Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin also known as Amanda Jill Keathley is the wife of Joe Martin and the reality tv star of Iron resurrection. Since her early age Amanda was in love with cars. Meeting her boyfriend and also her first husband who was also a mechanic added more interest of her in the cars. Amanda Martin on Instagram have shared pictures of cars showing how much this girl loves cars.

1- Full name Amanda Jill Keathley
2-Height 5’7” (1.87 metres)
3- Birthday 11 December 1973
4-Nationality American
5-famous for Wife of Joe Martin
6-Age 60 years
7-Marital status Married
8-Zodian sign Scorpio
9-Mother Name Sandi Klapp Nafziger
10- Father Name Not known
11-Sister name Sandra Keathley & Wendi Keathley
12-Weight 47 kgs
12-Ethinicity American
13 -Qualifications bachelors
14- Color of eyes Blue
15-hair color Black
16-occupation None
17-Net worth $ 900 k
18-Religion Christianity
19- Brother name Zack Keathley

Amanda Martin

Birthday, Age, Siblings, Parents, Birth sign, Education :

This reality Tv star of “Iron Resurrection”, Amanda Martin or Amanda Jill Keathley was born on 11 December 1973 to American parents in red oak, New York, America. Amanda is a TV reality show personality and is a lover of cars as seen by her Instagram. She has featured in many cars shows along his famous husband, Joe Martin. She is a member of show of the reality tv show “Iron Resurrection” and is now a star of that show. It was indeed a great achievement for her that her husband who is her first boyfriend was also a mechanic. No doubt there are pictures shared on her Instagram that shows how much Amanda loves cars. Amada as of 2021 is 47 years old and have siblings with the names of Zack Keathley, Sandra Keathley & Wendi Keathley. The total family members of Amanda are six and one of the sister of her is married to Blake man. It is rumored that her sister , Mardi martin who is married is having three kids all belong to Blake family. One of the nephews of Amanda’s martin is rumored to be suffering from cancer and is in serious condition. In raising up Amanda’s martin both parents took extra care and brought them with love and care. Her mother, Sandi Klapp Nafziger was a housewife and was also a car lover just like Amanda’s martin. The name of her father is not known. But according to one source, Amanda’s martin father was a lawyer and have tux in his whole life. Amada’s martin mother, Sandi Klapp Nafziger, says that Amanda’s martin would go to every car and would make a wish to sit in the car. Her one of sibling called Sandra Keathley, is also interested in cars. Amanda’s martin celebrates her birthday with his long-term husband and with his cars. Her name , Amanda Jill Keathley was given by her one of the dearest family cousins. Amanda Jill Keathley being born on 11 December 1973 has got a birth sign of Sagittarius. Amanda has American nationality and belong to Caucasian ethnicity. She attended her primary school at the age of 3, she was admitted to red oak school which was located in Texas close from her neighborhood then after completing her matriculation educational degree from red oak school along side her three siblings. She went to Williamson college from where she completed her intermediate, later she went to pursue her bachelor’s degree in finance from London university in England. Overall, according to her mother, Sandi Klapp Nafziger, Amanda’s martin was good in her education and would consider intelligent and smart by her teachers. Martin Bros Customs is nothing without this wonder woman named as Amanda martin. Aside from this, there is a saying that beside every successful man there is said to be a successful woman so is the case with Amanda martin. It is said that Amanda would workday in and day out to create martin bros customs and was successful in creating a big company of her husband.

Amanda martin relation with husband and personal life of Joe martin:

It was indeed a blessing for Amanda Martin to meet his first boyfriend and husband who was also a mechanic that loves cars. Amanda and Joe are living an ideal life with the best relationship with each other as compared to any Hollywood celebrity. According to Joe, the secret for having this much long strengthened relationship with her wife, Amanda’s martin is because they both have common interest and love that is of cars. Also, another reason for this long relationship of Amanda with her husband is that Joe and Amanda both respect each other and give space to anyone in need. Joe Martin’s spouse, Amanda Martin beside the reality tv star is also the co-proprietor of the cars company that is known with the name of Martin Bros Customs, An organization name that emerges because of Joe and his sibling meeting up to create an automobile company responsible for over seeing all the problems that automobile face. Beside being the co-proprietor to Martin Bros Customs, Amanda Martin has also started her own TV Series named Iron Resurrection. In addition to the fact that she is a person that is good in managing his car company and reality tv show, she is also excellent in acting.


