How many BTS Movie are there?

BTS has total of 4 movies as of 2020 . In all the movies of BTS, the struggles and difficulties that were faced by seven members of BTS is shown in a mesmerizing way.

How many BTS Movie are there?

Burn the stage: :boom: :boom:

. If you know how many BTS albums are there . Then you should also know about the movie of BTS called Burn the stage .It is a south Korean movie and the unique thing about this is that this is the bts cast movie . The Movie (Korean: 번 더 스테이지: 더 무비; In Korean called : Beon Deo Seuteiji: Deo Mubi) is a 2018 South Korean boy group movie coordinated by Park Jun-soo and created by Yoon Jiwon. It tells the struggles and hardships that the BTS faces during their world tour , this movie covers the struggles of bts in The Wings Tour of BTS in 2017. It was the day where thousands and million of people gathered . This single concert is also known for attracting the huge population approximately more greater than 1,000,000 fans in 19 unique nations around the globe. It was delivered on 15 November 2018, and all the editing and filming work was dealt with by Trafalgar Releasing.Tickets for this Burn the stage opened up for pre-request on 22 October. The film was delivered in different social media platforms and on 15 November 2018, but it was also coming into news that the release was made private and there was issue of copyrights on social media platforms . The selected theatres of Korea and other different theatres around the world paid to BTS company for releasing the movie therefore theatres don’t receive nay copyright issue. The trailer for the film was dropped down on 23 October 2018 on BTS YouTube channel as well.


But because of huge amount of request receive by BTS company. BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT’ , there were only few countries in the world that got the permission to stream the movie on 5 and 6 December 2018. On its second run it beat One Direction’s record of their movie or film , because the second time when cinemas and theatres released this movie there were 2,000,000 ticket deals. The film was delivered on YouTube Premium on 18 January 2019. An episode of burn the stage: movie include . There were in total 8 episodes in this movie and their names include. No doubt this movie was also successful like all the BTS albums.

I’d do it all.

This episode was released on 28 March 2018 all around the globe. It contains scenes in which RM was reading Best Historical Fiction Books.

  1. You already have the answer,

This episode was aired on 28 March 2018

  1. Just give me a smile

This was released on 4 April 2018

  1. It’s on you and me

This episode was made public on 11 April 2018

4.I can’t stop

The most thrilled part of episode was made official on 18 April 2018

  1. Moonchild

It was released on 25 April 2018

  1. Best Of Me

2 May 2018 was its release date.

  1. I need u
    9 May 2018 was its release date.

LENGTH OF MOVIE :boom: :boom:

The 85-minute film includes live exhibitions, grant show features, off-stage minutes.The meetings with different members of whole BTS including suga, jhope, Jungkook, rm and jin . This movie goes in the background of the BTS Wings Tour . It tells the struggles and hard-core world each bts members has to face that led them to the popularity.

BT21 IN MOVIE :eyes: :eyes:

The film in the starts tells the story of bts BT21 characters and then within seconds all the members BT characters appear . The fans can also see in the movie the bts army bomb and the appearance of all the seven hardworking member of BTS was shown. All of them were performing in front of the audience. All the 85 minutes of the whole movie BTS talk about the difficulties and the problems they face because of the popularity that they have. The movie also includes some clips of different members being hyperventilated after the concerts . They were unable to breathe due to excessive dancing . In one minute, it was shown in the movie how different bts members are striving to improve themselves,despite being the perfectionist.The film was released in 2018 on YouTube Premium . It was released one year after the release of Burn the Stage. There were eight scenes altogether, with thirty minutes each. Additionally, this show become popular in Korea .Its popularity can be seen form the fact that this movie become the 10th most watched videos on YouTube in Korea.


Love Yourself in Seoul (Korean: 러브 유어셀프 인 서울; in Korean called : Leobeu Yueoselpeu in Seoul) . This movie name has the same name as one of the album called LOVE YOURSELF. The movie BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in Seoul, is a show film by and casted the K-pop group called BTS. The film was shooted during the August 26, 2018 when the group was busy in practising the various songs. It include the location of Love Yourself Tour at Seoul Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. Its whole documentary and cinematography are dealt with by Fathom Events and Pathé Live. LOVE YOURSELF-THE MOVIE was made available on January 26, 2019, for one day .It was released in 102 nations around the globe. Because of the interest of various ARMY around the world .It was released in only the theaters of few nations on February 9 and 10, 2019.The film was first made official on December 13, 2018, on Twitter through BTS’ social media page . It was rumored that 42 cameras were utilized to shoot the film and that it was co-delivered by Big Hit Entertainment and CJ CGV Screen X. The film includes the scenes in 2D and in ScreenX designs.

