How to prevent hair loss in summer?

How to prevent hair loss? You can easily prevent hair fall by following some easy and natural hair tips. Do oiling twice a weak, and try to avoid too much shampooing and conditioning. Apply any hair mask once a weak. When going outside, try to cover your hair. Get rid of split ends every month. Don’t use artificial ways to style your hair. Maintain a healthy diet, and avoid junk and fatty food. With all these simple tips, you can easily prevent hair loss in summer.

How to prevent hair growth in summer?

How hair loss happens?

Hair loss can be happened due to a variety of reasons including heredity, hormonal issues, medical conditions, and normal age factor. Men are usually most affected by hair loss problems. Hair loss mostly occurs in men due to baldness.

Excess oil falls from the skin glands because of moisture in summer, resulting in excessive hair loss. As the palate stays wet all the time, the roots of the hair become soft and the hair falls out more. So the hair needs special care in summer.

Factors affecting hair growth:

Various reasons can cause hair loss, including age, gender, genetics, illness, climate, and many more. Dripping water should dry it fall period ultimately depends on the factor causing hair fall.

Therefore, a brief knowledge of all factors affecting hair growth is mandatory. These factors vary from individual to individual. Not all aspects cause a permanent or horrible effect on your hair; however, these factors can slow down or even speed up your hair growth process.

Below is a brief description of all the factors that cause hair loss, and affect hair growth:

1. Genetics :

Genetics don’t affect how long your hair can grow; however, they play a critical role in the growing procedure itself. Genetics plays a role in how long your anagen phase remains active.

As the anagen phase is the most active phase of hair growth, and genetics increases this phase. Therefore, ultimately genetics overall increases your hair growth.

Genetics can also cause hair loss, which side influences how long it takes for the hair to grow again? Our pattern baldness kicks in as we become old. That increases the duration of hair loss as compared to hair growth.

2. Ethnicity:

For hair growth, there is a wide range of ethnicities. These ethnicities have a tremendous effect on hair growth. Based on recent races, researchers have classified hair growth ethnicities into three groups:

a. Asian hair

Asian hairs are usually firm, straight, and have round follicles. They can be black or dark brown. Asian hairs have the fastest growth rate as compared to other hair types. They grow half-inch per month and 6 inches per year. Asia’s hairs aren’t high in density, but they have a minimum tendency for hair loss than other hair types.

b. Caucasian hair

For Caucasian hair types, there is a wide range of textures. They can be massive straight, but also curly as well. They usually have a bit oval shape of follicles. They also grow half an inch per month and 6 inches per year.

Among all the ethnicities, Caucasian hairs are the denser ones. They usually grow at an average rate, i.e., 1.6cm per month, and as curls.

c. Afro hair

African hairs have very tight curls and have the slowest rate of growth. As compared to other ethnic groups, afro hairs are more brittle and susceptible to breakage. They only grow a third of an inch per month.

African hairs have elliptical-shaped follicles. They grow in the form of spirals. On the whole, this type of hair is difficult and among all. They are tough to care for because of tight curls.

Some other types of ethnicities are as follows:

• Black people and American Indians have less body hair.
• White people and the Chinese have more body hair.

3. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are a significant reason for hair loss in women. Women usually face these problems during pregnancy, menopause, and also after childbirth. This hormonal change occurs due to a decrease in the level of estrogen.

Hormonal changes also affect men as they get old. Doctors generally discuss androgens as male hormones, though both males and females produce them. Hair becomes more dry and thin.

Hair loss that occurs because of hormonal changes is not that horrible and kind of temporary.
However, after that hair loss, there is no exact idea when hair will again grow back. Hair can also start growing when the hormone level becomes stable.

4. Hair growth after chemo

We know a therapy used to treat patients with cancer as chemotherapy. It is a proper cancer treatment. Chemo is the meditation used to end up the steadily diving cells, I.e., cancer cells.

However, it also attacks the roots of follicles present on the hair and scalp, and other body parts. That ends up in hair loss on the scalp. Chemo not only causes hair loss but completely burns root from the scalp.

