Bts names:

Bts (Bangtan Boys) which means “Bulletproof boy Scout”/ “Beyond The Scene” is a Korean band consisting of seven artists. The bts names with their nicknames are: Jin (Kim Seokjin), RM (Namjoon), Suga (Min Yoongi), Jimin, V (Teahyung), Jungkook are seven members. These are bts member’s stage names and real names. Each of them performs different roles like rapper, singer, vocalist, etc.

:small_orange_diamond:Bts ages and birthdays:

  • Jin (Kim Seok-jin): 4 December 1992 (25 years old)
  • Jimin (Park Jimin): 13 October 1995 (22 years old)
  • Suga (Min Yoongi): 9 March 1993 (25 years old)
  • Jingkook (Jeon Jungkook): 1 September 1997 (20 years old)
  • J-Hope (Jung Hoseok): 18 February 1994 (24 years old)
  • Namjoon (RM): 12 September 1994 (23 years old)
  • V (Teahyung): 30 December 1995 (22 years old)

:small_orange_diamond: bts members nick names and bts member roles in the group:

  • Jin: Kim Seok-jin (vocalist)
  • Jimin: Park Jimin (lead vocalist)
  • Suga: Min Yoongi (led rapper)
  • Jingkook: Jeon Jungkook (main vocalist)
  • J-Hope: Jung Hoseok (lead rapper)
  • Namjoon: RM (leader)
  • Teahyung: V (vocalist)

bts popular member:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: All members from bts members have their own place in the team and each of them has a separate fan base. Kim Namjoon won so many hearts and almost every bts fan has a separate space for him in their hearts. Well, the individual bts popularity depends on so many factors like languages they can speak, talent, appearance, personality and etc.

  • For example, V is more popular and famous in the US. Not just this, but V videos got next-level views on social media. The bts song boy with love is the most-watched song video.

  • Jungkook is very popular in Korea. He is also the most voted bts person.

  • J-Hope is very famous all over the world. He is a famous vocalist, dancer, and rapper. Hot 200 was his most liked song. People like his personality because of his humble nature. He made lots of charities in his journey. That is another reason for people’s love for him.

  • RM has plus points apart from the bts leader. As he speaks English like a native so he communicates easily with his fans. Because of this, he can openly communicate in talk shows.

bts members:

Every bts member is different just like different bts names. Each of them has a different background, different interests, and every individual has their own story. Bts members’ detailed lives are discussed in this section.

J-Hope: :stars:

bts names
J-Hope plays so many roles on the best stage. He is a producer, dancer, and writer. There is a story behind J-Hope as bts names. He wants to be a reflection of positivity and hope for his followers and for his team. Thus the word “hope” in his name represents hope for good.

Life of J-Hope:

J-Hope was born in Gwangju in Korea. He started his singing journey from an institute named Gwangju music academy. There he learned dancing for six years. That is why he is well known for his dancing skills. He even won so many prizes as the best dancer.

Bts journey of J-Hope:

After Suga and RM, J-Hope was the person who joined the bts. He joined as a trainee and a creator. He is famous for his tone that gives goosebumps to the audience. He has so many varieties in his skills and he added fun to his performances. He uses very attractive ingredients in his performances and songs that is why he never fails to win hearts.

J-Hope personality:

Apart from being a successful singer, he is also a wonderful human being. He has made so many worthy donations for needy children.


Hope world ( 1 March 2018)

Chicken Noodle Soup (27 September 2019)

J-Hope social media account:

His Instagram account name is: @bts_jhope

Kim Tae-Hyung: :star:

bts names
Kim Taehyung lived in his early days in Geochang Country. He has 2 siblings, 1 brother, and 1 sister. His passion for singing started in elementary school. V started his bts journey as a trainee selected by Big Hit Entertainment.


No more dreams (album: 2 cool 4 Skool)

Hug me (cover)

Someone like you (cover)

Stigma (album: wings)

Bts history:

His famous bts songs included The most beautiful moment in life part 1 and part 2. He gave his duty as a writer and a producer. Holding me tight is one of the best examples of his talent. He also wrote and composed so many other songs. Like the cover song Stigma from Wings, hug me, someone like you, singularity, love yourself, etc.

Singing journey:

V has exceptional vocal skills. So many successful songs in their journey got success because of this different voice. Stigma is one of his exceptional songs. His super calming and smooth tone in Tear fascinated the world. In fact, his voice became the special ingredient of all BTS songs. V was very inspired by Ruben Studdard and Eric Benet.

Jungkook: :star2:

He was living with his small family including his parents, he, and his brother. He has done his schooling in Busan. He was a very passionate sportsman and obsessed with badminton. But later in life, he started dreaming of becoming a singer. Initially, G-Dragon’s performance on Heartbreaker fascinated him and hence his music journey got started. Jungkook is the sweetest human being so far. He participated in the “one dream one Korea” campaign in the war in Korea and gave a message of peace.


Euphoria (second track)

Pop track (Begin) from Wings

Lover yourself: Answer (track)

Jungkook’s social media account:

His Instagram id: @bts.jungkook

Jimin: :high_brightness:

Jimin is the bts name of one of the bts members and like other bts names, he also has a nick stage name. Jimin lived with a small cute family including 4 members. He, his brother and his parents. He has done school education at Yonsan middle school. He started learning dance when he was just in school. Initially, he learned locking plus popping dance and contemporary dance from Busan high school of arts and proved himself to be the best dancer.

Korean song (mistletoe) was written by Jimin. We don’t talk anymore is his other creation in collaboration with Jungkook. The promise is one of his most heard songs.

His Instagram is @btsjimin

Jimin’s singing Journey:
Jimin recognised that he was blessed with a sweet voice. Not only this, he is known for his dancing moves. Even celebrities complimented him for his dance moves on stage. He is obsessed with perfection. He wants perfection in his performance, work quality, and experience.

Jimin is a Kind Human:
He donated for so many purposes. His charity was for the Busan Hodong Elementary school’s students. He has done a lot for his junior students in terms of financial support. He gave uniforms, fees for students with a middle-class background.

Kim Seok-jin: :stars:

jin bts member
Jin is the bts name of Kim Seokjin. His journey to becoming a Korean idol started with Big Hit Entertainment. He started his career as an actor.


Kim Seokjin song list included:

Solo tracks: Awake, Moon, Epiphany


Jin wrote so many song lyrics plus he also worked as a host on so many TV shows. The President of South Korea awarded him an order of cultural merit as the bts team contributed a lot to Korean culture.

Not only this, he can play the guitar very well. Grammy panel called his super-duper sweet voice a “silver voice”. Fake love for Spring Day is reflected in Jimin’s soft vocal.

Suga: :star2:

suga bts member
At Least 100 songs of Suga are for the Korean Music Copyright Association just like “wine”.
In 2012 Suga got a shoulder injury. His left shoulder was diagnosed with the disease named “posterior labral tear”. Because of this issue, Suga has gone through so many hurdles like disability to move arms upward which got bad within the years. Even no treatment worked for him.

He started his career as a songwriter and also has experience in record studio jobs. His rapping and musical passion began from there. He was just 17 years old when started working on his dreams. He very much emphasizes self-love and always motivates his audience to be themselves. He has a dream that his songs become the reason to inspire or influence his fans.

Suga’s Interests:
His interest was mostly in composing songs, hip hop, writing lyrics, and making the song like a pro. About 70 songs of Suga are registered by the Korean Music Copyright Association. His role models are Epik High and Stony Skunk.

