M touch Facebook

M.touch Facebook is a mobile version of Facebook with a different appearance.
Anyone who accesses Facebook using a mobile phone will be redirected to this mobile version for faster loading.

M.Facebook is the mobile site. any site with a URL m.something is a mobile site If you see the M before a platform like Facebook then that means those are users who are using Facebook on a mobile platform sort of a telephone. m stands for mobile, you can access both on your computer and most mobile

What is the difference between Facebook and M.FACE BOOK

1.The main difference between m.face book and Facebook is that m.facebook helps you to identify how the Facebook page is congruent with mobile devices. It provides a platform to judge how users of your page using mobile devices are comfortable.

2.It also helps to design the look and feel of the websites for mobile devices.

3.The URL of Facebook is http://m.facebook.com, and the URL of m.facebook is http://m.facebook.com.

4.Facebook supports low-quality pictures, a limited number of displays, also it is designed for fewer data. Whereas m.facebook is designed with high-quality displays and images.

5.users who use mobiles with a strong internet connection system should install m.acebook on their cell phones. Whereas users with less powerful mobile browsers must use normal Facebook.

summary :white_check_mark:
m.facebook is a mobile version of Facebook with different shapes and appearances.it is faster in loading and working.it can also accessible on mobile and pc also.it is more related to normal to facebook but m.facebook provides you an opportunity to analyze how other users who are using your page are more comfortable.

How to get access to m.facebook

Google m.facebook on your phone. you can also bookmark M Facebook for faster access so you will be redirected to m.facebook login next time you log in. use your username and password to log in

How to login into m.facebook

1.First of all google www.facebook.com
2.You can see the sign-up or create an account option somewhere on the page, click it
3.Then there will be the page for creating an account
4.Select your user name
5.Enter your date of birth
6.Enter your phone number or email address
7.Create a password for your security
8.At last click on sign up.

How to Set your privacy settings

If you want to keep your account safe and secure and want to change your privacy settings like who can view your videos, status, photos. then follow these easy steps

1.Click on the downward pointing arrow which is present on the top right corner of the Facebook page.
2.click on Settings.
3. In the left sidebar, click on Privacy.
4. Set who you want to see your posts.
5. also see the option like how people can find and contact you.

How to delete Facebook account

  1. Click on the arrow on the top right of Facebook.
  2. click Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.
  3. Click Your Facebook Information on the left
  4. Click Deactivation and Deletion.
  5. Choose Permanently Delete Account, then click Continue to Account Deletion.
  6. Click Delete Account, enter your password, and then click Continue.

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What is M

M Facebook is the social media company’s personal digital assistant for the Messenger mobile app. Facebook M competes Apple’s Siri Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Samsung’s Bixby. However, M is available only on Facebook’s Messenger app and is exclusively for iOS or ** Android-based devices** and not available on PC.

M guides users by suggesting and helping they find things more easily. M is not voiced interactive but pops up in users’ text chats.
M is more effective for user’s needs, in a way that it uses machine learning and user data, and more importantly, it’s backed by a group of human trainers. which includes ten staff members from Wit.ai; facebook’s company. Through machine learning, M learns new tasks.
M is fitted in such a way that it’s functional in contrast to human-like guidance which talks and jokes with the users.

How M is functional

Talking of its functionality it has various
number of functions, some are automatic and others are controlled by humans

Automatic functions include

  1. Coordinate plans based on schedules.
  2. Suggest Facebook Pay when transactions are discussed.
  3. Suggest restaurants, movies, games, books, and many more
  4. Suggest stickers to add personality to a chat conversation.
  5. Make online reservations.
  6. Order a Lyft or Uber cab.

With human assistance, it can also:

  1. Call customer service lines, e.g. to handle refunds.
  2. Order food, even without online ordering and payment.
  3. Handle new requests or requests the AI does not understand.

Frequently asked questions

1.What happens if you delete your account permanently

First of all, you won’t be able to reactivate your account. Your profile, photos, posts, videos, will be permanently deleted. you lose access to Facebook Messenger. You can not use Facebook Login for other apps. your messages which you have sent to your friends will be visible to them after you delete your account.

2.what are the benefits of Facebook

The core purpose of Facebook is to help family and friends connect with each other. And this you do so by updating them about your life with status updates.it is a popular social networking website that helps registered users to create profiles, upload video photos, and send messages to keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues.it also helps you to make some international friends, also it keeps you up to date by giving you information about the entire world.

3.Is Facebook harmful to you

As access to anything is bad, likewise using Facebook too much can have some bad impacts on you like Addiction. you become addicted to it, you can not stop yourself using. you gradually Loss your Productivity. Malware and virus, Identity Theft, Antisocial Behavior, Relationship Problem are the most common impacts of using Facebook


M.facebook is a mobile website, where you can experience faster loading and good picture quality, it is safe and secure to use. you can access it through your mobile or your p.m. here stands for mobile and due to it, it is social media’s company, it is very effective in various ways it has some automatic functions and is also backed by a group of human which makes it more exciting and secure to use

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