Clients can tap on a catch on WATCH2GETHER to make a room and send companions a connect to altogether see recordings or tune in to sound documents. Individuals can enter an immediate connect to a video or quest for content from various spots, including YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Soundcloud, and add things to a playlist. They can examine what they’re seeing in a visit window on the screen and furthermore empower video talking. Everything members can look for and play recordings, except if you empower arbitrator alternatives.

This augmentations we should you share content from sites straightforwardly into a Watch2gether room.

The authority Watch2Gether Chrome expansion permits you to share content from an upheld site (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) straightforwardly into a Watch2Gether room. The new W2gSync include permits you to adjust watch recordings from any site on Watch2Gether.

Watch2Gether is certainly not a real time feature where one client communicates and the others simply watch. Rather every client in a room can peruse for content and select recordings or sound tracks to be played for everybody in the room.

Creating a Room

You can make a room from the Watch2Gether landing page ( ) by clicking Create your room.

This promptly stacks you into an impermanent Watch2Gether room.

Brief Watch2Gether rooms are naturally erased following 24 hours. In the event that you need to make lasting rooms, you should make a free Watch2Gether account …

On the off chance that you are as of now signed in, you can make another room from the My Rooms page.

Creating a record

You can make a free record from the Watch2Gether landing page 605. Or then again, on the off chance that you are in a room, you can tap the Settings (gear) symbol in the upper right corner, and under the Save Room heading, click the Sign up for a Watch2Gether account 605 connection.

In the event that you don’t get an affirmation mail, you can demand another here . Remember to check your spam envelope!

When your record has been made, you will be taken to the My Rooms page. All your saved rooms will show up here. You can make new rooms by tapping the yellow in addition to fasten.

Saving your room

To save your room, click the Settings (gear) symbol in the upper right corner. You can name and save your room under the Save Room heading.

Inviting Friends

In another room, you will be the solitary client who is available. Despite the fact that you can utilize Watch2Gether without anyone else, the great starts when you welcome a few companions to watch with you. To do as such, click on the Invite Friends button at the upper right of the room.

Presently you can duplicate and share the connection. You can utilize a few administrations do to thus, like Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and so on

All rooms are private of course. The connect to a room isn’t distributed anyplace on Watch2Gether and no arbitrary clients can join your room. In any case, you can impart the connect to however many individuals as you like.

Note: When you first join a Watch2Gether room, you may have to click once on the player to begin the playback. After this, the playback and track changes will be syncronised.

When your friend(s) have joined the room, they show up in the client bar at the lower part of the room.

The client symbols can have little symbols joined to them:

• A “Crown” symbol: This client is the proprietor (maker) of a room.

• A “In addition to” symbol: This client is a Watch2Gether +PLUS part.

Cutoff points: You can welcome many clients into a Watch2Gether room. Be that as it may, the webcam highlight (see underneath) will just work for up to 10 clients/room.

Changing your username

The client bar at the lower part of the screen is the place where you see who is as of now in your room.

In the event that you haven’t signed in, an irregular client name is alloted to you of course.

In the event that you are signed in, your username will show up beneath your symbol.

Selecting Videos

In a Watch2Gether room, you can choose and appreciate recordings and music from a scope of upheld stages like Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and numerous others.

Search for content

Utilize the inquiry bar at the highest point of the page to look for music or recordings.

Watch2Gether has various inherent applications that add support for different substance stages. By tapping on the applications image on the left half of the pursuit bar you can choose a particular stage to look on. The symbol of the presently chose application/stage is shown on the left half of the hunt input field (YouTube is chosen naturally).

Type your catchphrases in to the quest bar to look for content on the connected stage. The consequences of the pursuit are shown under the video player.

Presently you have three choices:

  1. Play it quickly: Click the video thumbnail, or the title of the video.

  2. Solicitation it in the visit: Click the STAR button (left). The video will show up in the visit, and can be added to the playlist or played straightforwardly from that point. This is valuable for directed rooms.

