Long Hair With Bangs

Long hair is an officially outdated hairstyle in 2021. Do you wish to freshen up your lengthy locks?

Bangs is an instant solution. Choose the best trending long layered hair with bangs from the following.

Long Hair

1. Long Hair with Side Bangs

Side bangs are suitable for round and square-shaped face structures. Long hair with bangs creates the illusion of a narrower face and allows you to achieve a voluminous fringe despite your natural thin hair. Part your hair towards the natural direction of your hair while styling the side bangs for easy positioning.

2. Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Long layered hair is an excellent way to frame your face. The short layered hair is great for adding length to round or short-structured faces. ■■■■-drying the layers is suitable for a fresher and full look. Straight eyebrows and black eyeliner look excellent with a fringe. This combination draws attention to your eyes.

3. Short Bangs with Long Hair

Short bangs with long hair is a bold haircut to seek attention. Bangs ending in the middle of your forehead draws extra attention to your eyes. The short blunt fringe gives the popular vibe of the early 20s and the late 50s. Long wavy hair with short bangs and unusual colors, like blue or grey, adds a modern touch to your look.

4. Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Naturally, bouncy and voluminous curly hair is perfect for bangs. An expert hair-stylist can help you with the correct length and shape. A brow-grazing fringe is a tricky cut, but it gives you a cute and playful look with the correct style. Ensure your mane doesn’t overlap your face. Sweep the remaining hair to the sides and secure a fabulous section at the crown.

5. Long Curly Hair with Side Bangs

Long curly hair is suitable for side bangs hairstyles. A fringe tapering to join the tresses is a unique and cute style that suits the curls growing outwards. Side-parting your hair naturally matches the face shape. Curly hair creates an illusion of longer length while getting bangs. Request your stylist to cut your bangs longer and refine them down to the final size.

6. Long Straight Hair with Bangs

Long straight hair with bangs gives you a classical look and it is low maintenance. Add some volume to the crown with a volumizing powder or spray if your hair is fine-textured. It stops your hair from looking flat and gives you flattering looks for a long or wide face.

7. Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

Long wavy hair with bangs is a trending hairstyle for youth with a feminine vibe. Use a natural curve of wavy hair to style a rounded, full fringe. Using a cylindrical brush and ■■■■-drying your hair downward ensures your bangs from flattening. Highlight your hair to show off the wavy movements and to achieve a lighter look. Wrap up with a frizz-control while styling your hair. Run your finger through the waves. A brush or comb reduces the volume and definition of your locks.

8. Long Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

The side-parted bangs are great on heart-shaped faces. It balances the chin-point and a broad forehead. Wavy hair is suitable for softening the outer angles of your face structure. Use a curling iron to enhance your twisty locks if your hair is not naturally curly. Scrunch your wet hair and air dry for a gorgeous, voluminous finish. Create long and beautiful waves using a curling wand if your mane is straight or lacks volume.

9. Long Side Bangs with Long Hair

Long side bangs visually make your face longer. It is best to flatter square and heart-shaped faces. The feathery mid-lengths and ends soften your look. Long side bangs with Long hair with bangs are modern and chic hairstyles for 2021.

10. Side-Swept Bangs with Long Hair

Side-Swept Bangs with Long Hair is ideal for a round-shaped face. It creates a complementary frame for your beautiful face. Thicker hair is best for long, luxurious waves. However, fine can achieve this look by adding hair volume with a volumizing spray or adding hair extensions or wigs.

11. Cute Bangs for Long Hair

Playful cute bangs look excellent when paired with a half-up, half-down hairstyle. All hair texture can achieve this style. Light-feathered fringe looks casual. Use a little mousse or hairspray to rock this mini fringe. It prevents your head from flattening as it adds hair volume to the roots and crown of your bangs.

12. Short Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

Haircuts with different lengths give massive texture. A shaggy look adds definition to your fringe and draws attention. Bob or lob is good for baby bangs, but it looks equally impressive with long hair. Ensure to keep the messy vibe while you style the short choppy bangs. Use texture mist and run your fingers through your fringe for a grunge finish.