TICKETS AND CRITICISM :speech_balloon: :left_speech_bubble:

Tickets of this movie was sold within minutes after they were made available , the tickets went short on special on December 18. The trailer for the film was delivered on the various platforms , the next day.The movie LOVE YOURSELF was created and directed by Pathé Live . The movie contains different scenes of the group members of bts. The popularity of this movie can be seen that this movie was shown to the public by 4,100 cinemas around the world . The total length of movie was 113 minutes. To every praise there is always a counter-praise and so is the case here. When bts released the movie then in some regions of Russia , called , Dagestan and Grozny, restricted the film from being delivered and showcased on the cinemas . The social media users said that this movie shows some behaviour that are of homosexual nature . According to them whole movie is not suitable to be displayed on big screens. The associations of Russia did no comments further on this topic and ended the whole topic with just this statement.

SONGS IN THIS MOVIE :microphone: :microphone:

  1. "Idol: This song was released and written by rap monster and other music directors of bts. In this song , the members perform and sing together with suga , rap monster and jhope as the rapper.

  2. “Save Me”: A song of album [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever released in 2016 talks about the loneliness of people

  3. "Euphoria: this song by the maknea of bts include lyrics about his child life and this song was a solo song of jeon Jungkook of bts.

  4. I Need U: in this song the hardships and difficulties anyone has to face by leaving behind his youth age was portrayed

  5. Serendipity: A solo song by Park Jimin,

  6. DNA: A song that was released in 2017 and has hip hop genre and won the award by ‘RADIO DISNEY AWARD “ , because this song makes the people smile

  7. “[Fire”: This song was written by Jhope, Suga, , Pdogg, Rap Monster

  8. “Dope” : A song that tells that after every night there come a day. In this song the writer of the song emphasized that the experiences we gained after the hardships will make us strong.

  9. Airplane Pt. 2’: This song was about the Jhope dream , in which he was seeing on the air and there appears an airplane. So the whole song was the thinking of Jhope seeing on the sky. ,

  10. "Singularity’ ’This song conveys an important message that when Ai comes to our world then there appears a change in the technology. There is a wide difference between the thinking of people before and after the era of AI .This song talks about the change of that thinking.

  11. Seesaw": it starts with the rapping of min yoongi aka suga

  12. “[Epiphany)”: a melodious song by Jungkook of bts

  13. “The Truth Untold”: a group song of all the bts members

  14. “[Mic Drop”: A song by the three rappers of BTS, that are min Yoongi, Rap monster and Jhope

Summary; No doubt if you are thinking that why I am so Bored so instead of playing the candy crush and thinking How Many Levels Are There In Candy Crush? you should focus on some messages that BTS gaves in the movie. This movie will not only provide you the Happy hour but you will also feely easy .

Bring the Soul: :bomb: :bomb:

Bring the Soul: The Movie (written in Korean as 브링 더 소울: 더 무비; in Korean language it is called : Beuring Deo Soul: Deo Mubi) .It is a 2019 South Korean movie coordinated by Park Jun-soo, including K-Pop group called BTS. The film is co-delivered by Big Hit Entertainment and A Camp Entertainment, and editing was done by Trafalgar Releasing. It was shown to very few audiences and was made official on on August 7, 2019.The film contains the scene of different K-Pop members .It include the scenes that shifts back and forth between exhibitions of BTS around the world in different countries of the world. The cinematography of this movie is something that is breath-taking .It includes the various places and famous spots of Paris. The movies shoot during the BTS tour of their album releases of LOVE YOURSELF’. The film also includes members talking to each other about random things the members were shown to stay at the housetop in a house in PARIS .The movie was ended on the location of some European country on October 2018. In some scenes of the movie , Jungkook was seen to play some [Brain Exercise Games](Brain Exercise Games.