  3. Add the video to a playlist: Click the PLUS button (right). The video will show up in the current playlist.

At the point when you play a video, it will begin playing for everybody in the room. The video is appeared in-a state of harmony, which implies that everybody sees a similar snapshot of the video.

On the off chance that anybody taps on the Pause button, the video will stop for everybody. The equivalent is valid in the event that anybody moves advances or in reverse (looks for) in the video player: every other person’s video will leap to a similar spot and begin playing from that point.

Direct Link

On the off chance that you don’t discover what you are searching for via looking, you can just glue a connect to the substance you need to watch.

You don’t have to choose the connected Watch2Gether application in advance. At the point when you glue a connection, Watch2Gether naturally identifies the stage.

The video shows up quickly in the indexed lists, and you can play it, recommend it, or add it to a playlist from that point.

A cool stunt to recollect is that on the off chance that you glue a connect to a YouTube playlist, every one of the melodies in the playlist show up in the indexed lists.

Using the Chat

While watching the video together, you can converse with your companions through the inherent visit zone. You can open the visit region by tapping on the talk symbol in the base right of the room.

This opens a smaller than normal visit box, where you can send messages and emoticons to your companions in the room. The talk additionally shows when a client shows up or leaves, and when another melody begins playing, a visit message is posted from the client who played it. In the event that it is from the current playlist, the messages come from the arbitrator.

You can make the talk window bigger by squeezing the container symbol in the upper right corner. This causes it to converge with the Playlist and History zone, turning into a tab in this crate.

Using Webcams and Screensharing

Watch2Gether has inherent help for webcam video, sound and screensharing. This allows you to see and hear the responses of your companions, peruse the web together, and share photographs or other media from your work area.

Up to 10 clients can empower their cams all the while. In the event that a room has in excess of 10 clients, the webcam highlight will naturally be impaired. Any remaining highlights of the room will keep on working.

To empower your video and sound feed, or to begin sharing your screen, utilize the controls on the client bar.

A free Watch2Gether account is needed to empower screensharing.

Snap anyplace on the scaled down bar to augment it:

Presently you can click:

• The video button , to turn on your webcam

• The mouthpiece button , to enact your amplifier

• The screenshare button , to begin sharing your screen

At the point when a gadget is empowered, the symbol will become environmentally friendly. The bolts close to the cam/mic image can be utilized to choose the video or sound source:

At the point when empowered, every clients video is shown in their symbol zone.

At the point when you empower screensharing, you get a spring up with the accompanying choices:

You can decide to share your Entire Screen, a particular Application Window, or a program tab. Snap on the screen or thing you need to share, and the Share catch will show up. In the event that you need to share sound from the chose source too, tick the Share Audio checkbox.

You can show a client’s camera feed or shared screen on the player window. This is done similarly as adding a video.

To begin with, click the applications dropdown to one side of the hunt bar

At that point, pick either Webcam or Screenshare from the applications showed.

At that point, clients who have their cameras empowered, or who are sharing screens will show up in the query items. From here, you can tap on the symbol to play them on the player straightforwardly, or add them to the playlist - very much like with some other video or melody.

Moderate your Room

Member jobs

In a room which you own, you can allocate the part of Moderator to some other client. You can likewise boycott individuals, if important.

Snap the Settings (gear) symbol in the upper right corner, at that point click the Members tab:

Dynamic individuals (those right now in the room) are appeared with a green circle close to their username, and idle ones (who recently joined, yet are not at present associated) with a dark circle .

• To make somebody an arbitrator: Place a tick in the Moderator registration.

• To boycott somebody: Click the “No Entry” image by their name. You can un-boycott individuals by tapping the green tick which shows up by their name after they’ve been prohibited.

On the off chance that you need to tidy up the client show, you can erase clients who are not, at this point in the room by tapping the cross close to their name.


