Erin Angle

Erin Angle is the spouse of a famous Hollywood star Jon Bernthal. She is the niece of a popular American famous athlete named Kurt Angle.

Erin Angle

Who is Erin Angle?

Quick Facts

Name Erin Angle
Birthday 1977-05-01
Nationality American
Famous for Wife of Jon Bethnal
Age 41 Years
Marital Status Married
Height 5’6” (1.86 Metres)
Zodian Sign Aries
Mother Name Cindy Abbondanza Angle
Father Name Mark Angle
Sister Name Not Known
Weight 58 Kgs
Ethinicity American African
Qualifications Masters
Color of Eyes Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Occupation Nurse, Housewife
Net Worth 800K USD
Religoion Christianity
Son Name Henry Bernthal, Billy Bernthal

Erin Angle is a trauma nurse who resides in the United States. She is married to the actor Jon Bernthal and is the niece of the professional wrestler Kurt Angle.

After their retirement, this uncle of Erin Angle worked as a producer in the events of WWE. Erin Angle says that her uncle is quite famous with his fans and likes interacting with people.

This uncle of Erin Angle’s popularity can be seen from the fact that he was the first American to get the gold medal in Olympic of 2016.

Early Life

Erin was brought into the world in 1977 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, to Cindy Abbondanza Angle and her dad named, Mark Angle. Erin Angle’s father, Mark Angle, was the brother of the famous wrestler, Kurt Angle.

She has seven people in her family: five sisters, one brother named Mike, and sisters Cassidy, Jackie, Kristen, and Lea. Erin went to Canon-McMillan secondary school. Afterward, she continued her education at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a degree in nursing in 1998.

After ten years, in 2008, Erin was given the degree of masters from MS anesthesiology from the University of Southern California. She also took some Online free education courses while she was studying. Erin in 1999 became Registered nurse.

Career of Erin Angle

Erin Angle worked in various hospitals in her career. She worked in the emergency and trauma departments of the hospital. She also did some volunteer work in her career. The hospital where Erin Angle worked in her career is:

Hospital name in which Erin Angle worked
Hospital name Working as
John Hopkins hospital Trauma nurse
UCLA medical center Nurse
Aspen valley hospital Emergency nurse
Acibadem hospital Aneathesiast nurse
Yunus hospital LPN nurse
Zeynep Kamel hospital Ward nurse
Rochester General Hospital Assistant nurse
Chester County Hospital Head nurse

Erin Angle always wanted to start his career in the medical field, and for this very reason, she decided to take nursing as her bachelor’s. Erin Angle started her career by working at Georgetown medical center, which was located in Manchester.

She in his career preferred to work in a university hospital that has the maximum chance of getting the patients. Erin Angle worked in john Hopkins hospital from 1999-2000. From 2001-2003 Erin Angle worked at UCLA medical hospital. From 2002- 2005 she worked in Yunus hospital, and from 2005-2006 she worked in Rochester General.


It is unknown to the public whether Erin Angle is still following his dream career of nurse and anesthesiologist or whether she is now only a housewife. She also works in the department of Sports psychology.

Personal Life

Erin Angle was working in a university hospital when Erin Angle met her now-husband, Jonathan. It is still unclear to the fans of Erin Angle fans whether Erin Angle is doing her previous nursing job, yet many expect she is a housewife.

According to Erin’s husband, she is not Social media. Keeping away from social media has let Erin have Work-life in balance.

Marriage of Erin Angle

Erin Angle was working in the hospital when she met her husband. They both had the meet-up at a few places before they decided to move to the next step of their love, which was marriage.

It was rumored by some of the people outside the media industry that Erin Angle and her husband had a very difficult time when they were dating, and the reason was none other than the scandals of Erin Angle’s now-husband.

  • When Jon Bernthal was asked to sing something for his girlfriend, Erin Angle, at that time, then he played a beautiful tune from one of his movies with a guitar.

  • Erin Angle and her husband Jon Bernthal married each other one year after dating.

