Box Braids With Beads

Box braids with beads are one of the hairstyles that originate from Africa. This style is absolutely perfect and very simple to achieve. They are today recognized as genuine works of art in their own right, thanks to the imagination and skill of hairdressers.

Box braids with beads

What Are Box Braids?

Braids developed among African tribes hundreds of years ago. Although the style hasn’t altered much, it still symbolizes African culture. Named after the square form in which hair parted. Extensions come in various lengths, sizes, and colors.

Traditional box braids wrap natural hair with wings and tie at the scalp, says hairdresser. Box braids are a trendy defensive hairstyle for natural-haired women. A protective style safeguards your hair’s ends from environmental aggressors, heat styling, and garment friction.

While wearing box braids, it’s easy to forget about moisturizing your natural hair. Stephen advises coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil for these styles. She recommends removing them after two months.

There Are Different Sizes of Box Braids

Type Explanation
Small Braids Micro braids, often known as tiny plaits, are the slightest braids.
Medium Braids The most common size request is for medium braids, around the width of a pencil or pen. Janet Jackson’s famous appearance in Poetic Justice in 1993 stands to blame.
Large Braids Braids with many volumes are bold and eye-catching. A Crayola marker or a giant Sharpie may be used to make these plaits.


Box braiding is a time-consuming task that requires much perseverance. At first, you may not even be able to braid your hair correctly. Box braids are simpler to master with practice and self-assurance.

7 Steps to Make a Box Braid

Hair shampoo and conditioner

Box braids are more permanent. The conditioner leaves hair highly hydrated. Once your braids are in place, you can wash them well.

Take your dry hair and cut it into four different sections

Make sure your hair is in four regular, smooth squares for each section. It will be much easier to master this style if you have your hair up. Then hold up each section with clips.

Cut the hair with a small part in the first part of the hair

With a small amount of hair, you can take the next step. All of your pieces should be around the same size.

Braid your hair

Take the three strands of hair. Left below the middle part. Place the straight section under the center section.

Braid the entire section from top to bottom

Use a small elastic to secure the hair, so the braid does not come out. Sometimes bands can damage your hair if you are not careful. If possible, don’t use a bar.

Make one more section of the first section of your hair

Braid another section gently. Make sure all of your pieces are straight. They will like individual and small boxes.

Go to the next section

When you’re done, your head should be filled with small individual braids.

How Can Beads Be Added to the Ends of Box Braids?


  • Beads with a hole large enough to pass the braid, in wood, plastic, etc

  • A small plastic tool usually offered with the plastic beads or a modified hairpin, i.e., crushed so you can pass through the beads.

  • Small rubber or silicone rubber bands.

Steps to follow

  • With the pin, it’s elementary; we rift it at the braid’s end, thread the pearls, and pass them on the plat.

  • With the small tool, you must thread the beads first, pushing them to the bottom against the star. Then you thread the braid in the “loop.” Then you push the beads to slide them on the braid and here.

  • Then you have to fix the pearls. For this, we take a small elastic, greased with shea butter if it is rubber to avoid breaking the hair.

  • We fold the end of the braid on the last bead with the right hand, and with the left hand, we thread the elastic to keep the braid folded.

Tips to Prevent Hair Damage When Making Box Braids

Prepare your hair before box braids styling

One week before braiding, you must prepare the hair and scalp for the following styling hours. We opt for a scalp massage every evening and perform a deep protein treatment in the middle of the week. The day before the braiding, we do not hesitate to use a clarifying shampoo to remove all possible deposits of hair products.

If you decide to use additives, take the opportunity to let them soak for a few hours in a mixture of water and organic cider vinegar to eliminate the additives contained on the wicks that can make them irritating.

Box braids: care and hydration at the rendezvous

The big plus of box braids with beads hairstyles is to give free access to your scalp. You can then take the opportunity to do scalp massages every evening to activate blood circulation to the hair follicles to boost your hair growth.

Without forgetting an essential step twice a day: hydration. Arm yourself with a small spray bottle that you fill three-quarters with water, then a little aloe vera gel and oils that you like: avocado, argan, jojoba, and macadamia nuts; by removing your braids, there will be minimal breakage and a lot of pushing.

Best Hairstyle for Box Braids with Beads

Beads for braids are versatile hair accessories. Beads come in many sizes, hues, and patterns. The accessories’ materials also vary. Choosing a high-quality, well-designed product will make your braids stand out.