Of course all clients in a Watch2Gether room reserve the privilege to look for recordings and play them in the room. This functions admirably in a room with fewer clients and is the manner in which Watch2Gether is proposed to be utilized. Nonetheless, there are circumstances where you need to have more power over who can play out specific activities.

Snap on the Settings (gear) symbol in the upper right corner of a room you own.

The Settings discourse will show up. Snap the Moderation tab.

You would now be able to pick who is permitted to play out specific activities. For each situation, you can pick between All individuals or Moderators as it were.


• Chat: The capacity to compose talk messages.

• Player: The capacity to play substance and control playback (play, stop, look for).

• Playlist: The capacity to switch playlists, and to add melodies to the current playlist.

• Colours: The capacity to change the presence of a room (shadings and foundation picture).

Using Playlists

Each new Watch2Gether room accompanies a default playlist called Watch2Gether Default. You can switch playlists by tapping the drop-down menu in the sidebar on the correct side of the room.

Alright, nothing to change to yet - how about we make some more playlists!

Creating playlists

You can add extra playlists by tapping on the Playlists tab in the right-hand sidebar, and afterward the Settings (gear) symbol under the playlist selector:

The Playlist Manager exchange shows up. You can add another playlist by composing a name for it and clicking New Playlist.

You can likewise rename and erase playlists from here, just as setting them to Autoplay.

At the point when Autoplay is impaired, melodies must be begun physically. The playback will stop after as of now playing thing completions, and you need to tap the catch under the playlist selector to Play the following passage.

Personal playlists

Individual playlists are an exceptional kind that no one but you can alter (add or eliminate things). Individual playlists can be connected to any of your Watch2Gether rooms, which implies they will show up as one of the accessible playlist choices in the drop-down list.

The capacity to make individual playlists is restricted to enlisted clients. Tick the “individual Playlist” checkbox while making another playlist in the event that you need it to be close to home.

Individual playlists show up in the Manage Playlists discourse with your username close to them. Rather than the erase symbol , you have the choice to unlink them from the current room.

Individual playlists can be connected to an alternate space to the one they were made in. This should be possible in the Manage individual playlists area at the lower part of the exchange, by squeezing the Load playlist button.

Your own playlists show up in the crate, and you can connect or erase them from that point.

Playlist modes

The current playlist can utilized in three distinct modes which can be turned on the left side under the playlist selector.

These modes are (from left to right)

• Normal: The things in the rundown are played according to the pattern in which they show up in the rundown.

• Shuffle: The things in the rundown are played in irregular request.

• Voting: The clients in the room can decide in favor of rundown things and the ones with the most votes are played first.

Your Watch2Gether Account

The center highlights of Watch2Gether can be utilized without a record. Notwithstanding, making a free record has the accompanying advantages:

• You can save your rooms so they are not erased following 24 hours

• You can pick a custom symbol picture

• You don’t need to choose an epithet each time you go into a room

• You get an outline of all rooms you partake in

• You can make individual playlists

• You have the choice to update your record to a Watch2Gether +PLUS enrollment

Go here to make a free record: Sign Up

On the off chance that you appreciate utilizing Watch2Gether and need to help it develop, consider turning into a +PLUS part for just €3.49/month.

Watch2Gether +PLUS individuals appreciate one of a kind advantages, including:

• No publicizing in any room you visit!

• No publicizing in any room you make for everybody in the room!

• Early admittance to beta forms

• and more!

Become a Watch2Gether +PLUS part now , and help support the improvement of the stage!

Price of watch2gether

Membership that costs about $3 each month.

Watch2Gether PLUS

Watch2Gether PLUS is our exceptional enrollment program. It gives you admittance to additional highlights which improve your Watch2Gether experience AND supports the continuous advancement of Watch2Gether.

• Exclusive highlights

• Personal visit tone

• Animated GIFs in talk messages

• More to come soon…

• No pennant ads* in each room you visit

• No pennant ads* in any room you make (for all individuals from that room)

• Early admittance to beta forms

• Dedicated support email address

• Support the advancement of Watch2Gether

Attempt PLUS free for 30 days.