TICKETS :love_letter: :love_letter:

The film was first made official on June 26, 2019 on social media platform of Twitter through BTS’ page. Tickets went at a bargain on July 3, 2019. The film was shown to the ARMY’S of the 110 counties in the world and according to the ARM’s the film was one of the best films of any group. Following the editing, cinematography and different venues .It was accounted for the movie of Bring the Soul: The Movie has a whopping budget of $4.4 million in the United States and Canada, .It made a $8.2 million in different regions of the world , making the overall business done by the BTS company, BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT, to $12.6 million. BTS also give some Best Life Advice in the end of the movie.


TOTAL MONEY: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

In the United States, the film played in 873 theaters, earning $2.3 million in its initial end of the week .A sum of $4.4 million over its initial five days. In the weekends more people were attracted to the film and therefore the film made another whopping sum of 8.2 million from different regions around the globe.As indicated by Forbes, film editing company ‘ Trafalgar Releasing’. Later reported that the film got $24.3 million around the world, indeed breaking the movies record for any K-Pop group film. This was the biggest success for BTS because the BTS’ first film, Burn the Stage: The Movie, earned $18.5 million that was released only one year before and that which was released with more restrictions around the world hand this ‘LOVE YOURSELF, THE MOVIE’. No doubt this movie include Best Top 20 Composers in it.

BREAK the Silence :peace_symbol: :peace_symbol:

BREAK the Silence- The Movie ( in Korean it is written as 브레이크 더 사일런스: 더 무비; and is converted to Korean language and is called Beureikeu Deo Sailleonseu: Deo Mubi). This movie is a 2020 South Korean BTS movie coordinated by Park Jun-soo and created by Big Hit Three Sixty(the company ). This film includes highlighting the background of BTS’ 2018–2019 Love Yourself World Tour, and also included some scenes of the tour of previous movie that was called Bring the Soul: The Movie. Which was released in 2019. This break the silence- the movie was released around the world in few countries and edited by the same Trafalgar Releasing . This movie was made official on September 10, 2020 . The film was the film contains some scenes made on the basis of documentation and it was also the 3rd film being released on the WEVERSE(the only app through which BTS and ARMY talk). Previously BREAK THE SILENCE- The Movie was released on the WEVERSE app. This movie like any other of BTS was not made free to watch by big hit entertainment and therefore only few cinemas show this movie. The movie includes the scenes of different members on and of stage and the stage scenes were of different tours and movies that were released previously by the company. At the end of the movie, a picture of the previous movie of BTS was also added to make the movie end in an emotional manner. This movie will give you the answers of How to get rid of depression?

Foundation and delivery :microphone: :microphone:

The film was first made official on August 7, 2020. It was additionally declared that BTS’ third film Bring the Soul: The Movie (2019) would be re-delivered in venues on August 28–30 . The movie called Break the Silence would be screened in the latter days. Like the other movies of BTS, this movie also brings lots of viewers and the tickets of this movie all were sold prior. In some regions of the country the tickets were sold the same day the trailer of this movie was released… The location of this movie include someBest Countries To Visit venues.

ARMY’S HYPE :sparkles: :tanabata_tree:

The film trailer was released previously that created a hype among ARMY’ s around the world . This BREAK THE SILENCE- THE MOVIE film was released on September 9, 2020.
This movie was a great success for the BTS company called BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT.The movie produced a large sum of $8,840,646 from the cinemas of different countries of the world.


You may need to solve many other questions in your mind besides the answers of how many bts movies are there.

Who was casted in the Movies?

If you know that How many BTS members are there? then you probably know that who was casted in the movie.Because apart from all the seven members in BTS, no other person was casted in the movie

When did Bts released the last movie?

The last movie of BTS was BREAK THE SCILENCE and it was released in 2020.

Which countries were included in BTS movie?

Bts almost only few of the Top 20 Countries To Visit in 2021 in their movie , the movie delivers some Best Life Advice to act upon.

CONCLUSION: :cd: :dvd:

The BTS movies brought BTS ARMY in shock because of the hardships these idols face in their daily life. Despite members rejecting the fact that they are in state of DEPRESSION a silent KILLER on cameras , it was evident that their lives are full of these emotions.