Cool Hair Colors

The new fashion trends are changing rapidly. Especially the updating and evolving hair dye ideas trends like the different cool hair colours are highly in the trend. Today most of the funky girls’ squad goes for the cool hair colours to dye their hair with. So this there is a great variety on the hair colors chart of the cool hair colours that one can select according to their choice for hair dying.

Cool Hair Colors For The Long Hairs

As mentioned earlier that the new fashion trends are changing rapidly and so are the evolving hair trends like the different cool hair colours are highly in the trend. Let us discuss all those cool hair colours that go highly well with the longs hairs.

1. Bright Colors

The best thing that you experience while dying the hairs with the cool hair colours is that you can use non-permanent hair colour for the hairdo. This is the top trend that has seen especially in the last year, most of the women with long hairs were seen following this trend. The cool hair colours selected for dying long hairs is bright blues, hot pinks and vibrant purples.

2. Cherry Red Hair

Another bright shade that looks lovely with the long hairs is pinkish-red or cherry red colour. Again when you do not want to keep them for a long time then again temporary hair colour is the best for you to adopt this hairstyle.

3. Burgundy Hair

If you want to go for a slight change style for your long hair look instead of the bright cherry red then you can try a deep auburn shade. It is a natural-looking burgundy shade that looks awesome with the girls who have slightly olive or darker skin shade.

4. Ash Blonde

Yes! Ash blond is the cool hair shade that is always is the top of the list for girls with long hairs. This colour is the best for the pale skin tone; it adds a healthy glow to the face.

5. Copper Glaze

The best hairdo that is less harmful as well is to dye with the copper glaze hair tone. As it can also be done on the natural dark or blonde shaded hairs. As such, there is not required to go through the process of bleaching. Using the copper glaze hair tone will give the blondes of the hair a natural temporary strawberry blonde. While the hairs that are brown will change into an amber tone.

6. Honey Chestnut

Two bright streaks across your face came back with a vengeance last year—this time named either money-piece highlights or e-girl streaks, depending on which side of the millennial/Gen Z divide you fall on. According to Jeremy Tardo, a celebrity colorist in Los Angeles, these stripes aren’t going anywhere for 2021.

7. Peachy Ginger Hair Colour

Another hot look for long hair can be achieved with the golden-red peachy ginger hair colour.

Cool Hair Colors For Short Hairs

There is a number of ways colored hair ideas for short hairs. Indeed the short hairs can be dyed in the infinite ways of techniques, which turn them really engrossing. Let us see which are the cool hairs cool for the short hairs.

1. 3 Streaks of Rainbow

In this kind of cool hair dye, the hairs are treated with the basic colors that are found in the rainbow. Like yellow, blue and teal colours. The colours are dyed from the front reaching the crowning area of the head where it ends.

2. Teal with Pink

This is another beautiful look for short hair cuts. In this, the hairs have a really short length from the neck area, while the hairs from the forehead up to the crowning part are of one inch in length. In this, the teal is applied to the back head while from the front up to the crowning part the hairs have shocking pink colour.

3. Amethyst

It’s time to get past baby pink if you’re looking for a fun colour. “Amethyst is a fun hair colour that combines power and delicacy,” says Tardo, who prefers this shade on people with dark complexions. “It’s bold, but it’s also delicate. This orchid sound reveals the violet’s softer side.” If it tempts you, keep in mind that you’ll need to bleach your hair perfectly before opting for a warm pastel violet.

4. Vibrant Shades Merged

In this style, short hair is dyed from the neck up to the crown with an intense orange shade. Then all the colors are applied gradually in a way that they create a cascade of the shades on the upper part of the head. Like vibrant pink is the next after the orange, which merging in indigo which is ending in blue , that is following light blue which ends in parrot green just near the front part of the head.

5. Unicorn Hairdo

There are some of the hair coloring techniques which are use to dye the hairs in a way to give them a look like a unicorn. For this, the hairs close to the scalp from the two sides are too much short, including the neck area. While the hairs from the central part of the head are long from front to the back. Then all the vibrant shades of the cool hair colours are used to dye the central part of the head.

6. Unicorn In Pastel Shades

This hairstyle is just like other unicorn hairs, but the shades selection in this style is not of the vibrant colours. Instead more subtle and pastel shades are used.

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All the cool hair colors of that are mentioned above for the long and the short hairs are those trendy hair colors that are the most demanding cool hair colours for 2021.

Cool Hair Colors For Dark Hairs

As the choices are unlimited as far as the cool hair colour ideas are concerned, so let us see which are those temporary or the permanent cool hair colours that can make dark hairs exceptionally classy.