Just US$3.49/month a while later.


Clients can without much of a stretch interface with companions to watch things together on this video site, however they can likewise effectively get to problematic substance. Watch2gether doesn’t expect clients to enroll to utilize the site. All things being equal, they simply need to email a connect to the room they’ve made to others to begin. Rather than simply noticing, welcomed visitors can contribute by discovering recordings to watch and play too. Members can likewise visit about the thing they’re seeing on a similar screen and might have the option to video talk, albeit that component can be somewhat hard to sort out for all clients.

Clients will likewise see seeing ideas, and it’s not difficult to track down recordings to play on the site. They’re frequently more limited clasps from sources like Vimeo and YouTube. On the off chance that clients need to watch something that isn’t accessible from any of the stages recorded on the site, an element that synchronizes unsupported outer sources utilizing a program augmentation may permit them to, for instance, access things utilizing their Netflix account. The most serious issue with the site is that guardians might be worried about the substance children can run over on Watch2Gether. A portion of the video sources highlight things with grown-up subjects. There’s no control on visit remarks or on video content, so it’s altogether workable for the clients of a space to fill the clasp playlist with develop content loaded up with brutality, sexual substance, language, substance use, or other stunning material. Survey the site with your kid - or if nothing else checking which things are recorded on your kid’s playlist - could help guarantee kids and their companions have a protected review insight.


Guardians need to realize that Watch2Gether is a video seeing site. Clients can get to substance and visit with companions without enlisting to utilize the site. They’re consequently given an irregular username when they make a survey room, which they can change. Rooms they make are for the most part private naturally and are erased following 24 hours except if they pursue a Watch2Gether record and save explicit areas. Clients can without much of a stretch track down some substance that is intended for grown-ups, for example, recordings including drug use and sexual topics, and there aren’t any language limitations on the conversation discussion related with the site. Clients can likewise effectively click from a video they’re watching to the site that has it and access whatever other substance is on that site.

Terms and condition

The significance

We (the people at Watch2gether) run a social video stage called Watch2Gether and would adore you to utilize it. Watch2Gether’s fundamental help is free, and we offer paid redesigns for cutting edge highlights in the Watch2Gether +PLUS participation program. Our administration is intended to give you as much control and responsibility for goes on in your Watch2Gether visit rooms. Notwithstanding, be mindful in what you distribute. Specifically, ensure that none of the precluded things (like spam, infections, or genuine dangers of brutality) show up in your room.

On the off chance that you discover a Watch2Gether room that you accept disregards these Terms of Service, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us .

Terms of Service

The accompanying terms and conditions oversee all utilization of the Watch2Gether site and every substance, service, and items accessible at or through the site. Our administrations are offered dependent upon your acknowledgment without change of the entirety of the terms and conditions contained thus and any remaining working standards and arrangements (counting, without restriction our Data Privacy Policy 202). You concur that we may consequently update our Services, and these terms will apply to any overhauls.

If it’s not too much trouble, read this Agreement cautiously prior to getting to or utilizing our Services. By getting to or utilizing any piece of our administrations, you consent to get limited by the terms and states of this arrangement. In the event that you don’t consent to every one of the terms and states of this understanding, at that point you may not access or utilize any of our administrations. In the event that these terms and conditions are viewed as a proposal by Watch2Gether, acknowledgment is explicitly restricted to these terms.

Our Services are not coordinated to youngsters more youthful than 13, and access and utilization of our Services is just offered to clients 13 years old or more established. In the event that you are under 13 years of age, kindly don’t enlist to utilize our Services. Any individual who registers as a client or gives their own data to our Services addresses that they are 13 years old or more seasoned.

