Thin hair ends It’s not always necessary that thin hair would lead towards baldness but if not treated soon enough this might become the case. First, we need to understand what thin hair ends mean. It means that there is a hair width of your hair which slowly decreases as you descend so the longer the hair grows the thinner it seems to become.

Different causes of thin hair end

Hair Growth Rate

  • There could be a ton of different reasons which can cause thin hair ends. The fact is that not all the hair on your scalp has the same growth rate. Each strand is either growing, static, or molting in its position that is why the volume all over does not remain the same and gradually keeps on decreasing as the hair grows which leads to thin hair ends.

  • About 85-90% of hair is an antigen which means that hair from the follicles is growing and the remaining 10-15% are either in catagen or telegenic which basically means follicles are not growing new hair. Word But this cannot always be the case as this is most of the time genetic and different people have different hair growth rates.

 Hair Follicles   Hair Percentage 
 Antigen         85-90% 

 Catagen or Telegenic



  • Poor diet, which does not include all the required supplements, vitamins, and acids for hair growth.

  • For instance, the people of Sri Lanka have noticeably good thick hair. Although climate does play a senior role in this regard, their diet also includes more supplements required for hair growth. Siri Lanka is a peninsula which means it is surrounded by water from three sides and hence the major part of the diet there includes fish and coconuts.

Fish and coconut helps to prevent hair loss

  • Omega-3 is found in fish oils, an essential supplement leading directly to hair growth and, therefore, reduces the possibility of thin hair ends. Fish oil also provides the nutrients and fatty acids vital for hair follicles which results in thick hair.

  • Lauric acid is present in Coconut oil which penetrates deep into the hair shaft making its fatty more effective for hair growth and acts as a nutrient for hair follicles.

Undue Hair Treatments

  • The constant use of rough hair treatment products can lead to hair damage and eventually to thin hair ends with the continuous course of time. Although it is advised to use as few hair products as you can and more natural oils should be preferred yet in some cases the hair treatment becomes necessary and still, a certain quota should be reserved to avoid undue usage.

Hair Colors

  • Among all the products used for hair, hair color is considered to cause far more damage than any other. If you use a hair color that does not suit your hair type it will immediately lead to hair shedding. Hair color contains the most harmful chemicals for your hair including DMDM hydantoin, methylisothiazolinone, and fragrance.

Hair Styling Tools

  • All the hair styling tools involve the direct contact of heat with hair. Heat damages are caused when hair’s style pattern loses its integrity because of the constant intact with heat penetrating through the hair. Using curlers and straighteners can exaggerate the risk of split and thin ends.

Other Treatments

  • Harsh hair sprays and hair gels might also be the cause of hair damage. Also, there are hair sprays that are suggested to be held at least 30cm away from your hair while spraying so if you use these sprays any nearer, might also be the cause of hair damaging because of the rough chemicals it contains.

Climate effects

  • Climate plays an important role in the volume and texture of hair. According to the research, moderately cold weather is the ideal temperature for your hair. As it makes your hair neither too dry which causes itching and dandruff nor too sweaty which weakens the hair at its very root.

Weight Loss

  • People normally lose weight with a bunch of diet plans and most of these diet plans miss out on many of the essential proteins and vitamins. This results in hair loss as oils vital for hair growth are not reaching there through diet. Telogen effluvium is a disease that is caused by weight loss at a rapid speed. This causes a decrease in the volume of hair at various parts of your scalp. The loss of hair volume is directly proportional to thinning of hair.

Hormonal Disorder

  • Estrogen and Progesterone are hormones in women body and when their level drops the result is ■■■■■■■■■■■■. These hormones when disturbed can cause imbalances in various functions of the body. Out of all, one can be the hair growth rate. Scientists say that this imbalance is more likely to slow down the growth of hair in various strands hence causing thin hair ends. If your ■■■■■■■■■■■■ cycle gets disturbed more often might exaggerate the probability of permanent thin hair ends. The imbalance of thyroid hormones and pregnancy disorder may also lead to thin hair end.

Other uncommon reasons include

  • Excessive-stress

  • Alopecia (Hair loss due to illness). This causes baldness but in the initial stage, it starts with hair thinning. Not necessarily these two terms fit in the same context and hence not every hair thinning is a result of Alopecia.

  • Genetic Disorder

  • Pregnancy

  • The longer the length gets the thinner hair becomes at its end especially the silky hair. It is observed frizzy hair have this privilege over straight hair, therefore people with silky straight hair are often advised to keep their hair short. Keeping hair short also prevents hair loss

Thin hair ends as fashion

Some types of haircuts require thin hair ends. For example, when you have so many layers as your haircut the stylists automatically have to thin some ends. Another is a V-shaped cutting in which hair ends are also thin.