He went through with the serious surgery. He had appendix pain which is why he went through with the appendix surgery in 2013. His condition became serious as the surgery pain was not getting settled so he was hospitalized for a longer time period.

Suga’s Humanity:
He admired his fans from all of his heart. In fact, he made promises to his fans. He has a big heart for the fans who lived in orphanage houses. He donated meat to them as a token of love from bts names.

RM: :star:

RM’s Instagram account name is @btsnamjoon. He has millions of followers on his social media. He has a crazy fan family.

Working on bts:
His first song as an individual singer is RM and after this Mono. Both of these songs reached the highest level of success. He realized his passion for music when he was 11 years old.

Fly by Epik High became his first inspiration. RM’s songs Seoul and Tokyo are very close to his heart. In 2018 he won the title of 12th best idol. The next year he got rank 11.

He was a genius person. He has an IQ score of 148 which is above average. Thus he was the topper in his academy.

RM also worked with Honne on a remake of the song crying over you which was officially released in 2018.

Frequently asked questions:

:musical_note: :musical_note:BTS ARMY, a band of seven members rock the world in very few years. Thus all the world is interested and curious to know bts names, bts ages, lives, journeys, etc. Here are the answers to the questions people asked for.

Is Jimin taller than Suga 2020?

:point_right:Jimin and Suga, both of them are of the same height with a few cm difference. Other bts members point out their heights but Jimin and Suga are strong enough to handle any mess.

Who has the lowest voice in BTS?

:writing_hand:Kim Taehyung whose nickname is V is famous because he has the lowest vocal among the bts team.

Is Jin taller than Namjoon?

:heavy_check_mark:Namjoon is taller than Jin. bts heights from tallest to shortest would be Namjoon, V, Jin, Yoongi, and in the last Jimin.

Do BTS have girlfriends?

:clapper:Most probably yes! BTS has girlfriends. Although they are not public figures or famous like bts. They have kept their personal lives private. That is why boys always perform single.

Why is Jungkook called Bunny?

:point_right:Jungkook’s fans gave him a love name that is “Bunny”. The story behind this name is his smile. He also agrees with his fan name and likes to wear bunny tops in his ear during meetups with his fans.

Why is Jhope called sunshine?

:heavy_check_mark:J-Hope got the “sunshine of the bts” title because of his energized presence. The public gave him a spotlight because he puts life in the performance.

Did Hoseok live in an orphanage?

  • Yes, Hoseok lived in an orphanage because when he was just seven years old his mother left him. He started to pursue his passion for music at the age of 15. Hoseok did his schooling in an orphanage.

Does Hoseok have narcolepsy?

:writing_hand:Hoseok’s mother left him when he was too young and disowned him. Due to this, Hoesok suffers a lot in his adult life. He used to think that one day his mother would come back. He had Munchausen Syndrome but not narcolepsy.

Why is J Hope called Hobi?

:heavy_check_mark:Hobi is the nickname of J-Hoe. His Korean fans call him Hobi as alphabet “p” is pronounced like P in Korea.

What does Hoseok mean in Korean?

:heavy_check_mark:The Korean meaning of Hoseok is code or symbol.

Does IU like Jungkook?

  • Jugkook is a big fan of IU. He took her as his inspiration and liked her so much.

Who is the ex girlfriend of Jungkook?

:point_right:Park Sewon was the ex-girlfriend of Jungkook and he was one year younger than his girlfriend.

Who is Jungkook’s crush?

:musical_note:Many times in interviews Jungkook confessed that IU was his celebrity crush. We all know he is the craziest fan of hers.

What does min Yoongi mean?

  • Min Yoongi means a great treasure and his nickname is Suga. Min Yoongi (Suga) is single and his fans are very curious about his relationship.

What is Taehyung’s IQ?

  • Kim Taehyung whose nickname is V has an IQ level of 142.

What is Jimin IQ?

:star:Jimin has an IQ above average which is why he was the topper in his academics. He has an IQ: 148 which is huge on an IQ scale.

Is Yoongi a cat?

:heavy_check_mark:Yoongi names himself “cat” because he sometimes acts like it. Even his team noticed his cat look and act.

Who is taller Yoongi or Jimin?

:writing_hand:Well, Yoongi and Jimin are of the same height with a very small difference. Yoongi is about 5’9 whereas Jimin is about 5’8. In Korea heights measure in cm. So according to it, Jimin is about 173 centimeters and Yoongi is about 174 centimeters.

Is Jimin really short?

:heavy_check_mark:Jimin is tall but because of his body shape, he looks very short.

Does Min Yoongi have a girlfriend?

  • There is no such confirmed news about his relationship. Maybe Min Yoongi does not have a girlfriend. But from some sources, false information spread about his relationship with Suran.


:musical_note: This Bugton boy (bts) gang won so many hearts because of their talent. Team is consist of best talented music composers and becoame best top composers. BTS is not very open about their personal lives. They have shared a very brief past with their fans. Worldwide, the band has fans who love them with all their hearts and wants to know everything about all members. Even when we ask the basic bts biography questions like bts names, bts ages, bts birthday, bts family, they would answer everything perfectly.


BTS names, similar to pop groups before them, the gathering have stage names this contrast to the their genuine names.

BTS are the the popular music kid band from South Korea ? the name is the an abbreviation for the the Korean expression Bangtan Sonyeondan which means “Impenetrable Boy Scouts”.

In any case, they are the otherwise called Bangtan Boys or have adjusted their BTS name to the likewise mean “Past The Scene”.

The gathering were framed by diversion organization Big Hit Entertainment within 2013 or delivery tunes through Universal Music.

The kid band have delivered six studio collections ? three within Korean or three within Japanese ? while their latest collection, Map of the the Soul: 7 delivered within February 2020

Bts names:


The most established of the the bundle, 27-year-old Jin is the nicknamed “overall attractive” after he presented himself as such at the public interview within 2017. While the vast majority presumably couldn’t pull off the presentation similar to that, for the Jin it’s reasonable play since he was very explored for the the band on account of the his looks. within the same way as other men his age, Jin abides the hours off-stage playing computer games and, as per individual musician RM, on the off chance this he were the Friends character he’d most likely be Ross… within any case, with much better style.


“There was never the second when I didn’t have the fantasy. Furthermore, I satisfied the entirety I had always wanted,” rapper Suga enlightened Naver while opening up concerning his uneasiness. within spite of the the fact this the setting was dismal, his articulation itself is the the pretty noteworthy accomplishment. Suga’s position within the band was acquired through unadulterated hustle: he started composing melodies matured 13, worked low maintenance within the chronicle studio during his late adolescents or is the frequently observed dozing because of the late evenings within the account studio. Clearly, he additionally now or again alludes to the himself as “Virtuoso Suga”. Self-commending monikers are the unmistakably the pattern.


The gathering’s star artist, J-Hope’s ability on the dance floor had just encouraged him become well known before joining BTS, having just won rivalries with his dance group Nueron. within any case, don’t imagine this implies he doesn’t pay attention to the music. Another of the the gathering’s rappers, J-Hope delivered the solo mixtape the year ago, disclosing to the Time this he “additionally needed to the put my own story to the music or offer it with the world”. within case you’re new to the BTS, he prescribes adding the accompanying tunes to the your playlist first: “No More Dream”, “Kid within Luv”, “Dope”, “Fire”, “Spare Me”, “Blood Sweat or Tears”, “Not Today”. Why should we oppose this idea?