Box braids with beads are incredibly versatile now. You can select a long hair or short hairdo. Beading box braids of any length always work. There are several hairstyles, but we discuss a few of them here. Here are some distinctive beaded box braid hairstyles.

1. Beaded box braids

Box braids are beautiful. Once perfected, this haircut is everything. Clear beads work well for knotless box braids with beads. This Instagram-worthy haircut is easy to recreate. Remember to get excellent beads to wear your box braids elegantly and comfortably.

2. Medium-hair beaded box braids

Medium-length box braids provide many style choices. Beads add refinement to box braids on medium hair. Medium-length hair can be side-braided. Transparent or bright beads pop. Your hair might seem chicer with multicolored braids. Box braids with beads are an essential yet elegant shoulder-length hairdo. If you want to bypass lengthy or short hairstyles, do this.

3. Beaded box braids

If you don’t like long hair, try short box braids. Fun and stylish quick box braids. Adding wooden beads to braids makes them lovely, so try this hairdo. This gaze mesmerizes us. The wooden beads are precisely arranged, and the braids are eye-catching. This hairdo works great with transparent beads.

4. Beaded jumbo box braids

Jumbo box braids are another long-haired style. Beads make these braids stunning. Gold hair rings complete this hairstyle. Not all braids need beads at the end. Adjust them to different braid lengths, and everyone will enjoy this hairdo.

5. Half-up Bun Box Braids with Beads

We love charming, sophisticated double buns. Box braids allow for classier looks like this half-double bun. This hairstyle requires a center part. After braiding, make half-up double buns. Let your buns fall for two-level beaded hair sensations.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Some of the questions asked about Box Braids with Beads are given below:

1 - How to loosen tight braids?

Untighten braids may be excruciating, and you may have pondered how to fix the problem without ruining your hairdo. You can get immediate relief with a pencil, a leave-in conditioner on your roots, or a specially made braid spray.

2 - How to make french milk in 5 strands?

Divide this section into five equal strands. Imagine the strands are numbered 1 to 5 from left to right, 1 2 3 3 4 5. Take some hair from your hairline on the left side and add it to section 2. Once you have reached your neck, continue weaving the five strands together, and secure them at the bottom with a hairband. Finish with hairspray.

3- How to create a cinnamon bun braided hairstyle?

The cinnamon bun is a type of rolled-up hairstyle, which is made even more beautiful by the addition of braiding. In this guide, learn how to create two looks with it. Pull your hair into a high or low ponytail and bind it with a headband. Apply any hair spray.

4 - What is cornrow braid?

Corn on the cob is a fun and practical way to wear natural hair. They add style to your growing hair and protect it from heat damage caused by other styling techniques.

5 - Is it true that box braids speed up hair growth?

It’s normal for your hair to grow every day, but pollution, chemical treatments, and heat styling damage can hurt the development of your hair. In addition to keeping your hair braided, protective styles like box braids protect your hair and end from damage.

6 - Do knotless braids work for curly hair?

You can. Before braiding your hair, you may need to stretch your hair out. Hairstylists can also apply a style gel or cream to keep portions of your hair in place during the process. To protect your hair from heat, you should use a heat protectant before stretching. Using this method, you may prevent damage to your curls.

7 - Why are box braids so popular?

For best results, leave the braids in the box for up to four weeks. If you see a buildup of frizz, removing the braids is best.

8 - Do box braids promote hair growth?

Braids help to keep your hair’s length, not add to it. The danger of hair breaking increases every time you style, detangle, or manage your hair. Locs are less likely to be damaged by everyday combing if kept in a style that restricts their growth.

9 - Why does braiding make my hair seem and feel so much thinner?**

Dr. Jeanine B. Downie tells SELF that the hair caused traction alopecia pulled excessively tightly. Traction alopecia occurs when you wear tight ponytails, braids, and extensions for an extended period without allowing your hair and scalp to heal.

10 - Does braiding hair make it grow faster?

But braiding hair doesn’t speed up the rate at which it grows. Your genes control how fast your hair grows, but things like your diet and how stressed you are can make your hair thin and break.


We all thought children owned beads until today—beads worn by all ages and look great. Knotless braids with beads are versatile. Many black women choose braids since they’re low-maintenance and long-lasting. They preserve hair and ease scalp strain from repeated style.

Box braids have acquired appeal among women and toddlers. This hairstyle’s traditional charm boosts your look. Beads are a popular way to style these braids. Your thinking is the only limit. Wash, stretch and decide. Explore color, length, and texture. I’m sure you’ll try again.

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