Remedies for thin hair ends

Natural ones

Ø Avoiding the use of any harsh chemical just go for natural oils like coconut oil, Lavender oil, tea tree oil, etc.

Ø Use natural hair masks (paste of yogurt, honey, and lemon) more often.

Ø Massaging the scalp can help the hair follicles to grow again thus helps in the hair growth. Moreover, it also drives oil deep into the scalp and hence making the oils more effective.

Ø Using Alovera gel on hair or mixed with yogurt, honey, or other oils also helps with damaged hair causing thin hair ends making them smooth and conditioned. Nowadays most shampoos and conditioners already contain Aloe Vera gel in them.

Other medicated remedies

Ø Using anti-thinning shampoo can help with the volume of your hair.

Ø Using multivitamin tablets on daily basis. It is advised to consult a doctor before taking them. Tablets containing zinc, iron, folic acid makes the hair stronger

Ø Minoxidil (C9H15N5O) is quite renowned and a legit treatment nowadays. It is even approved by FDA now. Using the product containing this, consistently, you are more likely to see results within 16 weeks.

Ø Laser Hair treatment is an easy-to-use technology even at home for hair growth and to treat thin hair ends. Abbreviated as LLLT (Low-Level laser treatment) has now gained much attention over the past few years. Think of like watering a plant similarly in LLLT, a laser is directed towards your scalp and the laser light is all the nutrients required by your hair follicles to increase the growth rate.

Ø Get your hair trimmed and free of split ends regularly after few months. This also reduces thin hair ends

Ø Onion Juice is one of the best hair loss and thin hair remedies. Even if you cannot bear its smell, take an onion, cut it in half and then grind in with some water. After that filter out its juice and let it sit for an hour. NO MORE SMELL. Now apply on your scalp and keep massaging till gets all absorbed for better results. Use thrice a week for 2 months to see the difference.

Frequently asked questions

* I have layers cutting but what is a haircut which somewhat promises thicker ends?

First of all, you need to cut your hair to one length and then use natural hair remedies. To avoid thin hair ends in the future it’s better if you always go for one length haircut.

* How to check if I am over processing my hair?

Touch your hair when they are wet. If you feel them a little rubbery, it is over-processed.

* What are some haircuts which can help thin hair ends look thicker?

A few haircuts are

  • Shoulder length blunt cut
  • Classy mid-length chop
  • Classy mid-length chop
  • Edgy lob with loose waves

* If I manage to sync up all of my hair follicles so that they anagen at the same time, would the ends of my hair would be as thick as the roots of my hair?

Let’s say you managed to do so then when all of your hair follicles reach telogen all of your hair will fall out at once and you will be bald for a couple of months before your hair follicles start their cycle all over again. However, this does not happen so all the hair follicles cannot be synced up.

  • Why is my thin at the ends?

Normally this problem occurs due to the use of heating products and chemicals on hair. Some chemical treatments also cause hair damage. And the problem just keeps getting worse until you cut your hair from where it is thin and then they grow back as healthy hair.

  • How do i stop my hair from thinning?

You can stop your hair from thinning by

  • Scalp massages

  • Use of multivitamins

  • Use of folic acid in your diet.

  • Use of fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6

  • Use of essential oils

  • Stop using heating products.

  • Use anti-thinning shampoo.

  • What is vitamin help thinning hair?

Vitamins that help to keep hair fall away are

  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin C

  • Biotin

  • Zinc

  • Iron

  • Which hairstyle is best for thin hair?

The shoulder textured length lob cut is the best option for thin hair. Th texture causes volume and enhances the hairstyle. Also this hairstyle suits every face shape and face cut.

  • Which fruit is best for hair?

The best fruits for hair are

  • Banana
  • Strawberries
  • Gooseberries
  • Apple
  • Guava
  • Orange
  • Papaya
  • How long can it take to recover thin hair ends?

It depends on the condition though if you use all the methods stated above so far thrice a day. You will see a considerable change in your thin ends within three months.


There are different reasons why thin hair ends occur. Some of which are genetic and sometimes it’s your lack of attention towards your hair. If your thin hair ends are not noticeable then it’s better to start with some routine and that includes a better diet plan, natural hair remedies, and less use of hair products. It’s advisable to get a haircut after every few months to avoid split ends and it keeps hair healthy. Different types of haircuts also exist which helps thinner hair to look much thicker. In the worst-case scenario, you can go towards laser treatments which are quite promising to give results these days. The point is healthy hair is more important than long hair.