The wife of Joe Martin shares a dozen of pictures of her husband, Joe Martin on her Instagram when it comes to behind the scenes of “Iron Resurrection”. Amanda Martin’s Husband Joe was brought into the world on the sunny morning of 16 of April 1969, in Illinois, the USA he is now 47 years as 2021 and will turn 48 in 2022. Wining Discovery’s Channel World Championship in the “Biker Build-Off” competition was a huge pivot or a milestone for Joe Martin that he wins in 2004. These turned him to be mechanic person and also motivated him to create an automobile company. Amanda Martin was seen to invests all her energy with her husband, in a way that they used to go to the bed the same time in the same place and then wake up in the morning to head to the same workplace. Ever since winning the Discovery’s Channel World Championship, Joe Martin tried his best to make something extraordinary and he decided on making useful and alluring vehicles from vehicle wreckages that he got from another company . What’s more for her husband, Joe Martin is that he was lucky enough to get married to a car lover, Amanda Martin, that was also the one to help him in his company matters. Amanda martin’s husband with her wife and her brother martin help each other to build a huge automobile company. There is no doubt that Martin Bros Customs, a name emerging from the joint effort of the Martin Brothers (Joe and his sibling Jason Martin) has lots of blood and sweat of Amanda martin. Apart from this, Joe would go and see scouts for wreckages of vehicles and bicycle around Texas and was responsible for carrying it to their workshop where those vehicles and bikes have been turned into chic and beautiful vehicles. While Joe, Jason and other people in the workshop would do the mechanical and Heavy works, Amanda’s martin would see the overall functioning of the completed vehicle. It was Amanda’s husband idea to bring these efforts of them to the TV show and show the people how to do the car work alone at home. They contacted various channels for this but apparently every time , every channel would reject to Amanda’s husband, Joe request of showing their efforts. After several requests and appealing to the velocity channels, the season one of “ Iron Resurrection” was debuted in April of 2016. Amanda’s husband and Amanda Martin both are currently living a peaceful life in Johnson City. Also, the show “ iron resurrection” is also recorded from their workshop of “Martin Bros Custom” based in Johnson city of Texas.

Career and Net Worth of Amanda martin:

Amanda Jill Keathley also the wife of “Martin Bros Company” is seen enjoying her dream career in some of her Instagram posts. Seeing the Instagram posts of the reality tv show star of “ Iron resurrection”, one can understand how much she loves being with the cars. Also meeting her first boyfriend and now husband also boosted her in going along with her interests in cars. “Iron Resurrection” assisted Amanda Mandi Martin to make her future career in this reality Tv shows , however before this, she has many career paths and not a single career was her dream career. As indicated by the LinkedIn profiles, Amanda Martin has recently worked in several associations as indicated by her Instagram and LinkedIn posts. When she was small, she wanted to make finance as her future career therefore in the start of her professional life, she provided her services as a finance person for a very long time and for approximately ten months at Wells Fargo. Well Fargo is one of the biggest and most successful banks of USA with 100 of offices around the world and this bank is positioned among the top organizations in the Fortune 500 companies that have the most profit and also with more than 2 trillion dollars assets. Well Fargo where Amanda Martin has worked, is the company that have assets similar to JPMorgan Chase, ICBC, Bank of America, and Citigroup. After serving as a finance person, she was promoted to Vise president and then to Branch Manager. But she was given another promotion due to her incredible work in this career and she left the Brand manager position in December of 2011 to function as the AVP, Branch Manager for Pioneer Bank SSB in January of 2012. In pioneer bank ,she worked for three years leaving in December 2014.Amanda Martin due to her remarkable and astonishing performance in her former career which was finance and which she was practising in Pioneer Bank, SSB as AVP, Branch Manager in January of 2012 was moved to VP, Deposit Operations in December 2014. She after serving as the VP of deposit operations moved to served as manager of production department in March of 2016 and then she stopped working in 2017 having worked for Pioneer Bank for a range of 5 years and 11 months. The net worth or the cash accumulated while working for different associations helped her gain a lot of money and about $ 600k USD was made from Amanda’s martin side when she was working for pioneer bank. Furthermore, her profit that she got as the co-proprietor of Martin Bros Customs also helped her in raising her net worth to 800 K USD. Apart from this , Amanda Martin is also having huge sum of money from “Iron Resurrection” that makes Amanda Martin net worth to a whopping 900 K USD. Also, until now the show of Amanda Martin company have released 4 seasons and each episode is of 40 minutes. Amanda Martin has gained about 45 % of his net worth from this reality show. The now career of Amanda’s martin according to some people is controversial and easy as compared to her previous career of finance. But this is not true. This career of Amanda’s martin requires a very good management skill along with some hands-on experience with the engineering designs and also without Amanda Martin in this career, martin bros and iron resurrection would fail. Amanda has also choose to get her hands on entrepreneur career and works in iron resurrection that adds huge sum to her net worth. Also it is no denying that Amanda matin makes lots of her money from the dealing of cars from her husband’s business. She also has a good portion of profit from the martin bros customs. Also, martin bros customs have also had some good merchandising done. Also, the products that are contributing much to the net worth of Amanda’s martin are:

Name Description
1- FLEXFIT MARTIN BROS HAT(BLACK, White and red) This hat is the first designed hat by Joe Martin that was first marketed by Amanda’s martin in the iron resurrection show episode 1 of season 2 and it is of $ 25.00
2-FLEXFIT MARTIN BROS HAT (BLACK) The model in this Joe Martin and the price if this hat is just of $ 25.00. The hat is made by one of the customers of martin bros customs and is customized design
3- FLEXFIT MARTIN BROS HAT (BLACK) The price of this is $ 27.00
4-FLEXFIT MARTIN BROS TRUCKER HAT (BLACK/ WHITE) The hat is deigned by Joe Martin and is composed of aesthetic designs. Also, the embroidered design is only of $ 28.00
5- Flexfit snapback martin bros trucker hat (black/ white) $ 30.00
6- Martin bros customs beanie This is custom Bennie designed with the creative logo of the company with only $ 18.00
7- Ladies caddy tee The pink colored T shirt is designed with some aesthetic designers as it contains some combination of black and pink and is available just in $ 19.00
8- Ladies pink and black tank Are you the one that wants to get the slide car from Amanda’s martin in few dollars along with some tank? If yes, then Amanda’s martin shop is there for you to buy this shirt only for $21.00

All the above products are contributing greatly to the net worth of Amanda Martin.

Amanda Martin Net worth

A lot of money has been made by Amanda Martin by selling the products available at her website. Many tank tops and hats are wore by Amanda Martin and her husband Joe Martin in their shows. No doubt, Amanda Martin was working as an expert in her previous banking jobs but her love for cars have made her left that job and moved towards the reality shows and her husband company “Martin bros customs”.

Interesting Fact about Amanda Martin

  1. Amanda’s martin is a dog Lover as her Instagram page is brimmed with pictures of different breeds of dogs that she has.
  2. Apart from the custom martin company and the TV show of “Iron Resurrection” , Amanda martin’s company also have website that includes all sort of vehicles that they make from the wreckage of cars.
  3. Apart from getting married to her mechanic husband called Joe’s martin, Amanda martin was a lover of cars and metal since young age. This can be seen from the fact of one of the posts of Instagram in which Amanda’s martin have shared one picture of her with his sibling with cars.

Joe’s martin cars for sales:

Joe’s martin cars for sales are provided in the list in the company website of martin bros customs. Apart from this martin bros customs also deals with the men, women wear, head bands and accessories. Joe’s martin cars are prepared from the joint partnerships from the famous cars company of America like from house of Kolor , USC,SATA, bankpack, Lincoln electric, classic industry, lone star, story frosty, Vp racing, Colmer, Inger sol mart . The designed of the company website of “ martin bros customs” especially for selling of cars made at Joe Martin workshop is designed by “EPOC DESIGN GROUP”. The workshop of martin bros customs is located in 128 martin bros lane, Johnson city, Texas and the workshop are open from Monday to Friday from 9 pm to 5 pm. The sales of cars at Joe Martin Worksop are halted on Saturday and Sunday. Apart from getting your car from the sales workshop of Joe Martin you can also get Tee shirts of rusty, licensed plate, sketched logo and also hats are available at the Joe martin’s workshop. You can shop felxifir martin bros hat in black, white, red and gray colors. You can also find some maxing designs for hats and truckers e.g: flexifet martin bros trucker hat in black and white. Martin bros is known for selling the cars at low price and doing metal fabrication and painting the wreckage of cars all around the US. The work of Joe Martin wife, Amanda’s martin is to make the car ready for sale and she just paints and supervise, while the crew members of martin bros company are responsible for overseeing and gets their hands dirty. In this Joe Martin cars are easily able to sale out by in US market.

Founder of martin bros customs and husband of Amanda martin

Amanda Jill Keathley who is also the wife of the founder of martin bros custom is the lover of vehicles. Her Instagram account is the true example of the love this “Iron resurrection “ star have. Joe Martin who was her first boyfriend and husband got his creative beginning when he was studying in school in the Dallas suburb of Desoto as he drew everything from Conan the Barbarian to vehicles to signing parents’ signature on his class fellows report card. He proceeded in his painting passion and move onward to painting head protectors, skateboards, and bikes and ultimately started off his career by working at a post-retail store. There he took in orders that requires some mechanics in vehicles, and his co worker then learned about his incredible abilities therefore they started giving him some side work doing custom paintwork on their cars and bikes. He got such a great passion for the cars that he with his wife, Amanda martin would go alone searching for the cars leftovers and would design their cars. He and Amanda martin all alone would do custom designing.
Before doing something else, Joe decided that he needed to grow his extreme passion to his job . He at that time have a little pickup truck, he rented a house with a big space enough for dealing with cars. It was about this time he decided to bring more of his family members who is named as Jason, he took some of the bikes for doing the custom work. Also, after working along side Amanda’s martin, he found out that cruisers were a lot simpler and quicker to deal. Then it hits the founder of martin bros customs to make them from scratch and sell them. Also due to the unique style of the cruisers, his customers never wrangled about cost. His work was so incredible that it wins many shows like EZ Rider shows and that make his workshop into magazines front page. This was the time of the last part of the 90s/mid 2000s and the custom designs by Amanda and Joe Martin was reaching the skies.


The wife of Joe Martin have two passions in her early age that was her love for cars. Amanada loved to share car photographs on her Instagram. Amanda Jill Keathley, no doubt is a devoted person and highly intelligent lady who know what to do in her life. Apart from all the chic and highly maintained profile of Amanda martin. There are some really good photographs of Amanda martin that talks not only about her love for cars but also tells us about the creativity that Amanda’s martin does with her cars.

  1. Sofa made of cars:

When your sofa is made of parts of a vehicle, anyone can figure that you have an enthusiasm for vehicles. Transforming an old vehicle into a car is an achievement that truly deserves acknowledgment. This can also be one of the great ideas to introduce car sofa in her tv series of “ Iron Resurrection”. Her sofa made of cars photograph has got the most likes on her Instagram profile.

  1. Biggest marketer of cars:

Amanda martin not only is the fan of featuring some amazing works of her cars in her tv show called” Iron Resurrection” but also is the biggest marketer of those cars. Amanda Martin also use some of the marketing technique to bring some sales to Joe Martin and her joint company called martin bros custom. Also doing the marketing job is not a big thing considering the work experience that Amanda martin has from her previous marketing job at pioneer bank. Also, the social media of Amanda’s martin is filled with some of the additional information that you can get about her reality TV Show of “Iron resurrection”. She besides doing the reality tv shows also encourage her fans on Instagram to tell her some great marketing tips that can help her in sales of the cars. Also, she shares some survey on her profile to help boost the sales of cars of Joe martin. Also, Amanda shares approximately 5+ photographs a week of her cars.