Once the patient is done with treatment, they want their hair back as soon as possible. But sometimes chemo also causes permanent hair loss. It creates a very devastating effect on your hair growth.

Usually, chemotherapy completes in one month. After completing chemo, it usually takes three to four weeks for the hair to grow naturally again. However, in the beginning, the hair will grow as soft fuzz.

After one and half-month of that first growth stage, the hair will begin to grow generally at an average rate, i.e., half inches per month. Your hair type and texture may vary after chemo. In most cases, people’s hair grows as previously.


5. Climate

A frequently asked question is: does climate affect hair growth, And if it does, how long does it take for hair to grow back again? The answer to the formerly asked question is a no, but there might be a situation.

It’s the most common thinking that hair grows more in summer as compared to winters. But the reason behind hair growth is not the summer weather. It’s the change in our hormones that increases hair growth.

People usually are more active in summer. (Not all of us, though!) And their metabolism becomes higher that produces a change in hormones. This change in hormones is the root cause of steady hair growth in summer.

Another concept is that, in a hot environment, our scalp produces a more natural oil. Natural oils play a critical role in rapid hair growth. We brush our hair again and again to end this crude oil.

As a result, natural hair helps to maintain a healthy hair condition. That increases the hair growth rate. We wear caps and mufflers and don’t do enough hair care in winters, which makes hair rough and dry, resulting in decreased hair growth.

6. Age

The hair growth process is very fast in the early childhood age. The hair growth cycle fastens in the period from 15 to 30. After this age, that cycle automatically slows down. Hair follicles stop working as people get old.

After midlife and beyond, the phase of anagen becomes shorter. The time that hair spends on growing is diminished. That’s why, as we get old, our hair breaks down quickly.

Some people’s hair becomes thin or bald and may also change color from black to grey or brown. After middle age, proper nutrition and hair care are mandatory for proper hair growth.

7. Gender

The prevalent thinking is men’s hair grows faster than women’s. But there is no physical proof for this concept. Sex doesn’t affect hair growth. However, the root cause behind this is quite simple.

Women use ready-made supplements like a hairdryer, hair straightener, and many other extensions. These products can make your hair useful for a short time, but in fact, they destroy your hair growth cycle and can affect your present hair.

That’s why women’s hair gets more harm as compared to men. Besides the former concept, women are more sensitive to their hair than men. Therefore, hair loss causes more drelater women.

8. Hair color

While asking, how long does it take for hair to grow back? One might wonder if hair color affects hair growth or not. Well, there is no physical proof for this concept. However, there are many interesting facts for original hair color that relate to hair growth. People with black hairs have about 105,000 hair strands, while blondes usually have more hair on their heads, i.e., 145,000 hair strands.

People with red hairs have the least amount of hair strands, and brunettes have less than 100,000 hair strands. On the whole, blonde hairs seem to be more sociable, but they might be break easily and don’t grow as fast as other hair colors.

9. Pregnancy

Most women have thickened hair during their pregnancy period. But pregnancy doesn’t affect the fact that how long it takes for the hair to grow back. Hair thickness during pregnancy is that because of the more prolonged anagen phase.

Anagon phase becomes longer than regular because of hormonal changes. A noticeable fact is this, pregnancy makes women’s hair thicker, but it also causes more hair loss due to retained hair shed.


Hair loss usually happens due to a lot of factors. Not all of these factors do a devastating effect on your hair. However, they can slow down your average hair growth speed. Some factors can cause hair loss and hair growth, i.e., hot weather and hormonal changes.

How to get rid of hair loss?

*Here are some tips to help you get rid of hair loss in hot weather:

1. Clean the hair regularly

After washing the hair well every day, dripping water should dry it. Clean your hair regularly and eat foods rich in vitamins to keep your hair healthy and prevent hair loss.

2. Oil to stop hair loss

Regularly massage oil all over the hair to keep the hair thick and strong to stop hair loss. One of the main causes of hair loss in summer is loose hair roots. So it is important to massage the hair every day according to the rules. Regular use of oil will prevent hair maturation at a young age. And removing dandruff, will provide nutrition to the hair follicles and speed up hair growth.