  • They decided to marry each other one year after dating. On the marriage day, Erin Angle wore a red dress while Jon Bernthal was seen in a white tuxedo. It was a bright day when Erin Angle got married to her husband.

  • The marriage ceremony of Erin Angle was done on 25th September 2010.

  • The marriage ceremony occurred in Maryland, America, on a small island. Jon Bernthal was one year older than his wife.

  • The marriage ceremony of Erin Angle has some special guests like her husband’s acting teacher, Alma Becker.

  • The marriage ceremony of Erin Angle was planned by the famous manager of the 'engaging affairs.

Note: It was also rumored that the food provided in the marriage of Erin Angle was of 'occasion caterers. In the marriage of Erin Angle, the makeup of Erin Angle was done by Pattie, and Remona did the hairstyling of Erin Angle.

Nelson in Between the Relationship of Erin and Jon :

There were many times when the relationship between Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal took a 360-degree turn. And due to them being on bad terms even when in the relationship made both of them unhappy.

For this reason, to take a step back from the relationship Erin Angle moved back to his hometown in California, but it seems that Jon Bernthal was not happy with this. The relationship between Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal soon turned toxic. It was again resumed to the lovely old days of their relationship when Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal went to a Nelson Wellie concert.

Backstage Jon Bernthal asked nelson to play a song for his wife, Erin Angle, to which nelson gladly did. It is also rumored that nelson was provided with drugs along with a big letter from Jon Bernthal.

Keep in mind: Jon says that Nelson’s song did magic in the relationship of Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal, and they both got back together in their first few days. The song played by Nelson for Erin Angle was ‘always on my mind.’

Husband of Erin Angle - Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal was brought into the world on the twentieth of September 1976 in Washington, D.C., to a Jewish family. Jon Bernthal’s mother’s name was Joan Lurie (née Marx), and their father was Eric Lawrence Bernthal. Jon’s dad Eric Lawrence was knowns as a legal counselor with Latham and Watkins LLP. His family includes some of the great artists of the year.

The granddad of Jon Bernthal, named Murray Bernthal, was an artist. Jon has two siblings, Nicholas Bernthal (a doctor ) and Thomas Bernthal (a counseling organization CEO).

During his Jon Bernthal in Russia, he also played for a Russian volleyball team. Jon was an excellent catcher. He is known for playing incredible acting in Brad in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Griff in Baby Driver(2017), Brax in The Accountant(2016), and Shane Walsh in The Walking End (2010-2018), Frank Castle.


Jon Bernthal, every movie was streamed on Netflix. Erin is very compromising and helps his husband, Jon, with his schedule. When in an interview when Jon Bernthal was asked did the busy schedule of his let Jon Bernthal’s family and wife sad or not.

Children and Dogs of Erin Angle

Erin Angle introduced the first child of her family in august 2011. There are four Erin Angle children named Henry Bernthal, the first born. Then in 2013, on 17 January, Erin Angle was blessed with another baby girl named Billy Bernthal. The last child of Erin Angle is Adeline Bernthal.

This Adeline Bernthal is the eye of the family of Erin Angle. Also, she is the last born in Erin Angle and Jon Bern halt. Apart from the "human children of Erin Angle, there are some dogs also living with the Erin Angle family. The dogs’ names are Boss, granucci, and tom.

They also have the breed of American dogs considered the Best Dog Breed, and they were with them when they were children. There are many posts in which Erin’s husband posts about Erin Angle and his children.

Facts About Erin Angle

  1. Erin Angle has an uncle who was a WWE wrestler named Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is a professional person and has acted in many of the holly wood movies.

  2. She supported the campaign to feed the poor people in 2019.

  3. She rarely attends the events organized by people outside her family.

  4. After the wedding, they moved out and lived in Ojai. The millionaire bought Erin’s house by the beach in California for 200 million USD.

  5. Erin Angle is also in philanthropy. She often supports animal rescue programs. Also, she did support the campaign of Katie cook’s farm, whose name was ‘the little farm.’ Erin Angle was also seen in the Katie cook’s farm. She also asks her followers on Facebook to provide a donation to the people and organizations that help in the rescue of animals.