1. Purple Infusing With Peach

If you have dark hairs, then this is the style for you. Pestle purple streaks, emerging from the jet black hair base takes a personality to an adorable level. At the middle part of the hair where the purple streak ends, just a small stroke of the pink colour infusing in the peach color throughout rest of the length of the hair creates the magic.

2. Hide And Seek

This is the technique in which the funky hair colours are applied on the hairs in a way that the upper layer of all of the hairs is left black while the lower layer of the hair is dyed in any vibrant colours like shocking pink, violet-blue, teal, or indigo.

3. Hide And Seek Version Two

This is the same style as the hide and seeks in one colour. The difference in this style is that, that it is achieved with the help of two colours, that are applied one above the other. Like after the top virgin layer of the black hair, below it dark blue hue is applied, while at another layer below the blue-dyed hairs dark purple shade is used.

4. Pinkpop In Golden Highlights

Well having a dark hair base, if you want golden highlights in your hairs or golden ombre, but you are equally willing to make use of your favourite hair colour, then this is the best choice that is not going to disappoint you. In this style the golden ombre hairs from their begging part are applied with the funky hair color of your choice like, vibrant pink, purple, or green. In the end, you get a look in which the base is of a dark colour, and at the end of the hairs, golden highlights are available, while pink is at the transitional part of the hair.

5. Peacock Hairs

This is a style for the dark hair colors in which all the colors that are part of the peacock’s quill are applied on the hairs. Firstly the highlights are treated with the cut down, then the peacock hues like purplish-pink, teal or mint green and blue are applied on the highlights.

Cool Hair Colors For The Brunets

The cool hair colors look equally good with the brown hairs. Let us check out which are the most suitable cool hair colours to dye your hairs for the brunets.

1. Pastel Hues In Multicolor

if you are having a brown hair base, the range of the cool hair color is infinite for you. All the cool colours that go well with the dark hair base equally look good with the girls having brown hair color. Like if you want to go for the soft supple cool hair colors for your hairs, then you select warm colors like yellow and purple, or cheery red. The multishaded hair strands in pastel shade create a cascade of lovely shades with a brown base.

2. Vibrant Hues

The long brown hairs look really lovely when they have the streaks of the vibrant shades like teal, pink, cherry red and purple.

3. Mermaid Hair

The long brunets with the ombre, having 3 different shades like pink, mint and orange create a look of a mermaid.

4. Dyed Hair Ends

The ombre treated hairs can be transformed temporarily or permanently with the any dark shade of your choice. The dark shade hue must start with a slightly lighter shade of the same colour, for example, if you have selected dark purple hue, then there must be a lighter tone of the purple above the dark shade.

5. Sun-kissed Dipped Hairs

Women with their natural hair shade in brown can make use of the orangish, rustic ginger shade for the dip-dye treatment.

Cool Hair Colors For The Curly Hairs

The women who have natural waves or curls in their hairs also look terrific in funky hair colours. So let us see which are those cool hair shades that give the curls a new look.

1. Full Dye

When we talk about the cool hair colors for the curly hairs then, such hairs look awesome when they are dye completely in just one cool color throughout. Colors selection in this style can be purple, light purple, orange, cherry red, mint green or blue. Moreover light baby pink hue also creates a delightful impression.

2. Ombre In Curls

Fully curls in hair with their base slightly tone down to chocolate shade look amazing when they are treated with the ombre technique using vibrant shades like orange shade.

3. Cool Hair Streaks

Trying any one cool hair colour on the wavy highlightened hairs for creating streaks. If you have dark hair base, then do try the colours like light subtle blue , orange, peach, magenta or plum for the streaks.

4. Multi Shaded Streaks

Using three or more three shades for hair streaking is another option for women with curls in the hairs.

Cool Hair Colors For Guys

The love of adding colours to the hairs is not confined to the women any more. Now it’s the time to see which are the colors that guys like the more for the hairdo.

1. October’s Leaf

In this hairdo the hair looks more like a leaf which is partially green and yellow as well. The starting part of the hairs is leafy green while the lower part up to the neck gradually turns yellow.

2. Full Hair Dye

As far as the trend of the men dyed hair is concerned, boys who are crazy for cool hair dyes like to dye the hairs with the funky hair colour usually also go for the full hair dye with any color of their choice. in such case the boys are seen with pink, mint green, peach, green, yellow and red colours mostly.

3. Half Hair Dye

In this style ,in a complete cadet hair cut , the part from neck up to the peak of the head is usually use for dying while the rest of the hairs remain in their original color.

4. Hard Part Hairs

In this style the guys use to dye half of the head with one color while another colour is used to dye the other half of the head.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the cool hair colours.