  1. A successful woman behind a successful man:

There is no doubt that behind every successful man is a strong woman with some great marketing skills. And this is also with Joe Martin as he got her wife, Amanda martin who is incredibly good in doing great in selling the cars. Also, Amanda martin is the part of the reality tv show called iron resurrection. Amanda martin is a real car loving person and a dedicated spouse of Joe martin. According to Amanda martin, it is really exiting for her to wake up and go to her husband’s car showroom. Also, behind being the car loving person, she is also an inspiration to many people who are hesitant to adopt a career that is belonging to field work. It was a difficult task for Amanda martin to leave everything behind her in her settled finance career and to move to her husband show room. Joe martin also took advantage from the great marketing and finance knowledge of his wife helping him in making his business reach the skies. No doubt Amanda Martin is a living example of the quote “ behind every successful man there is a successful woman”. Many photographs posted on her Instagram account shows that she is behind her husband every time when he works.

Appearance, Body measurements and Children of Amanda Martin:

The hard-working lady, Amanda Martin is not only the workaholic person but also have some striking appearance. She has curvy face with some ideal body measurements. She has 21-34-25 and her waist size is 32. Also, she wears shoe size of 6. Joe’s martin wife, Amanda’s martin is a car lover and loves to wear clothes that are baggy on weekends. Amada martin is seen to wear pants with some tank top in her show room. On the show of iron resurrection, Amanda martin is seen wearing some hat designed by her husband, Joe martin. According to some resources, there are 3 children of Amanda’s martin and Joe. One of the children of Amanda’s martin is diagnosed with cancer but his/her health is now stable considering the fact that Amanda is a very caring mother. All of the child of Amanda’s martin is said to be a car lover like their parents. Amanda martin have brown eyes with light brown, black that are long and silky.

Likes, Dislikes and Hobbies of Amanda martin:

  1. Amanda’s martin likes to spend his free time designing cars and researching the car parts.
  2. The most liked cars of Amanda’s martin are RC car that goes 60 MPH.
  3. Amanda martin is the fan of eating Italian cuisine and she loves to wear tight clothes when at work.
  4. The hobbies of Amanda’s martin include taking pictures of cars, spending her time in the showroom and playing with her dogs.
  5. Amada’s martin likes to see humorous stuff that can be evident from the Instagram pot of her. On 10 august 2020, she shared the top 5 memes that led her to roll on the ground laughing. Some of the best mems liked by Amanda’s martin are.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: 13 :arrow_forward: I’m the worst number in the world, 666 :arrow_forward: that’s cute. 2020 :arrow_forward: hold my beer.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Netflix asking, “ are you there”. Course I’m still here I can’t leave my house.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Has anyone tried giving 2020 a “snicker”?

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Psychopaths : people who wear jeans in their houses during quarantine.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: I am starting to miss people I don’t even like.

  1. Amanda Martin likes to listen to her favorite singer called as Mike portnoy, Derek sherinian, Ron “bumblefoot” thali and jeff Scott Soto.
  2. Also, she said in one of her Instagram post that she likes Budnik wheels in all the wheels categories.
  3. Amanda likes to get her hair done by a famous salon present in America and is called “hair by CeCe luxe”.
  4. The most liked horror movies of Amanda’s martin according to her Instagram page is:
Amanda martin’s recommended horror movies
1- Halloween I-IV
2- When a stranger call(1979)
3- The Exorcist
4- The exorcism of Emily Rose
5- Texas Chainsaw Massacre
7- The shining
8- Alien(1979)
9- Psycho
10- The original Dracula starring Bella Lugosi

A short overview of Amanda’s martin Instagram:

Amanda Instagram post is filled with some of her humanitarian work that she does and the workshop pictures. She also shares some of her favorite car pictures on her Instagram.

  1. Amanda’s martin is very kind towards the animals. On her Instagram post, she wrote about an abundant dog with the name of Lucy. She wrote that

“This is lucy. She needs your helps. Dog’s lovers unite. If each one of us donate $1. We can all make a difference. The baby was surrendered by her owner with two broken legs. Her surgery and care cost 12k USD. If you are able to donate every cent then click on my about like.”

