Jim Morrison's Beard

Name Jim Morrison
Date of birth 8th December 1943
Date of death 3rd July 1971
Carrier Singer, songwriter, Poet
Birth place Melbourne, Florida
Parents James Douglass Morrison, Clara Clark
Member of A famous rock group “the Doors”
Joined the Doors 1965
Left the Doors 1971
Death place Paris, France
Cause of death Reportedly a heart failure
Age at the time of death 27 years

Jim Morrison’s beard was the result of depression and frustration that he went through because of his bad-boy image.

He wanted to be recognized as an artist, poet, and musician that he was instead of a bad image because of extreme alcoholism and drug addiction.

Jim Morrison was the fascinating yet rebellious singer of his mid-20s who died of a heart failure at an extremely young age – just at the age of 27.

1. Jim Morrison personality

Jim Morrison was a famous rock singer of the world-famous rock group “The Doors” of the mid-20s. Jim Morrison’s beard is as famous as the Mark Hamill car accident that changed the outlook of his face.

However, Jim Morrison grew his beard to look like a poet and artist instead of a sex symbol. He was being taken as a bad boy because of his extreme alcoholism and drug addiction.

Jim Morrison – A brief introduction

  1. Jim Morrison was a famous singer, songwriter, poet, and member of “The Doors” – a famous rock group during the 1960s. He was considered a born leader because of his rebellious nature and leading attitude.

  2. He was born on December 8th, 1943 in Melbourne Florida as a son of James Douglass Morrison and Clara Clark. From an early age, Jim Morrison was a brilliant child with a great academic career.

  3. Later on, due to the strict army discipline of his father – who was serving the U.S naval forces – he started to become rebellious.

  4. He inherited his music passion from his father who was also a great pianist, although he didn’t make it a carrier.

Life span of Jim Morrison

  1. Life span of Jim Morrison that started in 1943 and ended in July, 3rd 1971 was quite fluctuating having a lot of ups and downs.

  2. He was brilliant at school being more inclined and excellent towards reading, writing, and painting. It showed his artistic mindset that was emerged later on.

  3. Although Jim Morrison’s beard is the topic of discussion, yet understanding the background is quite necessary.

  4. It’s also thought that his mind took a deep effect on his childhood incident that took place when he was about five.

  1. He saw a truck of Indian workers crashed on the road while passing by in the car with his family. Artists are naturally sensitive and so he was.

  2. He took a deep effect of that scene that led him towards some serious aspects of life.

  3. During his teenage, he started to become a rebellious child – as previously described as a born leader – who are often fed up with their surroundings.

  4. He started taking interest in women and alcohol yet he was considered a decent student. Jim Morrison graduated from high school in 1961 and then moved to Florida.

  5. After that he went to California for studying film – that was the newest topic to study at those times. Later, he left the film study and simply graduated from UCLA in 1965.

Joining and leaving The Doors

1965 was the year when he joined “the Doors” and the other members were as follows:

  1. Ray Manzarek- a pianist of the Doors

  2. Robbie Krieger – guitarist of the Doors

  3. John Densmore – drummer of the Doors

  4. Jim Morrison – vocalist of the Doors

This rock band ruled the rock music industry by giving some amazing hits and Jim Morrison was the heartbeat of that band.

He was rebellious, he was wild, he was determined and he was charismatic but he was not living so long.

The only thing that he demanded was freedom of speech and freedom of action. He didn’t like boundaries; he didn’t like rules.

He was a free soul and he wanted to rule the world in his way. He didn’t bear the shortcomings and used to get irritated while watching the things not going in the way as he wanted them.

After giving some hit songs – that have been listed below – Jim Morrison went to the peak of drug addiction and short temper.

After some sad and stressful events of his life – after becoming famous as a sex boy – Jim tried to rearrange his life.

He took off from the Doors in 1971 and moved to Paris, France.

He was found dead in his bathtub on 3rd July 1971 – reportedly because of heart failure - and that was the end of his era.

:writing_hand: Summary

Jim Morrison was born in 1943 and he was a brilliant student in his early life. After graduating, he joined The Doors as a vocalist. He grew a beard in the later years of his life to improve his bad-boy image. Jim Morrison died in 1971 in Paris because of heart failure.

2. Jim Morrison beard sunglasses

  1. Jim Morrison’s beard was not a part of his personality from the start. He grew his beard to be recognized as an artist, singer, and poet rather than a bad boy.

