Definition of Haircut:

  1. Commodity trading: Margin between a commodity dealers buying and selling prices.

  2. General: Trimming excesses without jeopardizing the main objective.

  3. Banking: Difference between the market value of a collateralized asset and the amount of loan advanced against it. See also loan value.

  4. Securities trading: Broker or dealers estimate of possible loss on a particular security, based on an evaluation of its associated risks. Lower the chance of default on an investment, lower the haircut.

  5. The style in which a persons hair is cut.

  6. A reduction in the stated value of an asset.

Synonyms of Haircut

Hairstyle, Haircut, Cut, Style, Coiffure

How to use Haircut in a sentence?

  1. Hes always very particular about his haircut.

Meaning of Haircut & Haircut Definition