Unfit to the conclude whether he’s the Chandler or the Monica to the Jin’s Ross, RM, showed himself English by viewing ? you got it ? Friends. Subsequent to the dazzling the business with his work within Korea’s underground rap scene, RM turned into the main BTS part to the be enlisted within 2010 and, within this capacity, assumes the function of the the gathering’s chief. within any case, as he disclosed to the Miss Vogue the year ago, “BTS is the the majority rule government” or cooperative choices are the settled by the series of the rock-paper-scissors.


As per Jimin, here or there 24-year-old V “acts similar to the rascal”, yet is the recovered by his protective senses. Furthermore, as Jimin additionally takes note of, “He’s truly charming.” Who said this looks aren’t all this matters? Another part who is the additionally wandering into creating solo music, V’s sights have consistently been determined to the pop fame, since the time he started singing or playing the saxophone during his school years. Following quite the while of the prodding, V’s first independent track was delivered toward the finish of the January or has since been streamed 51.7 multiple times on the band’s SoundCloud account.


Another of the BTS’s valued artists, Jimin is the known for the his guiltless look. Indeed, the few (explicitly J-Hope) may even go as far to the state this “he was brought into the world with charm”. We haven’t seen the infant pictures, however we’ll trust them. Notwithstanding being an individual from one of the the greatest kid groups ever, Jimin is the likewise getting the charge out of the achievement as an independent craftsman, with his tracks “Luck” or “Falsehood” working their direction onto Official Charts’ 20 most streamed BTS tunes within the UK. Not just that: similar to the remainder of the the band, he consistently gives cash to the causes he thinks about, ordinarily training programs within his old neighborhood, Busan. It’s not difficult to the perceive any reason why he’s one of the the most tweeted-about superstars on the planet, right?

Jung Kook

Child of the the band Jungkook joined BTS at only 15, however this doesn’t mean he doesn’t stand his ground among the remainder of the the gathering. With genuine vocal hacks, prior to the joining BTS he was one of the the most popular new gifts within the K-pop industry, having just showed up on the Korean singing show. Presently this he’s at the highest point of the his game, Jungkook has focused on different interests, for the example, filmmaking or assisting with diminishing Korea’s precarious import charges on Calvin Klein.

What are the BTS’ greatest melodies?

The band have had various hit, they include:

Kid With Luv (highlighting Halsey)



Counterfeit Love

Mic Drop

Blood, Sweat or Tears

Spare Me

Squander It On Me (Steve Aoki ft BTS)

Make It Right

I Need You



BTS is the the south Korean popular music band. The band is the establish by 7 individuals. The band is the currently very famous within around the world. Every single one of the the individual from band is the youthful, skilled or wonderful. As all Korean the band is the likewise attractive or beautiful. The band has created Numerous notorious melodies similar to Dynamite (most recent one) , DNA, I need you or others . The band is the the one within particular this cross 100 million perspectives within the few days

BTS is a seven (7) member group. BTS names or BTS members names are RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook. Hailing from South Korea, BTS happens to be the kid musical organization that is biggest on earth, topping maps and environment records because they carry on their present globe trip.

If you’re brand new towards the BTS military, welcome. This kid musical organization made a title on their own as a few of the biggest music artists into the music industry, making nominations which can be numerous the Billboard Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards. Nevertheless, the users of the team that is k-pop go by their phase names, especially when they introduce by themselves during interviews. You could be wondering do you know the BTS users’ genuine names.

:arrow_right: What BTS stand for:

The title BTS ended up being originally an acronym for “Bangtan Sonyeondan,” which translates approximately to Boy that is “Bulletproof Scouts in English through the initial Korean, a mention of resilience. But BTS chose to rebrand their title in 2017 to now suggest “Beyond the Scene.”

:arrow_right: BTS Members Real Names:

The same as many years, appropriate names work a little that is little in South Korea. In Korea, a family group that is person’s is listed very first, followed by way of a person’s offered title. These names vary from those into the United States, where individuals have their provided name listed first, accompanied by their loved one’s title. Usually, Korean family members names are just one syllable, and there are not any center names.

Often folks are described by just the very first or syllable that is last of offered title. With all the teams which are k-pop that includes BTS user Kim Seok-jin, whoever phase title normally their “nickname,” which can be Jin. Find out about each one of the BTS males’ genuine names, right here.

:one: “Rap Monster’s” real name is Kim Namjoon also known as RM (Rap Monster’s):

This rapper may be the frontrunner of BTS and frequently goes on their phase title, RM. Formerly, he offered himself the phase name Rap Monster but has because changed the letters “RM” to are a symbol of “Real Me,” which absolutely represents this musician well.

Kim Namjoon usually will act as the representative and translator for BTS, as he’s proficient in English. He additionally talked during the United Nations, mentioning the combined group’s partnership with UNICEF, entitled the “Love Myself” campaign.

:two: Jin’s real name is Kim Seokjin:

He’s Mr. Worldwide Handsome, but he’s additionally a singer plus the user that is earliest of the K-pop team. This performer’s real title is Kim Seokjin although Jin is theoretically their phase title. Some fans simply understand him while the funny, caring, “mother” of BTS.

:three: Suga’s real name Min Yoongi:

Just a little sweet, and more often than not only a little tired he’s only a little salty. The title that is genuine of, one of the most significant rappers of BTS, is Min Yoongi. Although, some simply understand him since the sassiest, most” that is “savage regarding the team, specific for their witty reviews.

:four: J-Hope’s real name is Jung Hoseok:

He’s your hope, you’re his hope, he’s J-Hope. Jung Hoseok chose his pseudonym because he wanted to bring hope and happiness to his fans. Since his debut with BTS, this performer made a reputation for himself as a talented rapper and dancer. Additionally, J-Hope has his own mixtape, entitled Hope World, which earned many streams on music platforms like Spotify.

:five: Jimin’s real name is Park Jimin:

Among the vocalists of BTS, Jimin’s stage title is equivalent to their given name — Jimin. This performer can be understood for their solo that is prosperous music. Jimin became the very first solo that is Korean since spy to possess numerous tracks succeed on streaming platforms. In reality, a Spotify ended up being set by him record, having three tracks reach 50 million performs.

:six: V’s real name is Kim Taehyung:

He’s one of many eccentric people of BTS. He doesn’t like putting on footwear, in which he does like changing their locks color. This singer of BTS’ title that is genuine Kim Taehyung. V can also be the musician behind solo tracks, like the “Winter Bear that is solitary.”

:seven: Jungkook’s real name is Jeon Jeongguk:

Some understand him because the maknae that is golden. He is able to sing, they can dance, he’s kind, he’s handsome, and he’s also the user that is youngest of BTS. Jeon Jeongguk usually goes on their phase title, Jungkook, that will be comparable in pronunciation to their genuine title.

This musician is documents which can be additionally breaking their solo music, including his song “Euphoria.” Based on Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Jungkook recently set a Billboard World Digital Song product sales record. We’re not amazed.

:white_check_mark: How did BTS rise to fame?

  • After joining together, the seven young musicians, Big Hit Entertainment’s Bang Si-hyuk first debuted BTS to your globe in 2013 making use of their very first record album 2 Cool 4 Skool and lead solitary “No More Dream” to success that is moderate. Additionally, they joined industry that is Japanese a Japanese-language form of their solitary. BTS proceeded release a record in Korean and Japanese also to tour Asia through the years which can be after with some stops into the U.S. in 2015 for KCON.