3. Shampoo for preventing hair loss

Try shampooing one day at a time. While shampooing, lightly massages the scalp with your fingers. Quality conditioner use after shampooing.

4. Lemon juice and coconut oil

Take three to four tablespoons of lemon juice in a container. Mix a small amount of water in it and massage it lightly at the base of the hair. After keeping it for 30 minutes, then massage three to four spoons of coconut oil on the scalp. After 30 minutes, wash with shampoo. Try to do this two or three day a week before taking a. bath This will strengthen the hair follicles.

5. Hydration:

Drink plenty of water every day in hot weather. Otherwise, dehydration may occur. Drinking plenty of water keeps the body healthy. Hair health is also maintained.

6. Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice is quite beneficial for all types of hair. Apply aloe vera juice on the scalp at least one or two days a week, half an hour before bathing. You will benefit if you do it for a month.

7. Use of umbrellas

Be sure to use an umbrella when going out. This will protect your hair from the heat and moisture from the heat.

8. Hair gel, hair spray

Avoid using hair gel, wax, hair spray. Even if you use it, wash your hair well after returning home. Shampooing is very beneficial for hair. If you can do a hair spa once or twice a month, your hair will be better.

9. Diet for preventing hair loss

Adequate protein, calcium, and minerals should be included in the diet for healthy hair. We need a healthy diet for good hair health. Must eat nutritious food i.e. fruits and vegetables. Take the vitamins and minerals. It should consume adequate amounts of water. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Eat more raw nuts and fresh small fish regularly. Eat one teaspoon of honey every morning.

How to grow hair faster?

Nowadays, everyone is worried about how to grow hair fast. Well, no shortcut can grow your hair overnight. However, a proper hair care routine and a proper diet are compulsory for average hair growth. One must try to keep his hair healthy and strong.

Here are some methods and tips that you keep in mind for proper hair growth:

1. Balanced diet

Proper nutrition is a bonus for hair growth. You should consume foods that contain vitamins, iron, zinc, proteins, and other necessary nutrients. Hairs are almost made of proteins, therefore, so try to drink enough proteins for hair growth.

2. Hair products

Before selecting any product, consult a doctor. Always prefer quality products. Don’t buy cheap or underrated hair products as they are a real significant risk for your hair. Try to buy some branded and well-reviewed products.

Don’t just depend on consuming shampoos and oils. Else of these, try some hair masks that can be a bonus for your hair growth. As they not only make your hair healthy but also protect them from hair loss.

3. Treat your hair gently.

Hair builds your entire personality. Therefore, treat your hair carefully. Never be harsh with your hair. Try to massage them often and comb with care.

Here are some daily based tips for hair-growth

• Before shampoo, always massage your scalp with some natural oils.
• After shampooing, try to put on a conditioner.
• Don’t rub wet hair with any towel; instead, try to dry them with natural air.
• Try to use a wide toothbrush for wet hair instead of a regular hairbrush.
• Don’t use hair extensions, i.e., hair straightener, hair dryer o a daily basis.
• Always use hair extensions at a lower temperature.
• Use a soft stuff pillow; change its cover once every week.
• Don’t tight your hair, i.e., with ponytails and other styling stuff.

4. Protect hair from direct sun

Sun can cause prolonged damage to your hair. Therefore, try to put on a hat or scarf before going out in direct sun exposure. You may also apply a protective hair mask. You can also use an umbrella; it will cover your hair and face. So, it will be a two deal.

5. Protect hair while swimming

Most of the people do a lot of swimming. Washing your hair daily can also be a risk. Therefore, while swimming tries to wear a shower cap. Always use swimming shampoo. After swimming, rinse your hair as soon as possible.


In the market, many products claim that you can grow your hair within a single night. Well, that’s not true. Adopt a proper hair care routine along with a balanced diet. Hair products also play a crucial role.

Some do’s and don’ts for preventing hair loss:

For shiny, long, and healthy hair, below are some does and don’ts you must keep in mind.