13. Thick Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

Thick Choppy Bangs with fresh fringes. Medium to thick-texture hair fringe doesn’t look stringy, while the uneven edge of your bangs draws attention to your forehead. Thick, choppy bangs are creative hairstyling options as they give an artistic or DIY (do it yourself) feeling. It requires low maintenance as you don’t regular trimming to maintain equal hair length. The rest long hair gives the feminine vibe.

All You Need To Know About Bangs

Bangs look wonderful with long hair, as it balances the length and draws attention to your eyes. It is versatile as there are many different long hair cutting style and other fringes to create a truly unique look. Bangs make you look younger upon correct styling. It makes your face appear smaller and hides fine lines. Bangs must be of adequate length to draw attention to the eyes. The longer length will cover your eyes, while the shorter length will divert the attention.

Bangs are for everyone with the right type that suits your face shape. Side-swept fringes are great for square, heart, and round facial structure. A heart-shaped face rocks the baby and curtain bangs in style. If you have an oval face, straight and blunt fringes are suitable for you. Girls with oblong and square faces can soften their look with longer, feminine framing curtain bangs.

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With greater reasons, bangs are on all fronts. Particularly trendy lately, we love it altogether its forms and whatever its length. It is the incredible diversity of this hairstyle that permits it to reinforce every look, highlight every face and add character to any hairstyle.

“How To Pick The Best Bangs For Your Long Hair”

All types of bangs do not look good on everyone with long hair. One should style their bangs according to their face shape. But don’t panic, we have got your back. We can guide you how to look good in bangs. Let’s take a look which style of bangs you should try for yourself.

1. Square Face:

If you’ve got a square face, then keep your bangs straight and slightly below the eyebrows. Straight bangs, feathered within the center, even out your face shape.

2. Round Face:

If you’ve got a round face, then an arching straight fringe that ends slightly below the eyebrows will increase the softness of your face. Deep side bangs also work.

3. Heart Shaped Face:

Arched side-swept bangs that become longer at the edges look amazing on heart-shaped faces.

4. Oval Face:

It also depends on whether you’ve got a high or short forehead. The thing to make sure is to determine if your forehead is smaller or bigger than your nose. If your nose and forehead are equivalent, then you’ll try any of these styles and they will look good on you.

5. Long Face:

If you have a long face, then short bangs are not right the choice of hairstyle, as they will make your forehead look bigger. Try long bangs with a full center or side swept bangs.

6. Short Forehead:

If your forehead is short, then consider a sloped fringe whose one side is longer than the other. It will complement your face structure, making it more eye-catching.

7. High Forehead:

If your forehead is high then the full side swept bangs is the best to opt for. Let the bangs start at eyebrow level and taper as they reach the edges of your face.

“How To Add Fake Bangs”

YES! You heard it right. You can add fake bangs if you are not feeling comfortable in cutting your hair. There is a perfect solution for this issue. You can either use extensions or you can simply try a faux ■■■■.


Do bangs look good with long hair?

Bangs look great with long hair, as it balances out the length and draws attention to your eyes. Also, it’s adaptable because you can try different styles of long hair and different fringes to create a truly different and rare look.

Do bangs make you look younger?

Bangs can make us look younger, as long as we choose the right style. They make your face look smaller and can hide fine lines while drawing attention to your eyes. You can select a longer length that sits around your eyebrows because too short can draw attention to the wrong areas and too long will cover your eyes.

Are bangs style back in 2021?

Bangs: we either love them or we hate them. And also not everyone has the face for a haircut like bangs, those who do can really rock this style.

So if you are in the second category then get ready as you will be asking for wispy bangs in 2021 if you’re a curly-haired person.

What length should Bangs be?

To make forehead look smaller, the length of bangs should be as long as possible and start farther back on the head than normal.