  2. In other words, Jim Morrison grew his beard to rearrange his personality while getting rid of a sex boy image.

  3. He was known as a bad boy because of his womanizer nature, drug addiction, and extreme alcoholism. So, he changed his outlook to be known for what he was.

  1. Jim Morrison beard and sunglasses were known for representing his personality. He appeared with a heavy beard and dark sunglasses that almost hidden his identity.

  2. However, just like the beard that was the result of his frustration and depression, sunglasses can not be taken as a symbol of such a thing.

3. How to grow Jim Morrison’s beard?

  1. Jim Morrison beard is considered as a classic style of the 1970s to grow facial hair.

  2. Whenever you get to think about the 70’s hairstyles or 70s beard style of, a hip hop fashion jumps in your imagination.

  3. No matter you search for how to become a fashion model or simply to adopt the beard style, Jim Morrison beard will come across you as an example of the style.

  4. It may also lead you towards 80s men’s fashion, but the hip hop culture started even before the 80s. Jim Morrison beard can be referred to as a hippie style beard.

  5. Jim Morrison didn’t grow his beard for a long time as he shaved it before his death yet it became a symbol of his personality.

Jim Morrison had a thick and full beard – more precisely a wild and 6. shaggy beard – if you want to know how to grow Jim Morrison’s beard?

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Jim Morrison death

  1. Although the heading to be discussed here in this article is all about the Jim Morrison beard that he grew for a shorter time – because of frustration and depression – yet Jim Morrison’s death is also linked with this.

  2. As it was obvious that Jim was rebellious, leading, and got irritated when things didn’t get according to his thoughts, his death was also because of this.

  3. He was a wild, passionate, and determined singer and song writer. He joined The Doors in 1965 and took off in 1971. In between these years, his band gave some super hit songs.

  4. With time Jim started acting wilder at the stage also being arrested for some immoral acts. He was known to be a womanizer and drug addict.

  5. In 1971, he started to remodel his life and went to Paris, France to pursue his life as a poet. Drugs and depression went with him while not leaving him alone.

  6. His law wife Courson found him dead in the bathtub on 3rd July 1971. The cause of his death was heart failure.

  7. It can be accepted as depression – a silent killer can lead the victim to death if not treated properly.

:books: In short

Jim Morrison was an American singer, songwriter, and poet. He was the worst drug addict and the alcoholic person that led him to death because of heart failure in Paris, France in the year 1971.

Frequently asked questions

Jim Morrison’s beard is not a single interesting thing that belonged to his personality. In addition to this, several other questions about him are also asked by people that have been answered below:

1. Why did Jim Morrison grow the beard?

  1. As Jim Morrison was being taken only as a bad boy or more accurately speaking as a sex object- because of his womanizer nature and drug addiction, he wanted to change this image.

  2. In his later life he grew the beard to give an outlook of poet and artist as he was frustrated and depressed because of his bad-boy image.

2. Who replaced Jim Morrison in the Doors?

  1. The Doors and beard both are part of Jim Morrison’s personality. He left the doors in 1971 when he decided to move to Paris, France.

  2. As he was the vocalist in The Doors and there was the need for a replacement to continue the band, John Densmore - the drummer replaced him.

3. How old would Jim Morrison be today?

  1. Jim Morrison – a music icon of the 1960s – who became more famous because of his wild thick beard was born in 1943. He died in 1971 at the young age of 27.

  2. He would be 77 if he was alive till 2020. He was found dead in the bathtub and reportedly he dies of heart failure that was the result of alcohol and depression.


  1. Jim Morrison’s beard is also a matter of discussion for people as it is associated with not only hip hop fashion but also with other important aspects of his life.

  2. Jim Morrison was born on December 8th,1943 in Melbourne, Florida. James Douglass Morrison and Clara Clark were his parents while his father served in U.S naval forces.

  3. He graduated from ULCA and then pursued his carrier as a singer in the rock band The Doors in 1965. He was rebellious, wild and a freedom seeker that led him towards women and drugs.

  4. Due to extreme alcoholism and womanizer nature, he was known as a sex boy that made him even more frustrated and depressed.

  5. To rebuild his image, he grew the beard to be recognized as a writer and a poet, however, he shaved the beard before death.

  6. Jim Morrison left the band in 1971 and moved to Paris, France to rearrange his life. Drugs and depression didn’t leave him alone.

  7. He was found dead in the bathtub – reportedly because of heart failure – in 1971.

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