Your Watch2Gether Account

At the point when you make a room on Watch2Gether, you are liable for keeping up the security of your room and you are completely liable for all exercises that happen in the room and some other activities taken regarding the room. You should quickly inform Watch2Gether of any unapproved employments of your room, your Watch2Gether account, or some other penetrates of safety. Watch2Gether won’t be obligated for any demonstrations or oversights by you, including any harms of any sort brought about because of such demonstrations or exclusions.

Responsibility of Contributors

On the off chance that you work a room, take part in a room, post substance into a room, or in any case make (or permit any outsider to make) material accessible (any such material, “Content”), you are totally answerable for the substance of, and any damage coming about because of, that Content or your lead. That is the case paying little heed to what structure the Content takes, which incorporates, yet isn’t restricted to message, photograph, video, sound, or code. By utilizing Watch2Gether, you address and warrant that your Content and direct don’t abuse these terms. In the event that you erase Content or a room, Watch2Gether will utilize sensible endeavors to eliminate it from Watch2Gether, yet you recognize that reserving or references to the Content may not be made quickly inaccessible. Without restricting any of those portrayals or guarantees, Watch2Gether has the right (however not the commitment) to, in Watch2Gether’s sole prudence,

(i) reclaim your username or room because of delayed dormancy,

(ii) refuse or eliminate any substance that, as Watch2Gether would see it, abuses any Watch2Gether strategy or is in any capacity hurtful or frightful, or

(iii) terminate or deny admittance to and utilization of Watch2Gether to any individual or substance under any condition. Watch2Gether will have no commitment to give a discount of any sums recently paid.


Watch2Gether maintains whatever authority is needed to show ads in your room except if you have bought a Watch2Gether +PLUS enrollment.

Payment and Renewal

General Terms

Our request interaction is led by our online affiliate [ .]( .) is the Merchant of Record for every one of our orders. Oar gives all client support requests and handles returns.

Discretionary paid administrations, for example, the Watch2Gether +PLUS participation are accessible (any such administrations, an “Update”). By choosing an Upgrade you consent to pay Watch2Gether the month to month or yearly membership expenses demonstrated for that help. Except if in any case expressed, installments will be charged on a pre-pay premise on the day you pursue an Upgrade and will cover the utilization of that help for a month to month or yearly membership period as shown. Free preliminary (30 days) is just accessible once per client.

Automatic Renewal

Except if you inform Watch2Gether before the finish of the relevant membership time frame that you need to drop an Upgrade, your Upgrade membership will consequently recharge and you approve us to gather the then-material yearly or month to month membership charge for such Upgrade (just as any duties) utilizing any Visa or other installment system we have on record for you. Updates can be dropped whenever in the Upgrades segment of your client profile. Membership charges are not refundable.

Responsibility of Visitors

Watch2Gether has not checked on, and can’t audit, the entirety of the material, including program, presented on our Services, and can’t thusly be answerable for that material’s substance, use or impacts. By working our Services, Watch2Gether doesn’t address or infer that it embraces the material there posted, or that it accepts such material to be exact, valuable, or non-hurtful. You are liable for avoiding potential risk as important to shield yourself and your PC frameworks from infections, worms, Trojan ponies, and other hurtful or dangerous substance. Our Services may contain content that is hostile, foul, or in any case offensive, just as substance containing specialized mistakes, typographical slip-ups, and different blunders. Our Services may likewise contain material that disregards the security or exposure rights, or encroaches the licensed innovation and other exclusive rights, of outsiders, or the downloading, replicating or utilization of which is dependent upon extra terms and conditions, expressed or implicit. Watch2Gether repudiates any duty regarding any damage coming about because of the utilization by guests of our Services, or from any downloading by those guests of substance there posted.