  • However, it wasn’t until 2016 which they actually started to remove internationally, using their Wings EP and, later on, the “DNA” music video clip breaking records. Breaking the Billboard Top Social Artist chart had been another major milestone, they’ve remained atop that chart for 95 days at the time of time of publish because they bested social networking mainstays Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez for the name. Additionally, they gained traction within the U.S. market making use of their Billboard Music Awards appearance in 2017 and a promotion that is subsequent of talk programs.

  • By 2018, BTS had topped the Billboard record album chart twice over along with their latest releases (in addition to worldwide maps from Japan to Canada), out of stock their monthlong fall North American trip, showed up on programs like Good Morning America as well as the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and talked at the U.N. General Assembly to introduce a youth empowerment effort that is brand new.

How did BTS become so popular on social media?

Lots of it absolutely was the fortune of these timing: they arrived to their very own alongside Twitter and platforms such as the livestream solution V-Live, which debuted in 2014 as RM told TIME. “It ended up being therefore fortunate for folks that social media marketing got bigger,” he said. “Uploading pictures, videos, songs—now everybody does, but I do believe we began only a touch previous, and very obviously.”

Their label took an even more approach that is hands-off their social pages than is typical in K-pop, which aided them to produce online presences individuals can connect to. On the complete years, they’ve also become a Guinness World Record owner for most Twitter engagements for the wedding ring. The concerts extensively, but additionally are fast to show funny faces or snapshots into memes that have provided across the internet like numerous avid fan bases ARMY papers.

BTS is a well-known brand in South Korea. This boy band consisting of 7 members known by their stage names Jin, I Suga, J-Hope, Rap, Monster, Jimin, V and Jungkook

BTS Success

Its formation started in 2010 and it first debuted in 2013. BTS stands for “Bangtan Sonyeondan” meaning Bulletproof Boy Scouts, but they are also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond the Scene. They own 0.3 percent of Korea’s total economy.

In 2019 they became the first Korean band that remained on Billboard 200 for a whole year. In December 2020, BTS topped the Billboard artist 100 for 15 non-consecutive weeks. In December 2020, they were labeled as “Entertainer of the Year” by Time Magazine. Individual stan of BTS is known as “ARMY”.

BTS Real Names and Ages

1. Kim Seok-jin , also known by his stage name Jin is the oldest member of BTS. He is 28 years old.

2. Min Yoon-gi , also known by his stage name I Suga. He is 27 years old

3. Jung Ho-seok , also known by his stage name J-Hope. He is 26 years old.

4. Kim Nam-joon , also known by his stage name Rap Monster. He is 26years old.

5. Park Ji-min , also known by his stage name Jimin. He is 25 years old

6. Kim Tae-hyung , also known by his stage name V. He is 25 years old.

7. Jeon Jung-kook, also known by his stage name Jungkook. He is 23 years old.

BTS names in English

1. Jin’s nickname in English is “Alex”

2. Suga’s name in English is “Cody”

3. J-Hope’ s name in English is “Nathan”

4. Rap Monster’s name in English is “Kyle”

5. Jimin’s name in English is “Brian”

6. V’s name in English is “Theodore”

7. Jungkook’s name in English is “Timothy”

BTS Members Birthday

1. Jin was born on December 4, 1992.

2. Suga was born in 1993 on the 9th of March.

3. J-Hope was born on the 8th of February in 1994.

4. Rap Monster was born on September 12, 1994.

5. Jimin was born on October 1, 1995.

6. V was born on December 30, 1995.

7. Jungkook was born on September 12, 1994.

BTS members from oldest to youngest

1. Jin is the oldest member of BTS as he was born in 1992. At present, he is 28 years old.

2. Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS as he was born in 1997. At present, he is 23 years old.

BTS nicknames

1. Jin is nicknamed “visual king” and “Golden Ratio Guy” due to his stunning looks. BTS ARMY and he himself introduces himself as 'Worldwide Handsome"

2. Suga is nicknamed “Lil meow meow” and " Yoongi"

3. J-hope is nicknamed “Hobi” and “Sunshine”

4. Rap Monster is nicknamed “God of destruction” because he is clumsy.

5. Jimin is nicknamed is mochi.

6. V is nicknamed “Taetae”

7. Jungkook is nicknamed “Golden makane” as he is multitalented and the youngest.

BTS members as BT21 characters

1. RJ

Jin is RJ from BT21. RJ is an alpaca who often wears a parka and gets cold easily. He likes Alpaca and according to BTS members, Jin resembles Alpaca especially when he is eating food.

2. Shooky

Suga is Shooky from BTt21. Shooky is a cookie with a badass attitude. Shooky hates milk. Shooky was inspired by Jungkook’s character from Bt21 as Jungkook wants that his character should hold a cookie in his hand.

3. Mang

J-Hope is Mang from BT21. Mang is a pony that hides its face behind a mask. as J-Hopes lips form a heart when he smiles that is why the mask wearied by Mang has a heart-shaped nose. Mang is the latter part of the Korean word “huimang” meaning hope.

4. Koya

Rap Monster is Koya from BT21. Koya is a sleepy blue koala. Koya’s ears are removable and a purple nose as purple color holds a special place for both BTS and ARMY. RM thinks that Koalas are cute.

5. Chimmy

Jimin is Chimmy in BT21. Chimmy is a puppy that wears a yellow hoodie. He also thinks that Chimmy’s chubby face reminds him of his face when he first debuted in 2013.

6. Tata

V is Tata in BT21. Tata is a huge heart-headed character who is an alien with transforming powers. Being an alien Tata’s superpower is that he can bend and stretch his limb into weird lengths and shapes. As V likes unique characters, so he wanted his BT21 character to be unique Tata is a character that V has been drawing in his initial sketches.

7. Cooky

Jungkook is Cooky in BT21. BT21 is a rabbit created by himself. Cooky has an attitude that likes to do workouts and imagines himself to be a muscular man. In his initial sketches, he drew a bunny with a six-pack because of his endless efforts to maintain his six-packs abs. He wanted his character to hold a chocolate chip cookie that inspired Suga to make Shooky.

BTS names are something I guess no one in the world doesn’t know. Why? Because not only they are famous but they have won million of hearts due to their performance and their activities. Let us start with the most eldest and world-wide handsome SEOKJIN.


SEOKJIN is the eldest and the vocal of the group; he says that he raises Jungkook when he was younger. Jin was 20 years old when he got into BTS. JIN is also book geek and he completed his masters in 2017 by online education. Jin is all done to get into military and ARMY’s are worried that Jin enlistment in the Korean army will make him leaves the group, breaking the group. Let us hope as an army that Jin don’t leave soon and continuing making numerous music’s just as he is doing now. His voice is said to smooth your heart. Jin is famous for his dad’s jokes

Jung kook

Let us come to our youngest member of BTS that is kookie, our very own bunny kookie was only 13 when he entered the world of k-pop. He is the maknae of group and has the most beautiful voice in BTS according to the members, not only this IU is the inspiration of Jung kook. This confession was made by Jung kook in a variety show. Jung kook is the hardworking member of whole BTS group and not only this he can also rap. Jung kook has another sibling that is elder than him. Jung kook also completed his education


Jimin is the smallest in height than Min Yoongi in whole the BTS group. According t o him, he likes his eyes the most… Jimin is also called Shorty by his group mates. According to RM, which is the leader of BTS says that Jimin cries a lot and whenever someone is crying he also cries with them in compassion. Jimin is the one that can’t see when he smiles. He says in one of his Vlive that his dad always appreciates him in doing whatever he wants, which is surprising when we see. Jimin also says that he was classmate of Taehyung in high school and according to V, jimin was a nerdy person.