  1. Don’t use hair sprays; they make your hair dry, rough, and stick.

  2. Don’t use someone else’s towel. Always keep your separate one.

  3. Don’t use any perfume to spray on your hair.

  4. Don’t curl or twist your hair using any extension.

  5. Don’t use artificial ways to style your hair.

  6. Don’t style your hair every day.

  7. Don’t ever put conditioner on the hair’s roots; else, put it on the lower parts of the hair.

  8. Don’t over-treat your hair by applying more colors, gels and doing more than enough shampoo.

  9. Don’t place hairdryer or hair straighteners for a long time on your hairs to dry or straight it faster.

  10. Do a regular trimming of your hair. It not only ends up rough hair but also speeds up hair growth.

  11. Do a gentle hair massage every night before sleeping.

  12. Do avoid junk and fatty foods.

  13. Do shampoo only twice a week.

  14. Do proper oil massage before the shower.

  15. Do cut your hair once every three months.

Frequently asked questions

People mostly ask questions about how to prevent hair loss. We discussed some of them below:

1. How can I avoid hair loss?

You must be worried about how to stop hair loss. Hair loss occurs because of various factors. Therefore, every aspect has its way of treatment. However, it would help if you did enough care for your hair to make them grow at a regular rate.

Massage, proper shampooing, wearing masks, nutrition, and avoiding extensions can help. If you ever feel that you have a hair loss or your hairs are getting thin, try to consult a doctor. And try to add all the things to your shampoo that are essential for hair growth and care.

2. Which oils are best for hair growth?

All-natural oils can play a critical role in the proper growth of hair. Here are some oils that can do a bonus job:

• Coconut oil
Castor oil
• Vitamin E oil
• Peppermint oil
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Jojoba oil
• Cedarwood oil
• Clary sage oil
• Bergamot oil
• Red onion oil
• Pure organic oils
• Almond oil

3. Can I grow my hair overnight?

There are plenty of products in the market claiming that they can make your hair grow overnight. But that’s just a scam. Hair growth is a slow and steady process. Be patient enough.

Suppose you are doing a proper hair care routine and consuming all the essential nutrients either by food or hair supplements. Then, there is no need to worry. You will notice an apparent change in your hair within a month or two.

4. Does hair stop growing?

Hairs don’t stop growing. Only their process of growth slows down because of various factors. Suppose you use extensions like straightener and dryer daily. Then it can cause a permanent and long-lasting issue.

Once the hair growth cycle stops, it becomes complicated to get it back to normal. Therefore, it’s better to avoid all those factors that can cause a stop to hair growth. Also, you shouldn’t ever compromise on your hair care.

5. How to get rid of split ends?

Split ends look very weird and also slowdowns the process of hair growth. That’s why getting rid of these split ends is very important. Conditioners can be beneficial in this case. It not only makes your hair smoothen but also treats your split ends.

Too much heat is also a reason for split ends. Therefore, avoid using hair extensions. But if you want to use them, try to reduce the temperature. Also, don’t place these extensions for a long time on your hair, just to speed up drying or straightening.

6. What is the better position for hairs to keep while sleeping?

While sleeping, always keep your hair up. It’s a crucial thing to keep in mind. Try to free your hair before sleeping. If it causes any irritation, then bind hair with the help of a loose band.

Ya clear wrap your hair using baby pins. You will see an apparent difference once you started doing this. There will be a noticeable change. That also helps the scalp to become soft, along it distributes natural oil throughout the hair.


Nowadays many people are worried about how to prevent hair loss? For preventing hair loss, firstly you have to understand how hair loss happened? Hair loss happens because of many reasons like age, genetics, hormones, and an unbalanced diet.

One can easily prevent hair loss by following simple, easy, and natural tips. Before shampooing, always do oiling. Avoid too much shampooing and conditioning. Apply any hair mask once or twice a week. Do not use too many products on your hair.

Never use perfume or sprays on your hair. Avoid too much straightening, and curling to your hair. Do not comb hair when they are wet, or rough. Try to maintain a healthy diet as diet plays an effective role in hair growth.