Content Posted on Other Websites

We have not evaluated, and can’t survey, the entirety of the material, including program, made accessible through the sites and website pages to which Watch2Gether joins, and that connect to Watch2Gether. Watch2Gether doesn’t have any command over those Watch2Gether sites, and isn’t liable for their substance or their utilization. By connecting to a non-Watch2Gether site, Watch2Gether doesn’t address or infer that it underwrites such site. You are answerable for playing it safe as important to shield yourself and your PC frameworks from infections, worms, Trojan ponies, and other hurtful or damaging substance. Watch2Gether renounces any obligation regarding any mischief coming about because of your utilization of non-Watch2Gether sites and website pages.

Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy

As Watch2Gether requests that others regard its licensed innovation rights, it regards the protected innovation privileges of others. On the off chance that you accept that material found or connected on Watch2Gether disregards your copyright, you are urged to tell 156 Watch2Gether. Watch2Gether will react to every such notification, including as required or suitable by eliminating the encroaching material or incapacitating all connects to the encroaching material. Watch2Gether will end a guest’s admittance to and utilization of the Website if, under suitable conditions, the guest is resolved to be a rehash infringer of the copyrights or other licensed innovation privileges of Watch2Gether or others. On account of such end, Watch2Gether will have no commitment to give a discount of any sums recently paid to Watch2Gether.

Intellectual Property

This Agreement doesn’t move from Watch2Gether to you any Watch2Gether or outsider licensed innovation, and OK, title, and interest in and to such property will stay (as between the gatherings) exclusively with Watch2Gether. Watch2Gether, the Watch2Gether logo, and any remaining brand names, administration imprints, illustrations and logos utilized regarding Watch2Gether or our Services, are reserve or enrolled brand names of Watch2Gether or Watch2Gether’s licensors. Different brand names, administration imprints, designs and logos utilized regarding our Services might be the brand names of other outsiders. Your utilization of our Services awards you no privilege or permit to replicate or in any case utilize any Watch2Gether or outsider brand names.


We are continually refreshing our Services, and that implies at times we need to change the legitimate terms under which our Services are advertised. On the off chance that we make changes that are material, we will tell you by posting on one of our websites, or by sending you an email or other correspondence before the progressions produce results. The notification will assign a sensible timeframe after which the new terms will produce results. Assuming you can’t help contradicting our changes, you should quit utilizing our Services inside the assigned notification time frame. Your proceeded with utilization of our Services will be dependent upon the new terms. In any case, any question that emerged before the progressions will be represented by the Terms (counting the limiting individual assertion proviso) that were set up when the debate emerged.


Watch2Gether may end your admittance to all or any piece of our Services whenever, with or without cause, with or without notice, from this point forward. In the event that you wish to end this Agreement or your Watch2Gether account (in the event that you have one), you may just stop utilizing our Services. All arrangements of this Agreement which by their temperament ought to endure end will endure end, including, without restriction, possession arrangements, guarantee disclaimers, repayment and constraints of risk.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Our Services are given “with no guarantees.” Watch2Gether and its providers and licensors thus renounce all guarantees of any sort, express or suggested, including, without constraint, the guarantees of merchantability, readiness for a specific reason and non-encroachment. Neither Watch2Gether nor its providers and licensors, makes any guarantee that our Services will be sans blunder or that entrance thereto will be persistent or continuous. In case you’re really understanding this present, here’s a treat. You comprehend that you download from, or in any case get substance or administrations through, our Services at your own caution and hazard.

Limitation of Liability

In no occasion will Watch2Gether, or its providers or licensors, be obligated concerning any topic of this Agreement under any agreement, carelessness, exacting risk or other legitimate or impartial hypothesis for:
(I) any extraordinary, coincidental or important harms;
(ii) the expense of obtainment for substitute items or administrations;
(iii) for interference of utilization or misfortune or defilement of information; or
(iv) for any sums that surpass the charges paid by you to Watch2Gether under this arrangement during the twelve year time frame before the reason for activity.
Watch2Gether will have no responsibility for any disappointment or postponement because of issue past their sensible control. The prior will not matter to the degree precluded by appropriate law.