This captain shows how loving is Amanda towards dogs. She also shares some of the pictures from an Instagram page called “ So Cal Pit Bull Rescue “.
2. There are 90.1k followers and 802 followers on her Instagram page with 1,266 post as of 2021.
3. The dog’s name of Amanda’s martin is “the martin mutts” that is also have an Instagram page with 1,885 followers and 139 following. The total Instagram post of the dogs of Amanda Martin are 288.
4. The number of dogs that is currently in the care of Amanda’s martin are 7. The names of her dogs are blu, hazel, flea, dolly, hazel2,cane and while.
5. In one of the Instagram post, Amanda’s martin mentions that she is a truck girl. She says that “ I am a truck girl. Truthfully, I never thought I needed a truck this big. Now that I have one, I am not suer what I would do with out it. I use it every single day. I am losing the bigger one.”
6. The best friend of Amanda’s martin is Casey’s cross and April Ratliff, and they are on Instagram following Amanda’s martin. Her best friends are with names “ quesi_74 and April. Ratliff”. She usually shares the pictures of her friends on her Instagram account.
7. On 18 February, Amanda’s martin shares the pictures of her best friends with caption that “ being the Texas native, snow was not something I had seen at home many times. She further adds that me and my best friends had the time of our lives at the snowstorm that came in Dallas in 2021. She adds that she has one of greatest day that day and it is included in some of the great memories that she made that day.”
8. Amanda Martin is on Instagram with name “ mrs.martinbroscutsom”.

Amanda Martin being born in 19th century is a very forward woman. She has used her Instagram account to increase her sales. Also, she has used surveys and questionnaires from her audience at Instagram account to ask for the type of content they want to see in the reality Tv show of “ Iron Resurrection”.


There are many questions the fans of Amanda Jill Keathley aka Amanda Martin loved to read. No doubt Amanda Martin is a wonder woman and is the ideal person for many girls and married couple that have craze. It seems that Amanda is living her dream life because not only she is a reality Tv star but also she is a wife of a talented mechanic named as Joe martin. Since Amanda martin’s early age, she would love to take photos. This love for cars is evident from the Instagram pictures of Amanda Martin.

:one: How seasons are of Amanda martin’s Iron resurrection?

There is total 4 seasons of iron resurrection. And each episode is of 30-40 minutes. The first episode of iron resurrection is named as “Texas two-step “ and was aired on 13 April 2016 and the cast included are barbecued bird, shaggin’ waon, hardcore softail, triple black Cadillac, lone star Lincoln, smoking hot ghia,chop top- part1,truck yeah. the second episode of iron resurrection as aired on April,2016 and its name is shaggin’ wagon and the cast is the same as episode 1 of season 1 except ramble on, thundering C10, tricked out trike, super low metro, frozen in time, chop top- part 2 , falling ’56 and brother’s nova part 1 and 2. The episode 3 is named as Shaggin’ Wagon and its aired date is April 27, 2016. The episode 4 was named as Barbecued Bird and was aired on May 4, 2016. Some of the famous episodes of Amanda martin’s iron resurrection are:

Famous episodes if Amanda’s iron resurrection Released Dtae
1- Cat-Eye Cruiser September 12, 2017
2- Instant Classic September 11, 2018
3- Mint Condition September 18, 2018
4- Flaming '56 September 25, 2018
5- Chop Top - Part 1 October 2, 2018
6- Some Assembly Required March 11, 2020
7- Racin Vega April 1, 2020

:two: Who owns martin custom brothers?

Martin bros customs is founded by the award-winning mechanic that lives in Dallas and is named as Joe martin. Joe is used to create some chic designs on his cars and with the use of her wife marketing skills , Amanda Martin, Joe sells the cars. Joe also adds some creative talents to the car her design.

:three: Who is the person that left the iron resurrection show?

Shorty was an amazing crew member of the show called iron resurrection. The show was recorded in Texas, Austin and shorty was living in Dallas. It took 3 hours for shorty to reach the location of the recording. Due to increased travel time and the increased episode time, shorty decided to leave the show.

:four: Who is the two brothers of Joe Martin that are included in iron resurrection?

The brother’s name of Joe Martin included in iron resurrection are “ Joe and Jason martin”. Also, some of the net worth that show “iron resurrection” got into the pockets of Jason and Joe martin. Also, apart from this, Jason Arrington who is also known as Shag is the most important crew member of the show. Jason is seen in the show along with Amanda Martin collecting the wreckages of the cars.

"five: What is the net worth of the Amanda martin’s husband, Joe martin?