1. What is the most attractive hair colour for guys?

The top three recognized most attractive hair colors for the men are;

  1. Brown / Black hair
  2. Blonde Hair
  3. Red hair

2. What is the coolest hair colour?

There are some 50 cool hair colors that have been declared as the top tending in 2021. Naming a
few ;

  1. Chocolate and caramel bayalage
  2. Brunette hair with auburn highlights
  3. Sun-kissed hair
  4. Copper balayage
  5. Chocolate latte hair
  6. Dark chocolate locks
  7. Caramel mocha
  8. Glazed blonde
  9. Icy blonde with dark underlayer
  10. Honey blonde shade
  11. Auburn brown
  12. Warm espresso
  13. Pearl blonde
  14. Rooty beige
  15. Black hair with caramel brown highlights

3. Is cool hair color the same as Ash?

Actually the ash colours are blue, green and purple. When we talk about the dark ash blonde, that means that this range of the color have green, blue or purple under tone.

4. What hair colour makes you look younger?

The lighter the hair shade is the younger the look will be. As you age, avoid the ashy tones, instead select the tones with more warmth.


The growing trends of the fashion world have added more colours to our lives. Fashion followers always seeking a better new look for themselves. Regardless of the gender, hair colour ideas are on the top trend either they are done with permanent or temporary hair colours. Thanks to the temporary hair colors , as due to these every one can use cool hairs colors anytime they want.

Cool Hair Colors

We’re talking golden, brown, brassy, warm auburn, caramel and copper shades. On the other side of the spectrum there are cooler shades. (Platinum blonde, brown ash, black and cherry) “that has blues, purples and greens and cools your skin,”.

Hair color for cool skin tone

People with cool skin undertones tend to have blue, green, light brown, or gray eyes and, of course, blonde, brown, or black hair with ash tones. If you have brown, amber, or hazel eyes, and strawberry blonde, auburn, brown, or black hair with a touch of red, copper, or gold, then you are likely to have a warm tint. People with neutral skin undertones usually have hair and eyes that are a mix of warm and cold. You may have teal eyes with a touch of copper or eyes that may appear a little cooler or warmer depending on your clothes.

Cool brown hair color

Brown hair is sometimes overlooked as a dull and simple shade. But the truth is, brown hair is undoubtedly beautiful. With the right shade - especially one that perfectly matches your skin tone - brown hair can be just as exciting as a pink, purple, or blonde shade. Whether you’ve been thinking of ditching your blonde, black, or red hair in favor of brown hair dye, or just looking to upgrade your natural hair color, the possibilities are almost limitless. There’s nothing boring about it! Now that you’ve decided on a brown hair color, the next step is to find your most flattering shade. Read on to learn how to find out your undertones so you can choose a gorgeous brown hair shade to compliment your skin tone and what products to use to keep it vibrant and healthy.

Put simply, cool brown hair is a real tone: the undertones are draped over the cooler side of the color spectrum. This means that they are less red and orange, making them darker and sometimes darker.

The best shade of brown hair for your skin tone

Unless you’ve specialized in color theory, it’s understandable that you’re still scratching your head wondering which brown color is right for you. We have your coverage! Consider these brown hair color recommendations based on your undertones. And remember, the sky is the limit when it comes to experimenting with hair colors, so feel free to explore all the possibilities.

Cool colors to dye your hair

Hair color trends 2020: the most beautiful shades of the year

1 dark honey blonde hair for 2020.
2 This shiny brown hair color trend.
3 Golden Highlights for 2020.
4 The trend for silver blonde hair.
5 Lilac Hair for 2020.
6 Caramel Highlights for 2020.
7 Demi Lovato’s Dip-Dye ends for 2020.
8 This chocolate brown hair color trend.

Cool hair colors for guys

As a general rule, you want your hair color that is the opposite of your skin tone. To find out which camp you fell in, check the underside of your arm. People with cooler skin tones have bluish or purple streaks and are better suited to warmer colors, while warmer skin tones have more green streaks and are more suited to cooler colors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What hair color is best for cool skin tones

Warmer colors like pinks, oranges, and yellows work best for cooler skin. Cool colors like blue and purple are especially flattering when you have warm undertones of yellow in your skin.

2. What is cool blonde hair color?

The super light, pale, icy shades - think platinum blonde hair - are cool. Golden, strawberry blonde, or honey blonde hair is warm, while neutral undertones fall somewhere in the middle, think about these wheat or butter blondes.

3. Is beige hair color cool or warm?

The beige hair color mixes both warm and cool shades with an overall ashy undertone. Light and dark blonde tones create dimension, make the color customizable and flatter almost everyone.


The growing fashion trends world have made our lives more easy and colorful. Fashion fans are always looking for a better new look for themselves. Regardless of gender, hair color ideas are trending, with either permanent or temporary hair colors. Thanks to the temporary hair colors, anyone can use cool hair colors anytime.