70s Hairstyles

70s hairstyles include curly hairstyles, small braids, fringe, roller curls, pin backsides, and many other hairstyles, that were popular in that era. They were appealing, versatile, Iconic, and inspirational. If you want a vintage queen look, you can choose from them. 70s hairstyle influenced beauty culture today, here are some 70s hairstyles from which you can take inspiration.

70s Hairstyles

:large_blue_diamond: 70s hairstyles women’s

If you are looking for inspiration from 70s hairstyles and you want to become a blast from the past, as you know how fashion can change your life? Bandana hairstyle, high ponytail, shag, feather cut, bangs, layers, braids and many other 70s hairstyles are still popular. These are 70s hairstyles for you that are more popular in women

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: 1. Shag hairstyle

The shag hairstyle is layers of many lengths, gains length from the shortest at the top and longest at the bottom. You can make it more glamorous by blow-drying, or create a style by using a curling wand. This hairstyle works for both men and women. It is great for all types of hair.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: 2. Feather cut hairstyle

The feather cut haircut is looking very stunning with a center parting or with bangs. It looks remarkable with curls and without curls. If you want to give volume to your hair, then use mousse or spray. This hairstyle is ideal for mid-length to long hair. This is one of the easy hairstyles for long hair. This 70s style provides contour to the face, and you can create it with modern variations.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: 3. Bandana hairstyle

Bandana 70s hairstyle

In the 70s hairstyle, this bandana is very common in women. It is for all hair types, colors, and lengths. In this hairstyle, the bandana is used as a hairband in many ways, folded, wrapped, or tied up around the head. This bandana hairstyle was popular with hippies, rockers, and bikers. Bandana was used by those women who have thin hair to give flow to the hair. It looks amazing with the center parting.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: 4. Small braids hairstyle

Small braids in hair was another hairstyle that was popular in the 1970s. If you know how to braid hair? This hairstyle is ideal for mid-length to long hair. Braids were and always will be gorgeous. If you are one of those who are free spirits, try out this beautiful look. This braid hairstyle is not only for young girls, older women can also create this hairstyle to look younger. Every women wants to know how to look younger? side-swept braids, messy braids, polished and clean braids add softness to your face and you look younger.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: 5. Pinned back hairstyles

Pinned back 70s hairstyle

This 70s hairstyle was popular among sporting women. It was a very simple, effortless but gorgeous common in the 70s, and it was also popular in 60s fashion. In this hairstyle, hairs were pinned back by a twist to lock your long hair. If you have long hair, then this hairstyle is for you. It is easy, appealing, and gives you a natural look. It frames your face and gives a bashful look.

:large_blue_diamond: 70s Hairstyles Men

When it came to the 70s hairstyle, guys were not restricted. Most popular 70s hairstyles in men were straight, side combed, and messy. Men always felt the same since the hippy style influenced all hairstyles. In the 1970s, the men appeared more fashionable.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: 1. Shoulder-length hairstyle

men shoulder length 70s hairstyle

Shoulder-length hairstyles were very popular with men. At first, this hairstyle was popular among artists, and then common men started wearing this shoulder-length hairstyle.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: 2. Side-combed hairstyle

The side-combed hairstyle was in trend in the 70s. In this hairstyle, hair was combed back, and for giving volume to this, hair bangs were added. This was a graceful hairstyle for men, and it is still popular with men.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: 3. The Afro hairstyle

This hairstyle was the African-American rocking hairstyle. This hairstyle was for the African-American men for presenting their textured and high hair. This was popular among black guys.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: 4. Long hairstyle

The long and natural 70s hairstyle was unique and fashionable. In the 70s, men decided not to comb their hair and used oil to style their hair, which gave them a natural hair look, and maintained their hair to wave loosely and flow without inhibition.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: 5. Dreadlocks hairstyles

Dreadlocks were popular among actors and singers. It is one of the most traditional haircuts from the 70s. This hairstyle is not for everyone, and for creating this style, an experienced hairdresser is needed who knows how to style dreadlocks. This hairstyle needs proper care, needs proper washing of hairs with residue-free shampoo, and avoid conditioner.

:large_blue_diamond: 70s hairstyles short hair

70s hairstyles short hair

Before 1970 short hairstyles were not the standard for women. This hairstyle is still popular in the younger generation today. Pageboy cut, well-trimmed fringe, and rounded bob were popular short hairstyles at that time. If women don’t have thick hair, they want a short haircut.