General Representation and Warranty

You address and warrant that
(I) your utilization of our Services will be as per the Watch2Gether Privacy Policy, with this Agreement, and with every single material law and guidelines (counting without constraint any nearby laws or guidelines in your nation, state, city, or other administrative territory, in regards to online direct and worthy substance, and including all relevant laws in regards to the transmission of specialized information traded from the United States or the country where you dwell) and
(ii) your utilization of our Services won’t encroach or misuse the licensed innovation privileges of any outsider.


You consent to repay and hold innocuous Watch2Gether, its project workers, and its licensors, and their individual chiefs, officials, representatives, and specialists from and against all cases and costs, including lawyers’ charges, emerging out of your utilization of our Services, including however not restricted to your infringement of this Agreement.


These Terms of Service were initially written in English (US). We may make an interpretation of these terms into different dialects. In case of a contention between an interpreted adaptation of these Terms of Service and the English form, the English rendition will control.

This archive is CC-BY-SA. It was last refreshed Jan 13, 2017

Initially adjusted from the WordPress

Watch2Gether Data Privacy Policy

Our site (, might be utilized without entering individual data. Various principles may apply to specific administrations on our site, notwithstanding, and are clarified independently underneath. We gather individual data from you (for example name, address, email address, phone number, and so forth) as per the arrangements of German information security rules. Data is viewed as close to home in the event that it tends to be related only to a particular regular individual. The legitimate system for information security might be found in the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG-new) and the Telemedia Act (TMG). The arrangements beneath serve to give data regarding the way, degree and reason for gathering, utilizing and handling individual data by the supplier:

Watch2Gether GmbH

Turmstr. 20A

10559 Berlin

[email protected]

To make Watch2 Gether audit we checked notoriety at loads of destinations, including Siteadvisor and MyWOT. We found that Watch2gether is ok for kids and doesn’t look deceitful. We would portray it as genuine.

Florian Sailer keeps it dependable. If it’s not too much trouble, be cautioned that to portray security status of we use information transparently accessible on the Web, along these lines we can’t ensure that no trick destinations may have been erroneously considered genuine and no misrepresentation or PC issues may happen in such manner. Yet, generally the publicly supported information we have is quite precise.

If it’s not too much trouble, know that information move through the web is dependent upon security chances and, consequently, complete assurance against outsider admittance to moved information can’t be guaranteed.


Our site utilizes supposed treats to perceive rehash utilization of our site by a similar client/web association supporter. Treats are little content records that your web program downloads and stores on your PC. They are utilized to improve our site and administrations. Much of the time these are alleged “meeting treats” that are erased 7 days after your last visit of our site.

To a degree, nonetheless, these treats additionally pass along data used to naturally remember you. Acknowledgment happens through a special ID string saved to the treats. The data accordingly acquired is utilized to oversee access rights, improve our administrations and to speed up your admittance to the site.

You can keep treats from being introduced by changing the settings on your program programming as needs be. You ought to know, nonetheless, that thusly you will be unable to utilize every one of the elements of our site.

Server Data

For specialized reasons, information like the accompanying, which your web program sends to us or to our web space supplier (alleged worker log documents), is gathered:

• type and adaptation of the program you use

• operating framework

• websites that connected you to our webpage (referrer URL)

• websites that you visit

• date and season of your visit

• your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

This mysterious information is put away independently from any close to home data you may have given, along these lines making it difficult to associate it to a specific individual. The information is utilized for factual purposes to improve our site and administrations. The information is erased following 52 days.

Purpose of Registering

We offer you the chance to pursue our site to have the option to offer you extra highlights. The data entered when joining, as demonstrated in the enlistment structure

Email, Username, Password, Status, Avatar-Image

is gathered and put away exclusively for use by our site. When pursuing our site, we likewise store your IP address and the date and time you enlisted. This serves to secure us in the occasion an outsider inappropriately and without your insight utilizes your information to pursue our site. None of this data is moved to outsiders. Nor is any of this data coordinated to any data that might be gathered by different segments of our site.