Joe’s martin is the talented mechanic living in Texas with his dream job. Apart from this, Joe Martin also owns a website by the name of “martin custom bros”., where lots of shirts designed by Joe Martin is placed to sell. Also, he is the regular member of the show “iron resurrection”. Keeping in mind above work done by Joe martin, it is estimated that Joe have approximated $ 75,000 US in his name.

:six: Who is the brother-in-law of Amanda Martin included in camera team of iron resurrection?

Jason’s martin is the content developer of iron resurrection. Jason is working in the television industry since 2003 and Jason loves to work with some talented minds with people that are off and one camera. He shoots, post videos, captures audios, direct and produce the show. Apart from the iron resurrection this talented brother of Amanda Martin is the producer, associate producer, series creator at discovers Inc from 2014 till 2021. This creative brother is law of Amanda is the partner of martin bros company.

:seven: How many children are of Amanda Martin?

As of 2021 there are 3 children of Amanda’s martin. Two are girls while one is a boy. The younger child of Amanda’s martin is said to be diagnosed with cancer. Amanda’s martin is very responsible in keeping her private life apart from the shows and buzz world of media. It is due to this reason that never did Amanda Martin have shared the photos of her children on her Instagram.

:eight: Why did Cato leave iron resurrection after shorty?

The main reasons of Cato leaving the iron resurrection is because his wife got promotions in her job and she moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Also, his company workshop called “ Cato custom upholstery” moved to Georgia.

:nine: Who is Amanda’s martin married to ?

Amanda’s martin is married to Joe martin. They both are the work buddies and also family. Apart from this, there are 4 dogs also living h with Joe martin. There is no news when did Joe Martin and Amanda martin got married and when did they started dating. But it was revealed in one of the Instagram post by Amanda’s martin that she met her husband in a car show and immediately becomes friends.

:ten: When will iron resurrection season 5 will be aired?

The season 5 of iron resurrection is expected to be released in February 2021. Iron resurrection is realty tv shows in which the cast members of the martin bros customs bring some old wreckage cars from across the US and fix the problems of it. Also, a lot of creative and expert mechanics use their technical and nontechnical information to turn the old cars into chic ones. Iron resurrection is brilliant tv show for people that loves automobiles. The iron resurrection show is stream on “ motor trend app”. The first season of iron resurrection was aired on 11 April 2016 and the last season aired (4th season was aired on April 8, 2020. Also in an Instagram post, Amanda’s martin says that her TV show “ iron resurrection” shooting for season 5 is delayed.

11. Who is Michael A. Zabonik?

Michael A. Zabonik is the supporting welder and car fabricator in “Iron Resurrection”. He works with Amanda Martin husband to create cars from wreckage. Michael A. Zabonik was brought into the world on 14 July. He is a husband to Kimberly K. (Thomas) Zabonik and also to Valerie K. (Mcwhorter) Zabonik.He divorced Kimberly K. (Thomas) Zabonik on January 27, 2014 and now lives with his second wife Valerie K. (Mcwhorter) Zabonik in Dallas.He tied the knot with Kimberly K. (Thomas) Zabonik on November 8th 2011. Micheal A. belongs to white ethnicity and his birth place is Texas.Micheal’s religion is Christianity and he went to a school located in his neighbourhood. Being born in poor family, he didn’t study hugh school and started working in the car factory where his love for cars increases.Now Micheal works with Amanda Martin’s husband on Martin Bros Customs and also is lead welder in Iron Resurrection. Micheal is 54 years of age as of 2021. His nickname is Zaboniki.


Amanda’s martin ( Amanda Jill Keathley ) no doubt is an industrious woman full in craze for automobile. She is one of the women that loves to spend her free time with cars. Apart from these love for cars, Amanda’s martin has love for his 4 dogs. These dogs are often seen in the iron resurrection shows with Amanda and Joe martin. Being the talented women, there are many projects that Amanda’s martin wants to bring to her audience. Amanda Jill Keathley also called Amanda Martin Instagram is full with the pictures of her cars and TV reality show “Iron Resurrection” behind the scenes. So if you want to know about the cars that are used in Iron resurrection head to the Instagram account of Amanda Jill Keathley!


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