Our handsome and savage MIN YOONGI aka Suga is also the rapper of the group. He is the only one that doesn’t laugh on any of the Jin’s jokes. According to him, Jin jokes are not funny. Suga is workaholic type of person and he also has an older brother just like jungkook. According to some rumors, suga used to work part time ob when he did not join BTS. Not only this suga and hobi has the best bond, Jung kook is the only member to whom SUGA is caring to most. SUGA being the rapper has soft heart. He is the one that has collaborated with most of the female artist of Korea.


V also known as KIM TAEHYUNG is placed as the most handsome person to be alive in 2020. When we see to Kim taehyung we can analyze that no doubt he has breath taking beauty. Not with the looks, V also got some vocals skills. V was the only member of the group that comes from the country side and his father was the farmer. According to him, his father is his ideal personality. V also has a sister who’s younger than him. V likes to pay with children. V is the only member in the group that don’t come specifically to give an audition, but he went to audition with his friend who didn’t got selected


Our leader, KIM NMAJOON who is also called RM (or rap monster) is the most genius in all groups as he has got an IQ of 148 and is the fan of fictional books. Not only this, jungkook is the member that came to BTS just because of RM. Rm is the only BTS member that knows how to speak English and he also is the one that delivers the speech in UNITED NATIONS in 2018 when they were covering their album of ‘LOVE YOURSELF’. RM has composed various BTS song including JIMIN song of ‘FILTER’. Kim namjoon is the rapper of the group and was scolded by his mom for doing rapping.


Our last but not the least member is HOBI that is also called as J-HOPE by his fans. Hobi has a younger sister who is the fashion designer. J-HOPE father was the history teacher. J- hope is the one that is sympathetic in all the BTS members. He is of same age as RM. He is the rapper of the group and has got some great dancing skills.

BTS is considered as the biggest boy band in the world. On their current world tour they are constantly topping charts and setting records after their debut in 2013. The seven member group consists of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook. These young boys have grown beyond the boundaries of traditional Korean pop acts, as they have made a splash where ever they performed from Chile to California. Their constant followers, have always kept them trending on social media as are styled as “army”, at the majority of their public appearances. The name BTS stands for “Bangtan Sonyeondan,” in original Korean (방탄소년단) whose translation in English takes the form “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”. However BTS decided in 2017 to rebrand their name which now means “Beyond the Scene.”

Who are all the BTS members?

rapper and leader RM (Name: Kim Nam-jun)

RM is the official leader of BTS. He’s famous for his rapping and also he is the only member of BTS who can speak English*.* He delivered an English language speech to the U.N. General Assembly in New York in favor of youth empowerment initiatives.

rapper and producer Suga (Name: Min Yun-ki),

Suga started as a teen with the stage name of Gloss as an underground rapper, Suga got his current name from early years when he used to play basketball. It is an abbreviation of “shooting guard.” Suga is famous for his rapid fire rhymes. He is also happy to speak about everything from mental health to politics. He also is a producer and was part of award winning songs for other artists’ projects as well in addition to many of BTS’s own tracks.

rapper and dancer J-Hope (Name: Jung Ho-seok)

J-Hope is the third member to join BTS after RM and Suga, he was first known for his dancing; and in his home province of Gwangju, he was part of an underground dance crew. After becoming a part of the boy band, J-Hope extended his skills to incorporate rapping and songwriting with recognition across the BTS discography. He himself released his own mix tape in March, named Hope World. It charted independently on the Billboard 200 and shared his signature message of peace and hope. He has spoken about his love of fashion, telling TIME he loves to shop when visiting new cities.

singer and dancer Jimin (Name: Park Ji-min)

Jimin is known for his sharp dance. He was discovered by Big Hit Entertainment during high school. He attended an arts school, where he focused on modern dance when he was younger. At shows, he performs the solo “Serendipity”and his moves offstage go viral.

singer Jin (Name: Kim Seok-jin)

A candid snapshot of Jin caught the internet attention at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017 that resulted in the fan-given moniker of “Worldwide Handsome.” He scouted on the street in South Korea before ending up in BTS. Jin gathered his own audience earlier with a popular food vlog, Eat Jin, where he posted candid videos of himself and his band mates eating home cooked meals and sharing their opinions.

singer V (Name: Kim Tae-hyung)

V is known for his soft vocals that pop on sometimes in the lower beat songs from the band. At shows, his notable moment comes when he sings and dances along with a life sized puppet as in emotional and advanced duet to his solo song “Singularity.” He is not only a songwriter and producer; he has also tried his hand in acting, and currently has an interest in photography as he told TIME.

singer Jung Kook (Name: Jean Jeong-guk)

Jung Kook is the youngest member of the group. He fills a special role in Korean pop groups called the “Maknae,” which refers to his youth but in BTS he is suppose to be the “Golden Maknae,” giving him status for his live chops. He is also one of the prime vocalists of the group and has appeared on the mysterious Korean singing reality show King of Masked Singer a few years ago to surprise and entertain audiences. He also likes to share his pen and paper illustrations on social media. And he tells TIME that he loves to perform, when the group is not doing shows months off, he looks forward to return to the stage.

About BTS

BTS otherwise called the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-part South Korean kid band that started arrangement in 2010 and appeared in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. The septet made out of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook—co-composes and co-delivers quite a bit yield. Initially a hip bounce gathering, their melodic style has advanced to incorporate a wide scope of classes. Their verses, frequently centered on close to home and social critique, address the topics of psychological wellness, inconveniences of young youth, misfortune, the excursion towards adoring oneself, and independence. Their work highlights references to writing and mental ideas and incorporates an elective universe storyline. The gathering has delivered a few collections and performed on a few world visits.

Subsequent to appearing in 2013 with their single collection 2 Cool 4 Skool, BTS delivered their first Korean-language studio collection, Dark and Wild, and Japanese-language studio collection, Wake Up, in 2014. The gathering’s second Korean studio collection, Wings (2016), was their first to sell 1,000,000 duplicates in South Korea. By 2017, BTS crossed into the worldwide music market, driving the Korean Wave into the United States and breaking various deals records. They turned into the main Korean gathering to get a confirmation from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for their single “Mic Drop”, just as the primary Korean act to top the US Billboard 200 outline with their studio collection Love Yourself: Tear (2018). BTS likewise turned into the quickest gathering since The Beatles to acquire four US number-one collections, doing as such in less than two years. Love Yourself: Answer (2018) was the primary Korean collection affirmed platinum by the RIAA. In 2020, BTS turned into the primary all-South Korean act to arrive at number one on the Billboard Global 200 and US Billboard Hot 100 with their single “Explosive” and remix of “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)” and, with the arrival of “Life Goes On”, turned into the main gathering to have two number one introductions on the Hot 100.

