworkers and family members. Aside from that, Joe Martin shares his home with four dogs. There is no information on when Joe Martin and Amanda Martin married. Or when they began dating. However, one of Amanda Martin’s Instagram posts revealed that she met her husband at a car show. Then, they became quick friends.

Q9: When will iron resurrection season 5 will be aired?

Iron Resurrection Season 5 will premiere in February 2021. Iron Resurrection is a reality television show. The cast members of Martin Bros Customs bring some old wreckage cars to show. And also repair them. These come from across the United States.

Q10: Who exactly is Shag Iron Resurrection?

Jayson’ Shag’ Arrington is an actor best known for his roles in Iron Resurrection (2016) and Breaking Point (2015).

Q11: Amanda Martin Brock is from where?

Swaziland, Mbabane

She was born in Mbabane, Swaziland, but grew up in Zimbabwe.

Q12: Is Jason Martin a member of Iron Resurrection?

Today, Jason Martin is one of the show’s producers and handles the behind-the-scenes work. While Joe Martin and his best friend, Jayson “Shag” Arrington, are the ones who mostly work on the cars with the rest of their team.

Q13: What is the age of Amanda Martin?

Furthermore, the cast of Iron Resurrection Amanda is 47 years old and will turn 48 on December 11, 2021.

Q14: Where do the Martin brothers come from?

The four Martin Brothers worked as potters in London from 1873 to 1914. Meanwhile, Martinware was described as art pottery in its day. And they were one of the first potteries to produce this. However, in modern terms, they belong to the studio pottery category. That is created later.

Q15: Martin Brothers is owned by whom?

Generally, Martin Bros Customs designs and customizes everything from cars to motorcycles to boats. Further, Joe Martin, an award-winning custom car and motorcycle builder, owns and operates Martin Bros Customs.

Q16: What brought Joe Martin and Amanda together?

Amanda met Joe through regular acquaintances and her sibling, who worked at Martin’s bicycle shop. Joe’s business was doing exceptionally well when the two lovebirds tied the knot. Amanda’s consistent effort close to her significant other has resulted in a substantial total asset.

Q17: Is Shorty still friends with Joe Martin?

However, they are still close friends. Further, they respect and support each other’s decisions." Cato, like Shorty, posted a video on his blog to clarify reports about his departure.

Q18: Does Iron Resurrection’s Shorty have his shop?

Shorty has been in business for more than 20 years. However, Shorty made an appearance on the T.V. show Iron Resurrection. 4909 Breezy Hill St. is the shop’s address.

Q19: On Iron Resurrection, who is the welder?

Mike Zabonik is a welder and mechanic well-known for his restoration work. And building automobiles and trucks.

Q20: Is Texas metal still on television?

On Wednesday, Texas Metal returns for its fifth season. At Extensive Metal Works in the heart of Texas, everything is bigger. At the same time, owner/creative director Bill Carlton and his team design and build outrageous desirable cars and trucks. Texas Metal Season 5 Premiere Live Stream on fuboTV: Begin with a seven-day free trial!


To begin, Amanda’s Martin (Amanda Jill Keathley) is undeniably and hardworking woman. She loves automobiles. She is, however, one of the women who enjoys spending her free time with cars. Aside from his passion for automobiles, Amanda’s Martin adores his four dogs. These dogs frequently appear in the Iron Resurrection shows alongside Amanda and Joe Martin. Amanda Martin wants to bring many projects to her audience. Because she is a talented woman. Amanda Martin is another name for Amanda Jill Keathley. Instagram is full of behind-the-scenes photos of her cars and the T.V. reality show "Iron Resurrection."If you really want to know and understand more about the cars in Iron Resurrection, follow Amanda Jill Keathley on Instagram!


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Amanda Martin is a television personality, entrepreneur, and former top financial executive. She appears alongside her better half and other castmates in Discovery Channel’s world series Iron Resurrection. However, she co-owns Martin Bros Customs, a custom vehicle building and creation company.

Amanda Martin, How Old Are You? (Age & Family)

Amanda Martin was born Amanda Jill Keathley in Red Oak, Texas, before her marriage to Joe Martin. She was born on December 11, 1973, making her 46 years old in 2020 and 47 in 2021. So it is with Saggitarius, the birth sign.

:arrow_forward: Amanda Martin: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

The ten amazing facts about Amanda Martin are as follows:

:one: Texas Native:

Amanda Martin was born in Texas and raised there. We couldn’t find any specific information about her upbringing. However, we know she has two siblings: one brother and one sister. She also comes from a close-knit family.

:two: She Is A Dedicated Dog Owner:

Amanda adores animals in general. However, dogs hold a special place in her heart. She enjoys spending time with her pets. And they’ve become the focus of her Instagram account. Amanda is a proud parent passionate about raising funds for dog-related causes.

:three: She Is Dedicated To Children’s Cancer Research

Amanda and Joe have three children, one of whom has been diagnosed with cancer. Amanda became interested in children’s cancer research due to her child’s illness. Hence, she has long been an advocate for the cause… Lady has donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and has promoted educational fundraisers.

:four: She Worked In The Banking Industry:

Amanda is best known these days for the work she’s done with her husband. Some people, however, are unaware that she had a very successful career in a completely different field before deciding to give everything up to become a member of Iron Resurrection. Firstly, Amanda worked in the banking industry for ten years. However, he is a vice president at Wells Fargo and Pioneer Bank.

:five: She enjoys spending time outside.

Amanda’s life can become quite hectic when she tries to balance work and busy family life. She does, however, make time for some of her favourite activities. One of them is spending time in nature. She enjoys walking, discovering new places, and relaxing by the water.

:six: She Is a Positive Person

Let’s face it: the world isn’t always a nice place. Most people experience more ups and downs than they bargained for. As a result, it can be challenging to maintain a positive attitude. Despite Amanda’s difficulties, she has always found ways to remain optimistic.

:seven: : She Is Relatively Private.

Despite being a reality TV star, Amanda dislikes putting all of her business on display. She is nearly the polar opposite. Amanda, on the other hand, is very private about her personal life. She and her husband have also worked hard to provide their children with some privacy.

:eight: Iron Resurrection Is Her Only Television Experience

Some people will do almost anything to stay in the spotlight once they break into the entertainment industry. That has not been the case with Amanda. As of now, she has only appeared on Iron Resurrection. Whether she intends to do additional work in the entertainment industry is unclear.

:nine: She Enjoys A Good Adventure.

Some people are perfectly content to go through life following the same routines they’ve always followed. That, however, has never been Amanda’s style. She isn’t scared to try or step outside of her comfort zone. This attitude has most likely contributed to her long-term success.

:ten: She Enjoys Staying Active.

Amanda places a high value on staying in good shape. Despite her hectic schedule, she tries to incorporate exercise into her daily routine.

:white_check_mark: Conclusion:

Aside from being married to a mechanic, Mandi Martin has been around metals since she was a child. According to a rare throwback photo of her and her sister sitting in a car. She adores dogs. Her Instagram feed is made up of a collection of various dog breeds. Aside from the TV show “Iron Ressurection,” the company also has an official website where they showcase their products.

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