  6. Erin Angle also has some of his dogs from the organization that rescue the helpless and injured dogs. Erin Angle rescued the dog from Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center.

  7. Erin Angle is also interested in politics, and in 2020 she decides o vote for Trevor Quirk when he stands in elections.

  8. She is a fan of Farmasi Make Up

Net Worth of Erin Angle

The net worth of Erin Angle is estimated to be 900k USD. The net worth of Erin Angle is not confirmed because she has almost kept it under the covers.

It can be guessed that the net worth of Erin Angle mainly comes from her work in he is nursing department of the hospital.

Her husband net worth is estimated to be around 2 million USD because of his casting for the movies that are famous for being the blockbuster every time they appear.

Ethnicity and Social Media of Erin Angle

The ethnicity of Erin is white. She has a beautiful body with brown eyes, and her blonde hair adds beauty to her whole body. The ethnicity of her parents is also white, but Erin Angle’s aunt is of Afro-American ethnicity. Erin Angle is not much active on social media.

Erin Angle only has one social media account on Facebook, where she rarely posts her photos. But Erin Angle’s husband is quite famous on social media. On their social media account Instagram, Erin Angle’s husband got 1.05 Million followers, while on Twitter, he got 55 k followers.

Like Erin, her husband is also an animal lover and expresses his love through tweets. Once, his Twitter post contains the caption that “the person who hurt any animal is a punk.”


On the social media account Twitter, Erin Angle’s husband made a tweet for Ian Heinisch and praised him for his work. These all the tweets are the proof that indeed the husband of Erin Angle is social media person, unlike Erin Angle.


I have mentioned many questions in the minds of Erin Angle fans below.

1- What is the relationship of Erin Angle with Jon Bernthal, and who is Kurt Angle?

Jon Bernthal is the husband of Erin Angle. Erin Angle is also the first girlfriend of Jon Bernthal. Jon Bernthal met Erin while working in a hospital as a nurse. Kurt Angle is an American professional wrestler. Kurt Angle is the actor and Olympic gold medalist also. Kurt Angle is included in WWE.

2- How many siblings are Erin Angle, and what are their professions?

There are four siblings in Erin Angle: Lea Angle, Cassidy, Kristen, and Andie. Erin Angle also has a brother whose name is Mark. Mark Angle is the programmer, while Cassidy Angle is the beautician. She owns an Instagram page having 400k followers.

3-Is Erin Angle divorced?

No, Erin is not divorced. Erin is currently living her life with her husband in Michigan, America. She also has three dogs that seem close to Erin Angle.

4 How did Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal first see each other?

Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal first see each other at a welcome party thrown to Jon Bernthal when he returned from Russia after shooting his film. Erin Angle was first seen in Washington Dc. Jon Bernthal says that the moment he saw her, he was attracted to her.

5 How much did Erin Angle’s husband earn from his movie punisher?

It is rumored that her husband took $350,000 as his salary. Rumors tell that Erin Angle’s husband receives this much money for a single episode.

6. How many awards are won by Erin angle’s husband?

Erin’s Angel husband has won 3 awards. The names of the awards that he won are the Ovation Award, Boston Society of film critics, and National Board of Review award.

7 What is the annual salary of Jon Bernthal?

Bernthal has been paid an estimated $350,000 per episode for his involvement in the Daredevil and The Punisher series. Widows, the heist thriller starring Bernthal, earned him a salary of $1.6 million in 2018.

8 From which university did Erin Angle’s husband take his education?

Erin Angle’s husband completed his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in 1997.

9 Did Erin Angle have any son?

Yes, Erin Angle is the mother of two sons named Billy Bernthal and Henry Bernthal.

10 In how many films did Erin Angle’s husband work?

Erin Angle’s husband worked in movies named The walking end, Small engine repair, The wolf of wall street, The furry, and The Punisher.


Erin Angle was a normal girl before she met Jon Bernthal; as soon as Erin Angle met Jon Bernthal. She becomes the star. Everywhere she goes, the media world surrounds her.


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