Having sold more than 20 million collections on the Gaon Music Chart, BTS is the top of the line craftsman in South Korean history and holds the top of the line collection in South Korea with Map of the Soul: 7. BTS was positioned at number 45 on Billboard’s Top Touring Artists of the 2010s, the solitary non-English talking follow up on the rundown. During their Love Yourself World Tour, BTS turned into the primary Asian and first non-English talking act to feature and sell out Wembley Stadium and broke the record for the single most noteworthy netting commitment in Rose Bowl Stadium history. Highlighted on Time’s worldwide cover as “Cutting edge Leaders”, BTS has likewise showed up in the magazine’s arrangements of the 25 most powerful individuals on the web (2017–2019) and the 100 most persuasive individuals on the planet (2019), where they were named “Rulers of Pop”. Forbes Korea named BTS the most persuasive famous people of Korea in 2018 and 2020, and BTS positioned 43rd in the Forbes Celebrity 100 (2019) as one of the world’s top-procuring VIPs. Starting at 2019, BTS is purportedly worth more than $4.65 billion to South Korea’s economy every year, or 0.3 percent of the nation’s GDP. They pull in one in each 13 unfamiliar sightseers that visited South Korea and were referred to as one of the vital demonstrations in boosting worldwide music deals to $19 billion of every 2018.

Following the foundation of their Love Myself hostile to viciousness crusade in organization with UNICEF, BTS tended to the United Nations 73rd and 75th General Assemblies and turned into the most youthful ever beneficiaries of the Order of Cultural Merit from the President of South Korea because of their commitments in spreading Korean culture and language.


The gathering’s name, BTS, represents the Korean articulation Bangtan, in a real sense signifying “Impenetrable Boy Scouts”. As indicated by part J-Hope, the name connotes the gathering’s craving “to shut out generalizations, reactions, and desires that point on teenagers like bullets”. In Japan, they are known as Bōdan Shōnendan which deciphers similarly. In July 2017, BTS declared that their name would likewise mean “Past the Scene” as a feature of their new image identity. This all-inclusive their name to signify “developing youth BTS who is going past the real factors they are confronting, and going forward.”

About Band Members


Stage Name: RM (아르엠), once in the past Rap Monster (랩몬스터)

Original Name: Kim Nam Joon (김남준)

Position: Leader, Main Rapper

Birthday: September 12, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Stature: 181 cm (5’11")

Weight: 73.6 kg (162 lbs)

Blood classification: A

RM Facts:

– He was brought into the world in Seoul (Sangdo-dong) at that point he moved to Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea when he was 4.

– He has a more youthful sister, Kim Kyung Min.

– Education: Apgujeong High School; Global Cyber University – Electronic designing major (lone wolf)

– RM concentrated in New Zealand and lived/remained there for a half year.

– His number one nourishments are meat (particularly Samgyeopsal) and Kalguksu (Korean blade noodles).

– He showed himself how to communicate in English, and can talk it incredibly well.

– BTS has been around since 2010, however they appeared in 2013 on account of the consistent part switch up. RM is the lone part left from the first line up.

– Despite his unpleasant and intense picture, he is extremely perky and loose.

– Hobbies: Surfing the web.

– His number one tones are dark, pink, and purple. (BTS meet for J-14 Magazine from 170505)

– His #1 number is 1.

– His #1 things are garments, PC, books.

– He enjoys clear climate.

– His good examples are Kanye West, and A$AP Rocky.

– He is a major supported for lgbtqia+ rights.

– RM thinks silver hair suits him the best. (Buzz Feed Interview 2018)

– He has co-made/co-delivered 160+ tunes.

– He delivered his first solo mixtape, “RM” on March 17, 2015.

– On November 13 2017, Namjoon composed a message on the gathering’s legitimate fan bistro reporting he changed his stage name from Rap Monster to RM. Namjoon expressed that “RM” means “Genuine Me”.

– RM is positioned 79th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.

– RM’s optimal kind: “hot, even to a mind. Somebody that is insightful and sure”


Stage Name: Jin (진)

Original Name: Kim Seok Jin (김석진)

Position: Sub Vocalist, Visual

Birthday: December 4, 1992

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Tallness: 178.3 cm (5’10.2″)

Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)

Blood classification: O

Jin Facts:

– He was brought into the world in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, however when he was around 1 year old his family moved to Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do

– He has a more seasoned sibling, Kim Seok Joong, 2 years more established than him.

– Education: Konkuk University; Hanyang Cyber University – Films major (aces/graduate)

– He is the most seasoned part.

– His #1 number is 4.

– His number one climate is Spring daylight.

– Hobbies: Cooking, playing videogames on Nintendo gadgets, taking selcas.

– His good example is T.O.P from BIGBANG.

– He flickers his left eye when he is ravenous.

– Jin’s number one tone is blue. His number one shading used to be pink.

– He likewise loves Disney princesses.

– He is an awesome cook.

– He appreciates taking a gander at photographs and plans.

– His number one nourishments are lobster, meat, and naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles).

– According to different individuals, he has the best body in Bangtan.

– Jin thinks pink hair suits him the best. (Buzz Feed Interview 2018)

– Jin was positioned 47th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.

– Jin was positioned 44th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2019”.

– Jin’s optimal sort is a young lady whose looks and character is like that of a doggy, who’s acceptable at cooking, kind and takes great consideration of him.


Stage Name: SUGA (슈가)

Complete Name: Min Yoon Gi (민윤기)

Position: Lead Rapper

Birthday: March 9, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Stature: 174 cm (5’8.5″)

Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)

Blood classification: O

Suga Facts:

– He was brought into the world in Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea.

– He has a more seasoned sibling, Min Junki.

– Education: Global Cyber University – Liberal Arts Major (lone ranger)

– He talks with a satoori emphasize when he’s anxious and when he cries.

– Hobbies: Doing nothing when he has available time, taking photographs, trying not to need to accomplish work.

– His number one food is meat.

– He is called Motionless Min on the grounds that on his days off he doesn’t do anything.

– His number one tone is white.

– His #1 number is 3

– Suga loves taking photographs.

– His number one climate is the place where you can wear short sleeves at day and long sleeves around evening time.

– He gets a kick out of the chance to make rhymes for regular circumstances/gags.

– His good examples are Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, and Hit Boy.

– Suga has co-made/co-delivered 120+ tunes.

– Suga utilizes the assumed name Agust D for his performance works. (“DT”, short for his origination “Daegu Town”, and “Suga”, spelled in reverse)

– Suga is positioned 67th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.

– Suga’s optimal kind is a young lady who likes music, particularly hip-jump.


Stage Name: J-Hope (제이홉)

Complete Name: Jung Ho Seok (정호석)

Position: Main Dancer, Sub Rapper, Sub Vocalist

Birthday: February 18, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Stature: 177 cm (5’10")

Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Blood classification: A

J-Hope Facts:

– He was brought into the world in Gwangju, South Korea.

– He has a more seasoned sister, Jung Dawon.

– His dad is a secondary school writing instructor (educating at Gwangju Global High School).

– Education: Gwangju Global High School; Global Cyber University

– Was the rapper in 2AM’s JoKwon’s “Creature”.

– Chose the name “J-Hope” as his stage name since he needs to be a wellspring of light and would like to his fans.

– He adores kimchi.

– His #1 season is Spring.

– Hobbies: Listening to music and window shopping.

– His number one tone is green. (since it’s the shade of expectation – Billboard meet)

– His #1 number is 7.

– He tried out and won a ubiquity grant at a JYP Entertainment rivalry.

– He is exceptionally spotless.

– He despises working out/working out.

– J-Hope and B.A.P Youngjae tried out together for their JYP tryout.

– His good examples are G-monster of BIGBANG, A$AP Rocky, J.Cole, and Beenzino.

– He thinks red hair suits him the best. (Buzz Feed Interview 2018)

– J-Hope has co-created/co-delivered 110+ melodies.