:small_orange_diamond:Stack perming was another 70s hairstyles for short hair. It is the best short hairstyle over 50. In this hairstyle, the central and lower part of the hair was curled tightly, and then permed into a bubble-like shape. This hairstyle looks like a ring.

:small_orange_diamond:Wedge was another 70s hairstyle for short hair. This hairstyle was achieved by creating sharp-angled layers. This hairstyle has variations like with frizzy hairstyle and with waves.

:small_orange_diamond:Fringe bang hairstyle was a rock and roll giving look hairstyle. This hairstyle is still popular among girls.

Fringe Bangs 70s hairstyle

:large_blue_diamond: 70s hairstyles curly hairs

70s Curly Hairs

:small_orange_diamond:Bouncy curls were an iconic 70s hairstyle that was easy to style and wonderful for all types of hair, which gave a voluminous look to hairs.

:small_orange_diamond:Disco curls were another 70s hairstyle that was popular among girls. This hairstyle gave waves to fluffy natural curls. This hairstyle is still popular, and you can give it a modern touch by keeping the curls in order.

70s hairstyle Disco Curls

:small_orange_diamond:Big curls were looks natural and popular among women with black hair. This hairstyle was achieved by curling iron or by peeling.

Big Curls 70s hairstyles

:small_orange_diamond:Hair roller curls hairstyle was done with small rollers that girls rolled up into their hair, and leave them overnight to gain big curls.

:large_blue_diamond: 70s hairstyles with headbands

In the 70s hairstyles, the headband was worn across the forehead. It was created with an Afro or long 70s hairstyle. This hairstyle was created by the hippie movement to decorate their long hairs with headbands. Headbands were decorated with beads, feathers, flowers, and seashells. Mousse, hair spray, and gel were applied on damp hair to achieve a true hippie look. The curling iron was used to make beautiful curls and drop them on the headband.

70s hairstyles influenced beauty culture today, and if you want to take inspiration from 70s hairstyles, choose one of them and create it with modern variations. 70s hairstyles are still popular among men and women equally.

:large_blue_diamond: Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to hairstyles, people want to know everything about old and new hairstyles. The 70s hairstyles were the most popular hairstyles that are still popular. Some of the unanswered questions are;

:small_blue_diamond: 1. What was the most popular hairstyle in the 70s?

The most popular and iconic 70s hairstyle was a feathered hairstyle. This hairstyle gave the appearance of a bird feather and was achieved by brushing back and outward at the sides. This hairstyle was for the mid-length to long hairs. Other than feather hairstyle shag, straight and sleek, pageboy, wedge, long locks for men, brow skimming bangs, and dreadlocks were the most popular and iconic 70s hairstyles.

:small_blue_diamond: 2. What are 70s bangs called?

70s bangs are known as Birkin bangs, these bangs are long and left flat and layered which give 70s genuine girl feel. This hairstyle suits you if you have a square or long face shape that gives softness to your face by creating width instead of more lengthening your look.

:small_blue_diamond: 3. What haircut makes you look younger?

A short hairstyle pixie cut gives you a younger look. You will look cute with soft, connected layers, tousled, flippy, and bouncy pixie. It will give a younger look by enhancing your features, especially cheekbones and eyes. Other hairstyles such as bob cut, bangs, shoulder-length cut, braids, long layers with highlights, and curls can also make you look younger and elegant.

:small_blue_diamond: 4. Should I wear bangs over 50?

Bangs can add volume to thin hairs, it is a great choice for over 50, it is ideal for every face shape. Bangs looks good with medium hair length.


:high_brightness:70s hairstyles include lots of hairstyles that are still popular. They were curly hairstyles, dreadlocks, small braids, fringe, roller curls, pin backsides, and a lot of other hairstyles.

:high_brightness:They were appealing, versatile, Iconic, and inspirational. So you can choose one from these glamorous hairstyles if you want a vintage look.

:high_brightness:The most popular 70s hairstyles in men were straight, side combed, and messy. Men always felt the same since the hippy style influenced all hairstyles.

:high_brightness:In the 1970s the men appeared more fashionable reader-length hairstyle hairstyles were very popular with men.

:high_brightness:At first, this hairstyle was popular among artists, and then common men started wearing this shoulder-length hairstyle.

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