Our site offers you the chance to buy in to our bulletin. The pamphlet gives you intermittently data about our administrations. To get our pamphlet, we require a substantial email address. We will audit the email address you accommodate the reason for deciding if you are truth be told the proprietor of the email address gave or whether the genuine proprietor of said address is approved to get the pamphlet. When buying in to our bulletin, we will store your IP address just as the date and time you bought in. This serves to ensure us in the occasion an outsider inappropriately and without your insight utilizes your email address to buy in to our bulletin. We won’t gather some other information. The information in this way gathered is utilized exclusively to get our bulletin. No information is moved to outsiders. Nor is any of this data coordinated to any data that different parts of our site may gather. You may drop your membership to the pamphlet whenever. You will discover extra subtleties in the email affirming your membership just as in every bulletin.

Contacting Us

On our site we offer you the chance to get in touch with us. In such occasion, data given by the client is put away to encourage interchanges with the client. No information is moved to outsiders.

Watch2Gether GmbH

Turmstr. 20a

10559 Berlin/Germany


Amtsgericht Charlottenburg HRB 216937 B

Geschäftsführer: Florian Sailer

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The authority Watch2Gether Chrome expansion permits you to share content from an upheld site (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, …) straightforwardly into a Watch2Gether room. The new W2gSync highlight permits you to synchronize watch recordings from any site on Watch2Gether.

Watch2Gether is definitely not a web-based feature where one client communicates and the others simply watch. Rather every client in a room can peruse for content and select recordings or sound tracks to be played for everybody in the room.


1. Would you be able to chat on Watch2Gether?

It’s in reality lovely simple to converse with a companion. I just settled on a decision to my little girl and began the video on w2g and we had the option to watch and hear the video in addition to converse with one another. This application is the awesome!! That is to say, I would simply utilize disunity or another application in the interim that gets added.

2. Is observe together protected?

Indeed. Broadcast appointment: Watch Together is protected to utilize.

3. Does Watch2Gether work with Netflix?


Netflix isn’t viable with the Watch2Gether player, yet the organization has thought of a workaround. The beta W2gSync highlight allows you to glue a Netflix URL straightforwardly into an uncommon window in your private room. At the point when you start the video, every other person will actually want to see it.

4. How would I utilize Watch2Gether?

In spite of the fact that you can utilize Watch2Gether without anyone else, the pleasant starts when you welcome a few companions to watch with you. To do as such, click on the Invite Friends button at the upper right of the room. Presently you can duplicate and share the connection. You can utilize a few administrations do to along these lines, like Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and so on

5. How would I utilize Watch2Gether for karaoke?

At the highest point of the Watch2Gether room is a pursuit bar. Type in your melody title and select one of the outcomes that populate beneath the playback window. Add it to the line by tapping the + image. At the point when your tune comes up, sing!

6. Is Watch2Gether legitimate?

Its 100% legitimate. We are utilizing the authority Youtube API (Programming Interface) to get to the substance. Have some good times on Watch2Gether!

7. Is Watch2Gether augmentation Safe?

It is anything but an ideal framework, however generally, even expansions that solicitation admittance to all your information on sites are protected to utilize. On the off chance that you need to be extra cautious, just introduce expansions from checked creators.

8. Does Watch2Gether have voice chat?

Right now it’s not possible to voice chat without video. … Not everyone enjoys video chatting but do still enjoy voice chatting.

9. Does Watch2Gether work with Hulu?


Though, this also means, there is no support for streaming services that are hidden behind login like Netflix, Hulu, Prime videos etc. To get started, simply create a temporary room, load the video and share the URL with your friends. … You can stream videos just by entering the video URL in the search bar.

10. How do you sync Watch2Gether?

Basic Workflow. Copy the link to a website that contains a video and paste it into the search bar on Watch2Gether. When a link can not be played directly with one of the build-in apps, the W2gSync app is automatically selected and the related video is displayed in the search results.

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