– On March 2, 2018, J-Hope delivered his first mixtape “Expectation World”, with the title track “Dream”.

– J-Hope is positioned 88th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.

– J-Hope’s optimal sort is a young lady who loves him, is acceptable at cooking, and thinks a ton.


Stage Name: Jimin (지민)

Complete Name: Park Ji Min (박지민)

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

Birthday: October 13, 1995

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Stature: 174 cm (5’8.5″)

Weight: 58.6 kg (129 lbs)

Blood classification: A

Jimin Facts:

– He was brought into the world in Busan, South Korea.

– He has a more youthful sibling, Park Jihyun.

– Education: Busan High School of Arts; Global Cyber University – Theater and film major (unhitched male)

– Jimin was the last part to join BTS.

– Hobbies: Relaxing at whatever point he gets an opportunity.

– His #1 number will be number 3

– His number one tones are blue and dark.

– His number one nourishments are pork, duck, chicken, organic product, and kimchi jjigae.

– Jimin doesn’t care for spinach (Run BTS ep. 65)

– He favors a bright and cool climate.

– Is known for his great abs.

– His tongue in cheek hits his kindred individuals as a method of indicating his friendship for them

– If music is playing he will begin to move regardless of where he is.

– His good example is TaeYang of BIGBANG.

– Jimin was positioned 64th in the “Best 100 Handsome Faces of 2017”.

– Jimin was positioned 25th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.

– Jimin was positioned nineteenth on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2019”.

– Jimin’s optimal kind is an overall quite charming young lady who is more modest than him.


Stage Name: V (뷔)

Complete Name: Kim Tae Hyung (김태형)

Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual

Birthday: December 30, 1995

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Stature: 179 cm (5’10.5″)

Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)

Blood classification: AB

V Facts:

– He was brought into the world in Daegu, yet later moved to Geochang where he went through his time on earth until he moved to Seoul.

– He has a more youthful sister (Kim Eun Jin) and a more youthful sibling (Kim Jong Gyu).

– Education: Korea Art School; Global Cyber University

– It is said that when his secret picture was delivered 5 individual fan clubs were made.

– He has been in the gathering for a spell, yet fans didn’t know about know about him until the time around his presentation.

– He enjoys whatever is interesting.

– V’s #1 nourishments are Japchae and any sort of meat.

– Hobbies: Searching for music that nobody tunes in to, going on the PC.

– His #1 number is 10.

– His #1 tone is dark. (As indicated by BTS meet for J-14 Magazine from 170505)

– They call him Blank Tae in view of his empty articulation.

– He has a propensity for gnawing his nails and standing out his tongue.

– His good example is his father.

– V most loved things are PC, huge dolls, garments, shoes, embellishments, and anything interesting.

– Members state he is a shocking cook.

– He acted in the Korean dramatization “Hwarang” (2016-2017).

– V positioned first in the “Main 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017”.

– V was positioned fifth on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.

– V was positioned fourth on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2019”.

– V thinks red hair suits him the best.

– V’s optimal kind is somebody who deals with him and loves just him and who has a ton of aegyo.

Jung Kook

Stage Name: Jung Kook (정국)

Complete Name: Jeon Jung Kook (전정국)

Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Center, Maknae

Birthday: September 1, 1997

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Stature: 178 cm (5’10")

Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)

Blood classification: A

Jungkook’s Spotify list: Jungkook: I am listening to it Right Now

Jungkook Facts:

– He was brought into the world in Busan, South Korea.

– He has a more seasoned sibling, Jeon Junghyun.

– Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts; Global Cyber University

– Before joining the gathering he was a handball player.

– Hobbies: Drawing.

– GOT7’s Bambam and Yugyeom, BTS’s Jungkook, Seventeen’s The8, Mingyu, DK, NCT’s Jaehyun and Astro’s Cha Eunwoo (the '97 liners) are in a gathering visit.

– His #1 nourishments are anything with flour (pizza, bread, and so forth)

– He loves the number 1

– His #1 tone is dark. (Run BTS Ep. 39)

– Jungkook thinks dark hair shading suits him the best. (Buzz Feed Interview 2018)

– Said to be a talented cook.

– He enjoys shoes and cosmetics.

– Jungkook positioned thirteenth in the “Best 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017”.

– Jungkook is positioned second on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.

– Jungkook is positioned first on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2019”.

– His good example is G-Dragon of BIGBANG.

– Jungkook’s optimal kind is somebody who’s in any event 168 cm however more modest than him, is a decent spouse, great at cooking, shrewd, has pretty legs, and is pleasant. Likewise a young lady who likes him and is acceptable at singing.

small_orange_diamond:Bts ages and birthdays:

Jin (Kim Seok-jin): 4 December 1992 (25 years old)
Jimin (Park Jimin): 13 October 1995 (22 years old)
Suga (Min Yoongi): 9 March 1993 (25 years old)
Jingkook (Jeon Jungkook): 1 September 1997 (20 years old)
J-Hope (Jung Hoseok): 18 February 1994 (24 years old)
Namjoon (RM): 12 September 1994 (23 years old)
V (Teahyung): 30 December 1995 (22 years old)

:small_orange_diamond: bts members nick names and bts member roles in the group:

Jin: Kim Seok-jin (vocalist)
Jimin: Park Jimin (lead vocalist) Suga: Min Yoongi (led rapper)
Jingkook: Jeon Jungkook (main vocalist)
J-Hope: Jung Hoseok (lead rapper)
Namjoon: RM (leader)
Teahyung: V (vocalist)

bts member:

diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: All members from bts members have their own place in the team and each of them has a separate fan base. Kim Namjoon won so many hearts and almost every bts fan has a separate space for him in their hearts. Well, the individual bts popularity depends on so many factors like languages they can speak, talent, appearance, personality and etc.

For example, V is more popular and famous in the US. Not just this, but V videos got next-level views on social media. The bts song boy with love is the most-watched song video.
Jungkook is very popular in Korea. He is also the most voted bts person.
J-Hope is very famous all over the world. He is a famous vocalist, dancer, and rapper. Hot 200 was his most liked song. People like his personality because of his humble nature. He made lots of charities in his journey. That is another reason for people’s love for him.
RM has plus points apart from the bts leader. As he speaks English like a native so he communicates easily with his fans. Because of this, he can openly communicate in talk shows.


Every bts member is different just like different bts names. Each of them has a different background, different interests, and every individual has their own story. Bts members’ detailed lives are discussed in this sectOr
Bts journey

After Suga and RM, J-Hope was the person who joined the bts. He joined as a trainee and a creator. He is famous for his tone that gives goosebumps to the audience. He has so many varieties in his skills and he added fun to his performances. He uses very attractive ingredients in his performances and songs that is why he never fails to win hearts.

**J-Hope personality

Apart from being a successful singer, he is also a wonderful human being. He has made so many worthy donations for needy children.


Hope world ( 1 March 2018)

Chicken Noodle Soup (27 September 2019)

J-Hope social media account:

His Instagram account name is: @bts_jhope

1. J-Hope
2. RM
3. Jin
4. Jungkook
5. V
6. Jimin
7. Suga

Since their debut in 2014, the seven member in the group which are of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook have grown beyond the bounds of traditional mika K-pop acts, making a splash everywhere from Chile to California in america. Jungkook is unarguably the cutest member of BTS names. Because of his talent, charming looks and a great attitude, Jungkook is loved a lot by the ARMY blocks.

this was reported that Taehyung suffers from new york ‘monochromatic blindness’ meaning he could just see shades of gray admire and it is similar to seeing the world through an old black and white television screen, BTS is the South Korean boy group formed in 2013 and Taehyung, known by his stage name V is one seventh of the group, Suga (Min Yoon-gi) and Jimin (Park Ji-min) hehe are both 175 cm/5’9″ tall long.

Although they are the shortest members of BTS, their height is still quite impressive, Suga is the slimmest, weighing only 59 kg/130 lbs and Jimin weighs around 61 kg/134 pounds. So while the boys appear single in the public, that does not necessarily mean they do not have the girl friend, As 2020 wages on, we are here to look at all the rumored loves of BTS’ lives, While the BTS ARMY is their number one love, there seems to be evidence at least some of the boys found someone to quarantine with that.

BTS’ Jungkook bags another World’s Sexiest Man the title is; Features along with Brad Pitt, Harry Styles in the list, PINKVILLA, J-Hope and Jungkook seem to be in no rush to get married boomb as they both wrote 100, jokingly, Seems like the duo is happy laugh being single and giving all their love to BTS and ARMY instead! maliku Jimin had an interesting way to write his ideal age to get married, which is 35-36 in this.

BTS has set numerous records since 2013, some years after their debut in 2015, BTS came in the first place on a weekly music performance show on one of Korea’s three (3) major television broadcast networks with their first 1st single with “I NEED U” from their third 3rd mini-album, “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt one.”

BTS first song:

"No More Dream” was BTS’ first single ever, and, impressively, the lyrics were written by BTS band members RM, Suga, and J-Hope along with their producers and directors.

BTS real names:

Rap Monster Real Name: Kim Namjoon
Jin Real Name:Kim Seokjin
Suga Real Name: Min Yoongi
J-Hope Real Name: Jung hoseok
Jimin Full Name: Park Jimin
V Real Name: Kim Taehyung
Jungkook Real Name: Jeon Jungkook

How to spell bts names?

Kim Nam Joon and it is pronounced: Guim-Nam-Chun
Rapper Min Yoon Gi is Suga and his real name is the pronounced as: Min-Iun-Gui
J – Hope’s real name is Jung Ho Seok and it is the pronounced as: Chong-Jo-Sok
BTS’s dancer’s name is Park Ji Min and it is the pronounced as: Bak-Chi-Min

BTS names are confusing but they are very unique and the weird part is that every boy resembles each other a lot. In case you’re new to the BTS army force, welcome. This boy band becomes famous as probably the greatest specialists in the music business, procuring various series at the Billboard Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.

The individuals from this K-pop gathering frequently pass by their stage names, particularly when they present themselves during interviews. You might be thinking about what are the BTS individuals’ real names.

BTS names:

Much the same as ages, lawful names work somewhat contrastingly in South Korea. In Korea, an individual’s family name is recorded first, followed by an individual’s given name. These names are not quite the same as those in the United States, where individuals have their given name recorded first, followed by their family name. Customarily, Korean family names are just a single syllable, and there are no center names.

Some of the time individuals are alluded to by just the first or last syllable of their given name. With the K-pop gatherings, that incorporates BTS part Kim Seok-jin, whose stage name is additionally his “epithet,” which is Jin. Learn every one of the BTS young men’s genuine names, here.

Rap Monster real name is Kim Namjoon:

This rapper is the head of BTS and known by his stage name, RM. Beforehand, he gave himself the stage name Rap Monster, however, has since changed the letters “RM” means “Genuine Me,” which certainly speaks to this craftsman well. Kim Namjoon usually goes about as the interpreter and representative for BTS, as he is fluent in English.

Jin’s genuine name is Kim Seokjin:

He’s Mr. Overall Handsome, but on the other hand, he’s an artist and the most seasoned individual from this K-pop gathering. Despite the fact that Jin is actually his stage name, this present entertainer’s genuine name is Kim Seokjin. A few fans simply know him as the clever, mindful, “mother” of BTS.

J-Hope’s genuine name is Jung Hoseok:

He’s your expectation, you’re his expectation, he’s J-Hope. Jung Hoseok picked his stage name since he needed to carry expectation and joy to his fans. Since his introduction with BTS, this entertainer became well known as a gifted rapper and artist. Also, J-Hope has his own mixtape, entitled Hope World, which acquired a great many streams on music stages like Spotify.

Suga’s genuine name Min Yoongi:

He’s somewhat pungent, somewhat sweet, and quite often somewhat drained. The genuine name of Suga, one of the primary rappers of BTS, is Min Yoongi. Some know him as the sassiest, the generally “savage” individual from the gathering, specific for his clever comments.

V’s genuine name is Kim Taehyung:

He’s one of the unusual individuals from BTS. He doesn’t care for wearing shoes, and he enjoys changing his hair tone. This artist of BTS’s genuine name is Kim Taehyung. V is likewise the craftsman behind independent tunes, similar to the single “Winter Bear.”

Jimin’s genuine name is Park Jimin:

One of the artists of BTS, Jimin’s stage name is equivalent to his given name — Jimin. This entertainer is additionally known for his effective independent music. Jimin turned into the primary Korean independent craftsman, to have numerous tunes perform well on streaming stages. Truth be told, he set a Spotify precedent, having three melodies arrive at 50 million plays.

Jungkook’s genuine name is Jeon Jeongguk:

Some know him as the brilliant maknae. He can sing, he can move, he’s caring, he’s attractive, and he’s likewise the most youthful individual from BTS. Jeon Jeongguk regularly known by his stage name, Jungkook, which is comparable to his genuine name. This craftsman is likewise breaking records with his independent music, including his tune “Happiness.” According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Jungkook as of late set a Billboard World Digital Song Sales record. We’re not amazed.
Music by BTS, including Map of the Soul: Persona, is accessible on Spotify, Apple Music, and most streaming stages.

Jungkook Loves Candy and Couldn’t Control Himself When BTS Visited This Store:

He resembles a child in a sweets store — in a real sense. Jungkook is the most youthful individual from BTS and despite the fact that he’s adult fundamentally since the gathering’s introduction, a few things remained the equivalent. J-Hope made certain to call attention to that when the symbols visited their Map of the Soul-themed “pop Up” shop in Seoul.

BTS has their own pop-up shop:

The ARMY Bombs are notorious, yet there’s a lot of other merchandise for BTS fans to claim. Some new items were displayed at a spring up shop in Seoul, South Korea. That is the “2020 BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL Showcase in SEOUL,” as seen during YouTube recordings presented on the BangtanTV account.

This area has a lot of photograph openings dependent on the BTS music recordings and tunes. That incorporates a brilliant area motivated by “Explosive” and a divider with dark wings, roused by “Dark Swan.” This pop-up store was just accessible temporarily, yet the BTS individuals actually got an opportunity to visit and look at the product.

Jungkook super loves treats:

BTS individuals got an opportunity to check out their pop up shop and take a few things back home. Every one of the individuals put diverse merchandise things in their trucks. V got a yellow floor covering. RM, saying he was longing for a candy, discovered a little one on a table. In the interim, Jungkook was occupied totally topping off his truck at the sweets area. A couple of different individuals meandered over to where Jungkook was making room in his truck.


BTS names are now clear, and nowadays everyone is going crazy over them and their songs. They have many fan following and usually, the fan following consists of young teenage girls who are very attached to this Korean boy band.